The General's Driver

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A General's driver gets demoted and then after an encounter then promoted after showing some resolve. Shows who runs the army.



Returning to camp from a trip to the town on a Saturday evening late. I took a short cut through back lanes and came across this big black Austin Princess car with its front wheels in a ditch. The driver slumped over the driving wheel and out for the count.

Oh! I knew the car well, for I used to drive this particular car and the new driver was Sergeant Murphy; the bastard who had dropped me in the shit for taking a gallon of petrol. He envied me driving the general's car and I had fallen straight into his hands. I had been reduced to Corporal and taken of the VIP's drivers list because of this bastard.

I looked in the back and lo and behold was the second on my hate list, the General's wife. She was a right stuck up bitch, who ordered her staff around as though she was the general. She was muttering away to herself and was as drunk as a skunk.

"Why have we stopped? I want to get to bed," she slurred.

I could barely see her features within the car for there was only a quarter moon and high trees edged the lane. I did see the way she was lying, splay legged on the back seat of the car though. Her evening gown hem way up her thighs exposing the bare skin above her stockings.

I wonder if she knew she was exposing so much flesh. I got in the back with her, closed the door and just placed my hand on her plump cunt. The bitch was wet, not the piss wet, but a sticky slimy wet.

"Oh Henry, I have been waiting on you doing that all evening," she said spreading her legs even further.

Who the hell was Henry? Her Generals name was Terrence, and then it struck me, her son's name was Henry. Her son was fucking the old cow.

The panties she was wearing were hipster type and I just took the top and pulled them down, she even obliged by lifting her hips to let them slip off.

I got a bit too close, for she reached up, put her arms around me, engulfing me in her arms and pressing me to her ample breast, which was almost exposed by the dress she was wearing.

That helped me a bit, for I eased her on to the large floor space. Her legs locked around my hips as I laid her on the floor. I was still able to undo my trousers and slide them down exposing my large cock, which was rock-hard at this stage.

It was so easy slipping into her and buried myself up to the hilt.

"God Henry, that's wonderful you have filled mummy up this time," she said hugging me to her.

I pushed her back with my hand on her bare breast, for it was easy to slide in on the low-cut front and take a handful of breast. I drove hard into her, creating that old familiar slapping sound, as our bodies came together. She was a real hot bitch too, lifting her stomach and thrusting her hips into my thrusting cock. I felt her vagina grasping my cock as I drove deep into her so moist passage. What I didn't want to do was shoot my fat into her, so I stopped for a bit to let my impending climax recede, but she kept thrusting and rolling her hips which kept my climax coming.

I quickly withdrew and managed to catch my spending in my hand. I knew the car carried tissues in the drop down cabinet behind the driver's door and I took a handful and wiped my hands. I put her panties and the dirty tissues in my pocket.

Usually most women close their legs after you unmount, but not the Generals wife she was lying there with her knees bent and thighs wide open. I wish I had a camera for I would have taken a picture of her.

She had dropped off to sleep. I got out, opened the front door and taking Sgt. Murphy under the arms dragged him out and put him in the back seat. I undid his trousers and took out his cock, stuck two fingers up the Generals wife's cunt and got them all sticky. I then deposited the secretions on the end of his knob and up and down the fly's of his trousers. I shut the doors and made my way back to camp. Dropping the tissues about half a mile from the scene.

I sniffed her panties as I walked towards the camp; they had a mixture of perfume and her scents on them, a lovely trophy from the bitch.

As I came through the gate who would be the duty subaltern but Second Lieutenant Henry Smithers; the son of the woman I had just fucked. God if that was all she could find, the little runt, I felt sorry for her.

The next day the Military Police were seen escorting Sergeant Murphy from the Medical Centre towards the Guardroom. No-one was saying anything, which was unusual indeed, for nothing usually happened before the whole camp knew within half an hour. Sergeant Murphy just vanished out of the camp.

That afternoon I was called to the Adjutant's office. "You have been reinstated as Sergeant and assigned back to your old position as the General's driver, report to the General's Office. This time keep your hands off the petrol."

I reported to the Flag-Officer who welcomed me back. "I'm glad you are back, the General will be happy. Firstly you have to take Lady Smithers to the shops then come straight back here, you can pick her up after."

I drove to the General's house and who would be standing waiting was Lady Smithers, looking a bit worse for wear, but still faultlessly dressed.

"Oh it's you back, well at least I know you Sergeant, oh! You are wearing Corporals stripes?"

"Never had time to sew on my Sergeants stripes yet, I've been reinstated."

"Good, good, now take me into town, there's a good chap."

Halfway into town I stopped and turned and faced her, I took her panties out of my pocket and handed them to her. "Thought you might need them, but don't let Henry take them off you."

She went red as a beetroot and was holding her small brief panties still in her hand. "It was you, last night! I will be reporting you." She said blusteringly.

"Do and I will tell them that you are having it off with your own son. I'm sure that will really go down well with all the Regimental wives."

"How do you know about Henry and I?"

"You told me last night as I had my cock rove up your wet and moist pussy. You were really enjoying it too, thrusting and rolling your hips as though you couldn't get enough."

"I knew this morning it couldn't have been Henry, I felt as though I had been stretched wide last night."

"I don't know about that but when I left your legs were wide open and your pussy was winking at me."

"Please say nothing about my son and I, it would ruin my husband and Henry's career."

"And what do I get out of it?"

"Did you like what you took last night?"

"I think you are a very sexy woman, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you."

"Well there is a lot more, on condition you keep quiet."

"No Henry though!"

"No Henry, why would I want Henry if I have you. Now can we go to the shops? I think I'll have to talk to the General about a promotion," she said smiling at me.

"Yes Ma'am right away," I said starting the car and then dropping her off outside a large store in town.

When I got back to the Generals office she must have been on the telephone for I was called into the Flag Officers Office. "Add a crown to these stripes which you haven't sewn on yet. The General wants you promoted to Staff Sergeant. What you have said and done to old Iron Pants, but she seems to have taken a liking to you. You have to move billet up to the Generals Staff house. You go and do that, I have arranged for a relief driver to take the General to his meeting."

By late afternoon I had sewn on my badges, well I conned one of the stewards to do them for me. She obviously wanted to impress me, so here could be another willing partner. The one good thing, all the Generals staff lived in the same house, both male and female staff. I had to go and pick up Lady Smithers, but I used the other car, which was a Mini.

I only waited about ten minutes before she and another Army Officer's wife arrived. "Where is the big car Sergeant?" She asked all hotty totty.

"General is using it Ma'am, this is the only car available." I replied.

"Next time use my Range Rover I'll give you a key. It's not an Army car but my own," she said smiling at me.

Both got in the back, which is a struggle squeezing in over the front seat even though it does fold forward.

"Tomorrow Sergeant you will drive me to Brigadier Thompson's house, I have a meeting there, I'll clear it with the General. Also I want to see you tonight I want to go for a drive, we will use the Range Rover and please come in mufti Sergeant."

I never used to do all this running around for her in the past, yes occasionally I drove her to meetings and to the shops but nothing like today. I can't complain she sure got me my stripes back and a nice crown on top.

On returning the woman back home I was met at the doorway by the Flag, "You will work directly with the General's lady for the next three days. Drive her where she wants. using her car not the Army vehicle and in mufti Staff. I'm sure it will be a more pleasant time than normal routine driving. But Monday morning I want you back on full military duty. Keep the lady out of the Generals hair will you." He said with a wink. "Oh! You have to pick her up at 9pm."

At 9 I was waiting on her and she came down the steps dressed in a floral dress that had a full skirt. I couldn't see the top because she had a zipped up jacket on. She ignored me holding the rear door and opened the front door and sat inside fastening her seat belt.

Looks like I'm going to have company in the front I thought as I closed the rear door and walked round to the front of her Range Rover. As I got in she handed me a set of keys." These are for the Range Rover and the door of my cottage. I'm taking you there now."

I followed her instructions and we started driving into the bye roads, until we reached an old cottage by the river.

"When we are together alone I'm Mary. I know your name is Chris. So for now it's Mary and Chris. Come I'll show you my cottage." Out we got and she stepped aside as I used the key she had given me to open the door. She stepped inside and switched on the light and slammed the door shut.

"Now Chris, I'm sober tonight, let me feel that cock of yours now," she said slipping off the jacket revealing her bare chest. Next the dress or should I say skirt just dropped around her ankles and she was standing there naked as the day she was born. Well not quite I haven't seen a baby girl with a set of knockers like hers or the dark love patch between its legs as Mary had.

"Well what do you think? Will I do?"

I was no slouch I had my togs off and a few seconds after her I also was standing before her with my cock almost straight up and down my body and as hard as a rock.

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