Tennis Panties

by GentleButFirm

Copyright┬ę 2006 by GentleButFirm

Erotica Sex Story: Frustration... and then what? A short, cheerfully bawdy tale.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .


"She fucking cheated!"

"I know, I know. But don't get so worked up."

"Danny, she knew the ball was out. She should have said."

"Yeah, I know. I said already."




"Yeah, got it. But listen, Ames. If you let it get to you, it'll ruin the rest of your day. You can still get into the finals. Wait until this afternoon."

"You just don't fuckin' get it!"

"I do, Amy. I do."

"This afternoon was my backstop. For if I fucked up. Not for that bitch to steal."

"Yep. Come on. Let's go for a walk. Try to calm down."

"I don't want a fucking walk, and I don't want to calm down. Can't I kill her instead?"

"That would play havoc with your training schedule. Walking is better."

"Walking isn't... Oh, shit, I forgot to ask, Dan. How did you do?"

"Not good. Come on. Walkies."

"I'm not a dog, Dan."

"No, certainly not."

"Stop with the grinning. What do you mean, 'not good'?"

"Beaten in straight sets by some geek with glasses."

"Fuckin' cheats!"

"Now don't start that again, Amy. He beat me fair and square."

"Bet he cheated."

"He didn't"

"He's a bastard..."

"He isn't."

"... anyway."

"Nope. Now stop that, and walk."

"I'm not going to cheer up."

"Your call."

"I'm staying fucking grumpy. I like it!"

"Do not."




The path behind the courts meandered down near the river. I was finished for the morning, and I knew Amy needed to calm down before she got back to the court, or she was history. She was silent as we strolled, shoulders stooped and a scowl on her pretty face.

I kept up a cheerful chatter of no importance. I'd seen Amy like this before. She sure had a temper. As we neared the river, I spied a log, placed in such a position that you could sit on it and dangle your feet in the water. The summer had been hot, and I hated shoes at the best of times, so I pulled my trainers off, and sat on the log, ignoring Amy's scowl for a minute.

Sitting there, I was just swishing my feet in the water when I turned back to Amy, intending to convince her to try this out. I nearly fell off the log. As I watched, Amy pulled her top over her head, revealing a white sports bra, before reaching down and unbuttoning her shorts. They fell to the grass and she stood there in her bra and small black briefs. I had to admit to myself that she looked good in the outfit, before I spoke.

"Ah, you going swimming?"

"No. I'm not."



"Well, what in hell are you doing? Looks like you're getting half-naked."

"I'm not finished."



"Well, what?"

"Well, you man enough?"

"For what?"

"What do you think?"


"Yeah, yeah, I know. Friends. Not attracted. All that. I remember. All true. But now I'm angry. And angry makes me horny. You wanna help me out here?"

"What's the catch?"

"You'll probably have to have an orgasm. You handle that?"


"Fuck, yes! Here and now, baby."

"But what if..."

"Someone catches us? I don't fucking care, Danny. Hell, I half hope someone does!"

"There isn't anywhere to... you know."

"Standing. You've got good arms. Come on."


"The tree. Yes, the bark will hurt. I'll live. Come on!"

That was enough for me. I jumped up from the log and started to remove my clothes. By the time I had my shoes off, Amy was standing there, stark naked, swinging her panties on her finger. She helped me with the rest of my clothes, and we nearly didn't make it to the tree.

"I don't want any fucking prelims, Dan. I need some cock."

Somehow we managed, bodies draped around each other, to back Amy up to the tree. "How is this going to work, Ames?"

"Pick me up, lummox, and push me against the tree trunk. Hard. And hurry."

As I put my hands on her little ass to pick her up, she jumped into my arms, and pressed as much of her body as she could against me. I could feel her nipples, hard and welcoming, her small, gorgeous breasts, her dainty, tight, toned stomach. She tucked her head in over my shoulder, and ground her groin against me.

I took two steps forward, and pushed her against the trunk of the tree. She yelped, but didn't jump. My legs bent just enough, and when I straightened up again she was in the right place. My cock was as hard as stone, and I impaled her without pausing. I needn't have been concerned. She was so wet she was dripping with anticipation, and she wrapped her legs around my waist and held me deep inside her.

I stopped for a moment, and waited for her to lift her face, and then I kissed her, delicately, on the lips. Her mouth devoured me, as her cunt already had. Somehow she had my tongue between her teeth, like my cock between her thighs.

Without saying a word, she started to slide her teeth up and town my tongue. I understood the signal, and started to move inside her, my thighs moving gently, and sliding slowly in and out of her tightness, in time with movement on my tongue.

After a few moments, I felt her teeth clamp down on my tongue. I'm still not sure how, but I knew what this meant. Not so gentle. Not so slow.

I moved into high gear, thrusting myself inside Amy, pushing her hard against the bark of the tree. I could feel her body sliding up and down, and I knew it much be hurting. She let my tongue go, and returned her head to the hollow of my shoulder, helping me with the thrusts.

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