My Friend's Wife

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My friend might be going to prison and wanted me to watch over his wife and kids.

Thank you to 'LadyCibelle' and Techsan' for their editing of my story. They are two of the best. If you find any errors I probably made them after the editing was finished.

Chapter 1: My friend and I

My friend Esau and I have been friends since high school. We played sports together. Neither of us won any scholarships so we didn't go to college. We both got jobs at a local factory. Esau left and put some time in the military. He ended up spending four years in the service and, when he came back, he brought a bride and one kid back home with him. He has since had a second child.

We both seemed happy and stayed good friends, not necessarily best friends. We hung with different crowds. I thought he hung around with the wrong type of people. I was the beer drinking guy that hung out at the local pub after work. Nothing special about me that would make me stand out in a crowd. I am a white male, thirty-two, already divorced, luckily no kids. I wasn't a big go-getter like my ex- wife wanted me to be. I was happy with the cards I was dealt and just wanted to lead a normal life. Go to work, do my job, go to the pub and then watch my sports. Of course I did other things too. I wasn't lazy, just not overly motivated.

Margaret, my ex, wanted more. She watched too much TV and wanted everything she saw. I told her we didn't have that kind of money and if she wanted to buy all the new clothes and travel that she should get off her fat ass and get a job. Well, she did just that!. She got a job as a cashier at the local Target store and earned a few bucks. Of course she spent every dime she made buying clothes and shoes and God knows what else.

What was funny - maybe funny is the wrong word - was our sex life was great. I think she watched all these soap operas and wanted me to be the same way. Hey, I did my best, plowing her fields on a regular basis. We also had oral sex. Man, she could really suck a cock, and humping her was great. Her ass never stopped gyrating. She even let me ass fuck her a couple of times.

What led to the divorce happened one day when I got home from the pub. After listening to all the sex talk the guys were spewing out, I got horny. The minute Margaret came in I pulled her into the bedroom and decided to do some plowing of my own. She didn't want to at first but when it came to sex she never put up much of a fight. She took off her jeans and panties and laid on the bed. I proceeded to put the head of my cock in her and she was already wet. I mean Dunking Donut wet.

She could tell I knew something was up and she started crying. I knew she had recently been fucking somebody else. I told her to just get the fuck out. Go back and get her loving from her boyfriend. She wanted to explain but I told her unless he forced her or manipulated her in any way I didn't want to hear it. She told me she did it willingly but it was a mistake. I agreed with her about it being a mistake and it would cost her everything. She had one week to get all her personal stuff out of my house. I wasn't giving her anything else. Hell, we didn't have much else.

We lived in a big house that used to belong to my grandmother and she passed it down to me. It was a few miles out in the country but since it was given to me I couldn't complain. It was worth traveling the few extra miles to work. I liked it out in the country anyway.

Margaret left and moved in with one of the other divorced cashiers. I contacted an attorney and got the divorce. I really did miss her. We did have a lot of good times until I wasn't enough for her.

My friend Esau said I was walking around mad at the world and had to get it out of my system before it drove me crazy. He was right, I had to get my revenge on the mother fucker who ruined my marriage. I know it was Margaret's fault but she didn't do it alone. I couldn't let the guy go without some retribution. I found out it was one of the assistant managers at her store. He was married with a kid. What the fuck! Why he was messing with my wife was beyond me!

I stopped by Target and found out which asshole it was. I walked up to him and told him who I was. He said he would call the police if I started any trouble. I gave him a choice. I told him to come outside and we could fight it out like men or I would just go to his house and tell his wife about his messing around with other women. He told me he wasn't an animal and wasn't going to fight me. Besides his wife wouldn't believe me over him anyway.

I told him he was a total asshole and his wife deserved a lot better. He told me it wasn't any of my business what he told his wife. I let him know he was nothing but a cheating asshole and if I ever saw him outside the store I would get even with him for screwing my wife and ruining my marriage.

When he got done admitting having sex with my ex he turned around and there stood his wife. I had picked her up before coming to the store. She didn't want to believe it until she heard it from her husband. She called him every name in the book as we left the store. He wouldn't come outside knowing I would have beat him to a pulp. I took his wife back home and eventually she applied for a divorce. I didn't take advantage of her even though she was at a low point. She had enough problems to deal with. Such a nice lady and got married to an idiot like that. Last I heard she took him to the cleaners.

I felt good after that. I felt sorry for his wife but she was a lot better without the cheater. From there my life went on pretty normally until one day Esau came to my house. I was totally surprised to see him at my house. Most people had no idea where I lived.

Esau was a black man. He was a really nice guy but as I had mentioned he hung out with the wrong people. His so-called friends got him into selling drugs and he became a collector for them. It was his job to see that the buyers paid up. He got into some big trouble. He was on one pickup of cash and the buyer didn't have his money. He started beating on the guy when another man pulled out a gun. He said he wrestled the guy with the gun to the floor and got hold of the gun when it went off. He killed the guy. He got up and left quickly. He told me it was a matter of time until they found him. He would be identified by the one he had beaten up. It was an accident but if you're a drug collector the police don't see it that way. He was pretty sure he was done for.

I asked him what he wanted from me. If I hid him, I would be an accomplice. He said he wanted a special favor from me. He told me I was always a friend he knew he could trust.

"Esau, what is it you want from me?"

"Jake, I want you to take care of my wife and kids."

"What? I've never even met them and God, I don't know, Esau. I need time to think."

"Jake, my wife knows about the shooting. I called her before coming here. I can't go home. Chi, my wife, said the police had already been there looking for me. I don't have much time. I need to know that my wife and kids will be taken care of and safe. I have no one else that I can turn too. Please at least talk to her. I'm worried that people will be after her if they know she's alone. I fucked up big time, Jake. You have to help my family."

My God, what was I to do? His wife and now he had two kids that he wanted me to take care of. I didn't even know them and he wanted me to watch over them. Christ, why me? I just wanted my easy going life and now I might get flung into something I had no idea about. I had a feeling I was getting in way over my head.

I looked at my long-time friend and saw him crying. I had never seen him show any emotion like this before. He was in some serious shit. Why was I getting involved? I needed time to think but I didn't have any. My friend needed my help now. All I could think about was helping my friend who would probably go to prison. I told him to call his wife and to have her pack up clothes for herself and the kids. I would be over to pick them up and bring them to my house. I had an older home with plenty of room. I told him to stay at my house and not to answer the door or the phone.

Esau decided it would be best to turn himself in. Maybe he could claim he was protecting himself or some other lesser charge. He knew they would catch him by the next day. He had nowhere to go, no one else to turn too. The drug runners don't protect you if you are on the lower rung on the chain of command. If anything, you are dispensable and they might come after you themselves.

I headed over to his place and looked around to make sure no one was watching the premises. I pulled up behind their trailer which was about a half a mile up a rural road. Chi, whom I had never met, came running out carrying her youngest daughter, while the older one followed behind. I ran to the porch and grabbed four suitcases and put them in the trunk. They all got in the car, Chi and the younger daughter in back and the older one up front with me. I drove off out a back road with my lights out. We could see some cars approaching the trailer. I was glad to get to the highway without being seen. We headed back to my house.

I pulled up at my house and told Chi to take the kids inside and I would get their suitcases. Well, I thought to myself, Esau couldn't stay with us or they would get me for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Chi went inside and Esau talked to her for a few minutes and then came over to kiss his two daughters. He didn't know for sure then but it would be the last time he would get a chance to kiss any of them again. He said his goodbyes and told me to take care of his family. I promised him I would do my best. We all were crying as he left to turn himself in.

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