Forest Nymph

by Whiff

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman, overweight by today's standards, explores her sexuality, until finally falling under the spell of an ancient greek satyr.


Her meaty body strained to go faster as the pale moonlight softly lit the trail ahead of her. It was just as good as the first time, the surging thrill in her mind caused, she knew, by the morphins flowing so freely after two miles. When she felt this way, it always seemed she could go forever. She could feel her nipples taut, the wet friction of her bare, puffy cunt, the comfortable pressure on her callused feet. She felt the strain in her legs and stomach. Ummmm.

She could think clearly now, as the pleasure coursed through her. Goddamn boys, all they wanted was those trim cheerleader types. It didn't make her as angry as when she had first gone through puberty, and realized that her chunky, fleshy body didn't attract the skinny, horny boys at her high school. Her wide shoulders, suddenly fat tits, wide hips, and muscular frame combined with her big eyes, mouth, and round face to create a slutty impression. They wouldn't ask her to dances, or to movies, but they would offer to take her out to park. She had quickly found out she was sexy, in a way, but they didn't want to be seen with her.

Myrna had always been athletic, and thank god. If it hadn't been for the sweaty, pleasant rewards of soccer and distance running, she would probably have let them fuck her just for the attention when she was young, and the stigma would have carried with her all her life. As it was, she had sublimated her strong sexual drives to the physical exertion. Every once in a while, she would get off during the fifth mile, her thick thighs coated with juice. God, it felt like that tonight.

Running naked through the large preserve right next to her Aunt's farm had been a discovery just this year. At first, the night she had such trouble sleeping, and woke up about three in the morning, following an impulse to run in the forest, her tits had bounced fiercely, her thick pubic bush had chafed her thighs, and her feet had hurt. But in a week, her feet callused, her boobs firmed up to taut rigidity, and she shaved off the coarse, curly hair between her heavy thighs. When she examined herself in the mirror, she thought it looked better too, even though both the inner and outer lips of her cunt stuck out prominently along with her big clitty.

She had always thought she would eventually meet someone who appreciated her, who liked the softness and fullness. She knew some cultures valued fat people, and she was no fatso. But even in State College during the past freshman year, the same old pattern repeated. At least the guys who hit on her were better looking now, but they still just wanted to get in her pants. She was too proud to settle for that.

She rounded a bend, and realized she had come to the lake, with its cool, refreshing promise of bathing her in relief. God, four miles already. Wading in until her knees were immersed, she concentrated on her bare pussy, and realized she needed help to cum. Swiveling her knees apart, she plunged a finger between the fat lips, rubbing her clitty, and curved it around so it touched that nice spot just inside. Her whole arm and shoulder surged once, twice, then froze on the next hump as a lovely climax tore through her body. At that moment, her senses were so acute she could smell her sweat, the musk from her pussy, the faint odor of the forest, and she felt at one with the world. She stood there shaking for a minute, her hand still gently caressing the orgasmic sensations, feeling the soft movement of the water and the wind on her hot skin. She felt the juices gushing out of her, unusually heavy she knew, from other girls.

"G-geez t-that's sexy." The whispered words from off to her right shocked her back to reality. Instinctively she dived into the water, then twisted toward the voice, letting her head break the surface. A boy was standing on the bank with his hand pumping at his groin, his pants around his knees, and white stuff shooting out into the water.

She had never seen that before. A man's cock in orgasm. She knew about it, of course, from talking with her friends, and from books. But to actually see it was exciting. To imagine the same thrill she got when she came, combined with something like the feeling of peeing, she supposed. And to think that stuff could cause babies to grow inside her. She didn't feel at all offended or even shocked. He had seen her, now she was seeing him, in climax. It was as though they had been intimate, though they didn't know each other.

Impulsively, she rose up out of the water, letting him see her nudity from the knees up. She cupped her tits at him, watching another, smaller ejaculation, with his eyes wide and focused at her. She realized she was still tingling herself, dropped her hand down into her pussy, and started again, watching him. He stared, then a dopey grin spread on his face. "G-G-Geez, again? Oh boy." She watched him lick his hand, then start working up and down on the thick flesh.

Breathily, she whispered "Hey, wait. Get naked like me. C'mon, it's only fair." He still had the dopey look, and it took him a few moments to realize what she meant. Then he grinned, and sat down to pull his shoes and shorts off, his cock still straight up in the air. When he got up, he started to wade toward her. She tensed, and stopped the rhythmic movement of her hand in her pussy. When he saw that, he stopped where he was.

"Aw.c'mon, please? You're so sexy, and it'll take longer this time. Unless you want me to, you know, umm, uh, do it t-t-to you." Myrna giggled at the wishful, but whipped look in his eyes, as though he didn't expect her to even stay. "No, no just stay there, and I'll go ahead." It was her turn to blush. "Nobobdy's ever done it to me." He looked startled, and his hand spasmed slightly as it kept up it's jacking on his bright red dong. "Y-Y-Yer kidding. A g-g-great looking girl like you. I saw you the other night, running back up n-n-n-n-north there, and I've been beating off to you ever since. G-G-God what tits. How can you keep 'em f-f-from bouncing when you run?'

She giggled as she felt the nice rise of tension in her clitty. "They did at first, but after a while, when I got in better shape, they firmed up. They still, y'know, jiggle a bit." They stared at each other, about three feet apart, the moon and sweat making their bodies shine. He started bending forward slightly, as his hand moved faster and faster. She guessed that was to make it feel better, while she found she thrust her hips forward with each stroke of her hand. It arched her body, and finally they got in rhythm, their bodies seeming to strain toward each other in a writhing coordination. She heard him start to mutter "Fuck, fuck fuuuuck."

Myrna didn't know why she did it, it just came over her, a sort of final exhibition of herself. She took two steps forward while sinking backwards into the water, supporting herself with one hand, which left just the top of her body above the surface, right under his prick. He started grunting, and the white stuff flew out in a big gob, splattering on her tits. The heat of the fluid on her skin seemed to jolt her into climax, her hand mauling viciously in her pussy. His second spurt dropped on her bare vaginal lips, as though he had aimed. Little drops wet his hand. She gagged with the completion and thrill of it, groaning "God, god, god." She began to realize how nice it was to get off with a man.

After her orgasm ran its course, she collapsed into the water. He sat down, and they were both rubbing their bodies, trying to get the sweat and goo off. He kept staring at her, then whispered "Can I come over there? I'd love to feel your b-b-b-boobies." She smiled at him, feeling a welter of new emotion, affection, more lust than she could ever remember, amusement at his hesitancy. "Sure, c'mon. Why are you surprised I haven't been laid? Do I look like a slut? Oooh."

His hand was cupping one tit, and for the first time in her life, she liked it. The nipple stiffened. He was so unlike the arrogant, macho acting guys who usually made passes at her, that she felt in control, relaxed, comfortable. She arched her head backward so it was underwater, and when she surfaced, his head was right there. It seemed perfectly natural for them to kiss.

As she wrapped her arms around him, she realized why the girls talked so much about fucking. Her head was spinning, there was still tension in her belly, in spite of two climaxes, and the contact he was making with her mouth and her tits reverberated all over her body. She rolled toward him, wanting to feel more of his body, and he slipped to his back with a yelp. His head went momentarily underwater. When he came up, spluttering, she giggled, and he joined in after a moment of surprise. The spell broke.

"Look, buddy, you aren't gonna get any tonight, okay. I'm not even on the pill. This was nice, though. What's with the stutter? You're a nice looking guy, I always thought only geeks stuttered." He looked away from her, losing the smile. "S-s-s-since I was a kid. I must be a little psycho. M-my Mom says its 'cause I fell on my head when I was a kid. M-maybe that's it, I dunno. I wish I could run naked, but my cock flops and my balls hurt if I do. Boy I'd l-l-love to f-fuck you."

It was her turn to blush. "Have you done it? I mean, with a girl?" His smile came back. "Yeah, there's a girl in my class who's deaf, but she fucks everybody. I felt kind of sorry for her, and we went to the dance together. She let me do it to her right on her front porch, y'know, she didn't care about the noise or anything. I think she liked it, 'cause she let me do it a lot. But she moved away at the end of school year. It's b-b-better than jerking off." She could see his cock twitching. She felt closer to him, more attracted to him, than any of the boys she had known.

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