Let the Games Begin

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Paul looks forward to the Sexual Olympics every year

Paul had been looking forward to this for over a year now. He'd attended last year's event for the first time thanks to a buddy of his who had gone on to win the grand prize of ten thousand dollars. It wasn't a lot of money, but it made the event all the more exciting as well as a bit dangerous, and certainly well worth the small risk.

Paul wasn't the most attractive guy in the world either. Average by every comparison at five feet eight inches, one hundred and fifty three pounds, the beginnings of love handles, though he maintained a fairly flat stomach. All in all, he wasn't bad looking, just not a "hunk" as some might prefer, though he did consider his deep blue eyes and smile an asset that had at least gotten him a returned smile on occasion.

The one nice thing about the "event" as he thought of it, you didn't necessarily have to be attractive, though perhaps it helped in some instances. All you really needed was the two hundred and fifty for entry fees, which went to the 1st three places based on total points scored. Even if he didn't place in the top three money finishers, just the experience alone was well worth the money spent.

Paul double-checked the information on the letter that had arrived. The "games" would begin the following weekend. Short notice, but that was also done for security purposes with exact information on which major hotel would be the unwitting host for this year's extravaganza. He took note of the web-site address where he was to register, pay his on-line fees, and then wait for the exact time and place to be emailed him shortly before. Paul smiled. He hoped expectantly that "Anna" as she'd called herself, though he doubted that to be her real name, would be there again too. Of all the women he'd been with, competed with, and had enjoyed sampling... Anna was without a doubt the most exciting and intriguing woman he'd known the entire time. He only wished that he could partner with her the entire weekend, though he understood the reasons why not, and the fairness of competition for multiple partners during the contests and events.

As far as the unsuspecting hotel was concerned, he was just one member among many attending the "Expanding Horizon's" conference as it was being called this year. Paul couldn't help but smile, because he planned on expanding his horizon as often as possible this year, daring to take a few more risks this time than he had last time. Obviously he knew he needed to do that if he had any hopes of taking home any prize money. But more importantly, the thought of licking Anna's cunt in an elevator for the fifteen second requirement less bonus points for being seen, was exciting as hell!

Like everyone else, Paul received his last minute instructions and arrived at the hotel suite that had been procured for the initial meeting and send off as the games began that Friday evening, concluding the following Sunday morning at eight where the winners would soon after be announced, just before check-out time.

He wasn't at all surprised at the turn out, it had become something of a major underground event that was getting bigger and bigger with each passing year, not to mention wilder. He quickly scanned the throng of competitors, saddened when he hadn't spotted Anna in attendance, though there was a bevy of delicious looking women, many of which Paul knew he'd be groping, fondling and enjoying unbridled pleasures with before the weekend was over.

He accepted his handbook labeled "Expanding Your Horizons" which included a complete set of rules along with the various tasks and events that one could earn points against. He thumbed through them briefly seeing many of which had been included from last year, along with a few that hadn't been. All of which were even more daring in nature, though the points scored for them were also considerably higher as well. Paul was also given his tiny 'spy' camera that he along with every other competitor would be required to wear as proof of their exploits and validation of whatever points were earned for tasks attempted and completed, and there were many, not to mention some of the "required" locations that were mandatory to even meet the minimum eligibility for prize money. All of which had to be successfully achieved in just three days time.

Paul glanced up from his musings still thumbing through his booklet, his minds eye already imagining the possibilities when he spotted her. Likewise, she had spotted him already making her way through the throng of eager and excited men and women, all anxious to "Let the games begin" as it would soon be announced.

"Paul!" Anna said excitedly, recognizing him along with remembering his name. His real name has he'd given it to her, though still not as confident that she had done the same for him.

"Anna!" Paul replied enthusiastically, meeting her half way a few short steps later. "I was hoping you'd come!" he told her. Anna grinned, that same provocative, wicked looking expression on her face that he remembered seeing last year.

"I have every intention of 'cumming', as frequently and as often as possible," she quipped playing on the use of the word. "I wouldn't have missed this for the world!" she added seriously. "I hope we'll have a chance to partner up again this year for a few tasks and events," she also added, giving him a surprise kiss afterwards.

"Me too," Paul managed to whisper to her shortly after breaking their kiss. "But if not... I hope we set aside some time to spend together either way."

"I'd like that," she responded. "But keep in mind, I have every intention of winning this year, so if its points to be earned, that's going to come first. I'm not going to end up in fourth position again this year, that's for damn sure!"

Paul laughed. Anna really was a competitor, not to mention being attractive looking as well. She wasn't the "A" typical female either. She had some boyish traits to her that probably made her more competitive than some of the other females in attendance, having an open mind as well as a lack of any serious inhibitions. She wore her hair much shorter than most, and as he'd remembered from before, she wore it very similarly now, though she'd frosted the tips of her hair bright red, spiking it, almost making it look as though she were wearing a cap of small feathers from some exotic rare bird. Anna had her quirks, a silliness about her that Paul found endearing, if not outright alluring. Not to mention a beautiful set of tits that he was already dying to get his hands on once again.

"So Paul, you up for this?" she asked glancing down towards his crotch, her hand unabashedly placing itself upon his groin without concern or care should anyone be watching them or looking in their direction. A thought that was absurd anyway, soon many of those in attendance would be doing just that themselves, many for the first time, and most of that taking place in public, or at least semi-public places for an array of assigned point values. Just as long as it was all caught on camera of course, and recorded for the judges who'd be scoring and evaluating the contest. There would be over thirty pairings this year, though none of them permanent, always changing in order to keep things both fair as well as interesting, with plenty of opportunity to join up with other couples for group-type activities where point values could really increase.

Paul quickly located his assigned number in the upper right hand corner of his handbook, not at all surprised to discover that it didn't match that of Anna's. So it was they wouldn't be starting off together, but he was still in hopes that somewhere along the way, fate would once again intervene putting the two of them together once again.

Paul glanced at his watch. They had exactly one hour to head off to their assigned hotel rooms, meet their beginning partners, have a chance to get acquainted, read over the rule book, and plan their first sexual trysts, schedule or make an attempt to be the first to eliminate the first of several "requirements" before those got harder and tougher to accomplish as time wore on. Eventually, the hotel would indeed get wind of some highly unusual things taking place, it was after all inevitable as word got out, and as some of the other "normal" paying vacationers began commenting, or in some instances, actually complaining. After that, it would become increasingly more difficult to get the 'mandatory' couplings out of the way.

In the beginning, the hotel staff would see it as the occasional, periodic excitement of young lovers, honey-mooners simply taking a few naughty little risks and would pass it off as such. But in time, with word getting around, and more and more reports eventually filtering in, the hotel staff would eventually surmise that something else entirely was going on. Which was another reason that the same hotel wasn't used in succession for this event either.

It would take the judges an hour to get set up in their own private control room, where the participants would each be monitored and evaluated when the games finally began. Reluctantly, Paul said good-bye to Anna, and then headed off down the hallway towards the elevators and an upper floor where his own room, and that of his beginning partners would be located. He couldn't help but wonder what she would look like, but more importantly, how enthusiastic she might be in wanting to get one or more of the more difficult challenges and requirements out of the way. They would have the first four hours together, after which Paul would return to the 'meeting room' leave off his room key for another male contestant, retrieve another, and then be forced to go to his new room and wait for his new female partner to arrive. It was a critical period of time as a lot of points could be earned or lost in waiting. But it was one of the strict rules that had to be adhered to.

Paul was the first to reach the room, so he sat down on the bed which he wouldn't be sleeping in that night at least, and began to leaf through the booklet trying to decide which of the assigned tasks he and his partner might agree to attempt and get out of the way before being allowed to select one of the many optional "free-style" events for bonus points that could be attempted or successfully accomplished afterwards. He heard the sound of a key-card being inserted into the door, looked up just as a tall statuesque brunette with hardly any tits at all walked into the room. "Hi, names Danielle," she said extending her hand in greeting. "I think, we should go out, fuck in the pool before anyone else does, and besides, this close before dinner time, it will mean it less likely in being discovered, and most of the others will only consider doing it after dark. Besides, we get two extra points for doing it in daylight hours, before six. And a point is a point after all," she added finally stopping to take a breath.

"Paul," Paul said finally introducing himself. "And I was actually thinking the very same thing myself. After that, we can check out the exercise area, which is nearby. With luck, that will have a chance of being far less occupied as well, and we will have knocked off two of the six required places as well as then being allowed for one or two "free-style" events, one your choice, one mine before we're required to make our way back to the rooms."

Danielle laughed, already stripping herself out of her clothing. "At least she's not shy," Paul thought to himself. Though in a game like this, it was silly to be that way in the first place.

Paul watched as Danielle tossed her bikini onto the bed. "I'm not even going to put it on," she told him. "I'll take it with me of course, but we get full points for a totally nude fuck in the pool for the five minute requirement. After which, if I have too, or should it become necessary, I can slip it on easily beneath the water in case we have curious or inquisitive neighbors swimming near by."

Paul stood removing his own clothing, catching an appreciative glance his way as his still flaccid cock came into view. He would wear loose-fitting swim trunks, easily removable, and easier still to get back into beneath the water should he have to in the event of an emergency. "Nice cock," Paul heard Danielle tell him. "I look forward to fucking it."

"Me too," he told her. "Me too!"

Exactly at four o'clock, he knew someone, somewhere was no doubt saying, "Let the games begin," and so... they did.

Just as they had hoped, most everyone had started heading inside to dress for dinner now that the afternoon sun was beginning to fade away. There were only a handful of couples still sitting around the pool, a few kids though they seemed to be content playing in the children's pool which was off to one side. And one other couple who neither of them recognized who were actually in the water. There was no way of knowing if they were playing the game just as he and Danielle were, or if they were in fact staying there at the hotel as real guests. Either way, the situation was nearly perfect. Paul placed his towel containing the miniature camera so that it would capture their movements inside the pool. The trick would be getting Danielle into the water, naked, without being seen. For a moment she simply sat on the edge of the pool her towel wrapped loosely around her body. They both watched the other couple who continued to stand close to one another at the other end, wondering if in fact they were part of the game or not. There were a multitude of points that could be scored either way. But it would be up to the judges to decide if any additional points would be, based on what was recorded from their camera. If the other "non-playing" couple should be within the scope of the camera's recording for a minimum of at least one minute, additional points would be scored that way for the "danger" factor. If the other couple was indeed part of the game, captured on film actually fooling around, or... preferably, if included with Paul and Danielle, substantial points could also be awarded, dependant upon the level of "obvious" sexual enjoyment amongst one another.

They continued to watch, keeping a nonchalant occasional eye on the other couple, but it soon became obvious that they were unaware of their surroundings, and only had eyes out for one another. Danielle took one quick glance about, and then slid out of her towel into the water, as though being buried at sea as smoothly and as quickly as she performed that particular little trick. Within her hand, she concealed the tiny bit of material, which was of course her bikini. Nude, though remaining beneath the water as Paul quickly slipped out of his own trunks, they took careful measure of where the camera lay, ensuring that they remain within the parameters of its recording in order to receive the full amount of points necessary for this particular event. The hardest part would come next. Fucking nude beneath the water for a full five minutes time. They could only hope that should the other couple even take notice of them, that they won't fully realize what was taking place, or even if they did... not be sure enough to act on it, or find it curiously interesting to at least watch without saying anything about it. The possibility of the other couple actually joining them was pretty remote, especially at this time of day. But then again, anything was possible.

"You hard?" Danielle asked.

"Hard enough," Paul replied, reaching out towards her, drawing her closer to him where he could finally touch her exposed breasts. "Make sure your tits are out of the water once in a while," Paul told her. "It will make the judges decision easier to see them," he stated.

Danielle grinned as her hand encompassed Paul's hard swollen cock beneath the water. "Hmm, you are hard!" she said smiling. "So fuck me... we're on the clock!" she reminded him urgently.

Paul felt his prick enter the softness of her luxurious quim, and in doing so he remembered his friends advise, "Make sure the judges are 100% positive that you are indeed fucking, otherwise if they're not totally unanimous on it, you may not receive the full amount of points, or quite possibly receive credit for even doing it."

Paul was strong, strong enough that he leaned back pulling Danielle along with him as he did, basically lifting her almost fully and completely out of the water. And though the effort was quick as they righted themselves upwards once more, it had been enough that he knew the camera had indeed captured not only the fact they were both fully naked, but that his prick was no doubt fully buried inside Danielle's pussy as well.

"Think they saw anything?" Paul asked wondering. He'd of course informed Danielle of the move he was about to make before making it. She had kept her eyes on the other couple at the other end of the pool the entire time, taking an additional quick glance at the other couples still sitting outside the pool. All of which appeared to be sun-bathing, eyes closed, or too busy in their own conversations to have even noticed the two of them frolicking around.

"Maybe, maybe not," she answered. "Can't really be sure. I think the guy did look towards us, once or twice, but only just before you lifted me up, and then again after we splashed, so not sure he saw anything, or is even aware that we're actually fucking," she said playfully.

They'd only been at it for a little over a minute or so, Paul mentally keeping time though he also took brief quick glances at his watch. "Listen Paul," Danielle spoke. "This might be a contest, but I also intend on having a good time as well. I like the way your cock feels inside me, so if you wouldn't mind, would you move it a bit more than you are doing? I'd like to actually enjoy this before we have to get out."

Paul laughed, pinched her nipple fairly hard eliciting an exciting squeal from her, which he knew drew attention towards them, and thrust deeply inside her, causing yet again another cry of pleasure to be heard. "Oh yeah baby, fuck me honey... fuck me!" Danielle stated, just soft enough that no one outside the pool could have heard for sure what she'd just said, but clear enough, and close enough to the other couple that Paul was reasonably sure Danielle's words had been understood.

"Going for extra points?" he whispered curiously.

"Shut up and fuck me," she moaned pleasurably, grinding herself uninhibitedly against him now, uncaring whether the other couple was fully aware of what they were doing now or not.

Paul somehow managed to keep track of the time, giving it an extra minute just in case. "Time!" he told Danielle.

"Wanna cum?" she asked him. Paul was tempted, it wouldn't take much.

"No, not yet... maybe when we get to the exercise room," he informed her. "You?"

"I can wait," she replied pulling away, already beginning to struggle into her bikini, just as Paul quickly began doing getting back into his own trunks. He looked over to where the other couple had been. They were gone. Not only that, they had already exited the pool area.

"We'd best leave," he told her, "just in case," he added a bit nervously.

"Not to worry," Danielle informed him. "I waved, and winked at them as they got out. The guy winked and waved back," she smiled.

Paul felt relieved. Had there been another reaction, he might have worried. As it was, they'd merely done, and gotten away with something that the other couple no doubt had found stimulating if nothing else. Had probably in fact wished themselves bold and daring enough to have done that as well, but failing that... now retreating back to their room where they would no doubt fuck themselves silly in the privacy of their own bedroom.

"You know... maybe I could come after all!" he informed her.

"Cumshots worth ten extra points for us both," she reminded him. "And a points a point!" she added unnecessarily.

"Well then, be my guest!" He added as her hand once again made its way back inside his swim trunks.

"Just make sure you squirt for the camera," she told him. "When you're ready, lift yourself out of the water, using me, stand on my upper thighs and say "cheese" she said laughingly. "Then cheese," she laughed once again.

Paul had in fact enjoyed a nice squirty little climax, watching his semen swim away, curdling itself within the pool. And though he felt guilty about that briefly, he knew without a doubt they had scored some reasonably big points for their little encounter outside in the swimming pool.

"Come on, let's go," he told Danielle as he helped her out of the pool. "Lets go see if the coast is clear enough to take the exercise room off of both of our lists!"

"Yeah," she grinned wickedly. "And besides, I could use a nice hard cum myself now as well," she informed him in no uncertain terms.

The exercise room was only a short distance away. When they arrived however, it was only to discover that another couple was there using the equipment, though it also became quickly even more obvious, they weren't using the equipment the way it was originally intended.

"Hi, Steve... Kathy," Steve said introducing themselves after the initial panic at having been discovered was overcome. He'd been kneeling between Kathy's legs licking her split as she sat pretending to be doing arm curls on one of the exercise machines.

"Paul and Danielle," Paul said introducing the two of them.

"Listen Paul," Steve began. "Make you a deal. If the two of you stand guard for us, give us five minutes of totally nude fucking in here, then we'll stand guard for the two of you!" It sounded like a pretty good deal, but he noticed that Danielle was flipping through the handbook she'd brought with her.

"Says here, that if we join up with another couple for the same five minutes, all nude, all having fun together, we'd score twice the amount of points than normally. I'd rather risk it and do that instead of standing guard for one another," she informed everyone.

Kathy was hesitant, but Steve was obviously on the same page as Danielle was. "Won't be a better time than the present," Paul agreed. "I seriously doubt too many will be headed this way to exercise now, especially as its nearing dinner time. And anyone else coming in here is apt to be involved with the game, so I think our chances of getting away with it now are better than they might be otherwise!"

Finally Kathy joined the team. "Well, if we're going to do it, lets do it!" she said stripping out of her skimpy clothing as quickly as possible. "Just make sure the camera's get all four of us fooling around together," she reminded them all.

Paul and Steve set their clothing where it could be reached easily in the advent of a hasty retreat, but they also positioned the camera's to ensure that everything they did would be monitored as well as recorded.

"Five minutes or no..." Danielle began. "This time, I am gonna cum!"

"Where?" Steve asked.

"Here!" Danielle stated, pulling over one of the weight-lifting benches.

"Perfect!" Paul agreed. "This should be easy enough for all four of us to hook up and ensure the maximum allowable points!"

As Steve was the biggest, he lay down on the bench as Kathy straddled his cock, slipping it inside her. Danielle happily straddled his face on one end of the bench, facing away so that Paul had easy access to her mouth, standing at the end whereby she could suck him.

"This should do it!" Kathy giggled happily, now getting in to it. "Start the time!"

"Fuck the time!" Danielle shot back. "Just eat me... make me cum!" she wailed seriously.

Danielle rode Steve's face, happily humping herself against his hungrily searching mouth as Kathy delightedly fucked herself up and down his massively thick shaft. Paul enjoyed the vacuum-like suction of Danielle's mouth around his prick, keeping one eye on the door for any unwanted visitors... or worse. So far their luck was holding.

"Oh yeah baby, yeah! That's it... lick that fucker!" Danielle cried out deliriously.

"Time!" Paul informed them all, once again allowing a bit of extra time to ensure they got in the full five minutes.

"Fuck that!" Danielle stated seriously, feeling Steve begin to wiggle out from underneath her, just as Kathy had already jumped up heading towards the pile of clothing in order to hurriedly dress. "I told you... this time I'm gonna have a nice little cum."

"That's YOUR problem honey," Steve said finally extricating himself from beneath her, soon after joining Kathy who was now already dressed and appearing nervous. Danielle turned towards Paul.

"Well?" she asked hands on hips obviously in no hurry to be going anywhere as she stared towards Paul.

"Wanna fuck? Or you want me to eat you?" he asked as Steve and Kathy made a hasty exit from the room.

"Well, fucking will take me longer to cum," she informed him. "So... get dressed, then eat me," she said repositioning herself back down on the weight bench. They had plenty of spare time to kill as yet. So there was no real hurry. They could only perform two other "free-style" events now before returning to their rooms. And though this one wouldn't count for one of those, Paul figured he owed her at least that much anyway.

"Well at least keep your ears open, if not your eyes," he informed her as he knelt down on the floor between her outstretched legs. "If you hear anyone coming..."

"The only one that better be coming is me!" she interrupted him, "now... get licking unless you intend on staying here all night!"

Paul smiled to himself. He didn't think it would take all that long. He was rather good at this, or so he'd been told a time or two anyway. And as hot and aroused as Danielle obviously was, he was also fairly confident that he'd have her quivering in orgasm in no time. He had no intent on teasing her, though he'd have preferred and enjoyed doing that. Unfortunately, time was of the essence. Instead, he merely wrapped his lips around her tender clit and began sucking... finger-fucking her cunt as he did. The combination of the two soon had her bouncing spasmodically upon the bench, just as he'd hoped. In minutes, Danielle had drenched the bench in a wet little puddle of female cum cream. After dressing, she was considerate enough to wipe it off... but she left smiling as they headed back towards the elevators.

"We get free-style points for the elevator," Danielle informed Paul. "All we need is a minute... want to chance it?" she asked.

"Why not!" Paul agreed. "What's the handbook say?"

She read as they slowly made their way back around the pool area, and then back into the lobby area where the main elevators stood.

In whispered tones she read to him. "Elevators. Says here, that for an exposed hand-job, we each get one point. Two points for an exposed finger-fuck. Three points for a blow-job, four points if you eat me," she winked, licking her lips once again. "That was pretty good Paul," she admitted. "Once we get back to the room, I wouldn't mind it if you'd do that for me again," she asked hungrily.

"What else?" Paul asked. Reluctantly Danielle returned to the book as Paul rang for one of the elevators.

"Five points for an obvious fuck. But they all have to last for at least a full minute either way. Though... we do get double whatever points should anyone see us."

"Well ten points is better than just one or two doubled," Paul stated. "And five each is better than any anyway. Besides, it shouldn't be too hard to slip inside those bikini panties of yours anyway, I can pull them off to one side. All we need to hope for is to have a full minute of this to ourselves."

"I agree," Danielle said wickedly. "Push the button to the top floor, then after we've passed our own, push that one. Maybe that will give us the time we need before anyone else can stop the elevator. If not, we'll still have plenty of time to try it again, and keep trying... riding the elevator while you ride me," she winked, laughing.

"Sounds like a plan," Paul said stepping inside the elevator when the doors opened. "Bend over the moment the doors close," he told her, glad that no one else had appeared wanting to ride up with them.

There were fifteen floors. Fourteen actually as there was no thirteenth floor. A silly superstition perhaps, that probably didn't make a lot of sense to most visitors.

"Bend over!" Paul told her the moment the doors had closed. He'd already pulled his swim trunks down just enough in front to free his cock, now swollen once again, and most eager to slip inside that deliciously moist cunt. The elevator slowly began to ascend, Paul carefully aiming one of their cameras downwards to ensure that his cock could be easily seen entering Danielle's very wet cunt. With one eye on his watch, the other on the floors as they slowly passed each one, he was beginning to think they'd have plenty of time to complete this particular task without disruption. As they passed, Paul pushed the button for the 10th floor, their floor, all the while enjoying the feel of his prick sliding in and out of Danielle's welcoming pussy. The elevator slowed, reaching the top floor, there was still several seconds remaining on their time. It was risky, but he could either pull out, thus requiring that they start all over, or hope that when the doors opened there would be nobody waiting to get on.

"What do you want to do?" he asked as the elevator stopped and as the doors slowly began to open.

"Fuck me!" came her only reply. "Don't stop now... just fuck me!"

The doors opened, much to their relief, no one stood waiting. Paul frantically pushed the "doors closed" button, almost willing it to do so, especially when he glanced up, caught movement, and realized someone actually was making their way over towards their elevator. He caught only the faintest surprised look on the man's face as the door fully closed. Danielle bent over, Paul standing behind her. And though it couldn't have been possible to actually see what they were doing, the obvious hint of it must have left the man wondering.

"Whew! That was close!" Paul stated.

"So am I!" Danielle quipped. "Keep fucking!"

They reached the 10th floor, the doors once again opening. And once again, no one stood there waiting for their elevator. They'd surpassed the required time with plenty of margin to spare, but Danielle remained as she was, holding the door, Paul behind her, fucking her wildly now in complete and utter abandon. "Ding... ding... ding!" Danielle cried out as she came. "Going down?" she cried out happily.

"Wait until we get back to the room," Paul told her. "I'm in the mood for a little old fashioned '69', how's that sound?" he asked.

"Sounds perfect," Danielle cooed. "Now... just for fun, lets see if we can make it to the room like this," she challenged him.

"You're serious?"

"Very! Lets see if we can 'crab-fuck-walk' down the hall to our room." Danielle stood just enough to be able to walk upright, though holding on to Paul's hands which she held up over her head for balance and support. He in turn waddled between her, taking small steps, deliciously short strokes of his cock still moving in and out simply through the normal motion of walking."

"Oh fuck... two more doors and I think I could have climaxed!" she told him upon finally reaching their own doorway. Only then did Paul pull out of her delicious split, hearing the sound of fresh elevator doors opening, footsteps now approaching their way. They quickly entered the room, already stumbling and tumbling out of their clothing.

"You know... we've still got one more 'free-style' we can do before we have to part company," Paul reminded her. And its worth some decent points too, because it has to be performed outside on the balcony. Chancy, because we could easily be seen, turned in if we are. What do you think?"

"Do we get points for doing a '69' out there?" she wondered.

"Why not, it's only a railing... someone could certainly see us and realize what we're doing!"

"Sounds fun!" Danielle admitted. "Plus... getting some more points for doing it. I'd say coupled with that, along with everything else, that you and I have gotten off to a pretty good start. Too fucking bad we can't continue on in this together."

Paul agreed that their time had been fun and exciting, but truth be told, he still hoped that he'd get lucky enough to pair up with Anna, "Now there's a woman who enjoys sucking cock!" he mused silently to himself. And with that thought in mind, he soon joined Danielle out on the balcony, where he straddled her on top, slipping his cock into her waiting mouth from above as his nestled gently, hovering briefly above her obscenely exposed, wide open pussy.

Paul had dropped off his old room key, retrieving the new one. He was again disappointed to discover that it wasn't Anna, hoping against hope that it might be. But he wasn't at all disappointed in the woman who sat expectantly waiting for him when he arrived. She was short at only five foot four, but her hair was long well past her shoulders in a burnt almond coloring that accentuated her almost emerald green eyes. Her lips were full, promising wicked kisses as she had a habit of licking them almost continuously. For her size and stature, she had well rounded breasts that he could easily see as they pressed deliciously against the tight-fitting tank top she had chosen to wear. Paul introduced himself, pleased to see her reaction upon entering his new room.

"Nice to meet you Paul, my name is Angela, and whether you believe this or not, I was up until two weeks ago, still a virgin, so I am still a bit naive about a great many things. But what I lack in experience, I more than make up for in enthusiasm."

Paul was surprised at her revelation. "What made you decide to get involved in something like this?" he'd asked.

"Well, my boyfriend had mentioned to me that he'd participated in this event the past two years. Listening to him describe all the craziness, I couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to actually participate myself."

"So he's here with you then?" Paul questioned.

Angela laughed, tossing her full mane of hair back when she did. "Actually no, not really. I mean he's here yes, but we didn't come together. In fact, he was rather put out with me when I said I wanted to, told me I couldn't. Told him he didn't have a say in the matter as long as I paid my own entry fee. So..."


"So... we broke up. So he's here, but not with me. In fact, I haven't even run into him yet except at the beginning."

"How's it been for you then?" Paul wondered. "You find any of this intimidating or awkward?" Paul was worried that his new partner might be a bit of burden with her lack of experience for one thing. But that she also might tend to be a bit more shy, and thus not as willing to take as much risk as some of the other contestants.

"I know what you're thinking, and perhaps worried about. But I can assure you, I am enjoying this a lot, and have every intention on playing this game to the best of my ability. If anything, I find it extremely exciting to see what can be gotten away with, without being caught. And just so you know, I lost my virginity on the beach in full view of several vacationers, though we did it beneath a blanket, it was still quite obvious to many who watched and could see us as to what was going on."

Paul felt a little more at ease with his new partner after that, and they began to plan what events and tasks remained together for the next six-hour period of time that they would be sharing.

"According to the schedule, we have one required event, and three free-styles that we can ourselves choose to do. Have you eaten yet?" he asked.

There were several restaurants contained within the hotel, one of which was pretty classy as well as expensive, but a lot of points could also be earned there as well. And one of the required events was to pick one of the restaurants and perform some definite sexual act while dining. Points of course being awarded based on the extent of the act, and the level of danger of discovery being performed.

"I brought a nice evening dress with me," she informed him. "I planned for that after what my ex-boyfriend told me he'd done last year. I'd like to try that one and get it off my list. My last partner was a bit less adventurous, I'm afraid the two of us didn't do all that well in the previous round, so I'd like to try and make up for it if I can."

They had about thirty minutes before the second round of games were scheduled to begin again. That afforded them both the time to dress and prepare themselves. Once again Paul was pleased to see that Angela wasn't at all inhibited or shy in undressing in front of him as she laid out her dress for the evening on the bed. She appeared very comfortable in fact as she pulled her tank top up over her head, revealing her twin globes. "You might as well see what you're going to be playing with soon," she informed him. "I'd rather we get that initial nervousness out of the way anyway so that we're more comfortable when the games begin again."

Paul couldn't agree more, undressing himself selecting his own set of clothing for dinner. Something accessible as he too had planned ahead, but appropriate enough for dinner.

"Say's here we get style points for creativity," he told Angela as he looked over the possibilities for their sit-down dinner. But it also says that if we're thrown out of the restaurant, we will also be disqualified. So this one's got to include some finesse, as well as some careful planning to ensure we score points without being caught doing it. Though it also says that should we be observed, and as long as we're not thrown out, that we can score a great many additional points for the length of time we are observed too."

Angela modeled the dress she had selected for their dinner. She wore garters and stockings, allowing complete and total access to her pussy without having to wear panties or panty-hose. The dress was bright red with a slit well up along one side. It included a deep plunging "V" neckline that also exposed a goodly portion of her well-rounded breasts.


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