Forest Nymph

by Whiff

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman, overweight by today's standards, explores her sexuality, until finally falling under the spell of an ancient greek satyr.


Her meaty body strained to go faster as the pale moonlight softly lit the trail ahead of her. It was just as good as the first time, the surging thrill in her mind caused, she knew, by the morphins flowing so freely after two miles. When she felt this way, it always seemed she could go forever. She could feel her nipples taut, the wet friction of her bare, puffy cunt, the comfortable pressure on her callused feet. She felt the strain in her legs and stomach. Ummmm.

She could think clearly now, as the pleasure coursed through her. Goddamn boys, all they wanted was those trim cheerleader types. It didn't make her as angry as when she had first gone through puberty, and realized that her chunky, fleshy body didn't attract the skinny, horny boys at her high school. Her wide shoulders, suddenly fat tits, wide hips, and muscular frame combined with her big eyes, mouth, and round face to create a slutty impression. They wouldn't ask her to dances, or to movies, but they would offer to take her out to park. She had quickly found out she was sexy, in a way, but they didn't want to be seen with her.

Myrna had always been athletic, and thank god. If it hadn't been for the sweaty, pleasant rewards of soccer and distance running, she would probably have let them fuck her just for the attention when she was young, and the stigma would have carried with her all her life. As it was, she had sublimated her strong sexual drives to the physical exertion. Every once in a while, she would get off during the fifth mile, her thick thighs coated with juice. God, it felt like that tonight.

Running naked through the large preserve right next to her Aunt's farm had been a discovery just this year. At first, the night she had such trouble sleeping, and woke up about three in the morning, following an impulse to run in the forest, her tits had bounced fiercely, her thick pubic bush had chafed her thighs, and her feet had hurt. But in a week, her feet callused, her boobs firmed up to taut rigidity, and she shaved off the coarse, curly hair between her heavy thighs. When she examined herself in the mirror, she thought it looked better too, even though both the inner and outer lips of her cunt stuck out prominently along with her big clitty.

She had always thought she would eventually meet someone who appreciated her, who liked the softness and fullness. She knew some cultures valued fat people, and she was no fatso. But even in State College during the past freshman year, the same old pattern repeated. At least the guys who hit on her were better looking now, but they still just wanted to get in her pants. She was too proud to settle for that.

She rounded a bend, and realized she had come to the lake, with its cool, refreshing promise of bathing her in relief. God, four miles already. Wading in until her knees were immersed, she concentrated on her bare pussy, and realized she needed help to cum. Swiveling her knees apart, she plunged a finger between the fat lips, rubbing her clitty, and curved it around so it touched that nice spot just inside. Her whole arm and shoulder surged once, twice, then froze on the next hump as a lovely climax tore through her body. At that moment, her senses were so acute she could smell her sweat, the musk from her pussy, the faint odor of the forest, and she felt at one with the world. She stood there shaking for a minute, her hand still gently caressing the orgasmic sensations, feeling the soft movement of the water and the wind on her hot skin. She felt the juices gushing out of her, unusually heavy she knew, from other girls.

"G-geez t-that's sexy." The whispered words from off to her right shocked her back to reality. Instinctively she dived into the water, then twisted toward the voice, letting her head break the surface. A boy was standing on the bank with his hand pumping at his groin, his pants around his knees, and white stuff shooting out into the water.

She had never seen that before. A man's cock in orgasm. She knew about it, of course, from talking with her friends, and from books. But to actually see it was exciting. To imagine the same thrill she got when she came, combined with something like the feeling of peeing, she supposed. And to think that stuff could cause babies to grow inside her. She didn't feel at all offended or even shocked. He had seen her, now she was seeing him, in climax. It was as though they had been intimate, though they didn't know each other.

Impulsively, she rose up out of the water, letting him see her nudity from the knees up. She cupped her tits at him, watching another, smaller ejaculation, with his eyes wide and focused at her. She realized she was still tingling herself, dropped her hand down into her pussy, and started again, watching him. He stared, then a dopey grin spread on his face. "G-G-Geez, again? Oh boy." She watched him lick his hand, then start working up and down on the thick flesh.

Breathily, she whispered "Hey, wait. Get naked like me. C'mon, it's only fair." He still had the dopey look, and it took him a few moments to realize what she meant. Then he grinned, and sat down to pull his shoes and shorts off, his cock still straight up in the air. When he got up, he started to wade toward her. She tensed, and stopped the rhythmic movement of her hand in her pussy. When he saw that, he stopped where he was.

"Aw.c'mon, please? You're so sexy, and it'll take longer this time. Unless you want me to, you know, umm, uh, do it t-t-to you." Myrna giggled at the wishful, but whipped look in his eyes, as though he didn't expect her to even stay. "No, no just stay there, and I'll go ahead." It was her turn to blush. "Nobobdy's ever done it to me." He looked startled, and his hand spasmed slightly as it kept up it's jacking on his bright red dong. "Y-Y-Yer kidding. A g-g-great looking girl like you. I saw you the other night, running back up n-n-n-n-north there, and I've been beating off to you ever since. G-G-God what tits. How can you keep 'em f-f-from bouncing when you run?'

She giggled as she felt the nice rise of tension in her clitty. "They did at first, but after a while, when I got in better shape, they firmed up. They still, y'know, jiggle a bit." They stared at each other, about three feet apart, the moon and sweat making their bodies shine. He started bending forward slightly, as his hand moved faster and faster. She guessed that was to make it feel better, while she found she thrust her hips forward with each stroke of her hand. It arched her body, and finally they got in rhythm, their bodies seeming to strain toward each other in a writhing coordination. She heard him start to mutter "Fuck, fuck fuuuuck."

Myrna didn't know why she did it, it just came over her, a sort of final exhibition of herself. She took two steps forward while sinking backwards into the water, supporting herself with one hand, which left just the top of her body above the surface, right under his prick. He started grunting, and the white stuff flew out in a big gob, splattering on her tits. The heat of the fluid on her skin seemed to jolt her into climax, her hand mauling viciously in her pussy. His second spurt dropped on her bare vaginal lips, as though he had aimed. Little drops wet his hand. She gagged with the completion and thrill of it, groaning "God, god, god." She began to realize how nice it was to get off with a man.

After her orgasm ran its course, she collapsed into the water. He sat down, and they were both rubbing their bodies, trying to get the sweat and goo off. He kept staring at her, then whispered "Can I come over there? I'd love to feel your b-b-b-boobies." She smiled at him, feeling a welter of new emotion, affection, more lust than she could ever remember, amusement at his hesitancy. "Sure, c'mon. Why are you surprised I haven't been laid? Do I look like a slut? Oooh."

His hand was cupping one tit, and for the first time in her life, she liked it. The nipple stiffened. He was so unlike the arrogant, macho acting guys who usually made passes at her, that she felt in control, relaxed, comfortable. She arched her head backward so it was underwater, and when she surfaced, his head was right there. It seemed perfectly natural for them to kiss.

As she wrapped her arms around him, she realized why the girls talked so much about fucking. Her head was spinning, there was still tension in her belly, in spite of two climaxes, and the contact he was making with her mouth and her tits reverberated all over her body. She rolled toward him, wanting to feel more of his body, and he slipped to his back with a yelp. His head went momentarily underwater. When he came up, spluttering, she giggled, and he joined in after a moment of surprise. The spell broke.

"Look, buddy, you aren't gonna get any tonight, okay. I'm not even on the pill. This was nice, though. What's with the stutter? You're a nice looking guy, I always thought only geeks stuttered." He looked away from her, losing the smile. "S-s-s-since I was a kid. I must be a little psycho. M-my Mom says its 'cause I fell on my head when I was a kid. M-maybe that's it, I dunno. I wish I could run naked, but my cock flops and my balls hurt if I do. Boy I'd l-l-love to f-fuck you."

It was her turn to blush. "Have you done it? I mean, with a girl?" His smile came back. "Yeah, there's a girl in my class who's deaf, but she fucks everybody. I felt kind of sorry for her, and we went to the dance together. She let me do it to her right on her front porch, y'know, she didn't care about the noise or anything. I think she liked it, 'cause she let me do it a lot. But she moved away at the end of school year. It's b-b-better than jerking off." She could see his cock twitching. She felt closer to him, more attracted to him, than any of the boys she had known.

She rose and waded ashore, wiggling her hips for him. "I'm glad you like me. I liked what we did together. I'll be here tomorrow night, same time." Then she loped into the woods toward home.


All the next day, she was almost in a trance. She found the year old birth control pills her mother had given her, read the directions, and took three of the blue ones. According to the tiny fine print, which she used a magnifying glass to read carefully, that should protect her as long as she kept them up the rest of her month. Even as she did it, her dulled senses registered amazement at what she knew her actions implied.

The trivial chores she did took less time than usual, leaving her with spare hours to roam the small farm, looking at everything with fresh eyes. She imagined the animals fucking, the horses with their huge cocks, the dogs yelping as they chased imaginary prey, her mind's eye picturing their slender members penetrating bitches' backsides. All her hard won indifference to her body's urges had vanished, and even masturbating about four o'clock didn't change the seductive focus of her thoughts. Her cum was intense, much better than usual, but still left her tingling and weak feeling.

Myrna and her Aunt ate at six o'clock as usual, and as she lay in bed, waiting for sleep, her mind began to take in what had happened. She had crossed a divide, somehow, without even knowing it. She wanted to fuck, and all the reasons she had avoided it seemed trivial now. And she felt the younger, weak willed teen would be the right kind of guy to take her cherry, even though her hymen had broken years ago under the assault of a vibrator she had borrowed from one of her friends. There had been something about that mutual climax that had made her want to go all the way. The nudity, the shadowy light of the moon, the naturalness, all had created an impulse to dive into getting her cunt reamed good.

Fortunately, routine took over, and she was able to fall asleep, waking at 3 as usual. By the time she rounded the bend, her pussy was leaking, the big labia were swelled, jiggling lightly against her clit, and she kept waiting for him to appear. He was standing hip deep in the water. His face lit up when he saw her trot toward him.

"H-h-hi. I w-was afraid, umm, maybe you'd change your mind." She stood on the edge of the water, staring at him, but there was nothing in her mind but the desire to feel his cock inside her. She could smell her sweat, the musky odor of her cream wafting up from her groin, and the clean, pine scented woods. "You can do it to me, okay. It really is my first time, so you better take it easy." She started into the water.

"H-hey wait. Don't come in. I-I'd like to taste you sweaty, you look so n-neat, all shiny. Please." She was surprised, but stopped as he waded over, revealing his prick stiff and sticking up against his stomach. He knelt at her feet, licking at her thighs, one hand pushing at a knee so her legs would pull apart. She was intensely aware of the contact, hearing the slosh of the water when her foot moved, then grunted as his tongue licked up into her gash, all the way up to her clit. He did that three times, and set off a clanging in her pussy that was unlike anything she had ever been able to do to herself.

He was snuffling, and as she started to hump at his licking, he rose slowly upwards, licking into her bellybutton, then up to her tits. He was licking all the time, humming as the flat of his tongue sought her skin. She felt him grasp both her wrists, lift her arms, then bury his head in her armpit. It had stubble, and as she felt him licking, groaning as he did it, she humped her hips out, seeking contact with his cock. She heard herself moaning "Jesus fucking christ."

He licked the other armpit, and she felt her pussy tingling, pressure rising, her hips now starting to really vibrate seeking something, anything to touch her clitty. Then, suddenly, he was pressed against her, his thick member trapped between their stomachs, kissing her openmouthed. As his tongue penetrated, she tasted herself, and was surprised at how sexy it was. They were both groaning, and his hips were starting to batter back at her.

Myrna's head was spinning, the familiar urge to get off coursing through her. As she grappled with him, each undulating together, she wondered whether she should wait, stretch it out, or give in to her impulse and get him to stuff her cunt quickly. It was tempting to get him to eat her pussy some more, that had felt really good, but she also wanted to finally find out how a full twat felt. And she felt she was awfully close to a big cum.

He broke their passionate kiss, and he whispered in her ear "I-I-I d-don't know what to do to make you f-feel good. The other girl, s-she never told me anything, just let me stick it in. I-I really want you to like it." She pulled her head back and smiled at him. Somehow, his honesty got her even more excited. "Just fuck me, okay? I wanna find out what it feels like." As his mouth clamped to hers again, he eased her backwards, to lie with her shoulders on the soft bank, but her ass in the shallow water. His hand went between them, and she felt her cunt begin to stretch.

She couldn't see anything, but felt the opening as he pressed inside her wet, tingling pussy. It was amazingly easy, and there wasn't any pain. There was a funny sort of full feeling, but no contact with her clitty, until suddenly he raised slightly higher, his cock seemed to penetrate to her core, and some part of him rasped her little love tip. Almost immediately, she jerked her hips up at him, trying to make the contact harder, and heard him grunt. "G-g-geeez."

He pulled back out, and they started a rhythm. As he hunched forward, she met each lunge. The contact with her clit became almost constant. Her head was spinning, and she could feel the cum as it approached, tightening like a whilrpool in her groin. She felt his hand pull her knee up so her leg wrapped around his thigh, and found she could increase the pressure by tensing the leg, so she did the same with the other one, just as he began humping wildly. "Oh fuck, fuck, I'm g-gonna cum."

Everything happened at once, as his hips buried that hard but smooth tube to her depths, she caromed over the top, soaring with a climax far more intense than any she had ever experienced, while he froze inside her. She couldn't feel anything at first, the orgasm was so hard, but slowly began to sense fluid deep inside her cunt, lubricating his small movements. The continuing pressure on her clit kept her cum going, lasting and lasting. Her eyes were shut tight, as she concentrated on the wonder of it.

Myrna relaxed slowly, her mind clear, hearing the crickets, the wind, the lapping of the water, his breathing. She waited for him to pull it out of her, but he just lay there, still supporting himself on his elbows, his cock still deep inside her. She let her eyes open, and he was staring at her. "D-d-did you like it? I can g-go longer the second time. If you want." She smiled at him, and found she could squeeze his dong with the muscles in her abdomen, giggling as she did it. She had assumed his cock would soften after he popped, but it didn't. She arched to him again, whispering "Yeah, go ahead, do it again. I really liked it."

He began to pulse into her, his strokes no more than a couple of inches. She moved equally gently, making sure each one bumped her stiff clitty. He moaned "S-s-shit, the other one always made me pull it out once she came. You're still wet as hell. O f-fuck." She growled "Shut up, okay. Kiss me some more." As he did, she started pushing up to him harder, and their fucking became slowly more intense.

Myrna found herself drifting into a kind of languid pleasure, rotating her hips, feeling his thick dong inside her tingling, pulsating cunt, tension slowly rising all through her groin. Her tits squashed against his chest felt like they were on fire, the water lapping at her ass seemed to splash with each jolting hump, and she found herself clutching his back, pulling him tighter. She found she could control his speed with her legs, and he seemed anxious to respond to each signal she gave as she tried to get him to go faster, harder. She started to moan after a few minutes, feeling herself rise, not so explosively this time, but building up tremendous pressure.

He was muttering "Fuck, fuck, fuck." softly as he rode her harder. She began to see stars, and felt faint. The pleasure was too much to stand, it seemed, and she began surging up to him, turning out her knees to open her pussy wider. She was on a tense high, feeling every thrust, tension filling her body, wanting to cum. So badly. So... And suddenly, there it was, the brink, the edge, falling, falling into a void of completion that spun her in ecstasy. She groaned out a long sigh as the sharp orgasm welled up in her, only dimly conscious of the hard cock still pummeling her. She felt her twat contracting, then opening as the pulse of her pleasure seemed to fill her whole being. Nothing else mattered, just that incredible, ecstatic feeling.


Dudley Barrows stared at Myrna as she raced toward the goal, slight movement of her tits under the baggy shirt, her legs pumping athletically. She had a sweat line on her back, but she was intent on the goalie as she charged. She feinted left, the tall girl trying to keep her out went with the fake, and Myrna kicked the ball easily into the right side. She didn't raise her fist or anything, accustomed to the easy success she took for granted. Dudley wasn't sure she could make the All Conference team, but she had improved considerably over the summer.

He made eye contact as she came running back to midfield, raised his own fist, and that smile of hers made his cock pulse. By god he was going to get some of that chunky body, he thought. The girls all thought he was queer, teaching an art history course as well as coaching the soccer team, which made for effective protection when an opportunity like Myrna came along. He often yearned to bury his mouth in that sweaty crotch of hers after a game. He thought she had begun to notice that he sought out body contact with her during scrimmages, and she often made a point of slamming him around when she could take him by surprise. He only outweighed her by twenty pounds, but was faster and shiftier than she was.

Dudley knew she had noticed because she had enrolled in his Art History course late, after their first week of practice. As the second team started trying to advance the ball, he yelled instructions to the defense, even as Myrna started eying the midfielder who was trying to drift into the open. When the pass came, she intercepted it on the full run, then juked the defender, and was headed toward the goal again. Dudley yelled "Time", and saw the little flash of disappointment on her face. She loved showing up her trimmer teammates.

"Trevor, in for Myrna. Hey Myrna, c'mere." When she got to him, breathing hard but not at all winded, he told her to come over to the half field and try to handle him as easily as she handled the others. They spent ten minutes playing a little game of one on one, and she completely beat him on one move when he was watching the other field. But she didn't take it all the way into the goal, just kicked it back to him. Otherwise, he defended her pretty well, though not without having to bump her fairly soundly a couple of times. As he ran up her back trying to steal the ball, he let his hand cover her tit through the shirt, breathing hard in her ear. She ignored the touch, but when he kicked the ball away, she twisted her legs to trap one of his and put him down. They both giggled as they untangled. He got one good look at her firm ass, her shorts pushing the full globes out, and she grinned when she caught him looking.

Damn, he thought, she's reading my mind. Just as he thought it, she let the back of her hand brush against his tightly wrapped but hard cock.

Myrna wasn't surprised to feel Dr. Barrows cock stiff. The girls all said he was a faggot, but she had felt the way he made intimate contact with her when they scrimmaged, and his touch to her tit today had been just another example. He was a hell of an athelete, skinny and wiry, who could guard her better than any of the girls. She was amazed to find she didn't mind the contact.

She had never worried much about what would happen when she came back to school. Felix had fucked her almost every night since that night in July, and she loved every moment of it, coming to look forward to their hour long, three or four orgasm nights constantly. But she eventually tired of his submissive attitude, and kept wondering if there wasn't more than just him lying on top of her. She had read about other kinds of sex, different positions and stuff, but the only thing they'd tried was her on top. He lasted a little longer that way, and she had more cums, but school started before she got up the nerve to suggest other things.

She realized now how much she missed those nights. The week before classes started had been agony, since she had a roommate and couldn't get off except in the bathroom, or on long walks on the fairly empty campus. Every time Dr. Barrows bumped her around her pussy got wet. She knew he was in a tricky position, and couldn't be sure someone might squeal on him, so she tried letting him know she was interested with her own effort to make contact. She had enrolled in his class when she realized he was after her, but somehow the opportunity hadn't come up to be alone with him yet.

She liked his thin, english looking face, and the accent that sounded so effete. He had long, black hair that was always a little messy. It felt as though he had a pretty big cock. As he finished going over the details of their away game this weekend, she wondered if he was too shy, or too cautious to make a move. She found the note in her locker before she showered:

"Dear Myrna, I'd like to talk with you about your reasons for enrolling in my Art History course. Perhaps you could come by my house at seven tonight? I'll have a light meal we could share if you like."

She dressed carefully for the evening. She wanted to look sexy and yet not appear slutty. Her tight jeans and the loose blue blouse set off her hair, and she wore one inch heels. But she wore no bra, and no panties. As she walked across the campus, and the two blocks to his small ranch style home, she felt jazzed. This was different than the seductions other boys had tried on her, rather sophisticated, and had a forbidden quality she found exciting. The danger he was facing if she should expose him was an assurance that there would be none of the boasts the campus studs would have made. It would be their own secret.

As she knocked on his door, she wondered how it would go. His note had not been a command, and he couldn't be sure she would come. His expresssion showed relief as he drew her in, murmuring "Myrna, so glad you could make it." They stood staring at each other in the dim light of his foyer, and she found herself holding his hand. As the moment went on, her head buzzed as he seemed to come closer, and then they were locked in a hard, demanding embrace, their lips pushing together as their tongues met and dueled.

She felt his hand on her ass pulling her hips into him, and the hardness of his cock as it pulsed in her stomach. Her pussy was tensing and tingling. She had no idea if she was staining her jeans, but lost herself in his powerful male grip. The kiss seemed to go on and on, until she broke it. They were almost the same height, and she gasped "Fuck me Dr. Barrows. Quick, hard. I need it."

He pivoted to the right and with his arm still around her holding her butt, urged her into the living room where she noticed a tray of sandwiches and a cooler with a bottle of wine. His hand was unsnapping her jeans as they tumbled to the sofa, and he wrestled them off quickly as one hand covered her tit. She spread her legs as she heard him sigh and breathe "Oh my god Myrna and its shaved." Then she felt his mouth cover her pussy.

She couldn't tell exactly what he was doing, only that her clit kept throbbing higher and higher and she felt her cunt opening. She looked down as she unbuttoned her blouse, pushing his hand away only as long as it took to pull it away from her tingling breasts. His head was moving around down there, and she felt him licking slavishly at her slit. Realizing he was trying to get her off, she gurgled "No, no Dr. Barrows, fuck me, fuck me."

She pushed his head away and lifted her legs as he stood and pulled his turtleneck over his head, then pushed his pants down. Dimly, she realized his cock was even bigger than Felix's, longer but not thicker. It stood straight out, damp at the tip, and she grabbed at it as he got one foot out of his pants legs. Pulling his cock toward her pussy, she growled with need. He landed on one knee with a thump, then lowered himself on top of her as she pulled him inside her sopping wet hole. As she took her hand away, she found him staring at her wildly, and smiled up at him, feeling his cock sink deep into her.

He pulled out, stroked into her, and she felt his pubic hair scrape her bare pussy. Her clit dragged along his length, she arched her body up, and screamed out her cum. It was a wild orgasm, seeming to radiate outwards from her clit, as she dimly felt him pumping frantically into her. His chest was squeezing her tits, and his fucking kept her on a tide of pleasure. Then his fucking stopped suddenly, as his fully buried cock seemed to swell. He grunted, and there seemed to be a liquid fullness inside her that was warming and comforting as she slowly eased into a relaxed euphoria.

He was breathing hard, not as heavy suddenly, but kissing her ear, and her neck. She realized the lights were bright in the room, and a cat was staring at them from a windowsill across the room. She giggled when she noticed that. He glanced at the cat, and muttered "Scat, Mehitabel". Then he looked down at her, and whispered "That was quite an entrance, Myrna darling. You hardly gave me time to appreciate your wonderful body. I hope you aren't going to eat and run."

Then she noticed the two Raphealite prints on the wall above them. Well padded women, with glistening white skin, lolled around pools. He noticed her glance, and leaned down to nuzzle her shoulder. "I detest the modern, skinny models, Myrna. And please, call me Dudley." She grinned up at him, and stuck her tongue out as far as she could. He sucked on it as their eyes locked. She could feel his cock still inside her, not as stiff as Felix had always been after their first nut, but still clearly inside her. She squeezed it, and felt it lurch.

"Dr... umm, Dudley, can you think of any way I can come over here all the time? I mean if you want me to. I love to fuck. How long does it take you to come back?" She felt him hump into her, and suddenly his cock was fully hard again. "I love to fuck too, Myrna dear. We'll find a way." He began to stroke smoothly into her hot cunt as they kissed, she locked her legs over his thighs, and they lost themselves in their passion.


She had thought it was a strange idea, to run through the park paths ten miles from town in this driving rain. But it was great, the warmth of the night and the constant slipping and sliding, the rubbing of their wet, muddy bodies so exhilerating, and she realized again what a passionate and savage imagination he had. She could see him dimly, just ahead, his white ass bobbing, trying to stay on his feet. She had thought he would have trouble with his cock, but he had shown her it stayed hard as they pushed on. So it just wiggled from a slightly up to a slightly down position. When he twisted to let her see it, she would loosen her shoulders so her tits bobbed.

He was so obsessed with her, and yet so imaginative, that the last three weeks had been like a dream. The second night, when she snuck to his back door after dark, he had ushered her into a large bedroom lit softly in a rose hue. He dressed her in a long filmy purple robe and posed her in front of a tv camera. He spent an hour kissing her body, from her feet encased in five inch stilettos that she could barely stand in, up her torso, under her arms, never touching her pussy until she was wild with need. Just as she thought she would burst, he pulled the negligee off, and pushed her down on her side on the bed. He began to replay the tape on the big TV there as she felt his cock enter her pussy from the rear, and he whispered in her ear as he fucked her through three hard cums: "Look at your beautiful body, darling, full and ripe and voluptuous. Responding to my caresses, my worship, building our passion. Such lovely breasts, next time I want to let you fuck my cock with them, and your nipples so firm, so red. I hope you'll let me shave your cunt, maybe tomorrow night. Oh you hot bitch, go ahead, cum for me Myrna, my darling nymph. I'm going to keep going, I want to make you soar."

Then the next night, as he started to play with her asshole. She had heard of that kind of love, and he worked her up slowly until the weekend, when he finally fucked her there, and she discovered she liked it. Her firm, athletic body adjusted easily, and he had done her that way several times now, each better than the last. She fondly recalled the night before, when for the first time he had fucked her ass as he cycled a small dildo in her pussy. He was too gentle, and she finally pushed his hand away and reamed herself hard, bringing on a wild, frantic climax.

She had noticed too that anytime she stopped him doing something, or insisted he take longer, he acceded slavishly, so anxious to please she began to feel she was the dominant person in their relationship. When this indian summer weather had hit, she had demanded he find them somewhere outside to fuck. So here they were, and Myrna was enjoying the same sense of freedom she had always enjoyed with Felix.

They came to a clearing covered with mossy grass, near where his car was parked, but still remote. He stood in the middle of the glen, his hand stroking his cock, waiting as she ran up and embraced him. He turned her around and pushed her into a crouch, and she felt his tool feeling for her cunt. She giggled, feeling naughty, and pulled away. "Lie down, Dudley. Hurry." As he did, she let him watch her as she wiped the mud from her body, feeling sexy and taut as her hands caressed her tits, their hard nipples, and her abdomen. Even sopping wet as she was, the warm rain was a powerful turn on. His mouth hung open as she flaunted her meaty charms for him. She knew his buttons well by now.

She knelt over his hips, and positioning her pussy over his stiff penis, lowered herself onto him, feeling that wonderful fullness inside her. His hands began to maul her boobs and she leaned down so he could have easier access to him. She had become comfortable with his firm caresses. As her hips began to stroke up and down on his cock, she heard him groan, and leered at him. "Its nice and deep, Dudley. You like that hot cunt don't you? Don't you dare cum until I do, Professor, or I'll flunk you. Oh I feel it, yes I do, its so deep, so good."

She humped for another couple of minutes, and felt the lovely tension rising in her groin, then the sharp development of stinging completion approaching, plateauing, then bursting through her whole body. "Cum now Dudley, fill me, shoot it, ooh god yes." As Myrna soared, she realized her very best orgasms were always outside.

But as she came down, she realized again the doubts she had been feeling for the last week. Between soccer and Dudley, her grades were suffering. And though she loved the sex with her coach, his increasingly submissive character was discouraging. She realized she was going to have to cut back, or her schoolwork would suffer. And she still envied the skinny twats who seemed to have all the campus studs after them, and their parties.

She decided she would push Dudley a little harder. Even though the girls on her team bitched about his favoring her in the plays he designed, she knew they all realized she and the captain were the strongest players, and that she would be the captain the next two years. She had read up about D/s relationships on the Net, and decided, right there, with the rain falling down on them, washing away the cum leaking from her pussy, to find a collar she could make him wear. That idea lit a spark.

Even though he was shivering, she bent down and kissed him, giving him lots of tongue, then whispered "Again, Dudley. Keep it up." Somehow, he managed, and she started gyrating her hips once again, feeling him stiffen. Mmmm, she thought, it is nice to be obeyed. Just like Felix used to.


As she always was, she felt suspicious when the big senior started walking with her after their shared Computer lab. His name was Doug, and he was a winger for the men's soccer team. She had noticed him watching a couple of the scrimmages during the spring training for the soccer team. Myrna was acting captain now. The paper was pushing her for the all conference team, but she didn't think she would make it this year. And a freshman was playing with them who was going to be a great addition, and she and Myrna got along well.

Her name was Dana, and she wore very short hair, and was awfully butch. Many of the her classmates shunned her, but most of the soccer players knew how good she was, and several of them were gay too. Myrna remembered the afternoon Dana had waited by her locker for her to come in to shower, after a little one on one with Dudley, to give him a thrill for the day. She had taken to going over there just on weekends.

As she stripped her sweaty clothes off, she heard Dana whisper from behind her "Don't shower yet Myrn. Let me taste you ripe." They were alone in the locker room, and when Myrna turned, Dana was standing there naked. Her pussy was very hairy. Myrna had no particular interest in a lesbian relationship, but in women's sports had been exposed to enough to feel it wasn't a big deal. She wanted Dana to stay with soccer, because she had heard the girl was a good softball player too.

"Dana, I'm not gay, but this one time, if you want to, we can get off together. I don't mind, and I want to be your friend." Dana stepped up to push her slender, small breasted body against Myrna, and whispered "Just let me try you, bitch. You may find you like it." They went into the shower, Myrna sat down on a stool, and Dana began to eat her out. Myrna thought Dana probably felt she was inexperienced and could be brought to the gay point of view with a good sexual session, so she let herself soar with the girl's admittedly skillful licking. Then as they showered, she masturbated the girl.

Dana was content and stayed with the team. She hooked up with another girl, and the only mention they ever made of their shower together was when Dana whispered one day, "Anytime you want, bitch, I'll come back to you." Myrna gave her a smile, and they had gotten along fine ever since.

Doug was asking how she felt the new microsoft operating system was going to work as they walked along the campus sidewalk. She mumbled something about its glitches, and he said he hadn't run into them yet. Myrna thought he was a typical campus stud, handsome, well built, and very sure of himself, but not too bright. This was about the fourth time he had made a point of walking with her, and she felt an attempted seduction coming on. But he surprised her by asking her to a fraternity dance at the local hotel instead.

Myrna had developed a lot of confidence in the last semester, and a certain comfort in her place in the schools hierarchy. She was a jock, and a nerd, since no one knew about her relationship to Dr. Barrows. She was reasonably content, though she had always missed a more active social life. So she was right up front with Doug. "If you just want to get in my pants, Doug, don't bother, okay? I know I'm not the dating type. Don't embarrass me, and yourself."

Doug flushed, and gulped. Then he stuttered "G-Geez, Myrna. Don't be that way. You think all I want is to get in your pants? I mean, I'd like that and all, but you're smart, I love watching you play, and I enjoy being with you. I get tired of the cheerleaders, all worked up about their clothes, how many of the guys they've done, and who they can get to marry them." His face was red as he paused. "I graduate this year, and I'll be out there trying to find a job and want something other than a good piece of ass to spend time with."

Myrna held his gaze, and when she did, he finally looked down, still flushed. "Look, this is a nice dance, a live orchestra, we wear formals and everything. Its next weekend, and three of us have rented a limo. I really would like it if you would come with me."

She thought it was risky, but felt she should be able to handle any clumsiness. And Doug seemed to be a pussycat, not much of a threat to tear her clothes off. "Okay Doug. I've never been to one of those, and you'll have to teach me how to dance. What time will it be?"

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