Downhill Racer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple spends a few days at a romantic cabin with a good male friend.

"Our flying time today to Newark will be four hours and twenty-two minutes..." The 738 was still on its climb-out from McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas. Trace listened as the plane's first officer gave the obligatory announcements. It had been a year since he had seen Jackie at a conference in Orlando. In four and a half hours he would see her again, and her husband, Manny, who he had only met at their wedding. Trace remembered hiring Jackie.

A few days before, my secretary had handed me a resume to look at. I had taken a quick glance at it and guessed from the lack of job experience that Jacqueline Smith had probably just graduated from college. I needed another person in the department but I wasn't all that anxious to train someone. I was hoping to find someone with a little experience. I tucked the resume in my briefcase and quickly forgot it.

I had been to visit a company in Princeton, a couple hours from the office. Returning in the late afternoon, I had decided to head home instead of returning to work. I consulted a map to determine the shortest route. One of the towns I had to go through rang some bells. Then I remembered the resume in my briefcase and that the applicant lived in that town. I was already stopped for gas, so I took a look at the resume. Jacqueline Smith seemed to have the right credentials, even if she lacked experience.

I noticed her list of awards in gymnastics. Of course there was no picture and no physical description with her resume, but I still imagined that with her achievements in gymnastics, she was probably shaped alright, not that that had anything to do with the job, but it certainly had a lot to do with dinner. My wife had other plans for that night and I was going to have to fend for myself. I wondered if Jacqueline Smith would agree to being interviewed over dinner.

On my cellphone I dialed the number she had put on her resume. She answered promptly. Yes, she was still looking for a position. She seemed excited that I had called. Her voice was pleasant enough, a little on the husky side, almost sexy. I told her that I was coming through her town and asked if I could interview her over dinner. I quickly told her that she could bring her husband as well. She told me that she was single, but being a weeknight she had no plans. Plus, being interviewed in her home town would save her a forty-five minute trip to our office. We agreed to meet at a restaurant she recommended.

I got there about five-thirty. The maître de told me that he had already seated Ms. Smith and took me to the table. As we introduced ourselves, I noticed a cigarette smoldering in the ash tray. She said, "I hope you don't mind. I smoke and from force of habit I requested a table in the smoking section." She looked at me fearfully, like she believed that she had already blown the interview.

She had stood up as I approached the table. She did indeed have a gymnast's figure. She was probably only five-four and couldn't have weighed much over a hundred pounds. Her body was tight, very little fat, likely all muscle. She wasn't going to win any beauty contests but she was cute. Her face was small, narrow and lean actually, and her light brown hair was cut short. She was wearing a snug fitting dress that came down to her knees and buttoned all the way up to her neck. Except for the dress being black, she looked like a pixie. I put my pack of cigarettes on the table and thanked her for choosing the smoking section.

She sat down with a considerable amount of relief. No, the smoking was not a deal killer and she knew from my attentiveness that she had made a good first impression. I told her about our business, investing in relatively small companies with a lot of potential. I made it clear that she would be expected to evaluate them both from a financial standpoint and a personal one. We discussed her schooling. I was right that she had no previous experience. I was going to have to teach her but I was beginning to think that I might enjoy that. She seemed eager to learn and convinced me that this was the job she wanted.

Dinner remained very professional, although I couldn't help but think of her in other ways. We talked a long time, much longer than if it had been the normal interview in the office. The restaurant began to fill up as other diners came in at the more usual times. Eventually I realized that our dinner had gone much longer than it should have. I assured her that she would be getting an offer letter from us and hoped that she would accept it. By the time we parted company at the restaurant door, it was close to eight. From the way she shook my hand I could tell that I would be seeing her again at the office.

Trace's daydreaming was interrupted by a flight attendant wanting his drink order. It was still morning for Trace and he asked for orange juice and coffee. As the flight attendant set the drinks down in front of Trace, he looked up at her. Her hair was brown and she wore it in a pixie cut. Even though the rest of her was not like Jackie at all, the hair alone was enough to trigger Trace's remembrances of Jackie at the office.

Trace was Jackie's mentor in more ways then one. He was 10 years her senior and had hired her as a smart good-looking kid out of college. Trace headed up a department for a major investment firm and Jackie was one of a team of young people that worked for him. Jackie was always his favorite, even back then. She was smart, hardworking and although Trace was a happily married man he would enjoy thinking about Jackie's young body.

Although she dressed appropriately for the office, it was hard to hide that strong petite body that college gymnastics had helped to form. He had even had the joy of seeing her on a few occasions at company picnics and barbecues in the more sporty attire that a woman her age would wear. Trace had liked working with Jackie.

She had accepted the offer and less than a week after our dinner she came in to work for the first time. I learned right away that she preferred to be called Jackie although her manner of dress on that first day was more like a Jacqueline. She wore a dark blue woman's suit, trousers that covered her conservative high-heeled shoes, and a jacket that covered most of the frilly white blouse underneath. The blouse was buttoned to the top and she even wore one of those bow-ties with the ribbons hanging down. The jacket was long enough to cover her butt. Except for the cute face and hair-do, there wasn't really anything sexy about her. It took a lot of imagination to even consider that she might have an attractive body. But I did have some imagination and I was glad that she was there.

Except for those few occasions when we planned to meet a company's principles, dress in the office was pretty casual. Jackie fell into that quickly enough, and except for that first day, and those times we were planning to meet someone, she dressed in ways that were a lot more womanly. Usually it was slacks and a blouse, but there was no jacket. She did have a lovely figure, a curvaceous but tight backside, a trim waist and enough of a bust-line to make me hard from the thoughts of having her breasts in my mouth. Once in a while, especially during the summer months, she would show off her beautifully toned legs with a short skirt. It was at those times that I carefully crafted excuses for us to be working together.

Once she was wearing a skirt so short that only a girl of her age could have gotten away with it. If she had been much older, it would have looked too brazen. But on Jackie, it looked cute and sexy at the same time. She had only been there a couple of months and I decided that this was the day I was going to teach her how I analyzed a company's financials. That would mean we would have to work in my office, side by side, at my computer. I wasn't sure that I could handle this but I was going to try.

My secretary was on the phone as Jackie and I walked past her. I caught a couple of words my secretary said on the phone. I heard Jackie's name and "favorite". For a change, I hoped that my secretary was having a personal conversation with a friend. Yes, I guess that Jackie was my favorite, but I hoped that it wasn't so obvious as to have become a subject of office gossip.

I didn't dare close the door. Jackie's exposed legs were already drawing enough attention. My interest in schooling her in financial analysis, particularly on this day, probably wasn't fooling anyone, especially not Jackie. I pulled an extra chair around behind my desk so that we could both see my computer monitor.

Jackie tried to sit in the chair I had drawn up for her as lady-like as possible. She tried to tug her skirt down, but it wasn't going to cover much. She tried crossing her legs, but that only exposed more. Finally, she just sat there with her legs together and smoothed her skirt down. I tried to pretend that I wasn't noticing her terrific legs or her embarrassment, but I probably didn't do very well. I'm sure that Jackie knew what she was doing to me and I think she guessed how much I liked it.

For a couple of hours, we worked together on the analysis of a company we wanted to add to our portfolio. Jackie was learning rapidly. She became fascinated by the way in which the company's secrets could be exposed by a proper analysis of their financials. She had forgotten about her own exposure, but I hadn't. As she squirmed excitedly in her chair, the skirt crept upward. It became difficult for me to concentrate on the computer screen. My thoughts were all about Jackie. I was imagining my hands creeping up her thighs, then my tongue and lips taking the same route. While I was dreaming of having her panties down around her ankles and my head buried between her legs, I realized that she was talking to me, about the analysis we were performing. She was an employee and I was married. I had to focus on the work.

Trace tried not to give Jackie any reason to think his attention was anything but a boss/employee relationship and that of a professional mentor for the five years she worked for him. He was pleased that she looked up to him. Even though he was somewhat disappointed, and perhaps a bit jealous, he acted as if he was happy for her when she married Manny. Trace and his wife even attended the wedding.

The cabin loudspeaker crackled again. It was the captain. "If you look below us you will see the Mississippi river and those of you on the left side of the cabin should be able to see Memphis. We're right on schedule and should have you at the gate at 4:46 PM, as scheduled." Trace's watch was still on Las Vegas time. He moved it forward three hours so the arrival time wouldn't seem so far away. The flight attendants came through the airplane, handing out sandwiches and chips. This was not going to be enough. He hoped that Manny and Jackie were planning on eating before they went to the cabin.

As Trace's plane crossed the Mississippi, Jackie was leaving home for the airport. She had a little more than a half hour's drive and she didn't want to be late. She hadn't seen Trace now since that time in Orlando, about a year ago. She was excited at the prospect of spending several days in the mountains with Trace and her husband, Manny.

Jackie had not been physically attracted to Trace when she first met him but she had become attracted to him when she worked with him. However, he was older, the boss and married. She recalled telling a close girl friend at work, before she met Manny, that Trace was her fantasy husband, just too old. Trace gave her every impression of being a great dad to his kids, a good husband and a wonderful provider.

Four years ago Trace had gotten an attractive offer to take a job in Las Vegas with a company there. Trace thought it was the right thing, both for his career and for his family. He left New Jersey. He and Jackie remained friends through email and phone conversations. They grew a bit closer now that the boss/employee relationship had ended. First their conversations were just about business. Gradually, they became more at ease talking about the personal issues in their lives.

After he had been gone about a year, Trace's emails began sounding despondent. He alluded to problems in his marriage. Eventually, Trace admitted that his wife had left him and gone back to New Jersey. The move to Vegas had not worked out. Prior to the move, Trace's wife had never minded his long hours and travel schedule as she had many friends and family in the area. In Vegas however, she grew lonely and distant from Trace. By the time he realized how unhappy she was, she had already decided to leave.

Jackie became worried about Trace. She took more time with her emails to him and she called whenever she could. She sensed depression in him whenever they chatted. Then, a couple of years ago, Trace's spirits improved.

Unbeknown to Jackie, Trace had taken up a new hobby, writing erotic stories. He didn't want Jackie to know about it, but eventually she wormed it out of him. Jackie wanted to read something that Trace had written. Trace sent her a somewhat censored version of one of his stories. It was about a couple that got involved in a threesome with another man. Trace could have never known, but the story had hit a home run with Jackie.

Jackie and Manny had been wrestling with a few issues of their own. Ever since they had skinny dipped with three other couples on a camping trip, Manny had been telling Jackie of his fantasies. At first they were just about the nudity. Jackie found that part exciting. She had never been shy about her body and they started to go to nude beaches occasionally. She even teased a few friends, "accidentally" of course. When on vacation, she got nearly naked in front of a room service waiter. That was an experience she wasn't going to forget soon.

After Manny had gone into the bathroom, I got out of bed and put on a long filmy robe. I went to our twelfth story window and stared at the city. Manny came out of the bathroom, still wearing his pajama bottoms, and looked at me in front of the window.

With the sunlight shining in the window, I might just as well have been wearing nothing at all. I was turned a little away from the window, enough so that Manny could see my silhouette through the thin fabric. Our lusty thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Manny looked at me and with his eyes asked if I wanted to go into the bathroom or put something more on. I said, "I don't care if you don't."

Manny's eyes roamed over my body. He knew that I was proud of it and liked to show it off. I was practically naked and we didn't know who was knocking on the door. Another knock came, a bit more impatient than the first.

It was pretty exciting but Manny would make sure nothing happened. Manny opened the door. It was the room service waiter and he was pushing a roll around table with our breakfast beautifully arranged on it. The waiter was probably a college student working his way through school. He was tall and slim, had sandy brown hair and had enough stubble on his face and chin to give him a somewhat more mature look. He was the type who probably didn't have much trouble getting a date.

As he pushed the table into the room, he noticed me standing by the window. He tried to disguise his surprise but his mouth dropped open a bit. With the sunlight on me, I'm sure I looked like I wasn't wearing anything at all. I pushed my breasts out proudly and my hard nipples seemed like they were going to rip through the thin fabric. My stomach was flat as a board. Even though the gown was long, my legs were clearly visible and I expect that a little thatch of pubic hair was evident where they came together.

The waiter didn't want to appear to be staring at me. He tore his eyes away and looked at Manny, who, seemingly oblivious to my appearance, told the waiter to set the table up near the window. The waiter pushed the table across the room to where I was standing. If my nipples hadn't been hard before, they were now, and I could feel the dampness between my legs. I stared at the front of the waiter's pants. It was obvious that I was having a serious effect on him. I loved my husband dearly but I couldn't help but think about sucking on that young stud's cock.

Manny tipped the waiter generously and told him that we would finish setting up the breakfast table. All three of us knew that this better not go on much longer. The waiter thanked us both and hastily left the room.

Jackie pulled into the airport parking lot. The trip had been fast and she was going to have about an hour to wait. Even though she was early, she pulled into the short term parking. She didn't want a long walk and once Trace got there, she wanted to get out of the airport as quickly as possible. She made the short walk into the terminal.

Trace was digesting his lunch. He remembered that somehow Jackie had found out about his penchant for writing erotic stories. Trace recalled that the first one he had sent her was a somewhat sanitized version of what he had actually written. Eventually, at her insistence, he had sent her some of the more explicit stuff. He was surprised at her reaction. She had really seemed to like it. Moreover, she started to write stuff and send it to him for his comments.

He had appraised her work critically, even said that he liked some it. However, he never told her how much he really liked it. He didn't want her to know that he even sometimes masturbated while he was reading it. He didn't want her to know how hot it made him and most importantly he didn't want her to know about the visualizations of her that he had while he was reading it. Then there was the conference in Orlando a year ago.

Each of them had gone to the conference, not knowing that the other was going to be there. When they saw each other during the first session, they were both a bit shaken. They had had a lot of intimate conversations, but only a few of them had even been on the phone, most were just emails. Now it was impossible to hide their mutual embarrassment. They were face to face. Although both of them would rather have gone their separate ways, they agreed to have dinner together that night.

During dinner Trace couldn't help but think about all he knew. It was weird as he had never been inside her, seen her naked or even had his lips on hers, yet he probably knew her better than her own husband. The dinner started awkwardly but by the end, three hours later, they had talked about all that they had discussed previously, only this time in person. Considering what they had been talking about for the last couple of hours, Trace felt like he should invite her to his room and he couldn't think of anything he would rather do, unless it was go to her room. But there was something that just wasn't right about it and he quickly abandoned the thought.

After he returned home, Trace tried to get Jackie and Manny to Vegas for a weekend. He felt that with what he knew about their fantasies some fun could be had under the right circumstances. He held out no false hope of a threesome like in his stories but the idea of Jackie teasing him, flashing him and maybe even some small contact made him masturbate every time he thought about it. But he couldn't get them to come.

Then another opportunity presented itself. Trace was offered the use of a cabin in Pennsylvania that was owned by a couple he had known in New Jersey. He sent an email to Jackie, telling her of the offer he had received, and suggesting that she and Manny could join him for a few days up there. Jackie and Trace had been working together on a story and this would give them an opportunity to discuss it in person. This offer got accepted. Jackie and Manny agreed and the date was set. Now Trace was on the way. He dozed off dreaming of what might be in store.

Jackie took a seat near where she expected Trace to come out of security. She continued to reflect on what had brought her here.

The fantasy that Jackie and Manny had shared expanded. By the time Jackie received the first story from Trace, the censored one, Jackie and Manny were role-playing swapping with couples and sharing with a single. However, Jackie wasn't anywhere near the point of undertaking it in real life. It was all imaginary. She was comfortable with having sex with someone as she had been a bit wild in college and thought a little sexual adventure might be fun but she had a good marriage and loved her husband very much. She worried about his reactions after the event and how it might affect them.

After Jackie read the first uncensored story from Trace, they began sharing sexual matters. They started with emails about fantasies and story ideas for Trace, but as time passed they started to talk about personal sex lives. Trace told her about his life with his ex wife and Jackie discussed her past lovers and her husband. Then she started writing stories as well. Trace who had been her mentor in the business world had become something similar in her intimate life.

While it was all a bit unusual, the distance made it work. The two of them discussed things and shared secrets that they never would have if they had seen each regularly.

Then the unexpected happened. She and Trace ended up at the same conference in Orlando. As they made plans for dinner, Jackie was very nervous. Being face-to-face with Trace after the last six months of emails and phone calls was scary. Trace knew everything about her. She would be emotionally naked. But dinner went okay. After a few minutes they were able to discuss those things in person that had previously been written only in emails.

Jackie was disappointed that Trace hadn't tried to extend the dinner into something else. She even considered briefly inviting him to her room. She wanted to be faithful to her husband, and later she would see that things had worked out for the best, but that night she had felt differently as she lay in her bed alone and slipped her hand down into her panties.

Now that she knew she could discuss these things in person with Trace, Jackie really did want to take Trace up on his offer of Las Vegas. Manny's job was the fly in the ointment. He could be away for a while but he had to be available. Las Vegas wasn't available enough. A couple of hours away in Pennsylvania wasn't nearly as bad. If an emergency came up, Manny could still get back quickly. They hopped on that idea.

Jackie was also concerned about Manny's feelings in the matter. He seemed comfortable with the idea, but Jackie didn't want Manny to get the wrong idea about her intentions. She didn't want him thinking that this was his fantasy threesome. She also worried that Manny might think that she and Trace had a past, were she to suggest they do some of their fantasies with him. As far as Jackie was concerned, this was just a weekend away with possibly a little bit of sexual teasing.

Trace slowly opened his eyes and saw the bright light coming from the bathroom. Then, slowly moving into the doorway was Jackie's naked body. It was fuzzy however as he tried to focus on her. He of course knew all about Jackie's teasing but couldn't believe she was showing him her naked body. He then felt Manny shake him and say, "Stop looking at my wife, Trace." The shaking awoke Trace to the sound of a flight attendant telling him that they were landing and he had to put his seat in the upright position. As the plane landed at Newark, Trace couldn't help but salivate over his dream and wonder what the next few days were going to be like.

As Trace walked out of the security area he saw Jackie waiting. "Too bad it wasn't summer," he thought, as Jackie stood there in a pair of tight hip hugger jeans and a sweater that covered her waist. He couldn't help but think that at 32 she looked better than she had when he hired her. A few years had passed and Jackie, despite still being active in the gym, had gained 10 pounds or so. Those pounds, however, made her little girl gymnast body look much more like a woman's. Her hair too had changed. It was much longer. The pixie cut was gone.

She greeted him with a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek as they walked to get his bags. While they chatted about general stuff Trace asked how long they would be able to stay at the cabin. It had been left open and might have been anything from an overnight visit to a week long stay. Trace was glad to hear that Manny would have most of the week off while Jackie was between projects and could take as much time as she wanted as long as she stayed in contact with her office via phone and laptop.

After getting Trace's luggage they drove to Scotch Plains. When they arrived they found that Manny had been able to leave work early and was already at home. Trace insisted on a quick tour of the house. It was fascinating to finally see the rooms that had been described to him in emails and he wasn't the slightest bit surprised to find how neat she kept the house.

After eating some sandwiches that Manny had fixed, they packed into Manny's truck. Jackie took the back and fell asleep after a short while. This afforded Trace and Manny some get-acquainted time. They talked about sports and work as they drove into the mountains of Pennsylvania. Trace wanted Manny to get comfortable with him. He certainly wasn't going to bring up any of the fantasies that he and Jackie had discussed on the Internet. He knew that Jackie had been very open with him and had perhaps even told him about some things that Manny wasn't aware of. The conversation was fruitful and the two men who had only met at the wedding, became good friends.

When they arrived at the cabin, everyone was surprised to find that it was a studio. It was still pretty large. It had an island kitchen, large living area with a great big fireplace and a sleeping area in the back. In spite of being generally open, the cabin did have an enclosed bathroom with a shower. It was obviously intended for a couple as it had a big restored claw leg tub, visible to the entire house, situated near the bed and against a large window that overlooked the mountains. The tub normally would have been a wonderful place to soak while looking at the magnificent view of the mountains behind the cabin. Trace knew the couple who owned the place but he had not been here before and had no idea that it was just one big room. He was a bit embarrassed. He didn't want Jackie and Manny to get the wrong idea.

Fortunately, Jackie and Manny both made light of it. They described to Trace what it was like to stay at a family beach house during the summer. It was not really much different. They would have no problem sharing the large space. Trace offered them the bed and pointed out the couches where he would sleep. Manny and Jackie tried to get Trace to take the bed since they were really his guests, but he insisted they have it.

After unpacking they went in to town to get a few supplies. After shopping they visited a local pub. They stayed much longer than they planned, eating, drinking and enjoying each other's company.

Jackie wanted to dance. There wasn't a band but there was a juke box. She put some money in it and selected a few songs. There weren't many people in the place and they were the only ones on the dance floor. Still, it was fun. Jackie had started out dancing with Manny but after a few songs Manny insisted that Jackie dance with Trace so he wouldn't feel left out. Besides, Manny enjoyed watching Jackie dance with other men and Jackie knew that.

Some of the songs that Jackie had selected were of the slow and sensuous type. If Trace was dancing with Jackie when one of those came on, he made sure to keep a proper distance. He didn't want either of them to be offended by anything he did and he had wrongly interpreted Manny's watchful eyes. As Trace was doing his best imitation of an Arthur Murray dance instructor during one of the slow numbers, Jackie said to him, "I appreciate what you're trying to do but its not necessary. Neither Manny nor I are going to be the slightest bit upset if you want to dance a little more suggestively with me. In fact I'm probably going to get insulted if you don't and I'm sure that Manny will be very disappointed."

Trace didn't have to be told twice. He pressed in closer to Jackie and wrapped his arms around her. She put her arms around his neck. Trace had often dreamed of holding Jackie like this. Now he was actually doing it and it was giving him an erection. Jackie could feel his growing manhood. She teased him by pressing their waists together even tighter and rubbing her hip between his legs. Both of them looked over at Manny. Jackie had been right. Manny was enjoying their dancing as much as they were.

When they sat down at the table, Manny mentioned that he had read a draft of their latest story. He said he recalled that it had a pretty sexy dance scene in it. "You know," he said, "that story should be made into a movie and you two would be perfect as the feature couple in the story." Jackie and Trace looked blankly at each other, then at Manny. Manny continued, "I think that you two should act that scene out while I film it. Then you could see how perfect you are for the parts."

Jackie and Trace were both stunned by Manny's suggestion. They were also sure that it was just drunk talk and would never happen. Winking at Trace as she did so, Jackie quickly said, "I think thats a terrific idea. Maybe sometime we'll get a chance to do it." Trace understood the wink. She figured that Manny would have forgotten all about it by morning.

It was getting late so they headed home and were quite tired when they arrived. Trace wanted to light the fire so Jackie started getting comfortable, somewhat ready for bed.

Trace was playing with the fire as Jackie opened the door from the bathroom and came out in her pajamas. The harsh light from the bathroom made her attire nearly transparent. He caught his breath. The bright light left little to the imagination. Trace however knew about Jackie and her teasing as she had often told him in their Internet conversations how much she enjoyed it. He was sure it was no accident that she had left the bathroom light on.

Her pajama pants were a light green and should have been fairly acceptable to wear in front of a close friend and house guest as long as she was careful not to walk in front of a bright light. Her top was a camisole with no bra. With her firm breasts, Jackie wore this well. Again, the light made it obvious how little she was wearing. And it was not just the light from the bathroom, a cool draft or a little too much wine and her nipples would become erect and quite visible through the light fabric. Trace had an instant hard-on.

In the living room Jackie curled up on a couch with Manny, drinking some wine and chatting with Trace about old times at their company. After an hour or so she and Manny said they were ready for bed.

Trace had discovered that the two couches each opened into a double bed. He opened one of them to make himself a bed. Jackie volunteered to help him make it up and went to the back of the cabin to get some bedding. While the two of them were making up the bed, Manny grabbed his sleepwear out of his suitcase and went into the bathroom to change.

As they were making the bed, Jackie sensed another opportunity for a little teasing. When she would bend away from Trace, she would give him a nice view of her thin pajama bottoms stretched across her panties. Or, if she bent over toward Trace, the loose camisole top dropped away and nearly exposed her breasts. She looked up occasionally from her suggestive poses and confirmed that Trace was still the man she used to work with. He was trying to get a peek at every opportunity and Jackie enjoyed the attention. Trace could feel the stirring in his pants.

Manny came out of the bathroom in his pajamas. He and Jackie headed for the bed, turning out the lights at the back of the cabin as they did. Trace usually slept in the nude and hadn't thought about bringing anything to sleep in. However, considering the lack of privacy he decided that he should get into bed wearing his boxers. He turned off the last light and removed his outer clothes. He put them on a nearby chair and climbed into bed. Once under the covers he slid his boxers off and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. He went to sleep, thinking about how sexy Jackie had looked as she was making his bed.

Sometime in the middle of night Jackie woke up. She had had too many drinks. She needed to go to the bathroom. When she had gotten into bed she had slipped off her pajama bottoms so that she was wearing only her panties and camisole. She considered putting the pajama bottoms on again, but in her sleepy haze, that seemed like a lot of trouble. Although the cabin was fairly light from the reflections of the moon off the snow, it looked like everyone else was asleep. "Besides," thought Jackie, "it would be kinda neat if Trace did see me in my panties." Jackie got out of bed and walked past Trace. As she did she thought, "Maybe he'll hear me and wake up." But no luck. She closed the bathroom door behind her.

While in the bathroom, she thought about how Trace had been looking at her when she was helping him make his bed. Showing off for someone other than her husband had been exciting, even if she had been pretty careful about it. She had gotten damp while she was doing it and noticed that her sex-kitten poses were having an effect on Trace as well. She had seen the bulge forming in his pants. It was nice to know that he still found her attractive.

She left the bathroom without immediately turning off the light. She hoped that Trace had awakened while she was in there. He had. She took a couple of steps from the door as once again Trace studied her exquisite form silhouetted by the bathroom light. This time though, the pajama bottoms really were gone. Jackie turned back and switched off the light. As she walked past Trace, she saw that he was awake. His eyes were open and he was watching her.

"How come you're not sleeping?" she whispered.

"The squeaking of the bathroom door woke me." Trace said. "I don't sleep very soundly anyway."

Jackie sat down on the side of Trace's couch bed with one leg hanging off the side and the other tucked under her. Trace really liked having her so close to him on the bed, especially with the way she was dressed. In spite of the dim light he had trouble tearing his gaze away from the dark spot between her legs that was covered only by thin panties. He lay on his side facing her and they talked. They talked about what to do tomorrow. They talked about the story they had been writing. They talked about a lot of things that they didn't really need to talk about.

After twenty or thirty minutes of conversation Jackie noticed that Trace's eyes were focused on the front of her panties, between her legs. She gave him a knowing smile, her way of saying it was okay.

Trace caught the smile. He took advantage of her seeming acceptance and ventured into the never-never land of sexual banter. He said, "I like the look of your panties. Are they cotton? I can't tell in the dark."

Jackie was happy that he seemed to have finally acknowledged what was going on between them. She looked down at her high cut bikini panties and said, "Yes. You can feel of them if you want, but be careful where you touch."

Trace reached out to her hip and ran his fingers over the thin material. "Mmmh. They feel more like silk than cotton."

Jackie smiled and gave a little giggle. She whispered, "You just wanted a cheap feel." She hesitated a moment, then continued with a seductive grin on her face, "I stepped on your boxers when I walked up. Bet you're not wearing anything."

"You win the bet," Trace replied with a wicked grin on his lips.

Jackie licked her lips suggestively, got up on her knees and leaned over to Trace who was frozen, not knowing what she was about to do. She gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, ran her fingertips lightly over the sheet that was covering Trace, from the middle of his right thigh, up and over his growing erection, then coyly said, "Goodnight." Leaving Trace with his mouth hanging open, she got up and returned to her own bed.

Trace's mind filled with all kinds of thoughts, the kind he needed to get rid of if he was ever going to fall asleep. He thought, "Holy shit. She was right beside me in just her panties and camisole. She encouraged me touch her panties. She felt my hard-on, even if it was through the sheet. She kissed me. This trip is getting better all the time."

Jackie slipped back into bed with her husband and was now wide awake. In the last few years she had shared all kinds of sexual talk and banter with Trace but it had never been in person. She was excited at the feel of his erection under the sheets but was surprised that she had touched it.

Jackie and Trace, despite having their imaginations in overdrive, eventually went back to sleep.

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