The Bending of Little Miss Straight

by Suzie XX

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You wake up with a massive hangover and find yourself in a strange bed, totally naked between 2 vaguely familiar but also naked sleeping women. Probably every man's dream, but what if it happened to a straight girl with no recollection of how she came to be there? Her last memories were being on a date with a boyfriend, and an argument. The fog clears slowly and the memories start to return...

I woke up sluggishly with a thumping head and didn't need a doctor to tell me I was intensely hung-over. As my eyes half opened, I was immediately conscious that my arm was draped over somebody else and judging by the curly blond hair and the soft feel to her skin I could tell it was another female, a naked one at that. I lifted the duvet to look at my body and confirmed what I suspected, that I was also totally bare.

I feverishly tried to remember the events that had led to my being in bed with a woman. I remembered being in a wine-bar with my boyfriend at the start of the evening, and an argument with him. But what happened after that? I tried to roll onto my back but there was someone else on the other side of me preventing me completing this manoeuvre. I shifted position so that I could lie flat, and looked to see who else I was sharing a bed with. Oh my god, there was another woman facing me with long straight brown hair mostly covering her face. What the hell had I been up to?

I felt terrible and my mouth was dry. I wasn't sure if I was going to be sick but I was very sure that I needed to pee badly. The two women seemed to be sound asleep, so I pulled myself up to a sitting position between the two pillows and waited for my head to acclimatize to these dizzy heights. I pulled my legs out of the duvet and rested them on top of it. I noticed the amount of dried feminine secretions on my lower body and thighs and knew there had been some girly sexual activity the previous night.

Sitting there looking round at this strange room I decided that from the feeling in my stomach, yes, I could very well puke soon, so stood up slowly and bounced my way down the bed, avoiding the limbs of the sleeping women, and stepped down onto the floor. Swaying there, holding onto the bed to stop the room spinning, the needs I had to discharge at both ends drove me to decide which of the 3 doors I could see would be most likely to lead to a bathroom.

The one I picked led on to a landing. The urge to pee was now urgent and I pressed my fingers against my peehole. Opening another door found a smaller bedroom but the next one I tried was a bathroom thank goodness. Being naked, there was no messing around; I opened the lid of the toilet and was already going by the time I sat down. Even while I drained at one end my stomach heaved and I tried to delay the vomit long enough to finish urinating. As the flow stopped I turned round and decorated the toilet bowl and seat with several heaves of puke. Things suddenly became clearer now that the needs had been met. I flushed the toilet, wiped the seat with more tissues and flushed again.

My memories of the previous evening were also becoming slightly clearer. Jack and I were enjoying a drink before going back to his flat for some sexy fun like we had been chatting about, when three of his mates came by us on the way out from the far end of the bar. After the laddish greetings the friends said they were off to play snooker. This was obvious as they all carried long thin cases with their cues in.

"Hey, why don't you two come with us, we'll have a laugh," said one, followed by yeah's from the other two. Jack looked at me and I wrinkled my nose and shook my head slightly.

"Come on," he said, "Just a few frames then we'll go I promise." To the others he said "Go on, we'll follow on in a few minutes."

As they left I told Jack "I really don't want to go to the snooker hall, it's smoky and boring for me. Let's go to your flat like we said."

"Oh come on Ali, just for a while, I've promised them now."

"I don't want to go." I maintained.

"Well I do!"

"Well I don't!!" I exclaimed much louder than I had intended. Surely he wasn't going to pass up a sexy time with me for snooker with his dork mates.

"Well, fuck you then, stay here but I'm going." He shouted. With that, he thrust his half- drunk pint glass of lager into my free hand and stalked away. Dammit, I was losing out to snooker balls! Had I thought a bit faster I should have slung the lager over the back of his shirt. But as it was, I stood there with my half pint glass of lager in one hand and his glass in the other, staring open-mouthed in disbelief as he ran after his mates.

I became embarrassingly aware that the hubbub of the conversations around us had gone quiet and I was being stared at by more than a few people. I was feeling gutted at the rejection, and tears of suppressed rage filled my eyes! I turned and walked further into the bar, heading nowhere in particular, to indicate the show was over and was blushing to my roots! "Shit!" I said through my teeth without sound. 'That bastard was SO dumped!' I thought.

"Wow, what a bastard!" said a voice at my side echoing my thoughts. It was a woman with long dark hair carrying two orange coloured cocktails. "Come and sit at our table for a minute and calm down." She smiled a sympathetic smile at me.

Grateful for the rescue, I nodded and followed her to a table. Another woman with curly fair hair was sitting there and it was obviously these two I had been sandwiched between in bed this morning. But how on earth had I agreed to go to bed with them, and what had we done? The thought of lesbian activity normally turns my stomach, but what else could explain my sleeping with the women.

"Hello," said the curly one, "what's all this? I asked for a Between the Sheets, not a girl to go between them!"

"Oh yes, ha ha, very witty," answered the long straight hair, "No, this is, um..."

"... Alison." I said. "But call me Ali."

"Yes, Ali just had a spat with her boyfriend and needs a bolt-hole. You don't mind do you?"

"No, of course not; a pretty face is always welcome. Sit down love." I put the two glasses down and pulled up a spare chair to join them. She added, "I'm Penny by the way and that's Rita who brought you over."

Yes, now I remember how I had come to meet them, they seemed so nice. Rita and Penny. But I was 18 and they must have been well in their thirties. I racked my fuzzy brain to think how it had got to here from there.

I do remember finishing my beer and pouring Jack's beer into my glass saying "No point in wasting it!"

"That's the way girl," said Penny, "drown the bastard!" We all laughed at the imagery and I soon downed the rest of his ale. "So what do you do, other than pick up deficient men?" she enquired.

"I'm at college; want to get into med school eventually."

"You want to be medic-Ali qualified then?" I grimaced at the awful joke and we all laughed again.

I finished the beer and Penny offered to buy some more drinks.

"I can't drink any more beer," I said, "What is that you are drinking? It looks nice."

"Like I said before it's called a Between the Sheets, honestly. It's passion-fruit with Bacardi and cognac and a bit of lime juice. It's lovely, have a taste." She pushed her almost empty glass to me and I did, and had to admit it was nice so I said I'd have one too. The women were great fun and joked a lot. I can never remember more than a few jokes, but they both laughed heartily at those I thought of. Pretty soon I forgot about Jack and was having a far better time with my new friends.

My stomach had settled a bit and I had enough confidence to leave the bathroom without fear of more retching. I was now conscious of being naked and went back to the bedroom where Rita and Penny were still sleeping. I had a look round the bed and lifted the duvet slightly at the bottom of the bed but there was no sign of any clothing. So I tiptoed back out the room and went downstairs. In the kitchen I found a glass and took a big swig of tap-water to quench a raging thirst and then filled a kettle to make a coffee.

While I waited for the kettle to boil I went into the living room and there, scattered all around the settee, were all of our clothes. I picked up my panties from last night. They smelt a bit soiled but were dry now so I slipped them on. I couldn't see my bra but found the strappy top I had been wearing, so pulled that on too, and then heard the kettle coming to the boil. I located a mug, a spoon and the coffee jar and poured a steaming strong black brew out. I sat on a stool in the kitchen with my head in my hands feeling vaguely disgusted with myself for what it appeared had obviously gone on, and tried to remember more of it all.

I suppose I ought to have collected my things and gone, but I had no idea where I was or how I had got here and frankly I was such a mess that I couldn't face the outside yet. Especially in the bright sunlight that hurt my eyes when I pulled the curtain to one side and looked out the window.

Instead, I sat there in the kitchen in my top and panties drinking coffee while I tried to recall what had happened, and if I had done anything a straight girl would regret. Maybe I had just got drunk and they brought me home to sleep it off. In that case why not put me in the spare room then? Oh, come on Alison, you were in the wine-bar talking with them. What then?

There had been another round of drinks. Ah yes, I remember going to the bar and getting three more of those damn cocktails and been shocked at the cost. Oh yes, I was feeling decidedly merry as I took back the drinks to the table.

"I think I will go home after this one," I had said. "Or else I won't be able to walk home at all!"

"Sorry, we shouldn't be letting a young girl drink so much," said Rita. "Finish the drink and we'll all go for a walk and think of something else to do, shall we?"

"Great idea," agreed Penny, "We could go to a club and maybe you'll pick up a better bloke than you just dumped."

"Oh no!" I stated, "No way. I've so had it with men, for now anyway!"

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