by Christy Harper

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This story is about a young girl's quest to give pleasure to the man she loves

Chapter 1

Dan laid next to Dian in disbelief. "My god what is wrong with me, why did I let this happen? The questions swirled around in his head, as he listened to Dian's even breathing as she lay sleeping beside him.

Dan could not belief that he had let it go this far, after all this was his dead wife's daughter that he had just fucked.

Dian Jackson grow up in a middle class home. She was a beautiful young girl with rich black silk skin, long flowing brown hair and deep coco brown eyes. By the time Dian was fourteen she stood five feet six inches tall, one hundred five pounds and a pair of thirty six inch tits that made her step father proud whenever she walked into a room.

Dan Potter a forty-eight year old well build six foot one white man, with slightly graying red hair. His nine inch dick has always been a delightful source of conversation among the black females in Patterson. Indeed Dan was quite proud of the fact that he had fucked nearly half of the black female population in their small town. At the age of thirty six when Dan met Pam Jackson and her daughter five year old Dian, life became even sweeter.

From the very beginning, Dan and Pam had a dynamic sex life. The fact that Pam did not mind sharing her husband with other woman made it easy for the couple to have a warm loving marriage.

Dan and Pam had a great marriage for nearly five years when Pam died in a car crash on her way home leaving him alone with her nine year old daughter

Right after Pam's death, Pam's aunt Jude persuaded Dan into letting Dian to come live with her; after all he was not her father. Dan agreed and for the next five years Dan never saw the little girl he had raise since she was five years old. Then one day Dan got a call from aunt Jude's lawyer saying that Jude had died and that Dian was alone now with no family, and that Dian wanted to come back and live with him. Dan agreed to have his now teenaged stepdaughter come live with him.

The years Dian spent with her aunt Jude had been well spend, for it was while in the care of her aunt that she learned how to satisfy a man's need for young flesh. The lessons were taught nightly by way of the many men that Aunt Jude would service, some of Aunt Jude's clients liked young girls. There was one client above all that Jude had to keep happy.

Judge Jack Conner was a very powerful man and a frequent guess of Jude. From the first time Judge Conner laid eyes on Dian he know he would be her first.

One day Conner told Jude that unless she agree to let him fuck the girl that he would make sure that the nice little business that she had build up would be ruined in no time.

Jude had no other chose but to go along with the judge's demands. Judge Conner spend days thinking up ways to get into Dian's sweet little kitty. He would spend hours in his office jerking off while looking at a picture of the sweet young thing.

The day came when he made his move on little Dian, when he knew Jude would not be at home. The good judge saw the opportunity to get what he wanted when he and Jude came up with a story that would get the judge into the house while Jude was away.

On the day, Judge Conner came to the house to tell Dian that her Aunt Jude had been in a carrack and that she was not hurt, but she wanted him to stay with her until she returned home.

Dian had no other chose but to let him in. It was a rather hot day and Dian had on very revealing sundress. It was short and the low cut top tied at the neck showed off her small budding tits.

Dian looked so fucking hot as Judge Conner followed her into the living room. Dian had known Judge Conner from the age of nine when her Aunt Jude took her in after her mom's death. Now at age fourteen she was just right for the picking.

The judge saw just how the news of Jude's carrack affected the young girl. He felt that it was his job to comfort the young girl.

The good judge asked Dian for a drink, when she handed him the shot of scotch, he invited her to sit next to him on the over stuffed black couch. Not sure but ever mindful that she was to obey her elders Dian obeyed.

Dian sat on the over sized coach next to the judge as he made small talk. She could not help noticing how friendly he was being towards her. Every now and then, he would brush his hand over her back just to get a feel of her soft smooth skin.

He offered her a taste of his scotch, she knew that Aunt Jude would not approve of her drinking, but something inside of her could not say no. After a few sips of scotch Dian's pleasurable mood made it easier for Jack to get what wanted.

Jack moved in slowly allowing his hands to travel freely over her young tender body. Drawing her in he untied the shish that was holding up her sundress. Watching her dress slid down her small frame as her lovely rose buds came into view send Jack's heart racing.

Standing her up allowing the dress to fall to the floor Jack scoops her up into his arms taking her up to her room, he lays down on her bed. Wearing nothing except for a pair of white cotton panties, the nearly sixty-year-old judge continues to explore the fourteen-year-old virgin.

Jack quickly undressed and joint his young conquest in bed. Pull her close Jack's hands found their way inside her panties. The first feel of young virgin pussy always excited the old man, but there was something about a young black beauty that made his dick twice as hard as any woman had ever made it. Pulling off her panties, the sight of her small hairless snatch sends chills through the judge. Spreading her legs the fragrance of her fresh kitty made Judge Jack Conner drunk with the kind of uncontrollable lust that would keep him coming back repeatedly.

Jack started licking the inside of her thigh, working his way up to the young girl's chocolate colored twat. Dian's cunt lips were as tight as they come, even as Jack tried fingering the girl, her tinny girlish pussy remained tight and unyielding.

Jack always loved them young and tight, but with young Dian, it was more of a lust thing then anything else. Jack just had to have the fourteen year old girl in order to make his life complete. As Jack's busy tongue prided open her sweet little fuck hole, Dian started to loss herself in the mindless pleasures of her own lust.

"Oooooh, yesssss, Judge Conner suck my pussy." she whimpered. "Suck my cunt like you suck Aunt Jude; please make me cum like Aunt Jude."

The first taste of Dian's sweet little kitty gave old Jack a kind of buzz that was very new to him. Gently letting his tongue slid in and out of her small cunt Dian's moans of passion was just the thing to get him going


"Have you ever been fucked Dian?"

"No, but I know I'm ready." she said as she glared at his long stiff cock.

Nearly fully erected Jack slowly slid in between her thighs, and shoved his dick head into her little tight space. Jack was so horny to fuck this little girl; it seemed that it would almost be impossible for his rock hard cock to break through the small entrance of her cunt. It never dawned on him that she was still pure. But it didn't matter, Jack had made up his mind to have her.

Jack thrust forward and watched as the head of his prick plowed through her sweet young pussy lips, Dian let out a moan as Jack pushed harder. Dian struggling to catch her breath as her tightness enveloped his dick.

Wrapping her legs around Jack's hips as he continued to hammer at her young cunt. Both watched in amazement as Jack guided his hard prick in and out of the most amazing piece of snatch that he has ever had.

They watched as his prick dripping with her sweet young juices continually stab her sweet young twat until he felt her body about to submit to every hard stroke.

Both Dian and Jack came almost at the same time. After that day the good judge would come around at least two or three times a week to get some of that sweet little snatch that Dian willingly gave up. It would all come to an end the day after aunt Jude's funeral that was the day that Dian was send back to live with Dan Potter To be continued

Chapter 2

For the first few months after Dian had been return to Dan, it seemed that the two had trouble adjusting to one another. It took some time to get use to the fact that there was a young woman living in his house, the fact that she was so young and so beautiful did not help at all. The longer she lived in his house the more turned on he got at the thought of being with her.

When Dian turned fourteen Dan started to secretly watching his step-daughter. Dan had discovered while in the attic that if he drilled a hole in the floor of the attic that he would be able to see just about everything that went on in Dian's bedroom.

Dan would rush home most afternoons before Dian arrived home from school, he would go into his secret hiding place and wait for his lovely daughter to come home.

Dian had the same routine everyday, like most girls her ages that went to the local private school she couldn't wait to get home and get out of that dam uniform that she was force to wear. The first thing she would do when she got home was to shed those boring clothes and take a hot shower. After her shower she would walk around her bedroom unaware that she was being watched. The sight of his daughter was breath taking, with her long hair that flowed down to her shoulders, her long legs that seemed to go on forever. Her young tight shapely ass, her firm thirty-six inch tits and her well groomed black hairy pussy was all ways the high light of his day.

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