The Diet

by DG Hear

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Desc: : My wife's by-pass surgery ruined my marriage.

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I want to take responsibility for my actions. I guess I could try to blame someone else but in the end it was my doing. So I am going to set up a tape recorder that can be used as evidence.

Here it goes. I turned on the tape recorder and began my story. My wife Marti and I have been married for thirty years. We got married when she was just eighteen years old. I guess I rocked the cradle since I was twenty-seven when we got married. I really did love her.

I was never the best looking guy. I was short for a man at 5' 7", a little overweight, weighing over 220 pounds at age twenty-seven. I even had thinning hair back then. I was an accountant so I had a decent job. I hardly ever dated in college and never in high school. I had friends but most were geeks - I think that term fits - like me. I wasn't a virgin. I went to hookers for sex. Even us not-too-good looking guys like sex also.

I was doing income taxes when Marti came in. She had the prettiest smile. I had her sit down and took her information and did her taxes for her. She treated me so nice. According to her tax form she was eighteen and lived at home. She worked at a local store as a cashier. She started her job right after high school graduation.

I asked her out and she accepted. We set up a date for the following Friday night. I didn't mention it but Marti was a beautiful girl although she was overweight. She was probably 5' 3" and weight 250 pounds or more. I don't know for sure. It didn't matter to me. She felt beautiful on the inside to me. That's where it really counts.

After only a few dates I asked her to get married and she accepted. We had sex on our first date. It was the first time for her and the first time not paying for sex for me. It felt so wonderful to be wanted for me and not for money. God, it felt so great, I would do anything for Marti.

Our marriage was good. We got along great. The only thing we ever argued about was her weight. She would go on diet after diet after diet. She would lose weight then gain it back. It was a vicious cycle. I pretty much just stayed the same overweight and balding.

Over the years we had four kids. They were smart and luckily didn't carry my ugly genes, haha. They were attractive like their mother. They watched their weight. Our two sons played sports which helped them with any weight problem. They were short and stocky but good looking boys. Our daughters stayed on conscious weight control plans. By that I mean whenever they gained a few pounds they cut back on their eating. They controlled their weight program before it got out of hand.

All of our kids were married now. We've been blessed with grandchildren and everything seemed to be going good for us. The only problem was Marti was obsessed with her weight problem. I was worried that she could develop health problems but her being overweight didn't bother me.

She read up on some kind of by-pass surgery. Something to do with making the stomach smaller. I told her I thought it was a bit extreme, that I loved her the way she was. She insisted on me reading about it so I did. She also told me the doctor told her that it would improve her health and reduce her high blood pressure as well as her losing weight.

I finally told her if the insurance paid for it she could have it. So she started filling out the forms and she qualified. I went to the meetings with her and to her consulting sessions. They made sure you were totally prepared for the surgery and change of life that would come from it.

I was with her through the whole process. She was in the hospital for eight days after the surgery. When she came home there was no lifting and a special diet that lasted for months. After that she ate small amounts of food several times a day. I was always by her side encouraging her.

She had lost over a hundred and twenty five pounds. She looked gorgeous in clothes but a lot of hanging skin when naked. Our insurance paid for a tummy tuck and we paid for a couple of other skin removal surgeries. It took another good eight months for all the surgeries to heal. Our sex life was pretty non-existent during this period. She did give me oral sex a few times but she didn't like to do it. She told me that it wasn't that far away until I could have her new body. It would be worth the wait. It was back to masturbation like before I got married.

That takes us up to last year. She looked great. She felt great and was getting compliments from everyone. I couldn't be more proud of her. She went through a lot, surgeries and all, but she attained her goal. Now all she had to do was watch her eating habits which she did.

This might not be fair to say but her new look got her promoted at work. She was now a department manager. Her forty-ninth birthday was coming up but she looked more like thirty five. You would have thought she was my daughter instead of my wife. After all I was going on fifty-eight.

She had to start working a lot more hours in her new position. I understood but didn't like the idea. We still had sex, not as often as I had expected and really wasn't any better than when she was heavy. In fact I would have to say it wasn't as good. No more big titty fucks. I used to like those. She never wanted me on top much anymore either. Something about me being too heavy.

I knew something was up. After thirty years of marriage you really get to know your spouse. I knew her so well that I could tell you when she needed to take a shit. Everything about her had changed. Not just her looks but now her personality that I loved so much. I think her view of me changed as well. It was as though she had been blinded to my looks but now she had been given sight. Instead of the short pudgy little husband, I was the short fat balding man with whom she had to share her bed. Now she had become obsessed with her new look. She loved it when she was the center of attention and got the looks from men.

I went to work on Monday and our plant was closing. Since I had been an accountant there for so long I was offered a really nice retirement settlement package. For me the idea of an early retirement was great. I thought that Marti and I could travel to all the places we talked about throughout the years. We could have fun being together and enjoy our remaining years.

When she came home that night I talked to her about my early retirement. She said that was fine, I could do what I wanted but she was going to keep working. She enjoyed her new position and the money was good. She was too young to quit working and sit home.

That really kind of hurt me. I told her as a hobby I was going to take up photography and go out and take pictures of animals and scenes of bridges, trees and stuff like that. I was going to buy one of those develop-your-own picture machines also. She told me to do whatever I wanted to, just not to include her in it.

I finished the month off and we had a small party for all the employees who were retiring. I was surprised that Marti agreed to come to it. Then I realized why. She was the center of attention. Everyone was seeing the new Marti. I saw a lot of the guys who never gave her a second look play up to her. I was watching the change in her take place and it was beginning to hurt. I could see it happening but there was no way to stop it.

When we got home I told her that I felt she was changing. She accused me of being the one that was changing. I didn't want her to have fun anymore. All I was interested in was either staying home or taking those stupid pictures. I apologized to her and said I would try to be a better husband. I told her I must be getting older and must have just misinterpreting her actions. I didn't want to alienate her. I loved her so much.

Our love making was next to nothing. I had to almost beg her to make love to me. I had had enough. I decided to start following her and checking on her. I never wanted my life to come to this but she was my life. I hoped I was wrong but I had to find out for sure before accusing her of anything else.

Whenever she called me and said she had to work late I went to the store and waited for her to get off. The first couple of times she did go straight home. When I followed her and she was headed for home I would stop by a quick food place and pick us up something to eat. That was my excuse if she got home before me. I always just got her a salad since she never ate much anymore.

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