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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Some fun after her shower


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Hot water from the shower cascaded over her body, washing away the week's worries and stress. She soaped up her skin, touching and caressing herself in the privacy of the shower stall. She loved this time she had to herself, allowing the sensual side of her being to peak out, the intimacy of washing herself was something she treasured and waited for. Her shyness did not permit her to overtly show her desires, even to her husband.

Her hands caressed her breasts, dark full mounds crested with large, almost black nipples. her fingertips teased them. coaxing sensation from with her. Her almond eyes closed with the pleasure of it all.

Soon her hands traveled down her belly to her sex, touching, probing, seeking, wanting. She leaned against the stall and silently found her release, shuddering with private pleasure found.

After a moment she opened her eyes and reached for the shower knob. Snapping over to cold, she endured her penance - a cold shower, which made ever nerve in her body scream. She could feel her skin tighten, almost hear her nipples become erect. in the cold wash of the shower head.

Reaching for the knob she pushed in, cutting off the flow. A shallow gasp escaped her lips.

Opening the door she reached for a towel. Roughly she dried herself, wanted to extend the sensations as long as possible. The rich thick towel scraped against her skin, leaving a tingly buzz.

Wrapping herself in the towel, she grabbed another and began the process of drying her long dark hair. She thought about cutting it short, every now and then, but her husband loved it so. And if truth be known she would miss it, after all her hair had always been long and dark and silky smooth.

She was a woman that men looked at, and that women looked sideways at. Very attractive in a very exotic and sensual way. Her chocolate skin accentuated her full soft lips. Her hips were full and round, her bust was ample, her tummy curvy yet firm. She was what many men would desire in a woman, and yet she was shy, even around her husband.

Swirling the towel around her head into a turban, she let the towel around her body fall to the floor. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror an appraised herself, cupping her breasts, turning and primping herself.

It took along time for her husband to convince her to shave her sex smooth, and for a time she felt like everyone knew she was smooth there. But after a while it had become natural to her, and she loved the way it felt, both when she was nude, and when she was out in public, with the satin smoothness of her clothing touching her skin.

She spun around to catch a glimpse of her ass - she thought is was too big, her husband always told her it was just right, and would give it a firm squeeze, or run a finger down the crack and make her squirm. She felt a blush come over her when she thought of that. and yet she welcomed his touch in all ways.

Today was just another weekend day. Nothing special, but she found that her husband was up early and puttering around the house, doing odds and ends things. This puzzled her as normally she was the first one up and about. She at times had to tease him out of bed.

She began to gather something to wear. She hated wearing a bra, but wanted her breasts to stay as firm a possible for as long as possible. She studied the clasps and cup for a moment before putting it around her. She was just about to pull the straps up when the clasp was released by her husband.

"damn you", she said with a smile. And turned to face him. Her breasts wobbled gently in the morning light. "Just what have you been up to, my industrious mate?"

"Damn me eh?" He pulled her close and kissed her lips, gently at first. He loved kissing her lips, so soft and moist. And when she opened her mouth to his, it was if nothing else mattered.

She broke off the kiss, "what are you plans today?"

"pleasing you"

"In what way... ?", she smiled looking in his eyes.

She felt his touch on her skin, it felt electric. Her nipples stiffened, she felt a longing inside of her. His hands cupped her bum, and his finger tip ran down the crack. She pressed her body against his, her blushing masked by the the chocolate of her skin. She wondered if he knew how conflicted she was. Half wanted him to take her now and the other half, wondered what he saw in her.

She allowed her hands to caress his skin, always fascinated by the contrast of his skin beneath hers. She felt vulnerable as he was fully clothed and she was fully not. Yet she could feel his hardening cock beneath his jeans, she reached down and gave it a squeeze.

'you sure that you are for pleasing me and not you mindless friend down here?"

"he gets involved only at your need".

He lifted her up on the counter top and dropped to his knees before her.

'now then what have we here..." His strong hands pushed her thighs open and revealed her sex to him. A bit of pink against her skin. His lips touched her knee and then her thigh.

'no she whispered, not that, oh god I'll be useless after this..."

"you want me to stop?"

She opened her legs wider, and lifted then over his back, using her calves to pull him closer.

Her eyes met his, "does that answer your question?"

A little slouch on her part, and all at once she felt his lips touch her, his tongue dart inside of her. She ran her hands across his scalp, massaging him, urging him.

'damn you," she sighed, " this is so good, mmm yes..."

His hands began to wander and probe. His touch was electric on her skin. Her ass, her hips, her belly. Her breasts, she held his hands there on her breasts, urging his touch. Her nipples begged to be pinched, squeezed and teased.

She could feel that warmth spreading out inside of her. Starting in her belly and rapidly filling her being. Soon she lost track of where she was, what was around her and anything else. She wanted to scream out his name in pleasure, but could only moan and whimper and sensation filled her, ebbed and flowed, and did so again. She closed her eyes and let it wash over her.

Finally she gently pushed him away from her.

With half open eyes she looked down at him, "damn you bastard, " she smiled, " you do that so well. I so love it and don't deserve it."

He licked his lips and reached for a towel to wipe his face. " I do it because I can, and I do it to please you, and face girlie, I do it because I love you."

Her heart seemed to flutter a bit at his words, it always did. She felt the she did not deserve his love. And yet, she had it. Unconditionally.

She slid down off of the counter and reached for him. He stood up and took her in his arms, and their lips met, she could taste herself on his lips, and the darting of his tongue seemed to enhance the flavor.

She broke off the kiss, " my turn.", she whispered.

And with that she slid down to her knees, her hands traversing his body. While she was always unsure of herself, she knew he loved this, when she did it.

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