Helping An Old Lady

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You never can tell what the outcome will be when you help someone in distress.


Copyright┬ę 2002

Sitting opposite me was an old woman loaded up with shopping bags. Other than her there were only two others on the train. As it neared my station I rose to go to the doors and the old woman rose also, struggling with the bags and packages.

"Let me help you," I volunteered.

"Thank you I have overloaded myself slightly and appreciate your help," she said in a soft voice, she smiled at me as she said this.

How she managed to carry all these parcels and packages to get on the train was a wonder, for I was loaded and so was she.

"I'm going to catch a bus now," she said to me as we walked out of the station.

"You're going to have trouble getting all this on the bus, let me drive you home my car is in the car park." When I go into the city I usually park my car in the Park and Ride car park for it is easier than trying to find a car park in the city.

"Oh thank you, I seem to become indebted to you more and more."

"No problem, I have little to do anyway."

"Won't your wife complain giving strange women a lift?"

"Divorced, I'm only going back to an empty house."

"Me too, had a win on the lottery so I had a good spend. Just didn't realise how much I had bought."

We walked to my car and she got in as I loaded all the packages in the back.

I drove her to her home, which was a good kilometre past the bus terminus. How she was going to walk all this distance was again a mystery. The house was old and the garden needed attention. It had obviously been well cared for in the past, now it was overgrown by weeds.

"Please come in, the least I could get you is a drink. You didn't tell me your name?"


"Jess, nice to meet you Frank," she said holding out her hand still with bags hanging on her forearm.

I shook her hand, which was soft and cool.

"Come and sit down, what would you like to drink?" She asked and just then she tripped on a rug, but I was behind her and shot my hands forward, grasping a well-rounded breast in each hand.

Instead of pushing my hands off she crossed hers over mine and I pulled her up and on to my chest. God she felt lovely and soft for an old woman. It seemed I held her like that for a long-time, but really it must have been only about 10 seconds.

"Coffee will do fine Jess," I said trying to act normal but I now had a raging hard on, which was surprising me, getting a hard-on over an old woman.

Jess moved away then turned and looked at me, I just couldn't understand the look she gave, it was as though she wanted to stay where she had been with my hands on her breasts. Then for no obvious reason I said. "Come here Jess," and she did.

Right into my open arms her head buried on my shoulder and both arms around my chest. I put one arm around her shoulders and the other on her lovely round arse and pulled her on to my raging cock. Me a 28-year old and a woman into her sixties hugging in the hallway of her house and I had only met the woman less than twenty minutes before. She was pressing her lower abdomen on to my cock and moving her hips as though searching for a comfortable place for my cock to stay.

It seemed the natural thing to do to move my hand to the front of her dress and rub my hand on her mound through the dress and now it was my hand she was pressing against. She lifted her face and I kissed her. A woman older than my own mother, yet here I was taking liberties with her as though I had known her for a long-time. I wasn't content with outside the dress, I pulled up the dress and now I had my hand on her mound with only her silky panties between us.

I felt the coarse hair through the panties and the slit down her vulva. I knew that these weren't so sensitive as her clit and I felt that through the material and I was rubbing this with my thumb as I worked my middle finger under the leg of her knickers.

"Please Frank not here in the hall. Can we wait a while?" She pleaded.

I was now on a roll and I didn't want to stop so I took my hand away and picked her up and carried her down to what I assumed was the bedroom, which it was. Laying her on the bed, she, still carrying her handbag, which she now just discarded. It was just a matter of sliding both hands up her dress and pulling down her knickers; she lifted her hips as I took them off and opened her legs up for me.

My trousers dropped and it was just a matter of placing the knob between her legs and slowly sliding in her moist passage. Well not so easily as I described for this woman was quite tight and I'm big, but with a little pressure on both our parts I was up to the hilt and her heels were resting on my thighs. Once embedded I just stopped and looked down at her smiling face. She was no beauty queen, just a plain looking woman who I would normally have just walked right past. Now I was sunk into her soft body, more comfortable than I was for the five years of my marriage.

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