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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, BiSexual, TransGender, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A straight guy learns a lesson.

It was a typical night at the club. The crowd was pretty well on the way to oblivion. I made my way across the floor to the bar, greeting a couple of friends and more than a few acquaintances. I got my drink from Brad and asked him how things were going. "Not too bad, Tony, it's just another night in paradise," he replied. He moved away to get somebody's drinks and I turned my back to the bar and scanned the crowd.

My eyes moved over the women as they stood, sat, or danced. Booties were shakin' and tits were rolling under thin clothing. There seemed to be fewer women who were alone than usual. One exception was a tall redhead and her dark haired friend. The brunette was only about 5'4" and a little heavy around the caboose. But that redhead really caught my eye. She was as tall as (or taller than) me and her tits, though fairly small, had prominent nipples that I could see clearly from where I stood.

Two guys were standing next to them, obviously coming on to them but it didn't look to me like they were getting anywhere. The redhead just laughed whenever one of the guys said anything. I decided that I'd go over and try my luck when the losers left. I sipped my drink and continued scanning. A few minutes later when I looked back at the redhead I saw that the pair was alone for the moment. I grabbed my glass and headed back through the crowd, easing between gyrating asses and shoulders.

The redhead looked up as I came nearer. Her eyes traveled down my body and then back up until she was looking into my eyes. Without saying a word, I took her hand, deposited my drink next to another glass on the tiny table they were using and turned back onto the dance floor. When we reached somewhere near the middle of the crowd I turned again and took her in my arms.

She molded her body to mine and her arms went around my neck. I inhaled her scent and got dizzy. There was an aroma of lilac mixed with what had to be just her natural scent. It was very heady and I clutched her closer. She sighed against my neck and my hands slid lower down until they were half holding the mounds of her butt. I felt her lips move on my neck and I thought she kissed me lightly.

"I'm Tony," I whispered into her closest ear.

""Denise," she said, her breath hot and damp in my ear. Then she kissed the lobe and slipped her hands down, making no effort to disguise her actions. Her hands gripped my ass strongly. The music stopped and we moved apart. Her eyes smoldered in the dim light and she said, "Why don't you take me home with you?" My cock was already responding to her grab ass move and I nodded to her.

"That was the plan," I smiled at her. We returned to the table where I downed the rest of my drink and she said her good byes to the brunette. I thought I saw a tiny bit of envy in the dark haired woman's eyes, but she smiled us off.

I splurged on a taxi instead of walking the seven blocks to my apartment building. Before we reached it, Denise had leaned over and we kissed. Her tongue stabbed into my mouth and her hand was in my lap, groping and squeezing my growing erection. I tossed a twenty to the cabbie (at least triple the fare) and we escaped back into the night. I ushered her into the lobby and onto the waiting elevator.

My apartment isn't big, but it's nice enough. For the rent I paid, it should have been. Denise kissed and groped me again as the car rose to the fourth floor. The bell announced our arrival and we went hand in hand down the hall to my door. Once inside Denise turned to me. "Which way to the bathroom... and the bedroom?"

I pointed to the bathroom and told her the bedroom was at the end of the hall. "Why don't you go in and get ready for me and I'll be there in just a second." I nodded and headed for the bedroom while Denise went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

I felt a bit strange stripping down, but that was obviously what she wanted me to do. I draped my shirt over my pants on the chair and slipped out of my boxers. My socks got balled up and tossed under the chair with my shoes. I folded the sheets down about halfway and crawled onto the bed naked. Then I thought better of the idea and stuck my legs under the sheet, decently covering my erection.

Denise's hand reached through the door and flipped off the lights. In just the glow from the streetlamp outside, she entered. I saw that she was wearing only panties. Her breasts looked perfect to me. They weren't large, but the nipples stuck out hard and proud. She crossed the room with a smile on her dark lips and crawled onto the bed next to me. Without any preliminaries, she drew the sheet to my calves and went down on me.

Her sucking mouth engulfed my cock and I gasped from the heat. Her saliva began dripping down my shaft and onto my balls. I tangled my fingers in her hair and groaned as she slid her mouth up and down — nearly all the way to the base. She sucked and sucked and my climax rose gradually to the surface. But I didn't want to come that way. I wanted to fuck this sex goddess.

I tugged at her to let her know and she moved up my body. She took a side trip at my nipples and her talented lips and teeth nearly drove me mad. She surprised me then and placed a finger over my lips to forestall anything I might say. Then she spun around (I saw that her panties were really just a thong) and moved her obviously already lubricated ass crack back and forth over my dick. Well, hell, I thought, if she wanted me to fuck her ass, that was fine with me.

Denise reached behind and down to grip my shaft. She straightened it up and began to center her tight back door on the head. She eased down a fraction of an inch at a time. Though she went slow, I could tell this wasn't the first time she'd had her butt fucked. She was slick and tight as she sheathed my thick cock in her rectum. When it was all the way in she began to slide up and down like she was on an e-ticket ride.

It didn't take long for me to bust my nut up that tight tunnel. As I throbbed into her ass the friction eased and I thought her moans might indicate her own climax. But that wasn't the only thing I was wrong about that night. As she felt me softening, Denise eased off of me. She grinned over her shoulder and said, "I'm just gonna go clean myself up a bit, but don't you go anywhere, Tiger."

I wasn't too sure whether I could have walked right then, but I didn't want to anyway. I wanted more of this sweet, sweet lady. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I heard the toilet flush and then Denise came back into the room. She was holding a towel in front of her and knelt on the floor next to the bed to clean me up. I hadn't seen the warm wet cloth she'd had behind the towel. She bathed my limp (but not completely soft!) cock and then dried it off. She gave it a token slurp and crawled onto the bed again. I noted that the tiny strap of the thong had disappeared.

She was under the sheet with me and we kissed a while. She was lying on her belly at first and she whispered to me between kisses. "Did you like fucking my tight ass, Tony?"

"Oh, baby... you don't know how much!" I sighed.

"Well, fair is fair, don't you think?"

"Sure," I said. Then I frowned and asked, "Wait, what do you mean?"

"I mean," she said, rising up to her knees, "that it's my turn to fuck you." I looked down and saw an erect penis sticking out where there should have been a smooth mound or a thatch of pubic hair. There wasn't any hair, but that hard cock pointing my way stood out over a pair of very male looking balls!

"Hey," I said. But that was all I had an opportunity to say before she grabbed my shoulder and flipped me to my back. She followed the move by straddling my thighs and coming down hard. Then I felt her greasy finger sliding into my ass crack. She was lubricating my ass hole! She really meant to fuck me! Oh, fuck! What the fuck did I do this time?

She lifted up but didn't give me room to escape. Instead, she grabbed a pillow and shoved it roughly under my hips to raise my ass for her penetration. Her strong hand was planted in the middle of my back. Those slim arms were stronger than they looked. There was no way I could escape the buggering "she" had in mind.

She shoved a knee between my tightly clamped thighs and shoved my legs apart. "Come on, Tony, you're gonna love this. If you fight me it will only make it hurt more. And, believe me, it's gonna happen, whether you want it to or not." By the time she made her threat I'd realized I wasn't getting out of this. There was still enough that was female about her that I couldn't quite bring myself to do actual damage to her by slugging her if I even got the chance.

She grabbed my hips in a vice-like grip and slid her cock up and down my crack. She used one finger to open me up and then added a second one to it. It hurt at first but then it didn't hurt so much. Still, I didn't want that big dick inside my tiny little ass. But I had no choice in the matter, as "Denise" had said. Whatever she did, there was always one hand pressing me down to the mattress.

Once more, she began to slide her cock up and down in my crack. Now, let me just say that I do enjoy it when a woman plays with my ass. I've had more than one vibrator up there and it always makes me come hard. Still, I'd never considered a living cock to be shoved up there. Denise used her free hand to center the head of her cock at my opening and pressed forward. The pain was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I yelled and Denise leaned forward so her lips were right at my ear. "I told you to relax, Tony. It won't hurt much if you just calm down and let it happen."

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