All About Getting Even

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Who is cheating and who is getting even. Have to read it to find out.

Thank you to my friends 'LadyCibelle' and 'Techsan' for their editing skills. They make my stories a much better read.

Chapter 1: What's Going On?

Here I am out running. I'm not a runner but I have to do something to get my mind off Breann. I made a mistake, a big mistake. I cheated on her and now she knows. God, I love her so much. Why was I so fucking stupid? I think women are right when they say men think with their cocks instead of their brains. Or the other saying, "There is only enough blood flow to either go to your dick or to your brain, but not enough to go to both."

It all started with the stupid boys' night out. Married guys like me don't need to go to these events if there are other women present. The conversation always turns to sex and guys like me get horny. Hell, I don't hardly remember her name - wait, Sylvia or something like that. All I know is she was out with her girlfriends and everyone decided to start dancing. Damn, she had one fine ass body but I should have had more restraint. I was a married man for God's sake.

As I mentioned I was thinking with my cock. Seeing her bend over in that mini-skirt and lacy panties was too much for me. I reached down and squeezed her ass with both hands and she didn't flinch. My buddies were egging me on. I lifted her skirt during a slow dance and slid my hands down into her panties, showing everyone her ass. Her girlfriends and my buddies were all laughing. I was the man.

I backed her up into the women's restroom and into a cubicle. She slipped off her panties and tucked them into my pants pocket. I unzipped and sat on the commode with her on my lap. I took her right there in the women's restroom. It didn't take but a few minutes before I shot a load deep within her. I left the restroom while she cleaned up. When I came out, everyone was laughing. That's when it hit me what I had done. I had cheated on Breann in front of witnesses.

I waited for Sylvia to come out to apologize to her and to tell her what a mistake it was. After explaining it to her, she laughed at me and said it was only sex. She told me to get over it. It was no big deal.

I went home not feeling too good about myself but Sylvia didn't seem to care so I decided that I made a mistake and I would never put myself in that situation again.

I walked into the house and Breann - I call her Bree for short - asked me if I had a good time. I told her it was alright but I would have preferred to stay home with her. She told me how sweet that was for me to say and gave me a kiss. She felt a slight bulge in my pocket and asked me what I had in my pocket. Oh, God, I had Sylvia's panties. "Show me what you have in your pocket, Jeff."

I reached down and pulled out Sylvia's panties and started to explain the mistake to Bree. She didn't listen. She stared at me and ran to our bedroom.

So that's why I'm out running at eleven o'clock at night. When I returned home the door was unlocked. I thought for sure that Bree would lock me out. I went to the bedroom door and tried to open it. It was locked.

"Leave me alone. I can't talk to you now. Please just leave me alone. We'll talk about our marriage tomorrow." It sounded as though she was crying from inside the bedroom.

Maybe it was a good idea for me to sleep in the spare room. I can get my story straight and maybe she'll try to understand. I took a shower and went to sleep in the spare bedroom.

Bree and I were kind of childhood sweethearts. We probably broke up and got back together a couple of dozen times. When I turned twenty-one and Bree twenty we decided to stay together and got married. We've now been married going on three years. I was really lucky to marry Bree. She was a real keeper. A very good looking girl and now a woman. She was chased by half the guys in school. Whenever we had one of our breakups, there was always a guy willing to take her out. During these short breakups we both dated others but our minds and hearts were always thinking about each other.

One jock at school was always trying to break us up. Steve was the cocky sort but Bree thought he was a nice guy. So did a lot of the other girls. He always got pissed when Bree and I got back together. I knew Bree liked him but she ended up with me, which made me the winner.

Bree was on birth control because we weren't quite ready to start a family. We figured we would start trying in the near future. Some of Bree's girlfriends were married and had kids. They kept telling Bree how wonderful it was being a mother and how her time clock was ticking. Christ, she was only in her twenties, her clock had a lot of time to tick.

I worked in the factory but it was a major car manufacturer and the money was good and I had all the benefits. Eventually I became a journeyman and became a pipe fitter at the plant. I was lucky to get on there, thanks to my dad who had been working there for thirty years.

Bree babysat her sister's two kids. It gave her extra spending money and she really didn't want to go out job hunting. I was always afraid that if she was away from me everyday someone might take her away from me. I remember telling her about that type of horrible dream and was always afraid of losing her. She always smiled at me and said it would never happen.

I had one horrible night sleep if you want to call it sleep, tossing and turning all night long. I was afraid of losing Bree because of my stupidity. I wasn't sure how she was going to react and what she might do. It was Sunday and I got up and started the coffee. I heard Bree unlock the bedroom door and came out fully dressed. She told me she cried all night. She was trying to figure out whether we should stay married or go our separate ways.

"Bree, please don't talk like that. I love you. I just did something really, really stupid. I promise you it will never happen again. I'll do anything to make it up to you but please don't leave me."

Bree asked me to tell her exactly what happened. I told her the truth. I couldn't see lying and, besides, I already told her what a stupid mistake I made. She asked me if my friends did the same thing. There were five of us all together and two of them were married to her girlfriends. I told her that I saw them dance but I didn't see anyone having sex.

She asked if I was being honest with her. I told her I was but I had felt guilty and went home before anyone else. Then she asked me if I wore a condom. God, I didn't even think about that. I told her I never carry condoms because we never use them and I never planned on having sex with another woman. That's when she asked if they had a condom machine in the restroom. I replied that they probably did but I never got any.

She told me that was all she was going to say for now. She told me I could sleep in the spare bedroom until she decided what she was going to do. I needed to get checked for S.T.D.'s before she would ever have anything to do with me again and even then she might decide that it was over between us.

She told me she was going out and would be home that evening. I asked her where she was going and she said she was going to her mom's. She had to get away from me for a while.

After she left, I thought about how stupid I was and was thinking about what I might be able to do to convince her I was serious about not cheating again.

The phone rang and it was Bree's mom. She called and asked for Bree. I told her she wasn't home and was about to tell her she was on her way to her house when she interrupted me and said that's alright, tell her that they wouldn't be home till Monday. They decided to stay an extra day at her sister's. I told her that was fine and I would pass along the information. After I hung up I thought about calling Bree on her cell phone but decided to let it go. She wanted to get away from me so I shouldn't bother her. I was surprised she didn't know her mom was gone for the weekend as close as they were.

I had to get out for awhile. Staying home to sulk wasn't doing me any good. I got in my pickup and decided to drive around and think. Maybe I'd even go over to the mall and buy Bree some flowers. For some reason I drove by Bree's mom's house and of course no one was there. As I was thinking about maybe picking up some flowers I thought maybe she would meet me for dinner. So I convinced myself to call her. Her cell phone rang three times before she answered.

"Jeff, I know it's you. What do you want?"

"Bree, I thought maybe we could go out and get something to eat later."

"Mom already has dinner on. I'm staying here to eat. I don't want to be near you right now."

I was about to tell her about her mom calling me but she just lied to me. She wasn't at her mom's. I was calling from my cell phone in front of her mom's house.

Then she said, "In fact I might not even come home until late tonight. I'll talk to you later." Then she hung up.

Where the hell was she? Why did she lie to me about being at her mom's? Was she out to get even with me or just at one of her girlfriend's?

Things didn't make sense. I knew where most of her girlfriends lived. Should I ride by a few of their houses to see if Bree was there? Damn, what was I thinking? It was me who cheated on Bree. Why was I doing all this checking up on her?

I rode by her girlfriend Casey's place since it was on my way home. Casey was one of her best friends and she always confided in her. If she went anywhere, it would probably be there.

As I approached the house I could see Bree's car parked in front. I couldn't go there now. I was the last person she wanted to see right now. I pulled over about four houses away and just sat there to think about my stupidity. I watched another car approach from the other direction and stop in front of Casey's house. Oh, shit, it was that girl Sylvia from the bar last night. Bree must have called her. Where did she get her number? Hell, I could hardly remember her name. I know I never mentioned her last name because I didn't even know it.

As she got out of her car, she was greeted by Casey and Bree at the curb. What the hell was going on? I started to get a bad feeling. As they entered the house I headed for home. I had to think about this.

A couple of hours later I got a call from Casey.

"Jeff, I need to talk to you, it's urgent."

I wondered what the hell was going on. Nothing was making any sense to me. "What's this all about, Casey? Is Bree still there with you?"

"How did you know Bree was here? She left about ten minutes ago. That's why I need to talk to you, Jeff."

During a few of the breakups between Bree and me, I had dated Casey. I really liked her but she was Bree's best friend so I tried not to get too friendly with her. I did kiss her a few times. I never told Bree about dating Casey and she never brought it up. I guess Casey never said anything to her either about our few dates.

"Never mind how I knew she was there. What did you want to tell me?"

"Jeff, it's about the setup with Sylvia. I never thought Bree would go through with it. Please, Jeff, I need to see you in person and talk to you."

"What do you mean setup? Are you saying that fucking Sylvia was a setup?"

"Please, Jeff, not over the phone. Please meet me somewhere. I need to talk to you."

"How do I know that this isn't a setup also, Casey? Bree's your best friend."

"You have to believe me, Jeff. The only reason I went along is so I could tell you about it. Jeff, you know I've always cared for you. I know you do. I just can't let Bree do this to you. Please, Jeff, I beg you, please meet me."

Casey was right. I knew she had feelings for me and I had them for her too. I just controlled them because I knew Bree and I would always get back together.

"Okay, Casey, I'll meet you but what if Bree comes home? I should be here."

"She won't be home for hours. She left with Sylvia to go shopping for sexy clothes. Where do you want to meet?"

"Walk around the corner by your house and I'll pick you up. Let's say in about twenty minutes."

"Okay, Jeff, I'll be there."

I drove around her block twice to make sure it wasn't a setup. I should have known it wasn't. What would have been the reason to set me up again? I saw Casey standing beside a big elm tree. I pulled up and she jumped into the truck. I decided to just drive around while we talked.

"What's this all about, Casey? What do you know and why are you telling me?"

"Let me take the second question first, Jeff. I have always cared for you. As I have said, I know you knew but you always seemed to go back to Bree and I didn't interfere. What Bree is doing to you now is wrong. I love you too much to see her hurt you this way. Oh, God, I said it, I'm sorry Jeff but I have always loved you. You just never noticed."

"Casey, I knew you had feelings for me and I always had feelings for you but Bree was my girlfriend and your best friend. Now tell me what this is all about."

"Bree set you up last night. She and Sylvia decided to put the make on you. She knew if Sylvia pushed the issue she would be hard to turn down. Every guy I ever met would like to fuck her and I guess you weren't any different."

"God, Casey, as soon as it was over I felt bad. I wish I would have never done it but I did. What does this have to do with Bree? Why would she want me to have sex with Sylvia and why did Sylvia go along with it?"

"Jeff, I just found out the other day that Bree has been seeing Steve. You remember Steve, don't you? The old jock from high school is back in town. He's got a degree in business and is working over at the insurance office. Bree told me she ran into him one afternoon and then they started seeing each other."

"Jeff, she set the thing up with Sylvia so she can have sex with Steve. This way she can blame you for cheating on her and say she was getting even by fucking Steve if she got caught. She was hoping she could pull it off without you knowing but wanted to have an excuse if necessary. Of course Sylvia is just a wild gal and loves to show off her body. She'll fuck any good looking man out there. She is a real slut and when Bree offered you to her with no strings attached, she jumped at it."

My God, I didn't know what to think. My loving wife set me up so she could fuck her old boyfriend. Damn it! What do I do now?

"Jeff, it gets worse."

"My wife wants to fuck another man. How can it get worse?"

"She wants Steve to impregnate her. She stopped taking the pill a few days ago. She figured after this cheating that you did she wouldn't have sex with you and then the next person to fuck her would impregnate her and that would be Steve."

"Why, Casey? Why would she go through all this trouble? Why not just divorce me and marry Steve and have his kid?"

"Steve's already married, Jeff. To his boss's daughter. The family has money and if he divorced his wife he would lose his job as well as being cut off from the money. So she figured she would have his baby and get his so called good genes and you could pay for it. I couldn't let that happen, Jeff. I care for you too much to see her use you like that."

"What's the matter with my genes? Am I that bad to look at that she wouldn't want my baby?"

"I would have had your baby, Jeff. I care for you that much. Bree just has this thing for Steve."

I looked over at Casey and she was crying. She was in the middle of a mess. She didn't have to tell me but chose to let me know. It was all supposed to go down the following Saturday. That only gave me less then a week to figure something out.

I asked Casey if she had eaten and she said she hadn't because she was too upset and had to keep a front up to get all the information on what was going down. I told her that I was all shook up too but I was still going to eat and we drove outside of town and stopped at a little restaurant.

As we ordered dinner, it was then I knew I married the wrong woman. Casey was the true friend, the one I could trust. I promised her I wouldn't jeopardize her friendship with Bree. She told me after this was over, she was cutting ties with Bree. Anyone who would do that to another human being was not a friend of hers.

I took her back home after we were finished eating. We didn't say anything on the way back to her place. When I pulled up near the elm tree, I looked over at Casey. She had tears in her eyes but leaned over, kissed me and quickly got out of the truck.

I headed for home trying to put this all together and trying to figure out what I was going to do.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Bree came in. I asked her how her mom was and she said she was fine and said to say hello to me. I asked if she was going to forgive me so we could get on with our marriage. I promised her it would never happen again and maybe we could even start a family.

"I don't know, Jeff. You cheated on me and want me to forget that it ever happened. Maybe I should go out and fuck some man and we can call it even."

I had to play the role now. I knew that everything Casey had told me was true. I couldn't let on to Bree that I was aware of anything.

"My God, Bree, how would that solve our problem? You fucking some guy would just create more problems. We need to get past this if our marriage is to survive. Let's start over, Bree. I'll promise to do everything I can to make it up to you and we can start a family. Please, Bree, if you were to do what I did I know I couldn't handle it and would go nuts. Our marriage would be over. I couldn't stand the thought of my wife making love to another man. I would be afraid of what I might do. I know I would probably go berserk."

Bree looked a bit nervous. "Okay, Jeff, maybe we can work this out but I won't make love to you until you have been tested. The last thing we need now is for you to give me a disease from some slut. Go to the doctor this week and maybe next week we can think about starting a family and having sex again."

Damn bitch is playing me. Next week after she fucked Steve. Well, I had news for her. It wasn't going to happen. I would see to that.

She let me give her a peck of a kiss as she walked away. I was wondering how she had intended to get rid of me on Saturday so she could have her fuck session with her lover. Guess I would have to wait and see.

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