Chandra's Dates

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A couple marry knowing they must keep their marriage secret. The wife is allowed to date as camouflage.

Chandra and I work for the same company and the company has a policy that says married couples can't work in the same area of the company if one of the partners reports to the other. Unfortunately Chandra works for me and it put us into a predicament. We only have three secretaries in the office and all the rest of the jobs at my division are high tech jobs and have to be filled by highly trained and experienced technicians. If it comes out that Chandra and I are married I would have to let her go. With the economy as sour as it is it might take Chandra a long time to find a job that pays as well and that has benefits as good. And we need the money so the only thing we can do is keep our marriage secret.

How did we get in this mess? Chandra worked in our St. Louis office and I met her when I was sent there on temporary assignment. We meet, dated and fell in love. I proposed, she accepted and we were married in a civil ceremony. One of the secretaries in my home office was quitting and Chandra put in for a transfer to fill the vacancy and got it. We did not expect to have a problem because I was due for a promotion as soon as my temporary assignment was over. We planned to keep the marriage a secret until I got the promotion and then as soon as my replacement was over her as her supervisor we would fall in love, have a whirlwind courtship and announced to all that we were getting married. Except I didn't get the promotion. Two weeks after I returned from St. Louis the company reorganized and eliminated fourteen positions. I got a raise, more responsibility and a new job title, but I stayed where I was.

At first it wasn't a problem, but then Chandra and I made it one. We car pooled to work every day, we ate lunch together and we talked with each other at work several times a day and the rumors started. One of the secretaries made the statement, "They look and act like they are married" and the other secretary said, "I wonder if maybe they are." We probably should have just ignored it, but Chandra and I panicked. We had to keep our marriage secret until I could get some financial matters handled, but how to do it? And then one of the techs asked Chandra for a date. She came to me, "It's perfect. I'll let him take me out to dinner and a movie, kiss him on the cheek when he brings me home and everybody will hear about it and that should kill the rumors." I wasn't all that keen on the idea, but it did seem to be the quickest way to stop the rumor before it spread.

I watched Chandra get ready for her evening out with Ben and it struck me that there was something very erotic about watching your wife get ready to go out on a date with another man. I had never paid much attention to Chandra when she got dressed before, but watching her roll on her nylons, step into her panties and put on her bra took on a whole new aspect. My cock got hard and I wanted to pull her down on the bed and fuck her right then and there and I told her so. "Don't be silly. Ben is due in fifteen minutes and I wouldn't have time to shower again and get ready for him." She giggled and said, "Unless you want to send me to him reeking of sex. Of course if he got a good sniff of it I might have a hard time fighting him off." She was right of course, but I warned her to expect to find a very randy husband when she got home.

I stayed upstairs and out of sight until Ben and Chandra had gone and then I went down to the basement workshop and went to work on a rocking chair that I was making. Chandra and I had agreed that she should be home by twelve so at eleven-thirty I cleaned up my mess and then headed upstairs to the bedroom to wait. I parked myself in a chair, watched out the window and waited like a nervous father waiting for his teenaged daughter to come home. At twenty after twelve Ben's car pulled into the drive and Chandra didn't get out right away. They sat and talked for about five minutes and then I saw them kiss and it wasn't any little kiss on the cheek. My cock sprang to life as I began to wonder what Ben's hands might be doing below the dash where I couldn't see them. The two of them broke apart and got out of the car and Ben walked Chandra to the door. I couldn't see them from where I was sitting, but I guessed that they kissed again at the front door because it was another five minutes before I heard the front door open and close.

I heard Chandra running up the stairs and she burst into the bedroom, "Hurry baby, hurry up, I need your cock bad." She had been undressing as she came up the stairs and she was down to her panties and nylons as she threw herself down on the bed. I pulled off her panties and fell on her and we fucked like sex crazy teenagers until I came. "Thanks baby, God but I needed that" and then she told me about her date. They had gone out to dinner, but instead of going to a show Ben had taken her dancing. "It wasn't at all what I had expected baby. I thought first date he'd be cautious and try to make a good impression, but he was poking his cock into my leg as soon as we hit the dance floor and I had to fight him off all night. He had his hands on my tits and on my ass and a couple of times when we were sitting in our booth he put his hand on my leg and tried to go higher. I did kiss him goodnight though, once in the car and then again on the front porch. I gave him some tongue baby. When he kissed me he slipped his tongue in my mouth and so I gave him some back. Does that turn you on baby? Does it turn you on to know that your sweet, young, innocent wife was out swapping tongues with another guy?"

"You bitch," I cried as I speared my newly risen cock into her hot pussy.

The next morning at breakfast I asked Chandra why she hadn't settled for a kiss on the cheek like we had planned. "I wanted him to go into work and brag about what a hot kisser I was. The word will get around and that's what we are after, right?"

"Yeah, but what I'm worried about is that he may think you're so hot that he will keep after you from now on."

"No worry there baby. He asked me out again and I told him no thanks. I told him that he was a lot of fun and that I liked him, but that he just wasn't my type or what I was looking for in a steady relationship. He seemed to accept it, kissed me one more time and then left."

Well, Ben did tell everyone what a good kisser Chandra was and while it scotched the rumors it started a whole new set of problems. Not a day went by that one of the guys didn't ask Chandra for a date. She politely turned them all down for several weeks and then one day she said, "I need to date one of these guys. It isn't natural that a girl like me doesn't have a husband, a steady boyfriend or at least date. To keep up appearances I think I should go out on a date at least once a month. If I only date each guy one time that will keep things quiet for at least a year. By then was should have our finances in order and then I can get engaged to you, quit my job and we can get on with our lives."

Again, I wasn't too keen on it, but I saw the wisdom in it. Besides, I expected to have the money problems cleaned up in six months, not a year. We decided to do it and the next day she agreed to go out with Dave when he asked her.

It was a repeat of her first time. I watched her get ready and got a hard on, but this time I didn't listen to her excuses why we shouldn't - I just went ahead and fucked her. I had just finished cumming when the front door bell rang and Chandra jumped up, put on a robe and went down to answer the door. She let Dave in, apologized for not being ready, showed him in the living room and then hurried back up the stairs. As she rushed to get dressed she said, "He's going to smell sex on me all night. I'll probably have to spend all night fighting him off. It would serve you right if I gave him a little. She came over to me and kissed me, "Be ready for me when I get home tonight. If I'm right, he will have me hotter that hell when I get home."

I didn't go to my workshop that night. The way my mind was boiling I would just end up hurting myself with a tool. "It would serve you right if I gave him a little" reverberated around inside my head. I imagined Chandra in Dave's back seat, high heels kicking at the headliner as Dave plowed his cock into her. I saw her sitting next to Dave as he drove while she stroked his cock. I saw her head dip down into his lap and watched as he humped up into her mouth while she deep throated him. What I did was drive myself crazy and I ended up taking out my cock and jacking off.

It was ten to one when they pulled into the drive. I sat at the window and watched as Dave and Chandra necked for about five minutes and then they got out of the car and Dave walked her to the front door. It was almost ten minutes before I heard her come running up the stairs. I could hear her calling out as she came, "You had better be ready for me you bastard" and then she was in the room and tearing off her clothes and I grabbed her, threw her on the bed and we fucked until I was too exhausted to go anymore. I was lying on the bed with Chandra beside me and she put her hand on my cock and said, "Wow baby, you must really get charged up thinking about me while I'm out with a guy. What do you do, imagine me putting out for him?" My dick twitched in her hand. "You do! You think about me fucking my date! Oh you naughty boy you." My dick twitched again and Chandra giggled, "Sorry to disappoint you baby, but all Dave got tonight was some tongue and a feel of my tits. Does it turn you on baby? Does the thought of Dave's hands being on my tits and his tongue in my mouth turn you on? Oh, I guess it does" as she stroked my cock and it rose to the challenge.

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