Dolly Takes A Lover

by woolywombat

Copyright┬ę 2006 by woolywombat

Erotica Sex Story: Mature woman re-enters the sexual life after the death of her husband. She finds glorious excitment in the arms of younger man.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Doctor/Nurse   .


Rob was dead! Gone after 20 years of marriage! GONE!! And the nagging empty loneliness was starting to tell on his stunning mature widow, Dolly. Rob and Dolly had been through and seen it all in their long union. A May-December marriage that started out like a torrid sexual inferno had subsided into a friendly sterile cohabitation, only to be thunderously resuscitated when Dolly had been repeatedly raped by escaped convicted rapist, Lyle Buhr.

Buhr's monster cock had stretched Dolly's revirginated pussy and aroused previously unstimulated nerve endings and created an voracious mature sex slave. Dolly had dieted and exercised to tone her voluptuous body into a creature of unparalleled beauty and sensuousness. Her plump rounded tits measured a stunning 37DD. The pink bullet-like nipples, centered in silver dollar sized, lightly pebbled areolas, responded to the touch to an excited state of erection that fairly shouted to be tweaked, pinched, pulled, sucked and twirled...

Her sculptured Scandinavian face with her ice blue eyes, platinum hair and flawless glowing complexion turned heads wherever she went. She had worked hard to flatten her slight round belly and she had succeeded. She was a flat as any woman her age with just the slightest sexy roundness to her belly and was proud of her accomplishment. Her sensuously rounded 36 inch hips encased a firm well defined ass. Her legs were short and muscular, but nicely formed to carry her regal upright carriage.

All in all, Dolly was a stunningly beautiful woman with all the feminine wiles to excite any red-blooded man. The loss of her husband had hit her hard. She had enjoyed a close companionship, as well a rejoined sex life with Rob. And now he was gone. She missed the verbal repartee and physical closeness they had shared. To ease her mind from dwelling on her loss, she threw herself into her work as a nurse in a local nursing home.

Immediately following Rob's death, her friends and co-workers had kept her busy with invitations to dinners and recreational outings, along with some obvious attempts to link her up with available males. Dolly had seen through these and had sloughed them off as too early and too mismatched. She had had a good marriage and was not ready to enter into an emotional relationship with any man... not just yet, anyhow! She had vowed to Rob on his deathbed that she would not re-marry and she fully intended to honor the pledge... even though it went against the growing ache in her pussy to be filled with hard hot cock meat.

It was the practice that the resident's doctors routinely visited the nursing home to check on their condition and to provide orders and guidance for the nursing staff. Dolly's position of Director of Nursing placed her in close daily contact with the visiting MD's. One of the "docs", as they were called by the nurses was Dr. Vincent Ferugia. Dr. Ferugia was a startlingly handsome man of about 6 feet tall with a ruddy, tanned classic Mediterranean face. His was 45 years old and had lost his wife about 5 years ago in a car crash.

The good doctor possessed a gentle and comforting bedside manner and the residents under his care loved him. His demeanor around the staff was professional and detached... except around Dolly. When he was in close proximity to the strikingly beautiful Dolly, he turned on the charm that had endeared him to his friends and patients for years. He did not hesitate to compliment her on her physical and intellectual attributes that were anything but professional. He flattered her with comments about her hair, her dress, her complexion and even, one day, about her body.

Dolly had always been a little shy and reacted to his attentions with a casual reticence. But, under her casual attitude, she was thrilled at his growing interest. After all, he WAS the most attractive man that ever came into her facility!

Doctor Ferugia soon developed the habit of stopping into Dolly's office and discussing various aspects of patient care that they both shared. Dolly delighted with the seeming extra attention that the good doctor showered her with. Every day that he visited the facility was a day that Dolly looked forward to with growing anticipation.

As time when on, these clinical meetings in Dolly's office took a more personal turn. Dolly sincerely shared many common interests with the good doctor and it seemed quite normal to be curious about him and likewise Doctor Vince, she now called him, was growing more interested in Dolly and just who she was and what she liked and disliked and what made her so desirable to him.

Dolly, while enjoying the attention that Doctor Vince showered her with, was looking more intensely at this gorgeous male who sat across her desk. His swarthy good looks, his chiseled Mediterranean features and his toned large body had her pussy tingling in spite of herself. When he would reach out and brush her hand as he was speaking, it was as if he was electrifying her. On occasion, during pauses in the conversation, she would let her mind drift and thought of the possibilities,... ahhh, the possibilities. Could this man really be interested in her, an older much married mature woman?

Then one day while they were talking in the hallway, Dr. Vince gently laid his hand on Dolly's shoulder and turning her to face him, "Dolly, would you be agreeable to have dinner with me tonight?"

Somewhat taken aback and more than a little flustered, Dolly replied, "I'd be delighted. What time do you suggest?"

Still softly holding her hands in his, he asked, "How would seven-thirty be? Can I pick you up at your house in Oakdale?"

"Seven-thirty would be just fine, I'll be ready." And with that affirmation, Dolly's fate was sealed. Their eyes locked for what seemed to Dolly to be an eternity. Waves of excitement that she hadn't felt in years washed over her.

The rest of the day was a blur to Dolly. "What to wear? How much make up? Do I have any underwear sexy enough? What am I thinking... it's just a dinner. My God, he's so handsome. I wonder where he'll take me?..."

The seconds ticked by like glacial eons, the hours like super slow motion as Dolly's anticipation mounted. Finally, it was time to leave the facility and go home and get ready for her big night. Arriving at her home, Dolly was in a state of excited anticipation. What to wear... what to wear? After she showered, she lightly trimmed her pussy bush. She spent a good three quarters of an hour going through her fine wardrobe. Finally she chose a silver blue wrap-around sheath with a, to her anyway, was a daring decollete. Showing just enough swelling breast to be enticing, but not too provocative. To add a bit of mystery and allure, she chose a soft shimmering silver flecked wrap to warm her shoulders and compliment her platinum locks.

She picked through her bra collection, finally selecting a lacy underwire demi-bra that lifted and pushed up her exceptional tits and barely covered her thrusting rosy pink nipples. Trying it on, she was very satisfied with the way it shaped her sensational superstructure and gave her a very sexy look. While Dolly usually wore pantyhose for daily work, tonight she wriggled into a satin/lace, rather conservative pair of panties. Her fancy spandex/lace garter belt finished the foundation.

It was time to complete her make-up and hair. For starters, she applied a touch of Oscar de la Renta cologne to her trimmed pussy and between her swelling breasts. The understated musky sexiness of that particular scent always aroused her and she wondered about what effect, if any, it would have on Dr. Vince. She spend an inordinate amount of time to make sure that every hair was in its' perfect place for this perfect evening. When she was satisfied with the radiant glowing image in the mirror, she began applying her final step... her make-up. Dolly had been trained as an esthetician before she had become a nurse, so that she had extensive knowledge of how to enhance her natural beauty to the maximum extent.

First the eyeliner, shadow, blusher, and the lovely lip color. She was simply a visage of feminine loveliness as she slipped into her tight silver blue sheath dress. As a final touch, she put on her diamond studded nugget necklace (a remembrance from a husband past) and her tasteful diamond earrings. She was now ready to meet her "first date" since Rob's death and excited to experience whatever was about to happen.

Dolly was no naive, innocent woman when it came to sex and the wonders that it held, but it had been a fairly long time since her adventures with Rob and the many men whom she had enjoyed and who had enjoyed her. As she awaited her handsome exciting escort she was atingle with sexual exhilaration.

At last, the doorbell announcing the arrival of Dr. Vince and his magic chariot to paradise! Grabbing her soft silver shoulder wrap she hurried to the door. She smiled and almost gasped at her handsome beaming escort, resplendent in his dark suit, tastefully understated pink power tie and A SINGLE ROSE! Dolly almost swooned.

She held out her hands and invited him in while she obtained her silvery shoulder wrap. Surely, electricity flowed between them as they touched. This could be the beginning of a great evening. Dr. Vince held out his hand and escorted her to his gleaming black Lexus sedan waiting in her drive. As Vince helped Dolly into his car, he glanced down to catch a wonderful view of her swelling decolletage. Dolly's neckline was doing exactly what she had hoped for... her bounteous bosom had gotten Vince's attention. She looked up at her beaming "prince" and smiled knowingly.

"What a beautiful car," Dolly exclaimed as they pulled from her driveway. Vince smiled and replied, "It takes a doctor's degree to drive it. It has so many bells and whistles. I've made reservations at Copeland's, I assume that's alright with you?" Dolly enthusiastically agreed. As they drove to their chosen restaurant they made small talk, about food, cars and their community. They both thought that the evening was off to a wonderful start.

After parking the car, Vince once again helped Dolly alight from her side of the vehicle and got another glimpse of her luscious ripe breasts. "What gorgeous tits!" he thought to himself. As the two walked to the entrance, they made a striking couple. No one would have guessed that Dolly was 14 years the senior partner. Dr. Vince tall, dark, chiseled and impeccably dressed and Dolly radiant in her sculpted shiny light blue sheath and silvery shoulder shawl gave the impression that they had been a couple for years... not just a few hours.

Having been ushered to a intimate quiet corner table in the impressively decorated restaurant, they were give the menu and Vince inquired if Dolly would like a glass of wine before dinner. While Dolly ordinarily didn't drink, she agreed and selected a Beringer White Zinfandel while Vince ordered a California Pinot Noir. As an appetizer, the couple selected Creole Calimari. Studying the menu, Dolly chose a dish she loved; Shrimp Scampi and Vince chose Crab Stuffed Catfish Bordelaise. The gustatory business out of the way the two began the age-old would-be intimates conversational "dance".

Throughout the meal Dolly and Vince talked about their past and some enlightening experiences, about their past husbands and wives, and about their shared likes and dislikes. Occasionally when their eyes met it was like magic passed between them... their eyes seemed to lock for seconds that ran into hours. In the silent message was the promise of what was to come.

The wonderful meal was over. They had passed on dessert had headed for their car in a lustful fog. Once underway, Vince said. "Would you like to see my humble abode?" Dolly quickly agreed with growing anticipation. Dr. Vince lived in a upscale newer subdivision called, Stonehenge where the majority of homes were in the half-million dollar range. Vince's home was no exception to that rule. Dolly was stunned when they pulled into the driveway of his fantastic home. It was huge and it was majestic!

As Vince ushered Dolly into the glorious mansion, Dolly was agog at the opulence of the place. He took her past the entryway into the large living room. Pushing a few buttons on a small remote, the place was suffused with a indirect light. Then soft music enveloped them. Vince asked, "Now can we share a small nightcap? Drambuie, OK?" Dolly nodded numbly, over- whelmed. She had never even seen a place like this.

Vince led his beautiful "date" to a large overstuffed Italian leather couch and gestured for her to sit. "Make yourself at home, Dolly'" he said, as Dolly sank into the soft encompassing leather. "Ahh! This is pure luxury," she sighed. Vince smiled in appreciation.

As the velvety melodic sensual music of Art Garfunkel's "I Only Have Eyes for You" swelled around them, Vince said, "Dolly dear, may I have this dance?" Smiling, Dolly shucked her heels and Vince slipped out of his Bruno Magli loafers. Rising from the couch she flowed into his arms. As they smoothly danced, Dolly nestled her head into broad chest. Holding her tightly to him Vince could feel her bountiful breasts press into his chest. As Dolly closed her eyes and felt his hand press into her lower back she could feel his rising maleness push into her rounded belly.

It was as if they were lost in an erotic fog. Dolly placed her arms around Vince's neck as he freed one arm to gently stroke her back and finally the side of her breast. As she looked up at him, bent down and lightly kissed her lips. She pressed into him and returned his kiss with a growing passion. Their mouths opened and their tongues tested and explored. They savored the erotic probing they made with their tongues. The dance ended and Vince led Dolly back to the couch.

As they reclined on the couch, Vince had begun to caress both of Dolly's breasts as she thrust them up into his hands. They were in a constant kiss. Dolly could feel Vince trying to release the fasteners that held her dress together. In the throes of the moment, Dolly began to unbutton Vince's shirt. With Dolly's dress undone and her beautiful bra packed tits open for Vince's eyes and ministrations. He got right to work on working Dolly into a sexual frenzy.

Four hands were flying over two beautiful bodies. Dolly felt the strong back and shoulder muscles. Vince massaged and rolled her soft and elastic tits, concentrating on her stiffening nipples through her lacy demi-bra. He reached around behind her to locate and unfasten the hooks that were keeping him from his goal.

Using the finger dexterity that comes with years of medical training, in seconds Dolly's gorgeous globes sprung free, luscious, separate and unhindered by a bra. When Dolly felt Vince's hairy chest rub against her bare nipples, she squealed with delight. Seizing his opportunity, Vince kissed his way to her heaving bosom and latched on to her right nipple, now as hard and as long as 45 caliber bullet. "Aahhhhhhh! Oooohhhh!", Dolly moaned. Vince hummed as he sucked and drove Dolly even further into rapture. His tongue whirled, swirled, and flicked while his free hands ceaselessly kneaded and rolled her other billowing tit.

Dolly, even though clearly endowed with luxuriant tit flesh, possessed a great number of nerve endings in her throbbing breasts. As a result, her tits were extraordinarily sensitive to the extent that she was one of the rare women who could revel in what is called a "tit come". Given the amount of titillation, it was as if her tits/nipples were connected to her clit/cunt. ZAP! ZAP! The electricity struck her! OOOWWWW! OOOOOOHH! OOOOOOOHHH! AARRRGGGGHHHH! Dolly experienced her first orgasm of the evening with many more to come! She arched her back into Vince's strong hands and fingers and flattened them into his sucking mouth and pirouetting tongue.

Although the only sounds in the room were of short little moans and mews, soft grunts, hums, rustling clothes and wet kissing and sucking, Vince had not even touched her satin and lace encased Mound of Venus and the trophy that lay just "round the bend". And already Dolly had crested big time!

Dolly, when she regained some limited control, was feverishly trying to get Vince out of his restricting clothes. She'd undone his belt and unzipped his fly and had finally got her fingers around his manly fuck tool. Ohhhh! He was big! The lovely mature woman gasped as she felt the surprising length and thickness of it again, its blood-heated warmth sensually penetrated the palm of her slender hand which could hardly encompass it. Bigger than Rob ever was! Her touch brought it to even greater hardness and with a heightened felling of awe, she began to explore it. Almost as big as she remembered Lyle Buhr. She used her short trimmed nails to gently scrape along its rigid length, knowing that it would give him a charge. Her reward came instantly. She felt its lustful, expanding throb, accompanied by his low moan of pleasure. He had to much longer than Rob and of wonderful cunt stretching girth.

Vince felt her hands caress his hardening cock and sighed with pleasure. This woman was so very alluring and desirable, he could hardly believe his good luck. Her fingers ran up and down his shaft. She squeezed as she pulled him into greater hardness. She certainly knew how to arouse her man! His arms went around her, his hands dropping down to massage the smooth suppleness of her buttocks and to feel the silky, lithe flesh of her body under his loving hands.

Then, pulling her tight in against him, he pushed the hardened rod of his massive penis between her thighs, thrusting it into the curly trimmed mass of light brown curls lining her pulsing cuntal entrance. He moved it back and forth there, rubbing teasingly against her naked silky pussy flesh, feeling the smooth moisture of her hot throbbing cunt flow over his passion-heated hardness.

The firm, engorged pointed buds of her erect nipples punched into his chest as her arms flew around him. Then parting her thighs slightly, Dolly slid her hand down to grasp his slim hard-muscled buttocks, pulling him in until their loins met, black public hair mashed together with light brown, and his purple bulbous cockhead nestled solidly all the way up between her legs in the hot sodden wetness of her cunt. The huge mushroom shaped head of his cock was taunting and teasing her tightly puckered little anal rosebud.

Dolly leaned back away from him, breaking the circle of his arms, and with a guttural groan, Vince scooped up the lovely woman and carried her to the bedroom. Breathing hard, he laid her down on the huge king-sized bed that was his sexual playground.

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