Swapping Wives

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lon and Harry are good friends and they agree to swap their wives, Anna and Cindy, one evening. And the end result is a new sex partner and a hot fuck and suck session for everyone. New swap mates met and enjoyed.

The two couples had known each other for several years. They'd become good friends, had eaten out together several times, and had even gone to different events and even taken one trip together in the few years they'd become friends. Then, one night, the two guys got their heads together and they cooked up a plan where one of the guys would go to the other one's house and spend the evening in the other wife's arms. And the second husband and wife would swap in the same way. They both talked to their wives and everyone agreed this was the best way to try swapping wives and swapping their sexual lives at the same time.

The agreed evening had arrived and at 7:00, at the same time, Lon and Harry both left their homes and drove to the home of the other couple. Waiting at Lon's home was his wife, Cindy, and at Harry's home, his wife, Anna, was waiting for Lon to come over and enjoy an evening of swap-sex with her. All four people felt sure this was going to be a very interesting and sexy evening and the two husbands were very hot and eager to enjoy a lusty fuck with the other guy's wife.

Both guys had laughed as they'd reached an agreement about swapping their wives for an evening with each other. Both girls were blondes, natural blondes, and both girls were very sexy, very pretty and they both had nice bodies and especially nice shaped large tits. Lon argued that they were so identical that they might even forget that it wasn't their own wives they were having sex with, but then he laughed and told Harry that he didn't think that was likely. Neither couple had any children so they had no distractions such as that to worry about. Cindy had decided that she'd be waiting for Harry in only a sexy negligee with nothing underneath it, and Anna had decided she was really going to put on a show for Harry. Harry loved for Anna to dress up hot and sexy in hot black lingerie so before she slipped on a very see-through robe that evening, she'd put on a corset with garters and matching thigh-high stockings that she used the garters to fasten to. The bra cups in the corset were the shelf type and while her nipples were barely covered by the cups, her entire upper half of her tits were exposed and they held her large firm breasts so sexily that she looked totally hot and vampish.

Cindy was waiting just inside the front door when Harry pulled up, parked his truck and then came to the door and rung the bell. When Cindy opened the door and invited him in, Harry saw how sexy Lon's wife looked as he could see her naked body through the diaphanous material of her negligee and he knew he was in for a very good time. Harry's wife, Anna, was hot and very cute and he knew Lon was going to be more than pleased with his evening alone with her, but Harry could already see that Cindy was one hot fucking babe, too. He loved the sight of her naked tits and her sexy shaved pussy underneath that negligee. The nightgown was hot but really left very little to his imagination. He loved her just that way. Harry felt his large 8-inch cock grow completely hard as Cindy showed him into the house. He loved that another man's wife was horny enough and bold enough to meet him at the front door almost naked, and apparently more than ready to fuck him.

Harry and Cindy got the front door closed behind her and then she came straight into his arms, totally disarming him with how aggreessive and assertive she was in taking them straight to the point of their evening together. Cindy had enjoyed opportunities to swap mates before and she'd always loved it. She wanted this evening of bestowing her sexual favors on Harry to be as hot and erotic as any other evening that she'd set out to get herself fucked and sucked.

Cindy wrapped her arms around Harry and pressed her sexy body closely against his as she kissed him as though he was the first lover in her life. He loved how sexy her naked tits felt underneath the material of her nightie and he let his hands slide down over her ass and he cupped both asscheeks through the skimpy material. Then, Cindy led Harry down the hallway to their guest bedroom and when she got him in there, she started helping him undress since she was already almost all the way to being naked and ready for sex. While Cindy was undoing Harry's shirt and pants, he undid the single tie that held her nightgown together and slipped his hands inside and began cupped and caressing Cindy's large naked breasts underneath. He felt her hard nipples and he leaned over, kissing both tits and then let his hand slide down between her legs where he found that she was already very wet in arousal and anticipation of their fuck together.

While Harry and Cindy were getting undressed and naked for sex together, in Harry's house, Lon and the other wife, Anna, were just getting together, too. Anna wasn't quite as forward in her response to Lon's arrival, but she knew she'd warm to the situation as she and Lon began to get undressed and more comfortable with each other.

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