Just Come Home

by Catherine Capulet

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker,

Desc: : This is a short story about Clint and Madison. Clint gets involved in something he shouldn't and all Madison wants is for him to just come home alive, but can he?

She had fallen asleep listening to the rain again. Her forehead rested gently on the windowpane, with her ear pressed against the window. There was a calming effect she had on him, as he watched her chest rise and fall... rise and fall. It amazed him everyday that she would want to be with him of all people, when he had so little to offer her. He reached out and brushed a strand of her long brown hair out of her face.

"Madison... Honey wake up, I'm leaving soon. Matt's gonna be here any minute." He whispered to her before kissing her cheek. Her eyes blinked open and she looked sadly up at him.

"I don't want you to go." She said, the sleep still lingering in her voice. "You could get hurt Clint, or worse... killed." The love mixed with fear in her eyes ripped him to shreds, but they needed the money this would bring. Before he could argue this with her for the millionth time in the last week, he saw the lights of Matt's car come down the street. Madison saw them too and she grabbed his arm.

"I'm not going to beg you to stay. It only will hurt me more. Just... just come home." She said. She'd cry the moment the door shut; he could hear it in her voice. Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her gently and rubbed her cheek with his thumb. He was doing this for her, but looking into the blue of her eyes made him wonder if there was another way. Matt promised him half for just being there and even a quarter of it was more than they had in their bank account. Clint wished she wouldn't look him right in the eyes, it just made him realize more how wrong this was and how dangerous. Matt honked the horn.

"Maddie I love you." That was all he could say, and that seemed to be all she needed. She sat back and let him go, turning her face back to the window so he couldn't see her tears.

"Man I can't believe you told her and that she let you go." Matt said as they pulled into an old parking garage on the other side of town. "If Andrea knew I did this she's go crazy on me. Good thing I have all the money I get from doing this in another bank account." He laughed and nudged Clint in the arm. Clint smiled but didn't feel the nudge, his body had gone numb the instant he'd let go of Madison.

Matt parked the car and reached into the backseat, grabbing the black gym bag. Matt unzipped it and Clint saw the plastic bags filled with white or green. Matt pulled two handguns out of the bottom of the bag and handed one to Clint, who stared at it dumbly.

"Oh come on Clint it's a gun, you shoot it if they look like they're going to shoot you." Matt growled dropping it into the palm of Clint's hand. The cold, heavy metal object weighed down his palm as he inspected it before setting it is his lap.

"You really think I'll have to use this?" Clint asked puzzled, he was resisting the urge to throw it out the window.

"It's just protection dude. Chill out." Matt said pulling into a parking stall in the darkest corner of the parking garage. "You're not going to chicken out on me are you?"

"No, I'm here aren't I?" Clint managed before popping open his door.

Clint cautiously opened the door to his dark small house and looked around, the clock on the DVD player read 1:47 in bright green letters. He could see a light down the hall from the kitchen. He hoped Madison wasn't up, she had work in the morning. Setting the black bag with all the money in it next to the TV, Clint walked towards the light.

She was wrapped in a blanket, all curled up with her knees resting against the table, staring blindly into a mug of tea that had long been cold. Madison looked up from her mug when she heard him in the doorway. Her eyes were red-rimmed as if she'd been crying, her nose red, but she stared coldly at him.

"Is it over?" She said shortly, as if she bit off every word she was trying to process.

"Cash is by the TV. I'm alive Maddie! Not even a scrape on me! Oh God it was such a rush!" Clint grinned at her like it was some accomplishment.

"I'm going to bed." She breathed out, before setting her cup in the sink and walking towards their room.

"Maddie don't you wanna hear how it went?" Clint asked reaching for her as she came closer to him. Madison wrapped the blanket tighter to her body and shuffled to the side.

"No I don't. I'm going to bed. I don't want to hear about it now." She swept past him and across the hall to their room. Confused Clint followed her only to find her flopped on to the bed with her backed turned to him.

"Maddie look..." He tried.

"I'm sleeping now." Came the muffled reply from the other side of the blanket. Clint shook his head and gave up, then climbed in bed and slept facing towards Madison.


"Yes dear?"

"Matt asked me to do it again."

The wooden spoon clattered down on the counter as Madison slammed the cover onto the frying pan. She looked in disbelief towards the table at Clint, her mouth open slightly, eye brows raised, hand resting menacingly on one hip. "And you said?" She questioned, her eyebrows going higher.

"I told him I'd do it." Clint said before quickly taking a sip of his coffee, he braced himself for the screaming. When none came he looked curiously back up at her.

"When?" She said in her business-like tone, he hated the business-like tone.

"Tonight..." He was quieter this time with his words, less sure of himself the more and more he thought about it. "Don't you have any opinion on this?"

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