My Friend's Wife

by DG Hear

Copyright┬ę 2006 by DG Hear

Erotica Sex Story: My friend might be going to prison and wanted me to watch over his wife and kids.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Interracial   .


Thank you to 'LadyCibelle' and Techsan' for their editing of my story. They are two of the best. If you find any errors I probably made them after the editing was finished.

Chapter 1: My friend and I

My friend Esau and I have been friends since high school. We played sports together. Neither of us won any scholarships so we didn't go to college. We both got jobs at a local factory. Esau left and put some time in the military. He ended up spending four years in the service and, when he came back, he brought a bride and one kid back home with him. He has since had a second child.

We both seemed happy and stayed good friends, not necessarily best friends. We hung with different crowds. I thought he hung around with the wrong type of people. I was the beer drinking guy that hung out at the local pub after work. Nothing special about me that would make me stand out in a crowd. I am a white male, thirty-two, already divorced, luckily no kids. I wasn't a big go-getter like my ex- wife wanted me to be. I was happy with the cards I was dealt and just wanted to lead a normal life. Go to work, do my job, go to the pub and then watch my sports. Of course I did other things too. I wasn't lazy, just not overly motivated.

Margaret, my ex, wanted more. She watched too much TV and wanted everything she saw. I told her we didn't have that kind of money and if she wanted to buy all the new clothes and travel that she should get off her fat ass and get a job. Well, she did just that!. She got a job as a cashier at the local Target store and earned a few bucks. Of course she spent every dime she made buying clothes and shoes and God knows what else.

What was funny - maybe funny is the wrong word - was our sex life was great. I think she watched all these soap operas and wanted me to be the same way. Hey, I did my best, plowing her fields on a regular basis. We also had oral sex. Man, she could really suck a cock, and humping her was great. Her ass never stopped gyrating. She even let me ass fuck her a couple of times.

What led to the divorce happened one day when I got home from the pub. After listening to all the sex talk the guys were spewing out, I got horny. The minute Margaret came in I pulled her into the bedroom and decided to do some plowing of my own. She didn't want to at first but when it came to sex she never put up much of a fight. She took off her jeans and panties and laid on the bed. I proceeded to put the head of my cock in her and she was already wet. I mean Dunking Donut wet.

She could tell I knew something was up and she started crying. I knew she had recently been fucking somebody else. I told her to just get the fuck out. Go back and get her loving from her boyfriend. She wanted to explain but I told her unless he forced her or manipulated her in any way I didn't want to hear it. She told me she did it willingly but it was a mistake. I agreed with her about it being a mistake and it would cost her everything. She had one week to get all her personal stuff out of my house. I wasn't giving her anything else. Hell, we didn't have much else.

We lived in a big house that used to belong to my grandmother and she passed it down to me. It was a few miles out in the country but since it was given to me I couldn't complain. It was worth traveling the few extra miles to work. I liked it out in the country anyway.

Margaret left and moved in with one of the other divorced cashiers. I contacted an attorney and got the divorce. I really did miss her. We did have a lot of good times until I wasn't enough for her.

My friend Esau said I was walking around mad at the world and had to get it out of my system before it drove me crazy. He was right, I had to get my revenge on the mother fucker who ruined my marriage. I know it was Margaret's fault but she didn't do it alone. I couldn't let the guy go without some retribution. I found out it was one of the assistant managers at her store. He was married with a kid. What the fuck! Why he was messing with my wife was beyond me!

I stopped by Target and found out which asshole it was. I walked up to him and told him who I was. He said he would call the police if I started any trouble. I gave him a choice. I told him to come outside and we could fight it out like men or I would just go to his house and tell his wife about his messing around with other women. He told me he wasn't an animal and wasn't going to fight me. Besides his wife wouldn't believe me over him anyway.

I told him he was a total asshole and his wife deserved a lot better. He told me it wasn't any of my business what he told his wife. I let him know he was nothing but a cheating asshole and if I ever saw him outside the store I would get even with him for screwing my wife and ruining my marriage.

When he got done admitting having sex with my ex he turned around and there stood his wife. I had picked her up before coming to the store. She didn't want to believe it until she heard it from her husband. She called him every name in the book as we left the store. He wouldn't come outside knowing I would have beat him to a pulp. I took his wife back home and eventually she applied for a divorce. I didn't take advantage of her even though she was at a low point. She had enough problems to deal with. Such a nice lady and got married to an idiot like that. Last I heard she took him to the cleaners.

I felt good after that. I felt sorry for his wife but she was a lot better without the cheater. From there my life went on pretty normally until one day Esau came to my house. I was totally surprised to see him at my house. Most people had no idea where I lived.

Esau was a black man. He was a really nice guy but as I had mentioned he hung out with the wrong people. His so-called friends got him into selling drugs and he became a collector for them. It was his job to see that the buyers paid up. He got into some big trouble. He was on one pickup of cash and the buyer didn't have his money. He started beating on the guy when another man pulled out a gun. He said he wrestled the guy with the gun to the floor and got hold of the gun when it went off. He killed the guy. He got up and left quickly. He told me it was a matter of time until they found him. He would be identified by the one he had beaten up. It was an accident but if you're a drug collector the police don't see it that way. He was pretty sure he was done for.

I asked him what he wanted from me. If I hid him, I would be an accomplice. He said he wanted a special favor from me. He told me I was always a friend he knew he could trust.

"Esau, what is it you want from me?"

"Jake, I want you to take care of my wife and kids."

"What? I've never even met them and God, I don't know, Esau. I need time to think."

"Jake, my wife knows about the shooting. I called her before coming here. I can't go home. Chi, my wife, said the police had already been there looking for me. I don't have much time. I need to know that my wife and kids will be taken care of and safe. I have no one else that I can turn too. Please at least talk to her. I'm worried that people will be after her if they know she's alone. I fucked up big time, Jake. You have to help my family."

My God, what was I to do? His wife and now he had two kids that he wanted me to take care of. I didn't even know them and he wanted me to watch over them. Christ, why me? I just wanted my easy going life and now I might get flung into something I had no idea about. I had a feeling I was getting in way over my head.

I looked at my long-time friend and saw him crying. I had never seen him show any emotion like this before. He was in some serious shit. Why was I getting involved? I needed time to think but I didn't have any. My friend needed my help now. All I could think about was helping my friend who would probably go to prison. I told him to call his wife and to have her pack up clothes for herself and the kids. I would be over to pick them up and bring them to my house. I had an older home with plenty of room. I told him to stay at my house and not to answer the door or the phone.

Esau decided it would be best to turn himself in. Maybe he could claim he was protecting himself or some other lesser charge. He knew they would catch him by the next day. He had nowhere to go, no one else to turn too. The drug runners don't protect you if you are on the lower rung on the chain of command. If anything, you are dispensable and they might come after you themselves.

I headed over to his place and looked around to make sure no one was watching the premises. I pulled up behind their trailer which was about a half a mile up a rural road. Chi, whom I had never met, came running out carrying her youngest daughter, while the older one followed behind. I ran to the porch and grabbed four suitcases and put them in the trunk. They all got in the car, Chi and the younger daughter in back and the older one up front with me. I drove off out a back road with my lights out. We could see some cars approaching the trailer. I was glad to get to the highway without being seen. We headed back to my house.

I pulled up at my house and told Chi to take the kids inside and I would get their suitcases. Well, I thought to myself, Esau couldn't stay with us or they would get me for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Chi went inside and Esau talked to her for a few minutes and then came over to kiss his two daughters. He didn't know for sure then but it would be the last time he would get a chance to kiss any of them again. He said his goodbyes and told me to take care of his family. I promised him I would do my best. We all were crying as he left to turn himself in.

Before I move on, here is some info on Chi and her daughters. Chi is Asian and came from Taiwan. She met Esau there and they got married. She explained all this to me later but I thought I should interject some information here so it helps you understand the situation better. Many people want into the USA and marriage was one way of getting here. She told me she really respected Esau. He was a good man and did everything for her and her children. She did say he was the father of both girls: Tia, the oldest, was nine and born in Taiwan; and Mia, who is four, was born here which made her a US citizen.

Chi respected Esau very much and never did anything that would disrespect him. She was raised that way in her home country. She knew he was involved in illegal activities but it would be wrong of her to talk to him about it, because he was the head of the family and what he says goes. She was trying to learn the ways of this country and raise her kids as such. She now wishes she would have talked to Esau about his illegal activities and might have been able to convince him to stop. Then it was too late.

Chi was a beautiful woman. There are no better words to explain her. She was short, under five feet. Maybe about four-ten or four-eleven. She was lucky if she weighed a hundred pounds but was proportioned perfectly, very petite. She was twenty-eight but could pass for twenty. One beautiful woman, I could see why Esau married her. I wouldn't mind coming home to her myself.

Tia was a beautiful young girl at nine. She was a cross between Asian and African-American as was her sister. She was going to be one attractive lady when she got older. She was smart and excelled in school as well as knowing both languages. She was also very respectful just like her mother. She told me she missed her dad and really loved him. She was a daughter he would be proud of. She was glad that he picked me to take care of them.

Little Mia was a typical four year old. Great big beautiful brown eyes that would make your heart patter when just looking at them. She spent most of her time following her big sister around. Her sister took great care of her, playing with her and keeping her company. I could see why Esau wanted them looked after. They were a wonderful family.

The shooting was on the news and in the paper. They said that a man turned himself in. We knew it was Esau. The next day I took Chi back to her trailer to pick up any additional clothing and personal items. The trailer was totally ransacked. The place looked like it was hit by a tornado. The couch cushions were all cut open as well as the mattresses. I told Chi that we needed to get out of there quickly, something was definitely wrong. She grabbed a few items and we headed back to my place.

The following day the paper said that Esau was charged with first degree murder. His bail was set at one million dollars. Even a bond to get him out would have been a hundred thousand dollars. He wasn't going anywhere. Hell, his net worth and mine together wouldn't be enough to get a bond. Chi was really sad but said that Esau had told her that she would probably never see him again.

I went to the jail the next day to visit him. When he saw it was me he got pissed off at me. He said, "What the fuck are you doing here? You are suppose to be protecting my family. Now you will probably be followed. Whatever you do don't go directly home and never come back here again."

I had no idea what he was talking about. I told him I thought he was my friend and I came to see him. He said very low so no one else could hear. "Leave here now and never come back. I trust you with my most prized possession, my family. Please watch over them."

"How long am I to watch over them Esau?"

"Forever" he replied. " Now get out of here and don't let anyone follow you home."

I got up but was confused. When I got to the parking lot, I was stopped by two men. They asked me why I came to see Esau. I told them he was an old friend that I worked with so I stopped to visit him. I told them he wasn't the Esau I remembered and wouldn't be back. They just looked at me as I got in my car. I had no idea what this was all about or what I got myself involved in. I knew I couldn't go back to my house so I headed to the local pub.

I knew I was being followed then so I had to do something to get the suspicion away from me. I went into the pub and told them that Esau was in jail and wanted to say goodbye to his old friends. Many of the people in the pub knew Esau and decided to go see him. That was good for me. That would give a lot more people to follow and take suspicion off of me.

I went to the house of my parents, who lived in the opposite direction of my place. I told them that Esau was arrested and about the shooting. I asked them if it was alright for me to spend a few days with them. I told my parents the truth that I was watching over Chi and her daughters. For some reason Esau thought they would be in danger. My parents are great and thought it was nice that I would help a friend like that.

I called my house and told Chi about my not coming home. I told her not to answer the phone. If I called her I would let the phone ring twice and then call right back. She understood and agreed to go along with me.

I looked out my parents' front door and found out I was being followed. My dad and I had the same name so if anyone was to check records they would think I lived there. I went to and from work from my parents' home for the next four days. After the third day I wasn't being followed anymore. I told my parents I would talk to them later and headed for home. Of course they told me to be careful. Chi and her daughters greeted me like I was their long lost friend. Chi mentioned that no one called other than me. That was good news to hear.

We didn't contact Esau anymore. We knew then that he was on his own. The news never mentioned his wife and kids but it did say that besides the killing it might have been a drug deal gone wrong. It was hard getting any information without raising any red flags and letting anyone know about Chi and the kids living with me. I did find out at the pub that the drug ring thought that Esau stole money from them. We found out that they were the ones who ransacked the trailer. In fact they went back and did it again and then burned it to the ground. That was actually good news for Chi and her kids. That left less traceability for finding them.

Eventually, like most news, it was taken off the front pages and once in awhile there would be an article in the also ran sections of the paper. One article we came across was about stolen money. We read that the drug ring who thought Esau might have stolen money was looking for different people who might be part of the heist. They couldn't get any information from Esau since he was in jail. Besides if he had the money he would have been able to post bail. Why would he stay in jail if he had a way of getting out, even if it was for a short time, until his trial.

Chapter 2: Life on the Home Front

My life at home had completely changed. It was only about two weeks after Esau turned himself in that his family began to be my family. Tia missed her father so I guess I kind of took his place. I would talk with her and she loved to go to the library and I would take her there. She started using the computers there and was teaching me about Taiwan and the people and their cultures. I introduced her to McDonalds and pizza.

I hardly ever stopped at the pub anymore. I would stop long enough for a beer or two to keep up appearances but I was anxious to get home to my new family. I couldn't understand it. I was never a big lover of kids since I was never around any and was an only child, but I began to love these kids. Everyday when I got home I was greeted by little Mia. I would walk into the house and she would call me daddy.

The first couple of times it bothered Tia and she would say, "That's not daddy, that's Uncle Jake." Then Mia would grab my legs. She wanted me to pick her up which I always did and she would give me a kiss. Chi never missed what was happening.

We began doing things as a family in the house or outside together. The kids loved playing outside. I had a little money saved and wanted to buy the kids a few things to play with. They lost most of their toys and games in the trailer fire. We all went shopping like a real family. We drove into the big city where we pretty much blended in. A white man, an Asian woman, and two mixed blood kids. A normal family in the larger cities.

It was quite odd to see Tia and her mother pick out toys and games. Almost everything was of an educational nature. I walked over to the stuffed animals with Mia and let her pick out what she wanted. When we went back and Tia saw Mia's stuffed animal she oohed and aahed. I told her to find one for herself. She came back with one and came up to me and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thank you, Jake."

I have never had so much fun shopping in my life. I wish I had the money to buy my new family the whole store.

I noticed Chi never bought herself anything. I told her to please buy herself something. She did pick out a pair of shoes and an outfit. I walked over to the lingerie and picked up a real sexy red baby doll pajama set and held it up jokingly and said, "What about this? I bet you would look great in this."

She laughed along with me and then looked deep in my eyes and asked if they had it in a small size. She walked over to the rack found one in small and put it in our cart. I didn't know what to think. I know it's only been a short time knowing her but something was different about her from other women I knew.

When we got home everyone seemed so happy. I actually felt like this was my family. The kids respected me and I think Chi did too. Everyday when I got home she had dinner ready. I have never asked her to cook for me but the meal was always there. I told her she wasn't the cook and she wasn't the maid. I didn't expect her to clean up after me. I wanted her to be my friend not my housekeeper.

Chi told me she liked a clean house and she enjoyed cooking for me, besides she had to cook for the kids anyway. She did say she liked me a lot and respected me. She kept quiet about all the things that happened since Esau was picked up because she knew I didn't have to help them out and at first was afraid I wouldn't help them. She was afraid for her daughters until she saw what a good man I was.

I told her Esau would probably never come back, that he would be going to prison and she was stuck here with me for now but could leave anytime she liked. I wouldn't hold her against her will because of a promise I made to her husband.

Chi told me she was a somewhat quiet person but she was also a very strong willed person. She has been through a lot in her life. Everything to seeing her parents being killed in front of her to her being raped at a young age. She also knew what she wanted and how to handle herself. She told me to not be deceived by her quiet and shy nature. She was still there with me because she liked me and so did her daughters. She was worried at first as she mentioned because she needed time to make decisions also and didn't have the luxury of getting time to put her affairs in order.

Now since she had time to think things out she wanted to stay with me. She came out and said, "Before long you are going to love me," as she smiled. Believe me I had no doubt that she was right. I was beginning to fall for her already.

Later that night as I lay in my bed I heard Chi put her kids to bed. I wondered how all this was going to turn out. It was like a dream. I couldn't even imagine a story with this much suspense in it but this was real life and real people were affected. A good childhood friend was probably going to prison for murder. His wife, whom I have only known a few weeks, was living with me along with her daughters.

I knew I wanted this woman but not by force and not because she felt she owed me something. I wanted her because of the person she seemed to be inside. A warm, beautiful, loving woman who had needs that I could fulfill. Yes, I was falling in love with my old friend's wife.

There was a light knock on my bedroom door and then it opened and in came Chi dressed only in the negligee I had bought for her. I could see her small but pert breasts with dark brown nipples pushing through the lacy fabric. The bottoms were almost transparent lacy panties. I could see her trimmed mound with just a tuft of hair pushing against the fabric.

She came up to me and said, "Jake, will you make love to me? I know Esau would approve. He told me before he left that he knew I would have physical needs and that if you are willing that I can give myself to you. I'm not cheating on him. We both know he will never return and I want you to fill that gap, the void that is in my life now.

I pulled the covers aside as she slipped into my bed. I didn't say a word, I leaned over and kissed her lightly. I pulled my lips from her as she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me back down to her lips. She opened her mouth slightly as we started kissing like two people in heat. I couldn't get enough of her. I wanted more as I slipped my hand under her lacy top and fondled her taut breast. I lifted her top up and began to suck on her hard nipples like a baby after it's milk. From one nipple to the other, back and forth, back and forth. I couldn't get enough of Chi.

I slid my hand down her smooth tummy and under the panty bottom of her night wear. My hand ran over the brown tuft of hair on her mound and into the forbidden valley below. She began to moan and buck her small hips against my hand. I sank two fingers into her as she moaned louder. I knew I needed this woman and she wanted me. I went down and pulled off her panty bottoms and sank my face into her pussy. I have only tried eating pussy once in my life. It was never like this. Her smell was intoxicating.

I couldn't get enough of it. I started almost eating at her pussy. My teeth even lightly bit the folds of her pussy. Her juices flowed to my mouth. I couldn't help it; I wanted more. She grabbed my head with both hands as I pushed my face into her pussy as hard as possible and still be able to breath. My tongue darted as deep as it would go into her. She climaxed like I have never felt a woman climax before. Pumping and gyrating against my face. I felt her juices let loose against my tongue and face. Then she stopped. I could still feel the pulsating of her pussy around my tongue.

I looked down and I had cum all over the sheets. In all the excitement I had climaxed myself. That had never happened to me before. I had lost total control of my climax. I crawled up next to her and she rolled over and put her head on my shoulder and we laid quietly.

We must have fallen asleep. When I woke up it was time to get up for work and she wasn't in my bed. I went to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for work. When I came out of the shower she was in the kitchen and already had the coffee made and was making me a light breakfast. As I walked into the kitchen she walked up to me and gave me a kiss, not a peck but a full-fledged open mouth lover's kiss. She thanked me for last night and said she really needed that and that she never remembered ever coming so hard. She said maybe tonight we could do it again except go a little further.

I had a hard-on listening to her talk. I only had my robe on and she saw my hard cock protruding behind my robe. She knelt down and took my member into her mouth and started to suck it. I have never had a woman affect me the way Chi did. I came and she swallowed my load right there on her knees on the kitchen floor. She then took the towel and wiped off her mouth.

"That was for what you did for me last night," she smiled as she said it.

I thought, "What a way to start a day." I ate breakfast and got dressed and she had a cup of coffee waiting for me as I headed out to work.

As I was working, the bosses came around with disturbing news. Esau was found dead in his cell. They weren't sure whether it was suicide or foul play. It was on the news all day. When I got home Chi had tears in her eyes. She had heard it on the news. She cried on my shoulder and asked me to never leave her because I was all she had left and she and the girls needed me. I told her there was no chance I would ever leave her now. We didn't tell Tia. She knew her dad was going to be sent up for life and had accepted it. So unless she brought it up we saw no reason to bring it up right then.

We didn't make love that night like we had planned. We did lay and cuddle. That is what we both needed right then. The rest of the week went by pretty normal. We decided to take the kids to the zoo on Saturday. We were going to start acting even more like a family now. We didn't need to act. Right then we were a family.

When I got home from work on Monday, Chi was cleaning my bedroom. I told her it wasn't necessary. We had already been through that and she wasn't my maid. She looked at me and said if she was going to make love to me regularly, which she had every intention of doing, that she wanted clean sheets and a nice smelling room. I had to laugh because she was right. I had been a bachelor for so long that I never realized how unkempt my place was.

She opened up my closet to put some clothes away when she froze in her tracks. She called to me. I asked her what was the problem. She asked if the khaki jacket in the closet was mine. I looked at it and told her it wasn't. I thought she might have hung it in there. That's when she told me that was the first time she had ever looked in my closet and that Esau had a jacket just like the one in the closet. The thought of him at that moment sent a cold chill through her. He had that jacket on the day he left home but she said that she didn't remember him wearing it the last time she said goodbye to him, the day he turned himself in.

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