Missy Gets One of Her Wishes

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, MaleDom, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Missy, a hot sexy young woman, has been harboring an erotic sex fantasy of being forcefully taken by three black men at the same time. She's had her eyes on the very men she hopes will fuck her and one afternoon her flirtations bear fruit.

Chapter 1

Missy was lying there, totally naked and exposed where the 3 well-hung black men -- Eddie, Lon, and Ralph -- had roughly stripped her clothes off and then had each gotten their pants off, too. She was lying back in the middle of a bed there in the house of one of the three black men and she found herself not only fearful of what she was about to experience but she also found herself growing very aroused and turned on as she knew that these three men had been watching her for several weeks and her teasing and firting might have produced results that were much stronger than what she'd expected.

Missy felt her pussy growing very wet and as one of the three men was standing there next to the bed where they'd forced her to lie back, his large strong black hands were caressing and kneading her naked B-cup tits as one of the other black studs spread her legs and he buried his face in between Missy's thighs and he began to lick and kiss her wet exposed pussy. She knew more than likely she was going to be fucked by all three of this men and one of them took her right hand and placed it around the thick hardness of his erect cock as it jutted hard and sexy from his groin. The third man was on the other side of Missy as she lay there exposed and vulnerable and he bent over and was kissing Missy's soft hungry lips.

Missy didn't quite know what she wanted these three sexy hot black guys to do to her, but she could tell it wasn't going to take long to find out. She knew that she finally acted on her long-held sexual fantasy of teasing and flirting with these three stud hotties and now she was alone with them, they'd stripped her clothes off and she was getting to see for the first time three of the biggest, longest and hottest black cocks that she'd ever seen. Actually, she'd only seen a black man's cock in a video a girlfriend had watched with her and from then on, Missy had wanted to experience that sexiness and hot erotic experience of being fucked by a black hard cock.

Eddie was the more assertive of the three and he took the lead in what they were planning for Missy. He was the one who'd been eating and licking Missy's sexy hot wet pussy. He'd gone to town eating her and he loved how sweet and hot she tasted and her smoothly shaved pussy slit had already gotten him and the other two studs totally hard.

Eddie stood up, licking his lips from the wetness and pussy cum that Missy had spurted from his bringing her off. "Guys, this hot fucking white bitch is gonna be good. I can tell you already -- she tastes like a fucking million dollars and she cums like a damn hot minx." Eddie stood there watching his two buddies playing with Missy's naked body and he could see the fear in her eyes and also the hot lusty fire of sexual desire about to boil over. Eddie took his big 8-inch hard black cock in his hand and he stroked himself back and forth, letting Missy see what a huge thick cock he was going to fuck her with. He knew his cock was leaking pre-cum and he continued stroking his cock while the other two teased and caressed Missy and got her so horny she was about to beg for one of them to please fuck her. They were going to -- NOW.

"Missy, you fucking bitch," Eddie said as he moved closer and spread Missy's thighs so he could get on top of her and mount her. He knew she had to see the size and length and thickness of his cock. He knew the women he'd fucked loved his big black cock, and he knew Missy was going to as well. He moved up on top of her, and situated the head of his swollen cockhead in her pussy as his two buddies were still groping and feeling Missy up. He felt his large pointed cockhead in her wet pussy slit and he pushed forward. He felt her tight hot cunt lips give way to the pressure of his cock as he mounted her, and then he heard Missy moan hotly as she felt his thickness press inside her snug cunt. She was joined now at the groin with a sexy black man's hard dick and she was going to get royally fucked.

Eddie slid 5 inches of his cock inside the sexy white babe and then pulled out, and moaned as he loved the hot tightness of her pussy taking his manhood. He slid out and then slammed back in, this time his entire shaft of hard meat filled her pussy. He reached up, grabbing both of her sexy rounded tits and then he started licked and sucking hard on her left nipple while he began to pound her horny cunt hard and deep.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," Missy moaned and that only made Eddie thrust his black muscular ass back and forth harder and more quickly, drilling her tight pink pussy with his massive cock. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me good," Missy moaned as she could tell that Eddie needed no encouragement. His cock was already sliding in and out of her very wet pussy, and the other two guys were having fun with her naked body too while they waited their turn in her hot white pussy. Lon had put his hardon right at Missy's sexy lips and he'd gotten her to open her lips and now she was blowing his big hard black cock while Eddie was busy fucking her.

"Man, you guys are gonna love this sweet stuff when you get a chance to fuckl this horny white cunt with your big dicks," Eddie said as he began to drive his hard black cock in and out of Missy's pussy harder and faster. She was at his mercy and Missy was loving the actual reality of being fucked for the first time ever by a black man. She was about to cum from the hot eroticism of having him fucking her and while she was being man-handled by his two horny black friends and sucking one of their cocks off. She felt her orgasm rapdily approaching and as Eddie drilled her horny cunt with his huge thick cock, Missy exploded in an orgasm. She couldn't believe that this was far hotter than she'd ever have imagined it would be.

Chapter 2

"Don't think you're going anywhere soon, Missy," Ralph said, "cause Eddie can fuck for hours. What a hot fucking white babe you are, girl. Yeah, shag this white bitch, Eddie, bust a nut in her cunt."

Missy was very content to have these three sexy black bucks keep her busy, but she couldn't reply because her mouth was full while she was sucking Lon's horny hardon. She was also realizing her longtime fantasy and Missy was loving the feeling of having Eddie's big thick cock fully inside her horny cunt and fucking her for the very first time. She knew she wanted all three of these well-hung black studs to fuck her, and she hoped this was the beginning of a lot of hot sexy black fucks in the future. As Eddie continued to thrust his sexy thick black hardon in and out of Missy's tightly clasping pussy, she let herself go and began to orgasm from the unbelievably lusty eroticism of having a well-built, muscular black man in between her legs, rutting with her for the very first time.

Eddie's large thick 8-inch cock was definitely giving Missy her very first taste and feel of horny black meat penetrating her hot pussy, and he was loving the fact that he was finally going to nut inside the cunt of the daughter of the man he, Lon, and Ralph all worked for. At that moment, the mere thought that he and the other two black studs might lost their jobs as a result of fucking the boss's daughter didn't even occur to him. He was lost in Missy's hot tight 19-year old cunt and he was fucking one of the naughtiest and horniest little white teenagers he'd ever buried his cock inside.

Eddie's large cock and his big round cum-filled balls were pounding Missy's cunt unmercifully. Eddie didn't know it first-hand but Missy did get very turned on by a man who was assertive and who took control of sexual foreplay and fucking her. She was totally turned on by Eddie and the other two guys taking the initiatives she'd made and getting her alone where all of the could fuck her and let her suck their cocks until they shot their wads down her pretty throat.

Missy was sucking Lon and she was using her hand to knead his nuts as she let him fuck his big black cock in and out of her face. Missy moaned hotly both from the jack-hammering fuck Eddie was pounding into her and the lusty taste of Lon's cock and the fact that she could clearly tell he was about to shoot his jizz load.

Lon moaned he was going to bust a nut and Missy quickly began swallowing and gulping down the horny black stud's cum wad as the first spurt hit the back of her throat and then she took every single spurt of Lon's cum as his balls emptied into her mouth.

At the same time, Eddie took Missy's ankles and he angled her legs up almost vertical above where he was throwing his big cock in and out of her tight cunt. Missy began moaning hotly, loving the real lusty fucking that Eddie was giving her. She knew his cock was only the first she was going to get stuck inside her pussy and she was more than ready for Lon and Ralph to mount and fuck her, too. The more hot cock and sperm inside her the better, Missy thought.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk," Eddie moaned and he slammed his cock in and out of Missy's white cunt three more times and then he buried his black fuck-pole totally inside Missy's cunt and kept the swollen head buried there at the mouth of her cervix as his large baby-making cumload spurted into the mouth of her womb. Eddie assumed Missy was on birth control, but he didn't fucking care. Maybe the boss's daughter would have herself a black baby after the three of them finished blacking her good.

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