Sex on the Mary Dreare

by Whiff

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Three beautiful people from the wrecked "Mary Dreare" come to the surface in todays times, leading to very sensual experiences for many bystanders


The Mary Dreare went down during a storm in 1824, further from the shore of North Carolina than normal because her Captain was trying to escape the weather. She had been bound for New Orleans, and the passengers had been warned that it was a perilous journey at this particular time of year, but she was a large ship, four masts and with room for nearly one hundred, not counting crew. The selection of those who continued to inhabit the ship as she lay on the ocean bottom was rather curious.

Certainly the most attractive were Darius Absolving, a professional gambler (think Pierce Brosnan), his companion, Mrs Frank Skeffington (think Jenna Jameson, without the boobs. We'll get to the boobs later.), and her daughter, Glenda (think Sylvia Saint). They had each been in the throes of passion as the ship went down, Mrs. Skeffington having cum two minutes before, and Darius pouring his seed into her just as the Mary Dreare went under. Glenda was spying on them from her adjoining stateroom, and masturbating as she watched. All the inhabitants were in one way or the other, in fact or in mind, engaged in libidinous conduct at the crucial moment.

Existence was rather strange there on the oceans bottom, but everyone adjusted quickly. There were some strange rules. Darius, Mrs. Skeffington, and Glenda could see and touch each other, but touch none of the other residents. As they would promenade around the deck of an evening, they could see others, and would nod, but could not hear them or touch them. There were around twenty people, and Darius supposed they all felt as he did, that it was a great deal better than the fate ordinarily reserved for riders on a sunken ship. They were not cold, nor affected by the currents, nor in any way bored. They simply existed.

The thing they all did frequently, lacking much other amusement. was fuck. Darius, Mrs. Skeffington and Glenda were able to touch, feel, and thus interact with each other. The other residents they could watch, but not join. Darius had been stealing Mrs. Skeffington from her husband, along with all her jewelry which he had planned to pawn to finance his gambling., and young Glenda had even before embarking made her very precocious sexual interests known to him. For a time they were able to be perfectly satisfied with all the variations two women and a man could manage, and, another of the strange rules, pregnancy was not a problem. Eventually, they made an effort to engage others, but did not man age it. During one of these escapades, as they observed another attractive couple in furious coupling, and Darius commented positively about the woman's breasts, Mrs. Skeffington discovered she could concentrate and develop a spectacular bust, which she kept permanently. (NOW think Jenna Jameson, complete with boobs.) Glenda, being young, never acquired the knack.

After over a hundred years, they had become very very good at a level of sensuality that would have scandalized the primitive world they had left. Mrs Skeffington developed an amazing deep throat ability, which she taught Glenda. It was apparently unnecessary to resort to lubrication to engage in sodomy. Being young, and with so much practice, they were all able to achieve orgasm far more often than normal, the ladies more than Darius, of course. They saw nothing wrong in this existence, and were never particularly aware of a deeply buried frustration, until the arrival of the submersible. It came whirring out of the gloom one afternoon, as Darius and Mrs. Skeffington were enjoying a lovely, relaxed sixty nine on a canvas covered skiff. They disengaged and were surprised to see a young couple inside, peering excitedly out at the Mary Dreare, but disappointed that the couple did not appear to see them.

Naturally this new addition attracted everyone's attention, and it was apparent that the young couple were exploring the ship, but unaware of its inhabitants. When it began to rise upward, only Darius and his ladies had the courage to ride with it. (Don't ask me how, I'm the author, not god.) The ship they arrived at was a spectacular surprise, made of steel, with an amazing number of masts and protuberances, whirring, rumbling things, and a crew of about twenty. It was the Carypso.

Being by definition old fashioned, the family was amazed at the casual and scanty costumes of the crew. Nearly all the women wore little more than underclothes, and were tanned from the sun. Many of the men wore tiny pants which barely covered their privates. The family was naturally wearing their best formal clothes. Mrs. Skeffington commented to Darius that she had the feeling that by concentrating, she could bring them to the attention of any of the crew. Most of the afternoon was spent debating which members that should be, but they concluded that the young couple who had ridden the submersible were the best candidates.

Joel Swenson was the son of an Admiral, and had been fascinated by the sea all his life. He was also very bright, which had led to a PHD in Oceanography at 22, and second in seniority on the research vessel Carypso, exploring the deep waters east of Florida. Of average height, he was a handsome, well built man whose blue swedish eyes had been fascinating women since his seduction of his babysitter at age eleven. Practice and habit had made him constantly horny.

He had invited the beautiful Lena Jones (think Veronica Zemanova) to be his assistant on this cruise less because of her brain than her beauty. She was also a couple of years older than most of the seniors he taught in his college course on deep sea exploration. He did not know that she was a career stripper, having amassed a sufficient nest egg to attend school by becoming a regular at the "Krazy Kat" on the other side of town. She had had a boob job at eighteen, and liposuction on her tummy at twenty, and was at her present age of twenty four a spectacular brunette who still commanded substantial tips on the weekends. She had understood Joel's intentions when he invited her on this adventure, which she had looked forward to, so that they had been lovers for most of the cruise.

The evening after they had found the old wooden schooner wedged on a steep fissure at about two hundred fathoms, they were watching the sunset from the little spot on the foredeck which provided a bit of privacy for them, and were discussing their dive. They would retire soon to their adjoining rooms, where Lena was sure Joel would do his usual enthusiastic cunnilingus for her, prior to fucking her for his usual ten minutes. She thought he viewed sex as a sport, rather than a meeting of minds and souls, as she fiercely hoped some man would someday find with her. But she had no complaints.

"I had the strangest feeling down there Joel. It was as though we were being watched. Remember the way those little clouds of murkiness kept drifting around? I thought it was spooky, but I felt, I dunno, kind of excited too. I know you always think I'm imagining things."

Joel was indeed becoming a little bored with Lena's imagination, so he answered "That's just the microscopic life from deeper drifting upwards until it bursts, doll. Remember my lecture on plankton? Its like that, except a different organism. I..." But Lena's eyes were opened wide and she was staring over his shoulder. He rotated around to find a man and two women standing in the shade of a machine housing, smiling at them both.

They were dressed in old fashioned clothes, the man in something that almost looked like tails, and the women in gowns with amazing frilly details. At first Lena thought them almost statues, posed as they were, their eyes seeming to bore through her. Then she thought what odd, conservative garments they were wearing, and then she noticed some little details. The good looking man's pants were tented by what looked like a huge cock, semi-erect, and his pose pushed his hips forward in a lascivious way. The older of the two gorgeous blonde women had a very low decolletage, and enormous breasts which puffed up above the neckline. One hand lingered on the junction between them so that you could not escape noticing their fullness. The younger woman had very bright lips and an eager, sensual smile, while her hand pressed her thin dress against her hips, outlining her pubic area. Both women had their hair up, though the older one had masses of curls.

The man bowed low, and spoke in a low, sexy voice. "Good evening. My name is Darius, and this is Mrs. Skeffington and her daughter Glenda. We are hoping you might introduce us to your world, for it is new to us." As he said this, his eyes held Lena's, and she felt a seduction in them that made her pussy tingle.

Joel was seriously non-plussed by the three, but his lecturing experience had made him able to at least answer. "Well certainly, we would like to be helpful. But may I ask where you came from? The crew... ummmm, well I'm Joel, and this is Lena." Mrs. Skeffington took three leisurely steps to him, and took his hand.

"I am delighted to meet you, Joel. You are very handsome, and have a lovely body. Glenda and I have known only Darius for a long time. What is the name of this vessel?" As she said this, Glenda took his arm on the other side and breathed in his ear as she pressed her pubic bone against his thigh.

Joel felt a shiver of excitement rattle through his body, and realized that his cock stiffened so that his shorts were pushed out. Mrs. Skeffington looked down casually, then smiled at him lasciviously. Without taking her eyes away, she murmured "We have chosen well, Darius." He felt Glenda's pussy twist around toward his stiff prick. He found himself, for the first time ever, speechless.

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