Geek Luv

by Phoebus

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The IT guy gets together with the CFO


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And her red hair cascaded down around her shoulders. I had her try the process again after the patch was applied.


She smiled her stressed out smile, that end of the month accounting group overworked, I've got to close the books smile she uses.

"Good to go?"

"Yep, I'll be able to get my reports done now."

"Excellent, let me know if you have any other issues."


That has been out relationship. I'm the computer geek, she's the head bean counter. I make sure the trains run on time, she counts the cars as they go through the station. She calls me when she needs something fixed on or in her computer. I go to her to justify why I need to spend hoards of capital on new toys, er, equipment.

I wander back to my office, pit that it is papers everywhere, equipment laying about, it a wonder I can get anything done at times. But it's home, they leave me alone and I can get my work done.

The monitoring software seems to be functioning properly. I can see the network - BEEP

(now what)


"Again? I just patched it, OK hang on I'll be right over"

(Damned Microsquish, wish they'd write good code)

Back over to accounting, I'm not supposed to be this busy on a Sunday for cripes sake. Suzanne is on the phone. She motions me in and in front of her machine. It all seemed correct. She hangs up the phone.

"Look and this."


"This crap in my mail"

"it's porno-spam just get rid of it"

"No look at it."

I look.

Typical cheap sleazy HTML porno-spam. You can filter until hell freezes over and you still end up with this crap.

"OK, I've violated company policy by looking at this, what is the point?"

"The point is it's trash"

( I'm not getting it... )

"It's not interesting, it doesn't make me want to click on the button"

(huh? she called me over to discuss this?)

"So just delete it..."

"What I'm saying is any woman with half a brain could do better than this"

( I think she's been at the numbers too long... )

"and your point is..."

She bends over her desk, her gaze fixed on me, "It's not sexy!"

"I agree it's not"

I've not been this close to her before. Nice perfume. Don't dare look down. Thought about it, oh shit, too late. DOH!

The sight line was excellent, right down the blouse, through the bra and through her cleavage. Nice view.

uh oh, busted.

"You like what you see?"

"It's an interesting vantage point.", I figure now I'm either toast or it could get interesting.

"Can't really judge, but I 'm intrigued."

She stood up straight, cocked her hip to the right, placed her hands on her hips and smirked at me.

"Well if you're not interested"

"Hey now, I said I was intrigued but could not judge"

She smiled and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a silky smooth white bra with a front clasp. Her tummy was firm and smooth. One would never know seeing her every day in her shapeless ill tailored clothing. But then maybe she's compensating for be a woman in a tough job.

She's resting her hand on the clasp of her slacks.

"Should I continue?"

"Don't let me stop you, you're doing just fine." I glad her desk is between me and her, as my cock is beginning to poke out of the bottom of my shorts. Should've worn underwear.

Unclasping her slacks, she slides the zipper down the side if her hip and steps out of them as they fall to the floor. I am completely numb. Here I am on a Sunday morning, wanting to get some work done, sitting in the CFO's office with the door closed watching her do a strip tease for me. The woman who is so square during work hours it's scary...

Shit - this is scary.

"So?" She turns a slow spin.

Thong underwear, jeez what next.

"I'm impressed, you have a very desirable body."

"How desirable?" "Show me."

"Lose the rest of your clothes and sit down on this side of the desk, and I'll show you"

Her eyes widen - not expecting this or she's... ?

She reaches up to her bra and unclasps it while turning around, her back to me, she drops it to the floor. She unclasps her panties and they too drop slowly to the floor. She bends over and picks up her things and folds them neatly and places them on the table. She turns towards me to reveal quite possibly the most perfect set of tits this viewer has ever seen. Round, pale, smooth and firm. The rare breast, full natural and self supporting, she has nurtured these well. Her nipples are erect and about the size of a old style Ike silver dollar, they look so dark and suckable. A contrast to her creamy skin. My eyes slowly traverse her body taking it all in soft curves on her hips, and a full bush, rare these days. I've got a raging hard on now. Glad now that I didn't wear underwear, would have been most uncomfortable.

"Come here and sit on your blotter."

There's that smirk again. She accepts and came around behind the desk and sat down on the blotter.

"That's right, now open you legs, lean back and let me show you how much I appreciate your body."

Her thighs are taut and smooth, responding to my warm breath and tongue by becoming all goose bumpy. I start at her left knee and slowly and gently begin nibbling her soft flesh. The combination of tongue and teeth, makes her gasp and writhe slightly. My hands reach behind her and cup her firm ass, I don't want her to wiggle away. As I move in closer to her divine triangle, she opens her legs slightly wider, and I begin to smell her sex, her musk. I reach up to cup one of her breasts and she guides my hand to it.

Oh man a perfect fit, in my hand, cupping it front eh under side, my hand finds a home. My thumb and index finger tweak her nipple slightly and I hear her squeak.


I stop - "No please touch it some more, I want you to play with it, be aggressive!"

She likes it rough, ok I can do that... Rolling her nipple around in my fingers, she seems to melt slightly in my grasp. Pulling on it she pulls back and we play an intimate game of tug-o-war.

I have reached my objective and lick my lips, then hers...

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