The Trail

by Phoebus

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A hike in the Columbia River Gorge


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The trail crunches under foot as it leads on up through the Gorge. The air is cool, crisp and smells of an early Autumn day. The sky is that clear blue one sees on that rare day when the sun will be out all day, but never gets hot. My feet seem to barely touch the ground as I attack the path. The day is young and I am filled with energy.

The forest is filled with the sounds of silence, the only sounds I hear are my breathing and the steady cadence of my footfalls. The autumn colors appear to explode between evergreen trees and fill the path with wet and dry leaves. I am distracted by a large gray squirrel as it crosses the path near a junction on the trail. it pauses on a snag to munch on a nugget. I pause to capture the moment. He seems to know and waits while I retrieve my camera and snap some views of this energetic little creature.

Moving on down the trail, I am wondering where all the other hikers may be, as this is a popular trail. Well, their loss I suppose.

After an hour or so I realize that perhaps I may have taken a wrong turn? Pausing briefly at a junction, I see that to be the case. The river is no longer in sight.

I'm on the wrong side of the hill.

This is not a good thing...

Glancing at my watch I see that the day is more than half over and I will be hard pressed to get back to the trail head. Assuming I can retrace my steps...

A quick check of my pack reveals that I am not prepared for a night on the hill. Yikes!

In the distance I see a small structure, that looks like is might a place of refuge. I follow the over grown path and find that it is a cabin in the woods that has not been used in some time. Although whomever built it took great pains as it is sound and solid.

I knock - no answer.

I try the door and with some effort it opens...

The cabin is dark and cold. Has not been used in a while. I turn on my pen light to see the room.

Hmmm... the cabin is not very big maybe 20 x 20 feet

A table.

2 chairs.

A simple iron wood stove.

And a small bed tucked in the far corner.

All neatly kept. Not much else. The standard rustic scenes on the unfinished walls, Some cabinets around the the area of the table and a small counter top and wash basin. looks like a hunters way station or some private little escape hatch(?).

A little dust covers the surfaces. A small pile of wood is next to the stove, plus kindling.

"1st order of business is warmth", I say to no one in particular.

I give the stove a once over. Looks sound and solid. The pipe to the roof is clear, so there's no reason not to warm things up a bit. I'll be here over night - might as well be comfortable. After a bit of work the the stove is alight. Soon the room is warming up and I look to get comfortable. Bed seems firm enough, maybe just stretch out here for a few winks...

I awaken to hear the wind howling and the rain pelting the roof of the cabin. the weather has taken a turn for the worse. The stove still has some wood burning so I let it be, the cabin has warmed up nicely.


I hear something (someone?) fumble with the door and it opens, to reveal a bundled form coming in from the cold wet evening. Right away I can see that she is cold, wet and a bit frightened. (Lost perhaps like me?)

I smile and say "hello".

Her eyes widen... "hi, what are you doing here?".

"I got lost on the trail and found this cabin, it appear unoccupied so I ducked in for a rest and to get out of the weather"

She pauses for a moment "I see... So you made your self at home?"

"Yes I did, but when I leave it will be as it was, perhaps a bit cleaner. "

A moment of silence...

"Are you lost too?" I query.

"No, ah yes I am I got separated from my friends on the trail and missed the cutoff."

In the light of the lamp I see her soft brown eyes scan the room, the sensuous curves of her body are evident beneath her close fitting outerwear. Her dark blonde hair is wet and mussed under her tuke.

"Why don't you come over by the stove and warm yourself?"

She closes the door and and removes her hat and coat, hanging them by the door. she comes close to the stove and warms her hands and backside. The curve of her backside is alluring to me. It is round and firm, this is evident even beneath her outerwear. she rubs her bottom with her hands as she faces away from the stove.

"You have any coffee or something hot to drink?" She asks, as she rubs her body to get warm.

" I haven't look in the shelves, but have some instant in my pack, you want some?"

"Sure", taking off her sweater. This reveals a snug fitting top that shows her firm breasts and tight stomach, she stretches as if for effect, accentuating the curves of her body. She starts to comb out her hair

"The real question is there something to boil water in..." I fumble around looking for a pot for the water. I try not to stare at her.

"I'm getting warm now". She smiles and the room seems to brighten.


Her brown eyes twinkle with mischief

The water is hot and I get two mug down and mix up the instant coffee for us.

"I hope you like your coffee black, 'cause I have no cream or sugar." I say handing her the steaming mug.

She pauses for a moment and playfully grabs my crotch, " I think I can find some non dairy creamer."

I am stunned for moment, left speechless by this lovely creature fondling my member, which was slightly aroused by her ass.

"I see you're mind is already there" she continues, leering at me.

She puts her mug down on the table and takes two hands to the task of unzipping my fly and releasing my hardening manhood. She pulls my shorts down around my ankles, sits me down in a chair and kneels before me, her eyes wide and interested.

"I've never seen an unclipped one before."

She smiles and blows on me softly, licking her lips. My cock is fully aroused now, sticking straight out from my groin, the foreskin slightly pulled back from the tip, so that it peeks out from the end. She slowly removes her lycra top revealing a firm tummy and round firm breasts encased in a sports bra. In a moment she removes that and her breasts are known to me. Round firm and creamy, they have never seen the light of day, a tan line from last summer is still evident. Her nipples are the size of a dollar, not the new one, but one of those old Ike dollars. Big and dark and erect, either from the cold or arousal.

She slowly caresses my erect member with one cheek and then the other - teasing me. Licks her lips and then licks my shaft from balls to tip and back again. Now slowly she wraps the end with her lips and I get that warm moist feeling on my glans, like no other. Her tongue lightly dances underneath. Her hand reaches under and cups my sack and slowly kneads it. A groan of pleasure escapes my throat.

She pauses, "You like it then?", she asks.

A purely rhetorical question, she slowly takes my member into her mouth and begins to slowly suck, tongue and otherwise slowly push me down the road to the edge of the precipice.

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