Happy Anniversary!

by Macpappy

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He didn't forget this year!

July 9, 1992 is a day that changed their lives forever. At 4:30 PM on that hot and humid Florida day, Phil and Jeanne were married in the backyard of Phil's parents' house, next to the pool. They sometimes laugh about that day for several reasons. For one, they only decided and announced that they were getting married 3 days earlier and had made arrangements to stand before the Justice of the Peace at their county courthouse. Both of their families were not going to have that! They were gonna have a wedding ceremony. A preacher, cake, kiss the bride; throw the bouquet, all of it. Even if it was small, there will be a ceremony, period.

For the next 3 days, it was like flight of the bumblebee getting everything set up. Jeanne's mom hand sewn the garter and bought the cake that turned out to be fairly small for a wedding. Jeanne took care of getting a dress with her 8 1⁄2 month pregnant maid of honor, Shelly, who was also a school friend of Phil. Phil's mother prepared the dinner, homemade lasagna and got the house ready. Phil borrowed chairs from a local funeral home to seat everybody and set up the chairs and had to return them the day after the wedding. Phil also used his dad as his best man, and actually at that time and even today he still is Phil's best friend.

Finally, the day was here. The bride walked down the isle. To that point, Phil had never seen a more beautiful woman. Her dad handed her hand to the groom. Standing before the preacher the video cameras were recording. The 96-degree temperature contributed to everyone in attendance sweating, make-up starting to run. Wouldn't you know it? A long-winded preacher. The camera catches wet and aggravated faces. "Can you believe this fucking preacher?" Was the look that everyone had. The best man was in a suit, hot and bored, watching a plane fly overhead. The preacher spent the better part of an hour trying to convert the groom and get him to join his church before the vows even started! Then seeing the best man get the ring from the maid of honor who was sitting in with the crowd, hand on belly. Alas! "You may now kiss the bride." The 5' 9", 130 pound, brown hair, blue eyed 19 year old Jeanne and the 5'10" 195 pound, brown hair, blue eyed 21 year old Navy-man Phil were husband and wife. The rest of the evening went along smoothly.

Thirteen years later, Phil wakes up next to Jeanne, still asleep. As he watches her he can't help but see that at 33, she is even more beautiful now than she ever was at 19. No matter what he tells her, she has always disagreed with that thought, self esteem not as high as it deserves to be. Through the years they had 2 children and 8 addresses. The jobs that Phil had kept him on the road a lot and he either was out of town or simply forgot about their anniversary. I know it sounds bad, but Jeanne was always a good sport about it and never got openly angry about his complacency. However, Phil did NOT forget this year. This year he wanted to make it up to her.

Phil had made arrangements with his parents to take care of the kids. This weekend he would show her how special she is to him. All of the arrangements were made unbeknownst to Jeanne.

He told her to pack her overnight bag to include a bathing suit. She was really excited about that since she now suspected that they were going to the beach, one of her favorite activities. They dropped the kids off and drove off towards their anniversary plans.

About 45 minutes later they arrived at the Sheraton Hotel. Phil had arranged an oceanfront deluxe room with a king-size bed and a large bath tub/Jacuzzi as part of a Romance Package. When they walked into their room Jeanne noticed a vase with a dozen roses. She went and read the attached card. "Here's to 13 wonderful years, and looking forward to spending forever with you. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! I Love You! Phil". A larger smile took control of her face, as she smelled the roses. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Phil's neck, kissing him. Suddenly they heard a knock at the door.

"Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, I would like to offer you champagne, compliments of the hotel. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your stay with us."

Phil removed the cork from the bottle and poured Jeanne and himself a glass, handing hers to her and they held up their glass in a toast. "Baby, the last thirteen years have been so wonderful that it seems like just yesterday we were on our honeymoon. Here's to me waking up next to the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world for the rest of our years to come. Happy Anniversary, Jeanne." They raised their glasses to their lips and sipped in commemorence of their love. Jeanne set her glass down on the table and took the glass from Phil's hand and set it down also.

Jeanne smiled, staring into his eyes and started removing his shirt. She then pulled her tank top off and pressed her breasts into his chest and kissed him deep and lovingly. Phil placed his strong hands over her ass and caressed it. Their breathing starts to get deeper. They start grinding their groins into each other, Jeanne feeling Phil's excited manhood. She wants him right now.

They remove their shorts and undergarments and embrace again. Feeling his rigid pole at her crotch she places it between her legs, on her fold. They pull each other close and her mouth starts watering, having her pussy teased by the slow glide of his cock against her clit and wet slit. Jeanne breaks away and pulls him to the bed. "Sit down, honey." Jeanne instructed. Phil sat down on the edge of the bed. She knelt between his legs; licking her hand she wrapped her fingers around his cock and started stroking him. "Just lay back and enjoy!" She said with a smile.

She lowered her mouth to the head of his raging hard cock. She formed her lips around the head and licked the slit, sucking up his pre-cum. She then slid her tongue down his shaft to his balls, taking them in one at a time; sucking them, massaging them with her tongue. Phil had his eyes closed and started rubbing his nipples. "Oh, baby! Your mouth feels sooooo good!"

Feeling his cock throb in her hand caused an undeniable hunger inside her. She wanted to devour him. She pressed her tongue flatly against the bottom of his cock, feeling the blood flow through his veins. She pressed hard against him, hearing his recurring moans. She licks up and down his shaft, all around his circumference before taking him deep into her mouth.

She slowly took his cock in until it worked into her throat. The hair tickled her nose. She held him in her mouth and rubbed her tongue back and forth on his shaft. Phil grabbed his hair, "Oh good God! Mmmm..." He groaned, trying with all his might not to cum. Jeanne began bobbing her head, sucking hard on her up-stroke, sucking in his wetness. He feels on the verge of exploding, feeling his wife in this feeding frenzy, feeling his balls massaged by her soft gentle hands, hearing her own moans knowing she is vigorously rubbing her aroused clit.

She feels his balls churning. His breathing quickened. She wants his seed in her mouth, but she wants to fuck him first. She needs his cock deep in her drenched pussy. She takes a firm hold on the base of his cock and lifts her head, helping him regain control. Phil feels adrenaline pumping and is ready to fuck. "Get your sweet ass up here in this bed! I gotta have you right now!"

With a small giggle she stands up and crawls next to him on the bed. He gets up to his knees and turns her on her side. Straddling her bottom leg, he raises her upper leg to his chest and shoulder. He takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing her slit, back and forth, massaging her twitching clit. "Mmmm... that feels sooo nice! You feel so good teasing my pussy like that. Mmmm" she moaned.

He placed his cock at her entrance, wrapped his arms around her leg and slammed his cock deep and hard into her, then slowly retracting his cock. "Oh my God! Phil! Yes! Make my pussy feel good!" He slams into her again, and again, hearing his balls slap hard against her soaked labia. Hearing her yelps he starts fucking her fast and hard. He placed his middle finger on her clit and strokes it, pinches it, plays with it. He watches her intently, admiring how much more beautiful she was to him when he pleasured her. Jeanne held her breasts in her hands. She pinched and pulled her erect nipples and kneaded her hand-sized tits. Her yelps got louder and blended into high pitched screams and saw her stomach tightening and her hands left her tits and gripped the sheets. "Oh! Oh! Oh! YES! Oh my God, YES! Fuck me! YES! Oh SHIT! I'm gonna cum all over your cock! Ooooohhhhh!"

She starts turning her head side to side, moaning loudly. Sweat starts running down his face and chest, pumping his cock into her as fast as he could, feeling her cum spray all around his cock. His continued fucking sent her into another successive orgasm. She puts her face into the pillow and bites down on it, screaming at the top of her lungs. She reaches her hands out to grab his ass and she pulled him into her, holding him still before she loses consciousness. Her body trembled and jerked slightly for a few minutes until she finally regained her composure. Now she wanted him to feel the same thing. To put him into the most incredible orgasm he had ever felt, like he just did for her.

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