Teresa Scalia/The Final Confrontation

by obo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Teresa and Barbara are duped into what they think is a private meeting and confrontation. The results are anything but private and both women expand their horizons.

Sitting at her desk with telephone in hand, Roxanne Starr put the finishing touches on a negotiation.

"Okay then we're in agreement. Guaranteed controlled access for the night of the 23rd, one person in-house who can operate stage lighting, curtains, and the automated video equipment, and I pay $5000 to rent the hall with a $200 kick back to you."

Roxanne paused for a moment as the party on the other end responded.

"Very well, I'll be in touch."

Thinking to herself, "The venue is rented, I've got 300 tickets sold at $500 apiece, now it's just a matter of getting the two principals to perform as expected and at the time I want."

Roxanne took pen and paper and began to compose two very special communications.

A week later a messenger service knocked on the door of the Anderson household. Chad Anderson opened the door.

"Message delivery for Barbara Anderson." said the driver.

"I can give it to her", Chan offered.

"Sorry young man, but I have to deliver this to the addressee only."

"Okay" Chad turned and called into the house. "Mom, there's a delivery for you."

Barbara came out from the kitchen wiping her hands with a dishtowel.

"Please sign here, ma'am," requested the driver.

After giving her signature Barbara took the envelope from the driver and closed the door as he left.

"I wonder what this is?" Barbara thought to herself. "Don't get many special delivery messages."

Barbara opened the Manila envelope and removed the contents. Inside was an envelope of obviously high-quality stationery with the hand-lettered name Mrs. Barbara Anderson.

"Looks like a wedding invitation, but I can't think of any weddings that are coming up."

Barbara turned the envelope over, broke the wax seal and removed the note. The text was as follows:

Mrs. Anderson,

You are invited to the Community Theater on the evening of May 23rd at 7 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to bring finality and resolution to the personal conflicts you and I have had. Be assured this meeting is confidential and is known only to your self and I. The location of the Community Theater was selected as a neutral site and as a historical reference to the origin of our problems.

Do not ignore this meeting. I have incriminating video documentation of your recent visit to a local gentlemen's club and encounter with a female employee. I will not hesitate to make this evidence public, especially to your husband.

Teresa Scalia

Barbara fumed as she read the note. "The nerve! She's calling me out and trying to blackmail me as well."

She also felt a pang of fear. If Teresa did indeed have some video of Barbara's humiliation at the hands of Maria the bar maid, Teresa could make life unbearable for her.

"I'll meet with Mrs. Scalia and this time things will be settled."

Another thought came to Barbara, a small voice from the back of her mind repeating "think of the possibilities, think of the possibilities".

A similar invitation was delivered to the Scalia household. Conveniently, Teresa was at home to accept the envelope. Reading the text, which was very similar to that of Barbara's invitation, Teresa saw red.

"Threaten me you little bitch! You better believe I'll be there and how nice, no one around to interfere." Teresa thought. She also recalled what Roxanne Starr had told her at the conclusion of their encounter "You may want to try this on someone you know, like that little blond that gives you all the trouble." The wheels in Teresa's mind were spinning, "Yes, I may want to try something."

The invitations had been delivered a week in advance to give the principals some time to anticipate the confrontation. The 23rd of May proved to be a warm spring day and that continued into the early evening. Barbara considered her wardrobe and opted to wear denim shorts and a white short sleeved pull over blouse. Both the shorts and blouse were well fitted to show off Barbara's figure. The shorts, certainly not Bermuda length, highlighted Barbara's tanned legs and were snug enough to leave no doubt about the curves of her butt. She wore white athletic shoes. At 645 p.m. Barbara had finished cleaning up after dinner and stuck her head into the family room where husband Mark and son Chad were watching television.

"I'll be back in about an hour, I've got an errand to run." Barbara said as she started towards the door.

"Okay see you later" Mark replied, "Seems a little late for errands."

Barbara didn't hear Mark's reply; she had other things on her mind. Barbara got into her SUV and paused for a moment. Did she really want to do this? What was really going to happen? Taking a deep breath, Barbara backed out of the driveway and headed towards the theater.

At the Scalia house, Teresa announced. "Dominic I'm going out for while."

"Where are you going?" asked Dominic.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be home in a couple hours."

Dominic just shrugged his shoulders in resignation. There wasn't much he could say after Teresa had caught him with the very under dressed Kathy Benson in his lap at the gentlemen's club.

Teresa was also dressed for warm spring weather. A tight sleeveless blouse, pale pink in color with a 3-button closure, was worn over a similar colored pair of Capri pants. The Capri pants, were of course, well fitted around the derriere which was further enhanced by Teresa's wedge sandals.

Feeling ready for what was to come, Teresa pointed her car to the theater.

Barbara pulled into the empty parking lot of the Community Theater and stopped near the front entrance. Leaving her SUV, she tried the door and found it locked. Barbara walked around to the side of the building and found the stage door open. Walking onto the half lit stage, Barbara saw a single piece of furniture resembling a Roman chaise lounge. It was nearly as wide as a double bed with one end raised. The chaise was sumptuously upholstered in deep wine colored velvet. A single diaphanous curtain separated the stage from the rest of the house. The house lights were off and from the stage that area appeared to be totally dark. As Barbara walked to the chaise, which was at center stage, she saw a large flat screen television monitor on a portable base. When Barbara took notice of the monitor, the screen flickered to life. A scene from Barbara's recent past was about to be replayed. The setting was Roxanne Starr's Gentlemen's Club. Barbara was on the main floor sans her blouse. The video was shot from an advantageous angle and captured Barbara's encounter with Maria in great detail.

Barbara put her hand over her mouth in shock. "My God, how did that bitch Teresa get a hold of this."

The video advanced to the point where Barbara is bent over the table with her skirt off and legs spread. Maria has full control of Barbara and has lowered her panties.

Barbara watched the video replay with complete attention. She was taken back to that fateful afternoon and the experiences she had at the hands of Maria.

"Well, well, well isn't this an interesting piece of cinematic history!"

Barbara snapped back to reality at the sound of Teresa's voice. Standing in the wings, hands-on hips that were tilted at a saucy angle, Teresa had viewed the final moments of the video. The monitor screen went black.

"What do you think you're going to gain with this?" Barbara asked.

"Gain what? I didn't know you had such a public encounter Barbie. Do you have a preference for the Latin ladies?" Teresa said mockingly.

"Oh I'm sure you know nothing about this Teresa."

The monitor screen went bright again. The scene was again the Gentlemen's Club, but the players had changed. From an overhead view Teresa could be seen being paraded around by Roxanne Starr on the dancers stage which was surrounded by the bar patrons... Unfortunately for Teresa, she was clad only in her bra and panties. The video showed Roxanne leading Teresa behind a curtain. The scene picked up with Teresa over Roxanne's lap her bottom taking some punishment.

Barbara watched in amusement as she saw Teresa's humiliation. She had only heard about this encounter and thought much of what she had heard was rumor. As Barbara was before, Teresa was in shock. Especially so when the scene played on further. Her spanking finished, Teresa was stripped and then brought to a tumultuous orgasm by Roxanne.

Teresa was thinking, "Barbara couldn't know about this. Now she's seen me helpless in the arms of another woman. I've never been able to forget that day. I've never felt like that before or since."

If Barbara was amused by Teresa's spanking, the events following aroused more than just her curiosity. Barbara felt that feeling in her lower belly, that tingling. She was intrigued by Teresa's response to Roxanne's ministrations. The video ended and Barbara couldn't let Teresa get by without a verbal jab.

"Red heads your weakness Teresa? I particularly enjoyed the primal grunts. I had no idea you could be so basic."

Embarrassed and humiliated, Teresa was also feeling some arousal from watching the replay of her and Roxanne. The monitor went black once again and Teresa turned to face Barbara.

"You may think you're very clever with that video but it won't gain you anything." Teresa declared as she walked toward Barbara.

"Oh I think I've gained enough just seeing that red head push your buttons."

Both women were face-to-face and as if choreographed they simultaneously raised their right hands to slap each other. Each intercepted the other's slap with their left-hand, grasping the wrist with a firm hold. Teresa and Barbara struggled to gain an advantage but were at a stalemate. Neither would relinquish their hold on the others wrist and as a result neither could inflict any damage to the others clothing or person. Kicks were exchanged, but none landed solidly. They circled the stage several times in their struggle pushing each other back and forth. Barbara had a slight advantage with her athletic shoes giving more traction. Both women were beginning to tire and gasping for air when Teresa was pushed back against the chaise and sat down. Barbara pulled free from Teresa and remained standing while Teresa sat. Pausing to catch their breath neither woman made an offensive move. The arousal both had felt from watching the video had been amplified by their wrestling match. Barbara looked down at Teresa's heaving chest with just a hint of nipple showing through her pink top. Teresa's head was lowered but she was taking in the sight of Barbara's shapely legs. Barbara then made a momentous decision. She threw caution to the wind and gave in to her desires.

"Teresa I think I know what we both want."

With that Barbara opened the belt of her denim shorts as Teresa looked up at her. Slowly Barbara unbuttoned the fly all the while looking directly into Teresa's eyes. Barbara used both hands to slip the shorts part way down over hips revealing her white bikini panties.

Teresa was almost in total disbelief of what was taking place, but somewhere in her mind was the thought that this was inevitable.

"What is she doing? Is this what I think it will be?"

Barbara took a step toward Teresa, leaned over, cupped her face with her hands and gave her a long passionate kiss. Barbara whispered as she lowered herself across Teresa's lap "Now you finish it for me."

Teresa looked at the offering before her, Barbara prone over her lap willingly in a vulnerable position. Her Daisy Dukes already partially lowered. Teresa had gotten Barbara over her lap in times past but always at the culmination of a struggle. Considering what she was about to do and the possible ramifications, Teresa also threw caution to the wind. Her left-hand touched Barbara's shoulder as her right hand began to explore Barbara's up turned derriere. Teresa first placed her hand on Barbara's thigh and caressed her smooth skin. Moving upward her hand glided over the hem of the denim to the belt line. Feeling the smooth texture of Barbara's panties Teresa's hand slipped between the denim and the satin. Barbara gasped at Teresa's touch, but remained still. Her hand exploring the curves of Barbara's ass, Teresa gave some probing squeezes.

"Her bottom feels wonderful. Much different from when I spanked her." Teresa thought. "I love the feel of it as I squeeze."

Barbara was having thoughts of her own "Her touch is so soft and gentle. I was certain she would take the advantage and punish me but this is so unexpected." Barbara was responding to Teresa's caresses. Her hips were moving slightly to match Teresa's touch.

Teresa removed her hand from inside Barbara shorts. She gave Barbara a little pat on the bottom as she requested, "Stand up Barbara." Barbara stood as asked. Teresa hooked two thumbs in Barbara's shorts and with a little tug had them down to her feet. Barbara stepped out of the shorts as Teresa beckoned for her to sit on the chaise. Teresa then offered a kiss of her own as she put her arm around Barbara's waist. Breaking off the kiss Teresa took hold of Barbara's blouse and slowly pulled it up. Stopping just below her breasts Teresa looked Barbara in the eye.

"How far do we go with this?"

"As far as we want and I know what I want." Barbara said and then kissed Teresa again.

"I hoped you'd say that."

Teresa put both hands under Barbara's blouse cupping her breasts. Barbara gave a long sigh and pushed her chest forward. Giving each breast a squeeze, Teresa could feel Barbara's nipples respond to tactile stimulation. Barbara's breaths became more rapid.

"Raise your arms, Sweet."

Barbara complied and Teresa finished removing Barbara's blouse. Teresa could see Barbara's nipples straining against the satin cups of her bra. Again they kissed and Teresa's hands move towards Barbara's back with intentions of removing her bra. Barbara gently placed her hands on Teresa's arms halting their progress.

"Why am I the only one who's in their underwear?" Barbara asked in a coy fashion with a demure look toward Teresa. Barbara's hands then opened the three buttons of Teresa's blouse. Both hands traced over the curve of Teresa's ample breasts as they moved down to find the edge of the blouse. Barbara pulled the shirt up and over Teresa's breasts and Teresa immediately raised her arms so the blouse could be removed. A pink lace bra supported Teresa's breasts. The sheer material showing the faint shading of her mocha colored nipples. Always intrigued by and curious about Teresa's breasts, Barbara could scarcely contain her self. Kissing Teresa's neck she worked her mouth down into the cleavage while her hands traced lightly over the pink lace. Teresa was also breathing rapidly with excitement when Barbara's hands found the waist of her Capri pants.

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