Melanie's Tale

by Phoebus

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She meets her online lover


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It was un seasonably warm, hot to not put too fine of a point on it. And sweaty. She could feel the moisture of her own perspiration under her breasts and between her thighs. Sitting in front of the fan, naked and sweaty, only managed to increase her already elevated libido. When her man came home she thought that she just might have to rape him or at least rip off his clothes and have her wicked way with him.

No - he was never in the mood it seemed...

Her back was to her computer and she could not see the IM client flashing for her attention.


Startled, she turned around, her mounds swaying softly in front of the screen.

Hmmm... he's on, I wonder what he wants.

She typed a reply to his hello.

Oh my...


Just today...

As long as I would like...

Oh fuck me...


OK - see you soon...

Her sex tingled between her thighs, her nipples pointed the way to her closet where she got out something to wear in this heat. Nothing fancy, just something to get her there and then be easily removed, Ahh yes there it is the Miami Heat warm-up suit. Velcro fasteners, on tug and it all falls away. A loose tank top will do.

No just a sports bra.

Someone could get hurt with these swinging in the breeze.

With that she dashed out the door and got in her car...

Driving down the highway the wind swirled around her and whipped her hair around, the warmth of the sun was leavened by the rush of air around her. She tried hard not to have a grin on her face but the entire time she smiled. She could feel her heart pounding beneath her breasts, it was as if she was going on her very first date. So excited and nervous.

Would he like her?

Would he find her desirable?

Would he want to?

Would she?

She'd know in a few minutes and her exit was coming up, and she could see the hotel near the causeway.

She stopped at the light and paused for a moment. Turned right and then left into the hotel parking lot.

She spent a few moment primping and brushing out her hair. A bit of red lipstick and a touch of perfume. Yes, she thought that will do nicely.

After putting up the top, she locked the car and turned to face the hotel.

A deep breath.

And on into the lobby. He was up on the seventh floor, room 707. She took the elevator up, hating the mirrored walls and ceiling. She spotted the camera and as she left the elevator stuck out her tongue. The hallway was dead quiet as she made her way to his room.

There it was, the brass plate said 707. She knocked. A bit softly. She waited.

And was just about to knock again when the door opened.

"hello", he said, with that FM radio voice, "come on in girl."

Once inside he closed the door, but not before he hung out the do not disturb sign. She looked him over for a moment. He seemed a bit groggy, as if he'd just gotten out of bed or was hung over. Then she realized that he was a left coast person, and being it was only 10 AM, he was a bit out of sync. The hotel robe hung loosely around him and she could see the forest of hair on his chest and legs. It appeared that the razor had not yet made acquaintance with his face today. Al this she took in in a few seconds.

He took her in his arms and kissed her, at first tentatively, but then as she accepted his advances, deeper and with more vigor. He tasted minty, and of coffee as if just after brushing his teeth. His tongue touched hers and danced with it, and she responded in kind.

She touched the back of his robe, her hands seeking purchase on the fabric. She lifted it and found his bare ass and she loved it. Her fingers ran down the crack until his legs. and then back up again.

"a bit forward there girlie"

"you started it"

"shall we continue?"

"of course"

She felt her sports bra become loose and his hand on her back, then down to the waistband of her pants. And then inside cupping her ass. In front she could feel his hardness against her belly. After all of his poetry and prose she knew what he wanted, and she knew that she wanted to.

She stepped back for a moment, removed her bra and then knelt before him. Slowly and with some fanfare she opened his robe, revealing his throbbing desire.

She eyed it and then looked up at him. His eyes were focused, burning hot.

Never breaking her gaze she took him into her mouth, making his dick slick with her spit. It touched the back of her mouth and she slid it back our again. In her mind she knew he did not ever get this and she knew, as much pleasure as she got from his words, she would try to return in kind with this deed. She ran her tongue the length of his shaft, a gentle caress with her teeth, and she felt him sway a bit.

'like that?"

a low growl was her response.


She worked her mouth over him, down deep and then out, taking his balls in her mouth each in turn. She pulled back his foreskin and found the one spot that all women know, intuitively, that can make a man melt, and she teased it. His hands found her shoulders, and soon found her head.

"you want to fuck my mouth, baby?"

"god yes..."

They moved to the bed where he laid back and she knelt over him. She want him cum, and she was going to get it.

She began to work him up to the edge, but not release him. Her head bobbed up and down, his hips lifted to meet her. A salty taste touched her tongue. She adored it. It was him coming to fill her mouth.

At first she heard it, a low groan. Then she felt it his, cock stiffened in her mouth. Then a warm wet salty mess filled her mouth and he groaned loudly and thus hard. Pointing his cock at her tits she stroked his cock and massaged his balled to get every last drop out of him.

Towards hi send he laughed in pleasure. Something he'd told her about before, she found it to be a erotic thing that a man could do that.

She sat up and rubbed his cum into her skin, massaging her breasts and and giving him a bit of a show. She then lay down next him. Snuggling close her eyes held his.

He kissed her, deeply, she knew that she had swallowed him but that some still remained. Many guys wouldn't do that but he did. She was pleased.

His kisses began to wander. To her eyes, her ears, her neck. Interspersed with soft nibbles and bites, not leaving marks, but memories. Soon he reached her shoulders. Then her breasts. He spent a long time, kissing, sucking, nibbling and caressing her breasts. A lot of ground to cover. She didn't mind at all.

Under her breasts to her belly then to the waistband of her pants.

He tugged at the velcro pants, and just like that they were gone. Her nakedness seemed to thrill him and his hands wandered across her body, taking it all in. Gliding gently across her skin, his fingers danced on her thighs, soon followed by his lips. Her legs parted slightly, inviting him closer. She felt his breath on her skin, warm and moist, followed by the touch if his lips and tongue. She opened her legs wider to reveal her sex, smooth from the Rio she had recently.

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