Let the Games Begin

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Paul looks forward to the Sexual Olympics every year

Paul had been looking forward to this for over a year now. He'd attended last year's event for the first time thanks to a buddy of his who had gone on to win the grand prize of ten thousand dollars. It wasn't a lot of money, but it made the event all the more exciting as well as a bit dangerous, and certainly well worth the small risk.

Paul wasn't the most attractive guy in the world either. Average by every comparison at five feet eight inches, one hundred and fifty three pounds, the beginnings of love handles, though he maintained a fairly flat stomach. All in all, he wasn't bad looking, just not a "hunk" as some might prefer, though he did consider his deep blue eyes and smile an asset that had at least gotten him a returned smile on occasion.

The one nice thing about the "event" as he thought of it, you didn't necessarily have to be attractive, though perhaps it helped in some instances. All you really needed was the two hundred and fifty for entry fees, which went to the 1st three places based on total points scored. Even if he didn't place in the top three money finishers, just the experience alone was well worth the money spent.

Paul double-checked the information on the letter that had arrived. The "games" would begin the following weekend. Short notice, but that was also done for security purposes with exact information on which major hotel would be the unwitting host for this year's extravaganza. He took note of the web-site address where he was to register, pay his on-line fees, and then wait for the exact time and place to be emailed him shortly before. Paul smiled. He hoped expectantly that "Anna" as she'd called herself, though he doubted that to be her real name, would be there again too. Of all the women he'd been with, competed with, and had enjoyed sampling... Anna was without a doubt the most exciting and intriguing woman he'd known the entire time. He only wished that he could partner with her the entire weekend, though he understood the reasons why not, and the fairness of competition for multiple partners during the contests and events.

As far as the unsuspecting hotel was concerned, he was just one member among many attending the "Expanding Horizon's" conference as it was being called this year. Paul couldn't help but smile, because he planned on expanding his horizon as often as possible this year, daring to take a few more risks this time than he had last time. Obviously he knew he needed to do that if he had any hopes of taking home any prize money. But more importantly, the thought of licking Anna's cunt in an elevator for the fifteen second requirement less bonus points for being seen, was exciting as hell!

Like everyone else, Paul received his last minute instructions and arrived at the hotel suite that had been procured for the initial meeting and send off as the games began that Friday evening, concluding the following Sunday morning at eight where the winners would soon after be announced, just before check-out time.

He wasn't at all surprised at the turn out, it had become something of a major underground event that was getting bigger and bigger with each passing year, not to mention wilder. He quickly scanned the throng of competitors, saddened when he hadn't spotted Anna in attendance, though there was a bevy of delicious looking women, many of which Paul knew he'd be groping, fondling and enjoying unbridled pleasures with before the weekend was over.

He accepted his handbook labeled "Expanding Your Horizons" which included a complete set of rules along with the various tasks and events that one could earn points against. He thumbed through them briefly seeing many of which had been included from last year, along with a few that hadn't been. All of which were even more daring in nature, though the points scored for them were also considerably higher as well. Paul was also given his tiny 'spy' camera that he along with every other competitor would be required to wear as proof of their exploits and validation of whatever points were earned for tasks attempted and completed, and there were many, not to mention some of the "required" locations that were mandatory to even meet the minimum eligibility for prize money. All of which had to be successfully achieved in just three days time.

Paul glanced up from his musings still thumbing through his booklet, his minds eye already imagining the possibilities when he spotted her. Likewise, she had spotted him already making her way through the throng of eager and excited men and women, all anxious to "Let the games begin" as it would soon be announced.

"Paul!" Anna said excitedly, recognizing him along with remembering his name. His real name has he'd given it to her, though still not as confident that she had done the same for him.

"Anna!" Paul replied enthusiastically, meeting her half way a few short steps later. "I was hoping you'd come!" he told her. Anna grinned, that same provocative, wicked looking expression on her face that he remembered seeing last year.

"I have every intention of 'cumming', as frequently and as often as possible," she quipped playing on the use of the word. "I wouldn't have missed this for the world!" she added seriously. "I hope we'll have a chance to partner up again this year for a few tasks and events," she also added, giving him a surprise kiss afterwards.

"Me too," Paul managed to whisper to her shortly after breaking their kiss. "But if not... I hope we set aside some time to spend together either way."

"I'd like that," she responded. "But keep in mind, I have every intention of winning this year, so if its points to be earned, that's going to come first. I'm not going to end up in fourth position again this year, that's for damn sure!"

Paul laughed. Anna really was a competitor, not to mention being attractive looking as well. She wasn't the "A" typical female either. She had some boyish traits to her that probably made her more competitive than some of the other females in attendance, having an open mind as well as a lack of any serious inhibitions. She wore her hair much shorter than most, and as he'd remembered from before, she wore it very similarly now, though she'd frosted the tips of her hair bright red, spiking it, almost making it look as though she were wearing a cap of small feathers from some exotic rare bird. Anna had her quirks, a silliness about her that Paul found endearing, if not outright alluring. Not to mention a beautiful set of tits that he was already dying to get his hands on once again.

"So Paul, you up for this?" she asked glancing down towards his crotch, her hand unabashedly placing itself upon his groin without concern or care should anyone be watching them or looking in their direction. A thought that was absurd anyway, soon many of those in attendance would be doing just that themselves, many for the first time, and most of that taking place in public, or at least semi-public places for an array of assigned point values. Just as long as it was all caught on camera of course, and recorded for the judges who'd be scoring and evaluating the contest. There would be over thirty pairings this year, though none of them permanent, always changing in order to keep things both fair as well as interesting, with plenty of opportunity to join up with other couples for group-type activities where point values could really increase.

Paul quickly located his assigned number in the upper right hand corner of his handbook, not at all surprised to discover that it didn't match that of Anna's. So it was they wouldn't be starting off together, but he was still in hopes that somewhere along the way, fate would once again intervene putting the two of them together once again.

Paul glanced at his watch. They had exactly one hour to head off to their assigned hotel rooms, meet their beginning partners, have a chance to get acquainted, read over the rule book, and plan their first sexual trysts, schedule or make an attempt to be the first to eliminate the first of several "requirements" before those got harder and tougher to accomplish as time wore on. Eventually, the hotel would indeed get wind of some highly unusual things taking place, it was after all inevitable as word got out, and as some of the other "normal" paying vacationers began commenting, or in some instances, actually complaining. After that, it would become increasingly more difficult to get the 'mandatory' couplings out of the way.

In the beginning, the hotel staff would see it as the occasional, periodic excitement of young lovers, honey-mooners simply taking a few naughty little risks and would pass it off as such. But in time, with word getting around, and more and more reports eventually filtering in, the hotel staff would eventually surmise that something else entirely was going on. Which was another reason that the same hotel wasn't used in succession for this event either.

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