The Dream

by msboy8

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, BDSM, Humiliation, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: My editor suggested that the story is not complete, but its what I thought up. Let me know if I or he was right. A Woman has a dream of how things MIGHT be...

Edited by Pairadice

She was naked... naked and bound... naked, bound and gagged. Carol shook her head, it didn't work. She was still naked, bound and gagged. Carol took a moment to feel how exactly she was bound. Her ankle was chained to a ring in the floor; her left wrist was bolted to a ring set with no slack to the top of the table Her right wrist was also bolted to the table, but there was enough slack for her to write with the pencil in between her fingers. Also, there was a stiff leather collar around her neck that was anchored to something, causing her to sit upright to be able to breathe. That in itself was not too uncomfortable, unfortunately for Carol that wasn't all. Her nipples were clenched between two clamps that were attached to a thin chain that ran through a ring on the desk. The tethered collar forcing Carol to sit upright caused her nipples and tits to be abnormally distended. It was a choice of either being able to breathe or feel the pain in her tits. She adopted a ritual; sit upright and take a deep breath, then she leaned forward resting her nipples and tits, but being choked by the collar. When she was totally out of breath, she would sit-up straight, feeling like her nipples were being torn off her breasts, but being able to breathe. Carol was concentrating on this ritual, she could hardly think of anything else.

Carol tried to ignore the pain and get her bearings; she was in a large room with a man perched on what looked like a tall, wooden pulpit looking down at her with disdain. To her right, against the far wall was a group of men seated two deep and six across, also looking down at her as if she was a piece of meat, not a person. There were two tables facing the lone man. Each table had a man seated at it facing the lone man. Carol finally realized where she was, she was in a court room! Not only that, she was the defendant!

"How do you plead?" Carol heard the judge say. She tried to speak and could not respond through the gag. Carol looked her defense attorney with desperate eyes. He nodded down to the table. Every woman that went on trial was assumed to be right handed, if the Public Defender couldn't read what she wrote, then that was too bad. She scribbled 'innocent' on the provided piece of paper. Carol's attorney shook his head at her. The Judge repeated, "How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?" Carol wrote 'Not Guilty' as quick as she could. Her lawyer tisk-tisked, but she was adamant. Carol jabbed the pencil down on what she had written.

Her lawyer looked up at the judge and muttered, "Not guilty."

The Judge sat more upright in his chair; he was getting the impression that this would not be a normal trial. "I will accept your plea of Not Guilty, but I am required to inform you that you are Guilty until proven Innocent. Is the Prosecution ready to proceed?" The Prosecutor indicated that he was and the Judge told him, "You may proceed."

"Your Honor, members of the Jury, my esteemed opponent; I will prove the defendant guilty of all charges beyond the shadow of a doubt. Eye witness testimony will show that the defendant illegally attempted to hide her naked body and that when presented with a valid health card and asked for sex, that she willfully denied said man and attempted to flee."

Once the Prosecutor had resumed his seat, the Public Defender stood. "My client denies all culpability in this matter. In addition the evidence will prove her innocent." 'What are you doing?' Carol scribbled on the paper. Her attorney whispered to her, "Even I can see that you are guilty as sin, but I have to make some defense." The Public Defender sat down and the Judge rapped his gavel, telling the Prosecutor to make his case.

"As my first witness I call Justin Wormwood." A construction worker in a tank-top was sworn in and sat in the witness chair. "Mr. Wormwood, please tell the court what you saw."

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