Weight Loss Program
Chapter 1: Helping Out a Friend

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Helping Out a Friend - After her friend, Wendy, loses some weight thanks to a hypnotherapist, Shirley considers losing weight also. Jim offers to help.

It was in January of this year when we had the big blizzard blast through our area overnight. I woke up to see the reports on the news telling me that just about every school was closed and shook my head. Despite the fact that I was single, all those school closings didn't bode well for traveling to work. As if to drive the point home, the news showed a local reporter standing outside in the city next to a snow drift that had to be about two feet high.

I sighed and went to my bathroom, looking out the window to confirm that where my driveway was supposed to be was a sheet of white. Steve's snow plow had come earlier and removed a lot of the snow, but there was still quite a lot of snow that gathered on top of and next to my car that would have to be cleared away.

It was still snowing outside as well, although not as much as I saw on the television. The wind was howling, though, driving the few flakes so as to look like they were horizontal.

I skipped breakfast and bundled myself up in layers to go outside and try to get my car ready to take me to work. It took about fifteen minutes; I was helped by the fact that the temperature was still in the teens, and the snow mostly brushed off my vehicle. I knew how lucky I was. Wet snow would have been the worst.

There was traffic on the way to work, of course. My normal commute of fifteen minutes took about forty that morning with a lot of stop and go activity.

I am not the sort of person who can work from home. The company I work for allows telecommuting, but I have found in the past that being in an office gives me the feeling that I'm "at work" without the temptation of goofing off while at home.

Luckily for me, the parking lot at the office had recently been plowed, and there were only a few cars parked in the main lot--quite a difference from the normal crowding of cars into the satellite lots on other days.

I smiled when I finally made it inside the building. The inside temperature was more than comfortable, especially considering all the extra clothing I was wearing. The place was mostly deserted as I pressed the call button for the elevator that would take me to my third floor office.

My stomach growled a bit, reminding me that I hadn't eaten breakfast. I looked up from my computer and saw that it was a quarter past noon. I didn't pack a lunch that day, but we had a vending machine that had decent instant soup that I could heat up in the microwave in the break room.

Shirley was in the break room when I got there. She was a coworker whose cubicle was on the opposite side of the building. Although we worked in different departments, our groups did occasionally interact, and we knew each other's names.

"Hi, Shirley!" I said cheerily as I entered the break room.

Shirley gave me a cute smile, nodded, and said, "Hi, Jim. I think we're the only two people on the whole floor that came in this morning."

"I think most everybody else is working from home."

Shirley nodded.

There was a moment of silence, so I figured the dialog was over. I went to the vending machine, put in my money, and pulled out a packet that would provide me with chicken noodle soup.

"Instant soup?" Shirley asked with a smile.

Smiling back, I said, "Yeah, I didn't know how long it would take to clear off the car and get to work, so I skipped breakfast and didn't pack a lunch."

With a shake of her head, Shirley said, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know."

I shrugged. Nutrition wasn't my strong suit. Although I was in my early thirties, I wasn't much overweight. I probably ate too much junk food, but I only ate in moderation when I did eat it. I guess I did have the start of a beer belly, but that never really worried me. As Shirley was a larger woman, I carefully avoided saying that I didn't think myself overweight. "Well, I had a cup of coffee when I got here."

Shirley had a Tupperware bowl. Its top was still on, but I could see through the translucent pink material that there was something light yellow or brown inside. "I have some egg salad and a couple of bulky rolls. Want to share?"

"Really?" I asked, surprised. Normally, Shirley and I didn't speak much to one another, and her offer surprised me. "I don't want to put you out."

"I always make too much," Shirley said. "Whatever you eat will be that much that won't go to my fanny."

As I mentioned before, Shirley was a larger woman, although she wasn't so large that I would call her fat. "If you really don't mind, that would be nice," I said, avoiding the one subject that I tended to avoid with females.

"Why don't you put another pot of coffee on?" Shirley said, turning toward the coffee unit. "That pot's been on since before I got in."

"Sure," I said, knowing that I probably had been the one to put the pot on earlier.

The two of us worked silently in the break room, and after a few minutes, we had two cups of coffee and a couple of egg salad rolls set up.

The egg salad was delicious, and appealed to my rumbling stomach. "So, why aren't you working at home?" I asked, making conversation.

"I don't live too far away," Shirley answered, smiling as she scooped the egg salad onto a bulky roll. "The condo had the parking lot plowed and the roads were mostly clear."

"That's convenient."

"So, why are you in the office today?"

"I don't like working at home. It's hard for me to get into the 'work' mindset unless I'm in the office."

Shirley looked at me a little strangely, and finally nodded. "I can understand that."

The egg salad tasted very nice, and I complimented Shirley on it. "The sandwich is great!"

"Thanks," Shirley said, smiling again. "As I said, I usually make too much."

Once we started talking, I began to feel a bit more comfortable with Shirley. She was a couple of years younger than me, most likely still in her twenties. I guess you would call her "big boned," as she probably wore a size 14 or 16, but she really didn't look fat. She had a natural smile to her cute face as well as a bubbly personality.

I normally take about a half hour for lunch, but the conversation with Shirley had me forgetting about the time. We first talked about our respective projects at work, but the conversation started to become a bit personal. I was intrigued when Shirley mentioned that she was thinking about seeing a therapist.

"What kind of therapist?" I asked.

"Oh, Wendy told me about Dr. Simons, and I think he's called a behavioral therapist, but I'm not sure."

Wendy was one of the people in Shirley's group.

"Why do you think you need to see a behavioral therapist?" I asked.

"Wendy said that she went to him a few months ago. Just one visit, and she was able to stay on a diet ever since. He hypnotized her, and made her think that fatty food tasted terrible."

"He did that in one visit?" I asked, incredulous.

"That's what Wendy said. Just one visit and, bam! You start to lose weight."

"That sounds too good to be true, actually."

Shirley looked at me, concerned. "Why do you say that?"

"First of all, hypnosis is just a short term therapy. It's impossible to hypnotize a person once and in that one session make any substantial changes in a person that would have an effect more than a few days or weeks. Certainly not years."


"I took a few courses in college," I explained. "Hypnosis is a recognized therapy, but there are usually better ones. It requires a lot of trust from the subject, and I truly doubt that Wendy's Dr. Simons would be able to establish that kind of trust in only one session. More likely, he's convinced her that he has done what he said he did, and Wendy is simply playing along. That's how stage hypnotists work, you know."

Shirley shook her head. "Wendy did lose weight. She's lost ten pounds so far."

I shook my head. "Of course, Dr. Simons is no longer around to see if his so-called therapy may have had any unintended consequences."

"What do you mean?"

"The classic example is a quick hypnosis session and convincing a person that, say, all cigarettes taste bad."

Shirley nodded. "I've heard of that. Many people have done that."

"The problem," I explained, "is that this does not address the addiction problem that most cigarette smokers have. The smoker is still addicted, but now doesn't have any outlet for that addiction. Take my father, for instance. He went to such a hypnotherapist, and it definitely stopped him from smoking, but he traded his nicotine addiction for an addiction to eating. He started gaining weight, going from 160 pounds in his thirties to over two hundred and fifty pounds. Not only that, but he still had the nicotine addiction, and he felt it every time somebody lit one up around him. He became a militant anti-smoker, and sometimes got into fights. He eventually died a couple of years ago from a heart attack, and I believe it's because he couldn't stop eating."

"Wow," was all Shirley could say.

"That's an example of how a hypnotherapist can do more harm than good. Now, it's not all bad! A proper therapist would take a few sessions to get to know the subject. The two would gradually build up a trust and then hypnosis might be used to try to reveal the source of the person's problem. Only when that source is identified can a therapist try to work on ways to address that particular problem. It could take a while, and therapy sessions are pretty expensive. Not too many insurance policies cover that sort of therapy. That's why I'm pretty leery of the claims that Wendy says of Dr. Simons."

"You seem to know quite a lot about hypnosis and behavioral therapy."

I shrugged. "As I said, I took a few courses in school. I was interested in hypnosis after it seemed to work on my father, but I found out how it could be misused, and then I realized what was happening to my dad. He died before he was properly cured. Sometimes, I blame the hypnotist that he visited. However, I figure that he just didn't realize the harm he could cause. After all, cigarette smoking is a good thing to 'cure, ' right?"

"I guess," Shirley said. She seemed much more subdued. "Do you think that Wendy..."

Shaking my head, I said, "Probably, Wendy is safe. With her, her eating is something more basic than cigarette smoking, which is a learned habit. Smoking is purely an external stimulus. Eating, on the other hand, is something that people do every day without fail. My prediction is that her mind will eventually overcome the silly command that fattening food tastes bad. So, she will eventually stop her diet and go back to her old eating habits, and will put this down as another failed diet attempt. On the other hand, there's a lower probability that Wendy might actually be changing her lifestyle and she'll start to get used to eating healthier food. If that's the case, then Wendy probably didn't need the hypnosis at all, but just needed an incentive to do this. However, she'll swear it was Dr. Simons that 'cured' her."

"Hmm," Shirley said, intrigued.

I smiled. "How much did Dr. Simons charge Wendy?"

"Five hundred dollars."

"I'm in the wrong racket," I said.

The two of us laughed.

Shirley looked up on the wall and noticed the time. "We've got to clean up and get back to work."

I shrugged, and the two of us cleaned up the table and left for our cubicles.

A week or so later, Shirley came into my office right before I was ready to leave for the day.

"Hi, Shirley. What's up?"

"Remember our discussion last week about Wendy?"

I nodded. "What about it?"

"Wendy and I were talking about it. She tried an experiment, and went to Dunkin Donuts. She was able to eat part of a jelly donut!"

I laughed. "The effect faded so soon? I figured it might work a little longer than that."

Shirley shook her head. "No, she said it didn't taste as good as it used to, but she was able to eat part of it anyway."

"It probably wasn't a good idea to tell her it was a sham. Now she's probably mad at me..."

"No," Shirley said quickly. "I told her about what you said about changing her lifestyle, and she's still eating healthy foods."

"Oh, good," I said, not knowing if this really was good or not. I didn't know Shirley or Wendy very well, after all.

"You really seem to know a lot about hypnosis."

I shook my head. "Probably just enough to stay out of trouble. I've only did it with a few test subjects back in school."

"I was thinking..." Shirley let her words die off.

Oh, god. I knew what Shirley was leading up to...

"Maybe you and I could, like... you know..."

"Shirley, I'm not a hypnotist. I'm just an office worker. I'm not licensed, and I haven't done anything like that in ten years!"

"Aw, come on!" Shirley said, determined. "It could be fun."

"It could also be dangerous," I said. "I told you what happened to my father."

"You seem to know the dangers. You said a proper hypnotist would take time. I'm willing to take the time. Let's say I buy you dinner and afterward in return, you do a session with me. We'll do it, like, once a week. We'll go slow."

"Why do you want this?" I asked.

Shirley put both hands on her stomach. "This is why! I've tried hundreds of diets. I want to try something that works. Dr. Simons charges five hundred dollars. A few meals will cost, like, a hundred dollars or so. I can afford that."

I sighed. "You're serious about this, aren't you?"


There was a determination in Shirley's voice and expression that told me this was true.

"Let's try it once," I suggested. "It might turn out that you can't be hypnotized." That would even let me off the hook, actually, I thought to myself.

"Are you busy tonight?" Shirley asked, obviously eager to get going.

I thought about that night and realized it was Wednesday. "Poker night," I said. "How's tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow evening it is," Shirley said. She picked up a Post-It pad on my desk and wrote her address on it. "Meet me at my place at six tomorrow."


I was pretty nervous about the whole idea. First, as I told Shirley, I hadn't even practiced hypnosis in a decade. Second, I would be working with Shirley on something that I knew very little about: the problems with overweight people.

I used Google to find some hypnosis reference sites. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of bad resources on the web. Luckily, I did have the knowledge from my college courses, and I could weed out the bad advice, and actually found a few good resources. There were a few sites that dealt with erotica based on hypnosis as well. The fact that there was such a specific genre of stories out there surprised me! Needless to say, I avoided those, since they would not help me with Shirley.

Next, I searched the web for resources on dieting. Again, there were quite a lot of these resources online. I decided to work from the official government sites like the FDA and other well known groups that had this information. After a couple of hours, I had a couple of good ideas of how hypnosis might actually be able to help Shirley.

I showed up at Shirley's apartment precisely at six.

"Hi, Jim!" Shirley said after she opened the door.

Dinner was at a Thai restaurant that I never heard about before. I had a basil and chicken stir fry, and Shirley ordered a chicken curry dish.

During the meal, Shirley told me about her past history with fad diets, and how she never seemed to have the self-control to stay on many of them. The ones she was able to stay with were the ones that simply didn't work for her.

For my part, I let her talk and just listened. I had some questions of my own, but wanted to learn Shirley's own perceptions about her problems with eating from herself. I still wasn't completely certain that Shirley was going to go through with the hypnosis session, and I still didn't consider myself any kind of an expert on either hypnosis or dieting.

As promised, Shirley paid the check, and suggested that we go back to her place for the session. That was the first mention of it she made that evening, but I realized that she was still quite determined to go through with it.

As I drove Shirley back to her apartment, I finally broached the subject directly.

"I must warn you, Shirley, that not everybody can be hypnotized, so I don't want to get your hopes up on something that just might not be possible."

"I thought everybody can be hypnotized. I've seen movies where..."

I shook my head. "Movies are fiction, Shirley. Nobody has hypno-rays coming out of their eyes and you don't need to swing a shiny pendant. People don't wake up in hospitals able to get sexual favors from the nurses at night just because they suffered a head wound. Hypnotism is simply a state of intense relaxation, and it's not something that one person does to another person. It's something that you do to yourself, sometimes with somebody guiding you along."

"If you say so..." Shirley seemed doubtful.

"The first thing you need to do, Shirley, is to get rid of all those unreasonable expectations you have. As I told you last week at work, it should be a slow process. Even supposing that you can be hypnotized, you shouldn't expect anything to happen for the first session or so. Putting somebody under and then commanding them to do your bidding just doesn't happen. If I told you to kill your boss while you were under hypnosis you would be just as likely to go through with it as if I told you to do so right now. That is, your mind is much smarter than to simply do anything that somebody else suggests."

"But Wendy said that it just took one session..."

Again I interrupted. "And remember how effective the command for her to not like fattening food is right now. It's not. The mind is too complicated for such a simplistic thing to work effectively."

"If you say so."

As I turned into Shirley's parking lot, I found a visitor's spot and stopped the car. "Let's just find out how good a subject you are, Shirley. After that, we'll decide together how we'll go about with the process. OK?"

Shirley agreed and we entered her apartment.

Shirley's apartment had a nice comfortable sofa which would be perfect for relaxing.

I won't go into the specifics of the induction I used with Shirley. I was still rusty on the subject, and it took a little longer than it probably should have taken. I started off with one technique, but didn't get a reaction from Shirley. I carefully switched to another, and after about a half hour, Shirley finally did go under.

I performed a few tests to make sure that Shirley was indeed under. I had her stiffen her arm like a statue and I tried unsuccessfully to move it. It seemed like she really was hypnotized. There were many other ways that I would be able to tell if she was faking it during the entire session, so I was convinced that, despite the awkward start, this would be a good session.

"Shirley, can you hear my voice?"

"Umm, hmmm," Shirley answered, her voice very soft.

"You are now Trance Shirley. That is the Shirley that is in her hypnotic trance. Waking Shirley is the Shirley you are at all other times, wide awake. Waking Shirley is aware that you are in a trance and unless I tell you otherwise, she is aware of what happens in your trance. Do you understand?"


"Tell me what you understand about what I just said."

Shirley intoned, "I am Trance Shirley, and Waking Shirley is aware of what is happening."

"That's right. Now, keep your eyes closed, and I want you to imagine that you are standing in a room. Shirley, can you see the room?"

"Um... a room... it has a desk and... um... a door."

"Describe the room to me."

This was a test that would tell me about how Shirley's imagination worked. The more creative her descriptions were, the more creative I could be with our session.

"It's a small office. There's a desk and a chair. I see a door, which is closed. I'm alone in an office."

"That's right, Shirley," I said, going with her description. "This is your office. It's not your office at work or at your home. It's in your mind, and in this office, you can look at the workings of your mind. Do you recognize the office now?"

"Yes!" Shirley exclaimed happily. "It's the office in my mind!"

I could see from Shirley's expression that she was really getting into this. This was one technique that I read on one of the web sites the previous night, and it seemed kind of interesting. It was a way to divide the mind into many rooms, each of which has a special purpose. The imagery was simple and it was easy to convey to just about anybody.

"OK. Now, I want you to think, Shirley. When you look in this room, you are looking into your own mind. Are you sure that you want to be in this room?"

Shirley's voice had some doubt. "I'm not sure."

"That's all right, Shirley," I said, assuring her. "It's in this room, and others like it, that we will be able to see the workings of your mind. It is here where we will be able to make some helpful changes."

"I understand." There was still some hesitation in Shirley's voice.

"You do want to make some changes, changes that will make you a better person, Shirley. Is that right?"


There was no hesitation in her voice or in her expression when answering that question. It was time to continue.

"You like being in this room. It's a comfortable room, and you can relax here. You are within your own mind, and you are relaxed and comfortable in your mind."


No hesitation at all.

"All right, Shirley. Let's open the door. It will open into a big hallway. Open the door, Shirley."

After a moment or two, Shirley said, "The door is open. You are right. There is a big hallway."

I smiled at Shirley's progress. "Very good, Shirley. Now I want you to walk down this hallway. You will see a lot of closed doors as you walk down this hallway. They lead to different parts of your mind. Why don't you walk down this hallway? As you pass each door, I want you to tell me where each door leads."

Shirley started to concentrate. "I... um... I am walking down the hallway. There's a door. I... um... I don't know where it goes!"

"Don't worry, Shirley. Just think. This door leads to a part of your mind. Which part does it go to?"

"Oh! I know! This is the door that says 'Happiness!'"

That was an interesting discovery. "The door has a sign on it?" I asked.

"Yes. It says, 'My Happiness.' It leads to my happiness!"

"Very nice, Shirley. Let's go further down the hallway. What does the next door say?"

Shirley concentrated again. She said, "OK. I see the next door. It says, 'Love.'"

Again, this was very interesting. I was starting to feel that sensation that I felt those years ago when I tried out hypnotism with other subjects. I felt a bit voyeuristic, and perhaps a bit uncomfortable. "Let's pass that door, too. Keep walking down the hall."

"The next door. It says, 'Friendship.'"

"Keep going..."

"The next one reads, 'Fun.'"

Shirley continued walking down that hall in her mind. One of those doors looked promising, 'Eating.' There was a door for worries, a door for health, and even a door for secrets.

"Those are all wonderful doors, Shirley. You are doing great. Now, you can look down the hall and see even more doors. Each one leads to a specific part of your mind. You can keep walking until you find the door you want. These are the doorways into your mind and you know where each and every one is. Isn't this great?"

"Yes. It's amazing!" The excitement in her voice was very evident.

I sighed. It was now time to do some of the parts that I didn't really like, but this was something I had to do. "Great work, Shirley. Now, I want you to see if you can find a specific door. I want you to find the door that has the word 'Truth' on it. Can you find that door?"

"I saw that one earlier!" Shirley exclaimed. "It's back over here next to the Secrets door. There it is. It says, 'Truth.' Is that the door you are looking for?"

Shirley hadn't mentioned that door before, but then she probably wasn't thinking of it when she was rattling off the signs on the doors.

"Yes, Shirley. I would like you to open that door and walk into that room. Can you do that?"

My coworker concentrated again, and then said, "I'm turning the knob... the door is opening. Do you want me to go into that room?"

"Yes, Shirley."

"OK. I'm in that room."

"Very good, Shirley," I said. "Now, in this room, only the truth is found. Do you realize that, Shirley?"

"Only truth can be found in this room."

"That's right. Now, I want you to look at me. You are sitting on your comfortable sofa in the Room of Truth. You see me sitting on your other chair in that room."

Shirley nodded, and looked at me. She had that "not there" look in her face, and I know that her brain was working to incorporate my physical presence into the image within her mind.

"I see you."

I smiled. "In the Room of Truth, you cannot lie. You do not have to answer any of my questions, but those that you do answer must be truthful. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes. I must be truthful in the Room of Truth. I don't have to answer questions if I don't want to."

"That's right."

I was glad this was now established. I'm one that appreciates limits, especially with something as basic as a person's mind. "Tell me why the two of us are here."

"I invited you over to help me with my weight problem."

"That's good."

"I had another reason, too."

There was a pause, and I realized that this was Shirley exercising her right not to answer questions... her mental version of taking the fifth amendment. I ignored this for now.

"Shirley, how much do you weigh?"

There was a moment of indecision, and Shirley finally said, "One hundred, seventy three pounds."

I wasn't sure if she would have answered that question. At least I now had a data point that could help us work on her problem.

I asked, "Do you know your ideal weight?"

"One hundred, twenty five." Nearly fifty pounds overweight. Another data point.

"Tell me why you think you are overweight."

"I eat the wrong foods. I like eating fatty foods, and I eat way too often. I don't exercise. I also eat when I'm emotional. You know... when I'm sad, I eat; and when I'm happy, I eat."

"That's fair," I said. "What do you think would be the easiest way for you to start losing weight?"

"I could exercise, but I am not reliable enough to do it on a regular basis. I've wanted to join a gym, but I don't look good in gym clothes."

"Ahh," I said, "what else can you do?"

"I could eat healthier food."

"What's healthier food?"

"Fruits, vegetables. Things that are low in fat and low in calories."

"That's very good." I think I had the basics of Shirley's problem pretty well defined now.

There was still another issue I needed to deal with. "Trance Shirley, until I say otherwise, from now on, Waking Shirley is unaware of what is happening. Is this all right with you?"

"Um... yes. Waking Shirley doesn't know what's happening now." Shirley's voice took on a decided monotone now.

"When Waking Shirley isn't aware of what's happening, then Trance Shirley doesn't have any decision to not answer questions in the Room of Truth. Do you realize this?"


"Earlier, you said you there was another reason why we're here tonight."


"What is that reason?"

"Waking Shirley has always had a fantasy of losing control. She would never do this; she never will allow herself to get drunk or use drugs. However, she thinks that you might be able to allow her to live out this fantasy in a little way."

"Oh? Give me an example of one of those fantasies."

"I cannot do that."

This confused me. "Why not?"

"I can only tell you in another room."

Intriguing! "Which room?"

"The Room of Secrets."

"Ah. Without Waking Shirley moving, I want Trance Shirley to leave the Room of Truth and go into the Room of Secrets. Tell me when you get there."

A slight pause. "OK. I am in the Room of Secrets."

"You can now tell me Waking Shirley's fantasy that she wanted to live out."

"Her most recent fantasies revolve about you hypnotizing her and making her do something embarrassing."

"Like what?"

"Last night, Shirley fantasized about you making her strip and taking sexual advantage of her. Unfortunately for her, she thinks you are too much of a gentleman to do that."

"Ah." It hadn't occurred to me that Shirley would have had that kind of fantasy. This was actually news; did girls really have fantasies of people taking advantage of them?

"If I were to take advantage of her, wouldn't she be angry?"

"She will pretend to be angry, but will secretly be aroused."

"I see."

"Do you really think Shirley would want me to take advantage of her?"

"She definitely would."

I nodded, and Shirley in her trance state didn't react. Finally, I said, "OK. Let's go back to the Room of Truth."

There was another pause before Shirley said, "We're back."

"All right, Trance Shirley. Here's something for you to remember. Whenever you're in a trance, and I say, 'Trance Shirley Only, ' Waking Shirley will fade away immediately and won't even be aware that anything is happening until I say, 'Waking Shirley is back.' When I say that, Waking Shirley will come back, and then you will blink your eyes twice to let me know that she's back. Do you understand?"


"Waking Shirley is back."

Almost immediately, Shirley blinked her eyes twice.

"OK. I think we've done quite a lot for this session. Let's leave the Room of Truth, and leave the hallway of your mind. I'll help bring you out of your trance, and then we'll discuss what happened today. Is this all right with you?"


I slowly led Shirley out of her trance. I gave her a single post-hypnotic suggestion that would make it easier to bring her under the next time. I also gave her instructions that if I were to ask her to do something that she objected to, she would not get angry, but simply let me know.

Out of the trance, Shirley shook her head. "I feel wonderful! Why did you stop so soon?"

"I told you that tonight was just an exploratory session. I wanted to find out if you were a good subject. I wanted to see how you react under hypnosis. I also wanted you to see how this whole process works, and to decide for yourself if you want to continue doing this."

"I do!"

The two of us spent fifteen minutes discussing what happened during the trance. Shirley never mentioned anything about a loss of perceived time or the discussion in the Room of Secrets.

Shirley said, "I am surprised that I told you my weight. You better not tell anybody else!"

"Shirley, I will treat anything you tell me while you are under in confidence."

Nodding, Shirley said, "I trust you, Jim."

I knew that; she wouldn't have gone under so easily if she didn't. I wondered if her fantasy about my taking advantage of her had something to do with it.

Finally, it was time for me to go. I could see minor disappointment in Shirley's eyes, and I realized that I hadn't fulfilled her fantasy. However, Shirley didn't yet realize that I knew about her fantasy. I just needed some time to figure out what I wanted to do about it. After all, this involved me as well as her.

We made a "date" for Saturday afternoon to do another session.

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