The Stockroom, A Second Night

by Patricia51

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Adma gets surprised again. This time he's not just watching.

(Note: In the first story, Adam, a young college student is working at the same store as his classmate, Janey, who he has a crush on. Returning unexpectedly one evening, he saw Janey and their night supervisor Paula, making love in the back room)

Things seemed to return to normal for Adam after his inadvertent, but very exciting, observation of Janey and Paula through the window of the back room office. He had made it a point to stop by the morning after and clean up the wall and floor of the corner where he had masturbated while watching the two women.

Well, normal except for two things. First of all, every time Adam saw Janey and Paula standing anywhere close to each other images of their bodies locked together flashed into his mind. He also found that now that he knew about their, well, "relationship" was the word, he guessed; that he was able to pick up on subtle clues he had missed before. The two women touched more than he had ever realized. Nothing overt, the brushing of fingers as they passed each other, simple touches on arms and shoulders that lingered just a little, looks exchanged across a display that seemed to shut out everyone else.

Adam sighed to himself whenever he saw Janey and Paula looking at each other like that. He had had a crush on Janey since the first days of high school. Now it appeared nothing would ever come of that. He had always been too shy to ask her out but he had seen her smilingly refuse date requests for years. Well, maybe this explained it. He had never thought that she was interested in other females, but apparently that was the answer to why he had never seen her with a guy. Not one-on-one anyway. She had always hung out with a mixed group and had indeed always gone out of her way to include him in their activities. Pretty obviously now, it was because she liked him as a friend. He had always hoped for more. He sighed again.

Now Paula, Paula he hadn't known, not personally anyway. He had never looked on her as a woman nor thought of her sexually. After all, she was over forty for goodness sake. He acknowledged to himself that his mind had certainly changed. Her body was much softer and more rounded than Janey's, but he had been excited by her appearance that night, clad only in a garter belt and stockings. When she had been kneeling in front of Janey and licking her pussy, well, the thought of him thrusting behind her between the cheeks of that full, rounded ass had been as exciting as the idea of fucking Janey's wet little blonde pussy.

Adam came back to the real world just in time to see Paula looking at him from across the store. One eyebrow was raised in question. He wondered how long he had been staring into space. He tried not to blush as he nodded and began again to straighten the shelves he had been working on when his memories intruded.

That was the other thing that had been more and more crossing his mind since that night. Did Paula have some hint that he had been watching through that almost painted over window? He knew she had taken a look at his crotch when all three of them had been standing together just before leaving that night. It wasn't until he got into the car that he had noticed the large wet spot in the center of his slacks, left when he had hastily stuffed his cock back in after shooting off. More than once he had seen Paula looking at him with an expression of amusement, mingled with something else he didn't recognize.

Nothing was said. Janey was just as friendly, and as distant, as she had always been. After nearly two weeks, Adam had convinced himself that he was simply imagining the looks from Paula. He reassured himself that he had gotten away with what he had done that night.

He came into work two Saturday nights later to discover that it was just going to be he and Paula. Janey was sick, the older woman explained. Then she briskly gave him a number of assignments. Between those and the customers, Adam stayed busy all night until after Paula had locked the doors.

"Be sure to come right back after you make the bank deposit," Paula instructed him. "We have something to discuss." Adam hesitated at the door, but Paula was busying herself with the day's paperwork.

When he returned, Paula was waiting, her arms folded under her breasts and a stern look on her face. Adam's heart began to sink when, without saying a word, she motioned him to follow her to the back room. Once there, she stopped and gestured to the corner where Adam had hidden himself that night.

"Adam," she said to him. "I have waited to talk to you until I could do so without Janey here. I know she would be terribly embarrassed if I told her that you peeked on us that night. So I want to clear the air, just between the two of us."

"Paula, I'm so sorry. You have to believe that I never intended to do that." The words poured from Adam. "I would never embarrass Janey. I mean," he corrected, "I would never embarrass either of you. I just couldn't, well, stop myself." He felt himself turning bright red.

Paula's face softened. "Oh Adam." Suddenly she giggled. GIGGLED! Adam was astounded. Her eyes sparkled without a hint on anger in them. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist putting you on the spot. I know it was mean of me."

"How did you know?"

"Well, unlike Janey, I know very well the aroma of a male in rut. When we were leaving I sort of wandered over towards where it was strongest and I saw what you had left behind. I confirmed it when I saw the front of your pants."

"But you didn't say anything?"

"No," Paula smiled. "I didn't have to say anything. Every time I've looked at you in the last two weeks you've turned red, whether you know it or not. Just as you are now," she observed.

Damn it, he was blushing, he knew it. He almost turned and ran, but Paula caught his hand.

"I'm sorry, again. Oh Adam, I don't mean to tease you, but somehow I can barely resist it." She quelled her amusement. "I do want to talk to you about Janey though." She looked around. "I want to sit down. Come on, we'll use the office." She teasingly shook her finger in the young man's face. "But this time you behave."

Adam followed Paula back into the little office. She left the door open. "Why not?" he thought. It wasn't like anyone was here but them.

"Adam, I guess you have figured out by now that Janey and I are involved. I might as well tell you that she's not interested in guys, not in the slightest. She likes you, she's no kind of man-hater, she just doesn't see guys in a sexual or romantic light."

For the life of him, Adam could not keep his attention on Paula's words. She had sat on one corner of the old desk. One foot was on the floor and the other hung free. She was swinging it back and forth, apparently not noticing that every movement made the skirt she was wearing tonight ride up a bit more. He finally noticed that instead of her usual work shoes Paula was wearing shinny black high heels today. His gaze traveled up and down her leg and his mouth grew even drier as Paula began to dangle her shoe from her toes.

Up and down bounced the shoe. Back and forth swung the leg. Further and further crept up the skirt. Adam was all but hypnotized. If Paula was still speaking he couldn't hear her.

Suddenly, "ADAM!"

The young man shook himself and frantically looked at Paula. He all but panicked as he realized two things. One was that Paula was looking at him with exasperation. The other was that he had a raging hard-on straining against his pants, the outline of which would be obvious if Paula's eyes dropped. He nearly covered himself with his hands but managed to restrain himself from drawing attention to his groin.

"Adam, am I going to have to shout to make you pay attention to me?"

"No, Paula," he stammered.

"Well, I wondered. You look like you were in a world of your own." She pushed herself all the way up onto the table, a hand braced on either side of her. Adam resolutely kept his eyes fixed on Paula's face. He almost moaned, having the feeling that her last movements had made her skirt ride up so far that if he were to look at her legs he could see all the way to the junction of her legs.

"I don't feel like repeating myself, and I don't feel like shouting again. Come here." Adam took a tentative step forward. "I mean, come HERE." The older woman pointed to desktop beside her. "Sit down, for heaven's sake."

Adam hoisted himself gingerly beside Paula. Once he was settled, well, as settled as he could manage under the circumstances, she began to talk to him again. In a calm voice she explained to him what he had already assumed to be true. Janey was not interested in guys, at least not sexually. She liked him, she thought he was a nice guy, but he WAS a guy and just not her cup of tea.

Adam nodded at all the right places. He had already come to that decision but it still left him a bit hollow to have it confirmed. He brooded as he listened to Paula.

He also breathed. Paula was wearing perfume. He didn't remember her doing that. He stiffened as he felt something touch his leg. He still managed to make himself keep from looking down, but he felt there the slight pressure against his leg become a little firmer. The touch was warm, like that of a bare leg against his pants.

Paula was gesturing with her right hand as she continued to talk about Janey. Since she seemed to be looking away from him for the moment, Adam took a chance and looked down. Yes, her leg was touching his. And her skirt was so far up her legs that he could see that, that...

"Holy GOD," Adam suddenly blurted.

"What?" Paula looked back at Adam.

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