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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You are inducted into the Secret Society of Eros as its newest female member. Your initiation ceremony is arduous but sensuous, enhanced by the blindfold that shifts your focus to your other senses. You are fondled, stimulated and penetrated by people you don't know, and their care for you rewards all.

A shiver runs through you. Your heart is pounding. Your vulva feels full. You are warm, but it's not just the heat in the room. Some of it is from within. You are anxious, but you are also eager, for you have awaited this moment for months.

The members of the Secret Society of Eros are about to initiate you. After today, you will be a full-fledged member, and some day you will watch and participate as future members are initiated.

But, somewhat unsure of what you are about to experience, now you are a little bit nervous. And more than a little bit excited, for you have already learned that the members of Eros are totally committed to pleasure.

Your friend Nancy from work first approached you about it. The two of you had become increasingly intimate in your after-work conversations, and she eventually confided about this extracurricular activity she enjoyed. Your pussy flared as she told you, and when she asked whether you wanted to become a member, you barely paused before saying yes.

She didn't mention it again until a month or two later, when she told you that she'd proposed you for membership and that you were going to be tested and trained to see if you qualified.

Your first encounter with other members had been at a lunch with about six of them. It was a typical fern bar experience. No one mentiond sex at all. There was a lot of laughing and chatter, talk about the favorite local college sports team and about one member's recent vacation in Arizona. But you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. These are nice people, you thought during lunch. And several of the guys -- one seemed to be nearly your age and the others were within a few years -- were hunks! During the drive home, Nancy commented that everyone seemed to enjoy you, too.

The next weekend you had a private meeting with Nancy and a couple of other women and learned the details of what would follow.

You would spend several weekends with a small group of other members, each weekend engaged in activities focused on a particular sexual activity. And for every step of your initiation, you would be blindfolded. Except for the people you met at lunch, you wouldn't see the other members' faces until you were a member yourself.

There would be a weekend with a couple of guys whose primary focus would be your pussy. If your mouth touched a cock, it would only be to prepare it for your love tunnel.

Another weekend would be about oral sex, where you would do nothing but suck and be sucked with about five guys. Another weekend would be for masturbation. You and a small group of men and women would spend the weekend together, and the only way anyone could cum would be by self-stimulation while others watched.

A weekend would be devoted to your bottom, and three guys would take turns satisfying themselves in your ass, each one spurting there to lubricate you for the next one.

There would be a ladies' weekend, and you and other women would explore the dimensions of lesbian love together.

But these weekends were past now, fond memories of the steps preceding today's initiation. You had enjoyed them all and couldn't pick a favorite if you had to. So you are confident that the initiation will be pleasurable as well, but you don't really know what it will include.

You are in a small room with Nancy and Joan. They bathed you, washing every part of your body with their hands. They trimmed your bush. They helped you apply makeup and fragrance. You feel so very clean and sexy. You doubt that your body has ever looked better.

They help you into a big, soft terry cloth robe. The purple and red print caught your eye. It has a richness to it that elevates your psyche another step. Your nipples are erect. Your slit is wet. Even your bottom quivers with anticipation.

And now the familiar blindfold covers your eyes. It will be the last time, you think. You are so eager to see the other members, especially the guy with the strong hands that caressed you so skillfully the during the oral weekend.

Nancy and Joan lean forward and kiss your cheeks at the same time. "Good luck," Nancy says. "This part is one of my best memories."

They each take a hand and lead you out the door and into the room where the members have gathered. As you step in, you feel the eyes upon you, even though you can't see a thing. The room is warm. Mozart plays softly through the speakers. Your bare feet walk on thick, soft carpeting. You can tell from the acoustics that it is a moderately large room. But it feels warm and comfortable.

They lead you about 15 steps into the room, stop, release your hands and leave you standing. You wonder what will happen next, but you only have a few seconds before you feel hands starting to caress you.

Soft, feminine hands on your face. Stronger, male hands on your legs. Someone unties your robe, and it drops open, revealing the front of your body. Warm hands slide across the newly revealed places. The first touch to your breasts sends electricity through your body. Now hands are running up the insides of your thighs. You feel your sex grow warmer and wetter.

Someone removes the robe entirely. You are totally naked before an unknown group of people. Hands are stroking your body, and you like it. Your body is responding. Your nipples thrust forward. Your labia swell. Your pussy continues to warm and lubricate. You realize that you are moving your body slightly in a rhythm with your excitement.

It seems like the hands are everywhere, touching anywhere they like. And you certainly like where they are touching. They massage your breasts. Someone rolls a nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing it and inflaming your passions. Now someone standing behind you is kissing your neck. Warm, sensuous kisses. Someone else sucks an earlobe. The cheeks of your bottom are stroked. Kissing continues down your back. Hands are everywhere. And, especially now, a hand is in your sex.

A finger slides between your lips and encounters the profuse moisture you have generated. Lubricated by your wetness, it wanders up and down your slit, spreading the moisture. It leaves, and you smell yourself on the finger as it reaches your mouth. The fragrance is familiar -- wet and musky. And you open your mouth to taste your juices. You suck the finger hungrily, wishing it was a cock. Then it slides out of your mouth and returns to your slit.

You are being touched and kissed all over, but you are most aware of the finger in your slit. It is slipping and sliding up and down, increasingly focused on your clit. You hear some soft moans from those who are watching. You are aware of movement several feet away, but you are most in tune with the finger that is probing you.

It is dancing on your magic button, pushing it from side to side. Circling it. The finger is more and more focused on the special place now. Your hips are moving unmistakably. You don't care what others see. This isn't about dignity. It's about pleasure. And you want the full pleasure.

The finger is steady now. Rubbing and pushing. Almost as good as you would do yourself. And your senses are on fire as the kissing and touching continue. You thrust your hips as if meeting an invisible lover, pushing your sex against the finger.

The signs are unavoidable as you feel yourself build to the edge of climax. You are moaning loudly enough to be heard over Mozart, but you don't care. You realize you're passing the point of no return. Then the explosion begins to ignite in your groin. You're coming, and it feels so good. The sharp cry in your voice announces what you feel in your pussy. Your hips buck. You moan. Spasms shake your body.

Your knees buckle, and the hands catch you, lowering you slowly to the carpet as the finger stays attached to your clit like a magnet, rubbing, swirling and stroking. You twitch and shudder. The moans and cries continue. And the orgasm passes over you. You hear a woman a few feet away coming, too, as if watching your orgasm has pushed her over the peak.

You've barely started to relax when you feel some moving between your legs, kissing the insides of your thighs. You can smell your own wetness and imagine how strong the odor is for him. His mouth reaches your pussy and fastens upon it. His tongue invades the valley formerly occupied by the finger and starts to stimulate your red-hot clit.

A hand on your cheek turns your head, and you recognize the familiar feeling as the tip of an erect cock nudges your lips. You open them, and the prick slips in. You suck it hungrily, glad to finally have one in your mouth. The comforting sensation of a dick between your lips enhances the feelings of the mouth on your sex, and you feel your hips pushing against the man's face. You suck greedily on the cock as its owner thrusts in and out of your mouth. He's fucking your mouth, and you love every inch of it.

Within seconds of each other, two mouths cover your tits, sucking on your nipples. They are hungry and wanting. You feel them sucking hard on the nipples. The oral sensations are everywhere -- on your clit, on your nipples and in your mouth. You are transported into rhapsody as one of your favorite parts of sex consumes your body and your mind.

The turgid phallus in your mouth belongs to a very excited man, and soon his grunts and moans signal the beginning of the end for him. His thrusting is more insistent. If you could see him, you'd know his balls are pulled up tight, signalling his imminent release. But the first thing you know is the pulsing action that you recognize and associate with jism spurting up the shaft.

Soon it erupts in your mouth, the warm liquid coating your tongue and filling your senses. It overwhelms you, and again you are coming. Your cries and moans are muffled by the penetrating weapon and its copious emission. Electricity shoots through your body, your hips buck and your mouth sucks greedily on the prick.

You lie back and relax, swallowing the cum, drinking it for sexual sustenance as you float on a post-orgasmic cloud. Hands are on your body again, but this time it's a different feeling. You realize in a moment that they are spreading oil on your limbs. As it spreads, it generates a warming sensation. Now they are coating your torso and your breasts. The warm feeling on your skin warms your libido, further inflaming you.

After they have covered the front part of your body, you are rolled over, and the hands begin roaming the back side. Again your limbs and now your back. Then strong, muscular hands massage the cheeks of your ass, rubbing the lotion over them and then down into the crack and slowly easing to your tight, forbidden ring. The feeling is exquisite. Your skin is alive and tingling all over, but especially in the most sensitive regions.

Hands gently lift your hips, raising your bottom into the air, Someone pulls your knees apart, and your most intimjate region is entirely exposed to anyone who stands behind you. Nothing is secret. Nothing is private. All is visible.

The wetness from your pussy, itself exposed in its throbbing pinkness is visible. Your body glistens from the oil that covers it. Your tits hang down, the nipples swollen.

Soft, feminine hands invade your slit and spread your lips. But the hands on your cheeks are unmistakably male as a body moves behind yours. The penis that nudges your thigh tells you what is approaching. The fingers exposing your cunt tell you where it is going.

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