The Girl With Queer Ideas

by kewtieboy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Gay, BiSexual, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A wife has a fantasy of being screwed by two gay friends of her and her husband. Even more, she want her husband to have sex with the guys too!

Chapter 1

"Come on Lynn your turn to tell me your wildest fantasy!"

"No Graeme, you'll laugh at me."

"No I won't." "I told you about wanting to watch two other couples having sex without me being involved and you promised to tell me what would really get you going."

This game had been played out by Lynn and I for a number of years. We had great fun doing "fantasy sex" and had always been very honest with each other about our likes and dislikes. Lynn knew, for instance, that I had had sex with guys two or three times in my teens both alone and in bisexual situations. I hadn't had much inclination since so put it down to over active hormones at that age. She had never had any real inclination towards having a woman present in sex which had limited our fantasies somewhat as I would have loved to screw her and another woman one after the other.

We met at University aged 18 and had a wonderful monogamous sex life. At 21, we started to have slightly more outrageous sex on beaches in public, in fields at night, in parks behind bushes and in our car at dogging spots where, though we never saw anyone watching, we were sure we had been seen and this spurred us on. By 23 we were engaged and by 24 we were married. My job as a computer programmer paid well and we had a really nice flat which took most of her salary as a travel agent specialising in business travel.

Sex was still great fun and we talked and fantasised a great deal. I had bought her some sexy underwear and we had a few toys. She loved being fucked with a large dildo after which I would pull it out and plunge immediately into her. The dildo was a massive 10 inches against my meagre 7 inches but she always enjoyed the sex. We had tried swinging at a party once but were a little self conscious and she kept attracting the ugly couples. Again this thing she had about other naked women prevailed and we left empty handed to fuck and fantasise at home.

We met up with a young couple like us once and met at their house. I loved it. He was ex-army with tattoos and a muscular body and his wife was a little on the common side with a sprinkling of tattoos as well. She had platinum blonde hair, looked tarty but did have a fabulous body. We fucked our own wives in front of each other. I loved watching the guy's (six inch) cock plunge into his wife while she screamed in orgasm. Lynn got quite carried away too and we did a very quick swop where I shagged his wife and he move into Lynn. I loved it and so did the guy's wife (I presume one inch can make a difference as she had two orgasms while I fucked). Afterwards Lynn said she had faked the orgasm with the guy as she was uncomfortable with the woman next to her.

I asked if she would like me to get an extra guy and she said she would probably enjoy being the centre of attraction as long as he had a big cock. The subject faded though I would frequently bring her to orgasm telling her to imagine two guys with 9 inch cocks fucking her while I got her to suck me.

Our circle of friends offered few possibilities of swinging. One older couple who went to church every Sunday, the next door neighbours who were attractive but had two kids and doted on them, and a guy from Lynn's work, Steve who was 25 and had been staying with another younger guy called Jason for 3 years. Obviously none of this was the thing fantasies were made of (though I had brought her off a few times thinking about Craig next door).

Anyway, back to the night of the "greatest fantasy." Lynn was lying on the bed in her crotchless red panties, the gash of her slit lying wet where I had been licking her out. Her shaved pussy looked so inviting, her nipples, large and round, were erect and her medium dark hair was spread across the pillow. She WAS an attractive girl and I thought she looked so horny just lying there. I was naked, sitting above her, legs astride her and my 7 inches curving up with the foreskin pulling gently back. A drop of pre-cum was dripping on to her exposed slit as I looked.

She suddenly changed the subject. "You know I've played the fantasy game with some else before?"

"What," I said sitting bolt upright, my cock slightly dipping at the thought.

"Remember the office night out when I didn't get home until 3.00am and was a bit pissed," she continued.

"Yes you ended up at Steve and Jason's?"

"We were all a bit pissed and Jason wanted to get to bed so he went off to shower then came back in to sit on the couch before dropping off to sleep." "I carried on talking to Steve and we were cuddling up." At some stage he kissed me on the lips and said that if he was straight, I was who we would like to have settled down with." "He actually had an erection as I could feel it against my leg." "I giggled and squeezed it and it felt about the same size as yours." "I commented how big it was and he said that it wasn't compared to Justin's." "At that he pulled Justin's dressing gown open and exposed his soft cock." "It was enormous." "Even soft, it was about 6 inches and thick." "As Steve stroked it, the cock got even bigger to a semi-hard 8 inches."

"What does he do with THAT," I asked? "He told me Justin fucked him in the arse." "It surprised me as Justin is actually quite effeminate compared to Steve, I mean he has red hair which is medium length, fair skin and light freckles and always seems to be flicking hair out of his face in an effeminate way."

I agreed.

"I asked Steve if he had ever had a girl and he said he had had a steady girlfriend for about two years until he met Justin." "Once he had Justin's big cock, nothing else was good enough." I asked if Justin had been with a girl and he said he had once but preferred guys." "I looked across at Justin's partly exposed dick and suddenly wanted to feel it." "I asked Steve if he ever fancied a girl again and he said he did from time to time like at that moment." "I was a little embarrassed as we had had a lot to drink so I then asked what Justin fancied and he said he fancied you."

"ME," I blurted!

"Anyway, Justin stirred and woke and the moment was gone and I got ready and left."

"Graeme," she said.

"Yes," I replied tentatively.

"I want fucked by Steve and Justin and more than that, I want you to have some sex with them too."

"You mean a foursome with two queers," I asked incredulously?

She simply said, "You asked so I answered." "Sorry if I embarrassed you but the idea is driving me wild and I had to tell you as we don't keep secrets."

The sexual mood passed us and we changed the subject moving on to preparing for a meal out. The subject was not broached again but it kept flitting in and out of my mind. In my thoughts, was the idea of this tall slightly camp guy sticking a 10 inch cock into Lynn while his friend sucked my cock. What is it about these weird scenarios that make them play over and over in your head? During our talk, no mention was made of what my role was to be when confronted by two raging homosexuals who seemingly fancied me more than my wife even though she was the one who wanted fucked by them. It was never going to happen!

We met the guys a few times during the late Summer months and though I looked at them differently, nothing else happened. I did try to sneak a peek at Justin's cock in the Gents once but couldn't see it.

Chapter 2

Late Autumn arrived and the guys were having a mixed group for Supper. The group was mainly gay though there were a few couples and singles there too. As they lived a few miles away, it was suggested by Steve that we stay over to allow us to drink. We had done it before and agreed. The party was all right, though I have been to better. I spent most of the evening in the kitchen talking to an assortment of guys ranging from an outrageous hairdresser to a married guy who was training to be lawyer. The party started to break up earlier than I would have expected and by midnight there were six of us left, drinking white wine and putting the world to rights. Lynn was curled up on a long sofa with Steve, tracing her finger up and down his neck affectionately.

"If ever I go straight," said Steve, "I'll come and take Lynn from you Steve."

"If ever I go gay," said Justin, "I'll come over and collect you Graeme."

We all giggled. "Do I not have a say in this," I said.

There was a universal, "No!"

The other married couple looked a little embarrassed and made their excuses, leaving shortly after and we four lay in an alcoholic haze talking about nothing and everything as people do in that later stage of drunkenness.

"Have you ever had a guy," asked Justin to me?

"A little fumbling with friends at school, and later I had some contact in threesomes with other couples, but not in the sense you mean," I said.

"Do you ever look at a guy sexually," asked Justin continuing?

"Yes and no," I answered. "I certainly know if a guy is good looking and I sometimes look at guys cocks in the toilet just for comparison but I'm not sure if I could take off all my clothes and go to bed on a one to one basis."

"I suppose I would be the same with women," he said. "Apart from a little fumbling at school when it was expected, I haven't actually had sex with one." "When word got out at school that I was a bit bigger than the other guys, many girls threw themselves at me and it scared the living daylights out of me."

I saw him adjust his jeans front and I realised he had seen me. I looked across to a silent Steve and Lynn and found her stroking the inside of his leg. His cock was visibly hard. I wasn't sure where this was going or even could go but found myself suddenly aroused and I didn't know why.

Steve stood up and said, "I think we need to be off to bed as I'm getting horny and need fucked!"

He had never spoken like that in front of us before. He bounced off to their bedroom and I heard the shower going.

"I bet he needs to be really clean if you are as big as you say," I heard myself saying to Justin.

"He always makes sure he his," was his answer.

Lynn said she was off to the main bathroom for a shower before bed and said to me, "If you can't beat them, join them." "Looks like you get to shag me tonight."

Justin and I sat alone while they went off and he suddenly asked me how big my cock was. I told him I had seven inches.

"Sounds tasty," He said. "You know that Steve always had a fantasy about the three of us in bed together and both of us screwing him, but I have one of me screwing you!"

"Some chance," I said rather unconvincingly.

Lynn bounced in wearing a borrowed dressing gown and said to me, "Off you go and get your cock washed as I'm not having a dirty willy up me!"

Steve followed her out also wearing a cotton robe and I went into the main bathroom as Justin headed into their bedroom to shower. As I washed myself, my cock rose to full size and was painfully hard. I found myself taking the soap and lathering my bottom, pushing my finger in as far as I could. I spent some time doing this. Lynn had dildoed me in the past so my hole had been entered and I knew how to relax as I washed.

I pulled on a towelling robe with nothing under and headed back to the lounge to find Lynn kneeling on the floor facing Steve and talking. Justin was still showering. When I got into the room, I commented on how good the shower had been and picked up my glass of wine. As I sat down, I noticed Lynn's hand was up Steve's dressing gown and was stroking his cock. When she saw me looking, she pulled the robe open slightly so that I could see her hand stroking him. His balls lay large and heavy between his legs and his cock was rigid and about the same size as mine. He was uncut but the skin was peeled fully back as she stroked. Justin walked in, drying his hair and wearing a white cotton robe and as he did Lynn said, "I'm warming him up for you."

"Go ahead," Said Justin as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Can Steve and I watch you," said Lynn?

The two guys looked at each other.

"Give us 5 minutes and follow us through," said Justin, "And then we could perhaps watch you too!"

My stiff erection started to subside with fear as the two guys went through to their room holding hands, leaving Lynn and I.

She patted the couch beside her and said, "Come here!" "I'm so fucking horny," She said, "The dog next door could fuck me but I might have to make do with you as I doubt I'll get one of their cocks tonight."

She dropped between my legs, opened the gown and started to suck my limp cock. She pulled back the foreskin and ran her tongue around it, cupping my balls and gently pushing her index finger into my hole.

"How far up did you clean it," she said?

"I thought I was fucking you," I answered.

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