He is a Freak Honey

by FouxPas

Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, MaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male,

Desc: : Life as an Alpha Male

He still remembers the laughter and hearing, "My god is that real, that's unfucking believable, Shitttt!" He remembers all too well how his cock reacted at the sight of that, that... Damn, what that bitch did to him.

Be'zhawn Hygate sat in his booth in the Player's Lounge, long a hot spot of the elite social working class of downtown Cincinnati. This was where the best of the best partied after work and on weekends. Married, single, separated, divorced, men and women, if you wanted a fun night rubbing elbows with the current or up and coming mover and shakers, this was the place you went.

It was also the place that Be'zhawn held court five or six days a week. A former NFL star whose career was cut short by a vicious cutback block, he recovered but his career was over. At six foot four inches tall and two hundred and thirty pounds he was every bit the well muscled, exquisitely toned man that was every woman's secret fantasy.

Be'zhawn knew very well he was a striking male specimen; every day two or three different women proved it by throwing themselves at him. Females had been doing it since high school, and once word got around that he was hung like a horse, well the bitches just kept him and his magic cock busy all the time.

Although Be'zhawn liked the sistas and the hot blooded Hispanic girls best, lately he had been on a roll of hot, married white sluts. He laughed with his posse as he said, "Shit I can't believe how many times one of these stuck up white sluts comes in here all sanctimonious and full of her white world. After a night with my cock fucking them into cum heaven, every one of them is all over me for weeks, begging me to fuck them again. I will with the more skilled ones, but any of the sistas will do you better than the white trash."

He chuckled to himself and added, "And the poor little white toast hubbies - I constantly hear, 'But Honey, he's a freak, don't do this to me.'" His voice raising to a high falsetto as he portrayed some wimpy excuse for a hubby that followed his now black cock addicted wife around the lounge. The entire posse would roared with laughter.

"Yeah bros just hang on, let me break them pretty white bitches in and they will do anything for you. They deserve the best, which is me, and when I am done they crave black cock. I have seen two dozen marriages fall apart after I got done showing the little misses what a man could do to their tight little pussies."

As the evening progressed Be'zhawn kept his eyes on the door, surveying the flow of women. He was evaluating the current offerings. The dark booths and low over hanging lights were in sharp contrast to the brightly lit dance floor and bar area. From his position at the back of the large semi-circular booth he could see the whole lounge, but unless he moved forward into the light, others in the establishment couldn't see him. He knew very well that there were three women sitting at a table near the window, all of them waiting anxiously to get yet another turn with him, so if nothing new came along he would still get into some bitch's pussy tonight.

The door opened and Be'zhawn smiled and leaned forward on his elbows, everyone at the table turned to look at what had caught the big man's attention.

The petite redhead bounced into the room with an infectious grin and a bubbly little hip hop to her step. The short, pale yellow dress moved around her upper thighs as she walked, threatening to expose the color of her panties with every step. She glanced casually around the room and her eyes met Be'zhawn's twice. The second time she licked her lips.

Moments later a tall thin white man came in and said, "Angelica where are we sitting?"

The redhead rolled her eyes and her shoulders slumped as she looked over her shoulder, her sing-sing voice evident across the room. "Oh Todd, you know I love being near the dance floor."

Moments later Be'zhawn overheard Angelica, "Baby I ordered some drinks now do you want to dance, or is it ok to find a partner for myself?"

The man sat down shaking his head, by the look on his face, obviously disgusted. "Look Angelica, I haven't been wrong so far, I'm not wrong about this, just drop it."

The tension between the two seemed to escalate to beyond a reasonable point, neither of them giving or receiving any quarter as they stared into each other's eyes. Right as both of them seemed ready to go to blows with one another Be'zhawn, who had stood and moved over next to the couple, cleared his voice.

"Excuse me. Angelica is it? I must say a beautiful name for an extremely beautiful lady. Would you care to dance?" He took her hand and kissed it. Neither Angelica, her husband nor Be'zhawn missed the shiver of apparent excitement the big man's actions and words caused in the little redhead.

The woman didn't skip a beat as she smirked at her husband, looked up at Be'zhawn and said. "I'd love to, Yes, I'm Angelica, what's your name?"

"Be'zhawn, time to put on some moves, shall we." Offering his arm she put one arm through his and ran her other hand over his muscled arm. Thinking to himself, 'Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck this little bitch into nirvana tonight. Her old man ain't gonna get nothing but heart ache from her after I get through showing her what a real man can do.'

Over the next hour and a half Be'zhawn kept Angelica out on the dance floor as he slowly pulled her body closer to his. Both of them were equally at home moving to pop, country, rap or the myriad of slow dances that played.

By ten o'clock she was grinding her ass and pussy into his stiff cock. Be'zhawn didn't miss a thing when observing and studying his prey. With every grind on his massive dick, he could see the slight frown of concern on her face. 'Oh yea bitch, you can and will take it all, ' he thought to himself. 'It might be difficult at first, but your pussy will expand and open to new depths you never dreamed of. Then you'll be back here every night like my other bitches, begging for it. If you're good, I might throw you the big bone a few more times... if you are really good.'

Be'zhawn was in heaven; this little bitch was hot to trot and he was gonna fuck her very soon. Watching the looks the hubby was giving his wife and as he danced and touched and rubbed her well toned sexy body really turned Be'zhawn on. If looks could kill, both of them would be dead. He was even more aggressive because hubby wasn't liking this at all, but he was obviously way too much of a wimp to do anything about it.

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