Shock and Awe: Again
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, DomSub, Gang Bang, Water Sports,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Man tells another story of him and his wife swapping with friends. This time with kinky sex but this time he has a huge shock that is not good.

Hello, it's time for me to tell another story. This one involves what happened after the surprise swap me and my wife took part in. Surprise for me that is, since my wife knew about it and helped plan it. To recap that story quickly-it was the first time neither one of us ever had sex with a different person, and I went into shock when I realized what was happening. I just couldn't get my mind to understand that my shy wife actually wanted to have sex with another man, and wanted me to have sex with another woman. Of course, the man and woman were close friends of ours and she wouldn't have done it if they had been strangers or if they had been not so close friends. We survived the experience, having a great time in the process. In my shock, I had wanted to see my wife actually having sex with another man. So Su took me to the house they were in and I watched her suck off Allen, fuck him and then have anal sex with him. I had a little trouble with the fact that Allen was so much bigger than I was. I do not consider myself small in that department, but he is significantly larger. After watching them I went with Su to her house where we did the same things I had seen my wife and Allen do, along with a couple of acts I hadn't seen them do but I knew they had done. My wife met us there and we went home. The next morning we had sex slow and relaxed. She assured me that she hadn't changed that much and even though she enjoyed Allen's larger size she still wanted me.

The story I will be telling tonight is the story of another shock, a three-way shock this time. Diane was shocked by the way, we fulfilled one of her fantasies, to a lesser degree Betty was shocked also by having one of her fantasies fulfilled, and finally I was shocked again. This time it was in a bad way and because of the way I acted in my shock, I almost lost a good friend.

We- me, my wife and the other two couples- all decided that the swapping would be only for special occasions, not more than every two or three months. This is why we planned the next one for two months away. We would go to some small cabins we knew of in the mountains for a three-day weekend. Or that is what we told Diane. Eariler I had had sex with Su, but not Diane. She had wanted to have sex with me but the others decided Betty would have a better chance of seducing me since I had been lusting after her for years. I had tried to control those feelings, but not as much as I thought since everyone, including my wife, knew I was lusting for Betty. My wife explained all this to me ending by saying that I had better give Diane a good time when it was her turn. She had been lusting after me since she had seen me naked a while back. It had been by accident but she had gotten a good look at my cock and me. Since then, she had been fantasizing about me seducing her. Later I learned that she had also had a couple sexual dreams about me. In the dreams, she was dominating me and I was a Submissive. After those dreams, many of her fantasies changed to include me dominating her. She had never wanted her husband to dominate her, nor any other guy but she thought that for some reason her subconscious thought she wanted it. She decided she would do it at least once.

I suggested that since I was supposed to give her an exceptionally good time that we surprise her with a fulfillment of her fantasy. My wife thought it was a good idea and was surprised that I would not only think of it but would want to do it. I just shrugged my shoulders since I couldn't think of anything to say. She told the others including Diane's husband. He agreed and so we set it up. I had to add a couple of things to our bedroom, and buy some sex equipment we didn't usually use but that was the easy part. We decided we would go dancing and I would seduce her there. She thought we were waiting another month before we would do another swap, so she would be surprised when I put moves on her.

The night of her seduction came along. We had sent our kids to their grandparents for the weekend so we didn't have to worry about them. We met the other two couples at a popular dance club. We danced three dances, and then I decided to rest as the others danced. We had switched wives so that left Diane with me at a booth. I had been complimenting her since she and Bill arrived. Now, I told her how pretty she looked and how I liked her miniskirt. She blushed a little. Soon I was next to her with my hand on her leg. At first, it was like an accident but as I moved it up a bit, she looked at me funny. We had after all said we would wait to swap again for another month, and we weren't supposed to do anything with another spouse unless we the whole group was together. We talked and then we danced and I told her how good she moved. While we were resting, I told her I liked the way her skirt swirled around her legs while we were dancing. It made her legs look sexy.

She looked at me funny again, but I just ordered a couple of drinks. I said a few other things to her along those lines as the night wore on and finally told her that she looked good enough for me to take home.

She said, "I don't think my husband would appreciate you taking me home tonight." She put an extra emphasis on the word tonight, which I ignored.

I said, "He won't be able to stop me from taking you home."

Her head swiveled around to look at me and I continued, "And if you don't cooperate more when I do get you home you will be punished."

She turned her head back at me and stared; she couldn't believe what I had just said.

Trying to sound very authoritatively I said, "Turn your head back to the front."

She didn't so I added in what I thought of as a calm commanding voice, "If you don't do what I say you will be punished in a most severe way."

She stared for a moment longer then her head snapped forward. We talked more for a couple of minutes then I said, "As I said before your legs look very sexy in that skirt, you need to spread them so others can see how good they look."

While Diane was not as shy as my wife she still was shy, in fact I was surprised she wore that short a skirt tonight. I wondered how her husband had gotten her to wear it.

I said, "Looks like I may have to punish you right here."

I think after all my talk of punishment she got the idea of what was going on, because she blushed and spread her legs. I dropped a napkin and took my time picking it up so I could get a good look.

I said, "Those are pretty pink panties and the flowers make them look even better."

This time she did blush and I saw her legs twitch as she automatically started to close her legs but stopped herself.

I said, "That waiter over there looks like he is enjoying the sight also. And I saw one woman go by who looked and smiled, obviously liking the sight and wanting to see more."

This time she looked like she wanted to blanch at that but didn't. I made a couple more comments went up go to the bathroom and when I came back, I made sure I got a good look in between her legs. I saw her notice me looking and when I sat back down, I told her it was time to go. By then the other couple and our spouses had been back to sit and rest for a couple of dances but now they were dancing again.

I told her to just get up and to ignore her husband. I wasn't sure how she would react but she got up, even had her head down slightly like a good submissive. As planned, her husband did come over and she gave him a short glance then returned her eyes to the floor. He and I talked for a moment out of her range then I went to her and told her that I was right he couldn't stop me. Once in the car I told her to flip her skirt up all the way and she did. I reached down and tickled her clit through her panties for a moment. Then I reached over to her and gently turned her head to look at me.

I said, "We are going to my place and you will do what I want all night. I'm in a hurry to get you to the house so I can fuck your brains out. If a police officer stops us, you not only keep quiet but if he looks into the car, you will flip up your skirt to expose your pretty panties to him. You understand?" She looked shocked for a moment but then nodded her head as she looked down.

I said "good," then started the car and drove home. I was glad no cops stopped us because I didn't want to explain to him or her why the woman I was with flashed them.

Partway home she asked if she could use the bathroom once we got there. I said I would think about it. I might just make her pee on the floor or go outside and do it where the neighbor's twelve-year-old son might see her. Also if she needed to do something other than pee, the same thing goes, some of my neighbor's plants needed fertilizing.

She said, "Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes master."


I thought it was good, she did realize what was going on and was going along with it.

At one point, we were in a darkened area of the road and I had to stop at a red light. I told her to unzip my pants, take out my cock and suck on it. She did until the light changed so I told her to stop and zip my pants back up. She did. She had taken the whole thing in her mouth and just sucked. That felt good and I was horny from looking up her skirt and thinking about what I was going to be doing soon. At another light, I told her to put her feet up on the dash, to spread them then to push her panties off enough for me to see her pussy. She started to comply but the light changed too soon.

Soon after that, we arrived at my house and I told her as I was pulling into the driveway to take off her panties. She did then I told her to walk in a sexy way in front of me as we walked to the front door. It was exciting to see her skirt flipping around like that, knowing she had nothing on underneath it. I wasn't able to see much but I knew what was just beyond my sight.

Once inside, I told her to flip her skirt up and she did. Nice looking butt there. Further in I came up behind and slipped my hand up her skirt and goosed her slit. She jumped then said "Thank you master."

I told her to walk to the bedroom and I followed her watching her rear as we went up the stairs. Again it was a turn on knowing she had nothing on underneath. This time I was able to see the swell of her buttocks. Nice and I almost stopped her so I could hump against her. Once inside the bedroom I told her to stand there as I went to get something. I came back with fuzzy handcuffs behind my back and saw her head was down in the right physical expression of submissiveness. I quickly grabbed her hands and put the handcuffs on. I had practiced doing that with my wife a few times and so I was able to do very fast. She looked at me but then bowed her head again. In preparation of that night, I had placed a couple of hooks in the ceiling and placed a plastic covering right under them. I grabbed hold of the handcuffs and pulled her to the center of the room right below the hooks. There was a rope that went through the hooks and I quickly wrapped it around the handcuffs between her hands. Next, I pulled one end of the rope pulling her hands up. When I was done, she was hanging there a foot off the floor. I lifted her skirt and fondled her butt then pushed a thumb into her slit. I wiggled it for about two minutes but then decided that was long enough for her and let her down so that her feet were flat on the floor. Her arms were still over her head though.

She asked, "Master what was that for?"

"I did it for two reasons. One is to show you some of the punishment you could receive and two to punish you. In the car, you didn't ask if you could speak before asking to use the bathroom. "

I fondled her butt some more, then decided I couldn't stand it anymore and got down on my knees. I raised my head under her skirt and began licking her butt. I nibbled on each cheek right where each cheek raises a bit, then begins a down slope into her crack. Her husband told me she liked that. He was right, for it took only a couple seconds for her to start groaning.

I nibbled for a while then licked into the crack, going all the way down to her anus. I licked and chewed that sexy puckered hole then I stood and again placed my hand on her butt. Once again I stuck my thumb into her slit as far as it would go, massaging one wall. This time though, at the same time I placed two fingers at her anus and pushed both in suddenly. She gasped and let out a small sound, which I wasn't sure was pleasure or pain. I slowed the entry of my fingers giving her rectum some time to get used to it. I then proceeded to move the fingers in and out finger fucking her anus while thumb fucking her slit. Soon she was groaning and even humped a couple of times. I thought her arms must have been getting tired, so I let her down and sat her on the bed. I told her to strip then to take off my clothes. She did. It was very erotic to see her strip, then to watch her take off my clothes. I was already very excited and it was no surprise to see that I was very hard and even beginning to leak precum.

I told her to lie down with her legs spread and she did. I next told her to pull on her clitoris; she reached down and followed the instructions. I then said to trace her slit's lips as she did I told her to push two fingers in hard and fast. She did, just shoving two of her fingers as far as they could go in a second. She gasped again, which her husband said she did a lot when she was getting turned on. She let her fingers just sit inside her as she looked at me with an expected expression on her face. I had gotten so excited by her fingers in her I forgot to tell her to do something else. I decided to remedy that and told her to fuck herself. She did, starting moving those two fingers in and out of her slowly but with increasing speed. Soon they were going almost in a blur. I let her do it until she gasped out an orgasm.

Next, I told her to lay back and to spread her legs again. I got on the bed on my hands and knees and crawled to where her legs joined her body. I lowered my head and stared at her very wet pussy. I had never seen it before and wanted to exam it. It was after all only the third one I had seen. I studied it and then used one finger to trace it. Just lightly touching it as I slide my finger along it. My breathing increased and my all ready high level of arousal suddenly jumped ten fold I think. I looked it over very carefully and I noticed that it was different from my wife's. Diane's mons were smaller for one thing, second she was less hairy. Maybe she had shaved herself somewhere along the line even though there seemed to be plenty of hair just above her slit. The patch was smaller then my wife's or Su's but thick. And there was less hair around the hole. Thirdly, her clit was very small. What came to mind immediately as I saw it was the term joy button. This clit looked like a button, a large one but still a button. It was small and cute as well as sexy. I pushed one finger in just to the first knuckle and slid it up and down inside. Her actually slit seemed to be shorter then my wife's but obviously it was big enough. As I was doing that, I saw something I had never seen before. I had read stories were a woman's clit grew bigger and slide out of a hood covered it but my wife's clit always seemed to be the same size and there was no hood. This clit did grow, and I saw it extend out. It didn't grow as big as my wife's but it was defiantly bigger then when it started.

I could barely keep myself from just jumping her. Instead, I lowered my head and began licking. I did it slowly at first tasting her. I had tasted only two other women and I wanted to see if Diane would taste different. I thought Betty had. After four licks, I decided she did really taste different then my wife. I couldn't explain how, and there was a familiarity but also something different. However, as my hormones took over I licked harder and faster, after another minute jamming my tongue as deep as possible into that wonderful love tunnel. I got carried away, momentarily forgetting what I was supposed to be doing. I just licked, sucked, and nibbled her into another climax. When she was done gasping and screaming, which her husband said she did when it was good, I couldn't stop my self and just climbed up her and shoved in my super hard leaking cock. I had to try three times before I hit her slit just right but soon I was gasping as I felt my hardness slide into her. She gasped too. I went all the way to the bottom and after resting for a second, I started a hard and fast rhythm of fucking her for the first time. Just in and out, in and out. I was groaning and breathing hard but I was able to notice that she was also groaning and gasping. Soon she pulled her legs up widening her slit and allowing me to go deeper. I did with gusto. Soon she forgot her role too and started yelling for me to fuck her hard and fast.

She said, "Yes, Yes, Yes, deeper, deeper, deeper! Now jam it, Fuuuuccckk me!"

I did, obeying her commands even though she was supposed to obey mine. Very soon, I knew I was cumming. I had just gotten too excited and I pushed myself up on my hands and jammed it in even harder and deeper. I was grunting continually, soon I shoved it in harder and I felt my sperm shot up my shaft and out the tip of my cock. I let out a sound that was almost a scream with the first and second shots but kept going until I was done.

lay on top of her and almost apologized for not lasting longer so she could cum but I remembered she was supposed to be a submissive. And she had had a couple climaxes already. I just flipped off and said that was a good fuck. You did good. I thought my cumming early would actually play along with this fantasy of hers. She said something about she didn't climax.

I stood up and gestured at her to come to me. She scooted to the edge of the bed and walked to me with her head bowed.

I asked, "You know what you did wrong?"

"I spoke without asking if I could."

"And?" I prompted.

After a short pause, "Because I didn't say master?"

"You didn't show me the right respect as your Master."

I paused then said, "Put you arms over your head."

With her head bowed, she did that, I hooked the rope over her handcuffs again and pulled her up again. I fondled her butt some more and then tweaked her breasts. I took turns doing both for a minute or so then lowered her again so that her feet touched the floor. But I kept up the tweaking, even doing it harder as her arousal increased. I threaten to use battery cable clamps on them.

That was just for effect since I had no plans to go that far. Next, I reached into a drawer and took out two items. One was tube I kept from her sight and the other I took over to her and showed it to her. Her eyes went wide for a second when she saw the long black bull whip. I held so she could see it easily.

I said, "If you keep up the lack of respect and the disobedience I may have to punish you with this."

Again that was more for effect I did not intend to actually use that on her. Letting her hang there for a couple minutes was as far as I was willing to go to make her fantasy come to life. At the same time, though I thought showing her the bullwhip might add a bit of real fear in her. I thought a little fear might make this seem more real to her. Just enough to make her wonder how far I would go.

As I showed it, to her I thought about whipping it a couple of times but I had no practice with it and I didn't want to actually hit her or knock something off the wall. I unfurled it then I made sure she saw the handgrip. It was large and very rough looking. I walked around her rubbed the handgrip along her butt.

I said, "If need be I will even jam this hand grip up your ass hole."

I saw her jerk in surprise not only because I didn't usually talk that way but also what I said. I had tried to say it calmly but with a tone of command in my voice. I don't know how it came across but it evidently had the desired effect. Next, I placed the beginning of the whip, just after the hand grip in the crack of her butt so that she could feel it touch her anus. I then pulled the whip up the crack. I had one hand guiding it so it started in there as it snaked through her crack. I did it twice then stroked her butt.

I said, "I think its time for some more fun for me."

I knelt on my knees and licked her butt some more. I put two fingers between her legs and stroked her there too. She gasped and I reached through her legs and felt for her clitoris. Once I found it, I caressed it until her breathing increased and she gasped four times. I pushed a thumb into her slit while at the same time gently rubbing her clitoris in a circle. That is not as easy as it may sound. I had to concentrate to keep both my thumb and my fingers moving in the right direction. I next caressed her anus with the fingers of the other hand finally sticking a finger in. I just took a deep breath and jammed the finger in. She jerked and let out a squeal but as aroused as she was I didn't think it really hurt, even though a little pain would go along with her fantasy. I finger fucked her puckered opening for a minute then reached for the tube. I stopped rubbing her clit.

She said, "Please Master I'm almost ready to cum."

"Don't worry my slut I will continue but remember you are here to please me. Any relief you have is just because I feel like giving you some."

"I understand Master."

I opened the tube and squirted some of the stuff in it on two fingers. I then reached those fingers into her crack and to her anus. I placed the tips on the hole and began pushing. She kinda jerked again and made a slight noise. That time I did think it was more from pain then pleasure but I just pulled my fingers out and pushed them back in. While I finger fucked her hole I tried to scrape the lube I had rubbed on my fingers onto her anus. I didn't want to be obvious about it though even though she probably could feel it. Then I squeezed more out but this time I rubbed it on the head of my shaft. After making sure, I had a good amount on it I moved forward. I pushed those two fingers back in all the way this time. I cleaned off my fingers then. I trust them in and out for a minute then pulled them out. I cleaned them off with a towel then reached around her and caressed her breasts. I realized I hadn't really touched them before so I went around her and sucked on the nipples for almost two minutes. I went back and forth between them including licking from the base to the nipple. Her husband had said she liked that too. Her breasts were not as large as Su's but they were a nice shape, a very nice shape. A little sagging but still very well made.

I thought her arms most be getting tired even if her feet were flat on the floor. So I decided that was enough time on that. I went back around her and spent a minute licking her butt again then I stood up and spread her butt checks but she was too short so I had to raise her up again. I spread her legs and positioned myself behind her so that I could push my shaft into her rectum just by pushing up on my legs. But I wasn't done with her so I told her I was going to impale her. I didn't say with what though. Had placed some items on a near by table that I knew she had seen. There were vibrators and dildos there. A glass rod with a knob on the end. That was a dildo, an expensive all glass dildo, but it could have been anything. There was also a stick and part of a broom handle. One of the dildos was very large, way thicker and longer then even Allen's shaft. I picked that one up and placed it at her anus. I pushed a little then I did the same with the glass rod and a couple of the vibrators. I even picked up the broom handle and caressed inside her crack with one end. I wanted her not to be sure, of exactly what I was going to impale her with.

I tickled her clitoris again and positioned the head of my shaft so that it touched her anus. She knew what I was going to do but was silent. I figured that even with touching her with the other objects she would know what was going in her as soon as she felt it. I raised up a bit forcing my very hard shaft into her puckered opening. I pushed steadily but gently until it opened enough to permit the head of my shaft to go in. She made a small "OOhhh" sound but didn't seem to be in much pain. After a few seconds, I pushed in a little further. I was in maybe one fourth of the way or a bit more. I was going to have to do what I wanted to do next just right. I had the rope set up where I could reach the end easily and I gave it a good jerk. It released her suddenly and she slid down my pole the rest of the way as she dropped. She let out a surprised squeal as she started to drop and an oomph at the end. I hoped it didn't hurt much; I had made sure I had put more lube on my shaft then usual. I had placed something under her feet so that she would fall only so far but still it could have hurt.

After a few seconds, I flexed my knees doing a partial squat then pushed back up. I continued in that vein fucking her rectum for a few minutes. Finally, I decided I should give her arms a break again even though that was good. Her rectum felt different. Betty's had felt close to my wife's but Diane's felt, I don't know, softer. Plus she seemed to have a smaller colon- it felt tighter, which could be because of the position she was in, and seemed to feel different around the head of my shaft as I pushed in as far as I could.

I pulled out and undid the rope again. This time I told her to get on the bed and to prepare to suck me while I went to get something. I went into the bathroom where I had things ready. I had some soap and water ready because I didn't want her to her water running. I cleaned off my shaft as I made noises like I rummaging around looking for something. Finally, I grabbed a package and went back to the bedroom.

"If you do a good job I have special present for you."

I lay down in a position that allowed me to shove my hard shaft at her face. She knew what I wanted so she opened her mouth and allowed my to push my hardness in. Remember as far as she knew my shaft was still covered by whatever had gotten on it while it was in her butt but she started sucking as soon as I had it in. I let her suck for a few moments then pulled it out over halfway then pushed it back in. I continued to fuck her mouth for a while, as I got closer and closer to a climax. I said, "Balls" and she immediately reached up to fondle my balls. Gently she rolled them as she sucked. This went on for quite a while I think, it felt like it anyway. Finally, I was very close and I withdrew completely.

I left it there front of her mouth and she looked at me with puzzlement. I told her to jack me off. She grabbed hold of it and started sliding her hand up and down while my shaft was aimed at her face. She kept it up while my groans increased in loudness and quantity. Soon my back arched as I got very close to cumming. The tip of my shaft hit her face and even though I hadn't done it on purpose, I thought it might go along with what I was doing. I almost shouted as the first glob shot out. She had moved her head backwardsjust a tiny bit but it had only two inches to fly before it splattered against her cheek. Or so I figured afterwards. I was too busy at the time enjoying the feeling to be able to watch it. My eyes were closed in ecstasy the whole time blob after blob shot out. Finally, I relaxed and was able to open my eyes. I looked at her and her face was covered with my stuff. I was surprised I had produced that much the second time. But there was what looked a like a double glob on one cheek started to drip down, There were one on her chin almost exactly in the center. It was dripping down her chin. I thought about giving her a towel to wipe it off, but decided that it would go along with her fanatsy better if I didn't. I did use my finger to wipe off two dollops near her eyes. I told her not to wipe it off even though she could use her tongue to clean off her lips.

She said, "Thank you Master. I needed that."

I won't go into detail about everything we did that night but I did hang her up twice more and I punished her once by spanking. I licked her to a climax twice and I used some of the vibrators on her. Once I put one up her butt while I fucked her. Another time I had one in her rectum while I had another in her front door. Once I was licking getting her very close to a climax when she said something wrong, so I stopped and told her to stand. She did right under the hooks. I tied her up again with her feet dangling. I pulled up a stool and continued to lick and suck on her slit. Within a minute, she had a climax. I have never seen a woman have one while just hanging by their arms so I watched her. Just before it started she pulled on the rope like her arms were convulsing then her legs started shaking and her arms quivered while her breasts danced rather nicely. Her stomach clenched and released a few times. It looked like she had a big one while her body reacted in ways it didn't when she was laying down or sitting. When she was done, I let her down again. The second time I placed her up there I fucked for a couple minutes her while she was hanging there. That was unique. I had to flex my knees and to push up with my legs for each stroke.

After my second climax, I lasted and lasted a lot longer then I expected even for a third time. Of course, each time I was inside her it wasn't more then a couple of minutes. I would start to get close then stop myself. That probably helped to make me last longer. Once I was using a certain dildo with a knob on the end to fuck her butt. I stopped withdrew it and with her not seeing I placed it in a plastic bag so it could be cleaned later. There was already another one in there I had used earlier on the same part of her body. I put the bag under the bed then grabbed the glass rod I told you about. It too had a knob on the end. I stuck that in her slit without telling her I had changed dildos. I wanted her to think it was the same one I had just withdrawn from her anus. The glass rod was curved to reach her G-spot and I used it there. I sucked on her breasts at the same time and soon she was screaming out another orgasm.

I must say that I got a little carried away twice. I was surprised how easy it was to slip into the Dominate role for real. Once was when I was going to spank her. I probably should have done that earlier, but I had forgotten that I had planned to. She said something I forget now and I told her to get up but to go to an ottoman with a long tube shaped pillow on it. I told her to assume the position for a spanking. She looked at me funny but lay down so that her butt was sticking high in the air. I couldn't help myself with that exciting sight and caressed her butt and between her legs. She said something sarcastic which made me angry and I backhanded her butt. I mean I hit her hard. She yipped, but didn't say anything. When I realized I had hit her harder then I meant I think my expression showed it, but she wasn't looking at me so didn't see it. I was concerned that it would leave a bruise. I wanted to apologize, but that would have ruined the effect so I just slapped her buttocks instead. I was careful to ovoid the place I had hit but she id yip a couple more times. The second time I reacted harsher then I had planned was later. I wanted her to suck my shaft but she bulked so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to my middle then I snarled, "Suck!" She did. I had just been inside her slit and from what her husband said; she didn't really like to suck a shaft that was wet with her own juices. Again I almost apologized but didn't.

Finally, it was getting late so I decided to finish her fantasy and I decided to finish off in her anus so I positioned her with her butt up and after licking her slit and anus, I got behind her and positioned my shaft touching her anus. Even though she there had been various, uh, items up her anus already and she was lubed I still went in slowly. I watched my shaft's head open up her anus as I moved my hips forward. I went as slow as I could as I watched first the head pop in then the shaft disappear inside her. I just kept going without stopping as I inserted myself into her rectum. She made a noise, as I first entered which I wasn't sure, if it was pain or pleasure but as I continued to push she groaned in pleasure. Her hubby said that she usually liked anal sex and tonight proved him right. She had had some big climaxes as I fucked her butt with my shaft and with dildos. This time was no different. Half way in she started to push back obviously thinking I was going too slow but I wanted to watch it disappear in her rear end. I wanted to feel it slowly enveloping my hard shaft. So I stopped moving as she pushed back. She pushed harder sending her butt significantly closer to my body. She gasped loudly and then let out a different groan. A kinda "ugghh-oh". She had made that sound a couple of times before as I had entered her pleasure tunnel with my hardness. She gasped again and started panting as she withdrew partway then pushed herself over me again. That felt good to me too. I let out my own gasp of pleasure as I felt that wonderful friction all over my shaft. Soon her butt touched my front and she stopped and kinda rotated her body back and forth for a minute. That was wonderful to me and her. She groaned and moaned the while time along with three gasps.

I started thrusting in and out slowly at first but increasing in speed as my ecstasy jumped. Diane started chanting "fUUCCCKKme Fuckme, fuckme... fuck me! FUCK my butt... FUUUCK MY ASS!."

She was out of the role of submissive but it wasn't the first time. Once while I was licking her slit, I slowed as she as getting close. She grabbed my head and held my mouth to her slit till she came. I decided not to say anything either time since she couldn't help it.

It looked like she really loved anal sex even more then my wife does. She was really getting into it shove back at me as hard as I was shoving in. Well into the fucking, I leaned onto her back so I could reach around her waist. I was able to quickly find her clitoris and caressed it. I don't know if she needed that but I wanted her last one to be big. She humped backwards causing her rectum to envelop my shaft then pulled forward half way then pushed back. That made it difficult to keep rubbing her clitoris but I managed. I also pinched one nipple with my other hand. She said harder so I pinched harder. Then harder, she was panting and gasping. I started pinching her clitoris, which was something else her husband said she liked at this stage.

I knew she was getting close when she started pushing backwards faster, and as she cried out for me to go faster. I had to straighten up therefore had to stop pinching her nipple and her clitoris. However, I started jamming my shaft in harder and harder as she gasped louder then at any time that evening. As I thrust in extra hard, she yelled "Yes! Do it again, God, FUCK ME!"

I followed her instructions even though she was supposed to be following mine. Soon she threw her head back and let out a new sound. Almost a howl. My wife has never done that nor did Su. I continued jamming in and pulling out as fast as I could feeling my euphoria increase. I was panting and doing some gasping not only from my exertions but because my climax was going to be good too.

Soon I was almost howling as it felt like she was squeezing me, God it was so tight and the friction was so good we howled together. Finally, I jammed it in hard further and harder then before and she let out a sound of mixed with pain and pleasure as I let out a continual moan. I froze for a second then my head went back and a moose call. My sperm felt like it was blasting out at full force through an ultra sensitive head. A let out a second deep scream as the second one shot out, A third lesser yell was forced out with the third one. I changed my rhythm to very quick very short thrusts. The feelings died down some, but as I kept thrusting, my exctasy climped back up, and I let out two louder groans for it felt almost like my orgasm was starting over again. It only lasted a couple second before dying down completely. As I finished thrusting, I noticed that Diane was relaxing from an orgasm of her own. As I thought about it, I recalled her screaming out in very intense euphoria too. Her head went down as she panted and I leaned back as my soft member slipped out of her. I heard a soft gurgle as some of my sperm came with it. I say on my hunches watching it drip out of her until she collapsed onto her stomach.

I sat there like that enjoying the after feelings and thinking wow that had been so intense. You know I love my wife and I love anal sex with her, and I had liked it very much with Su, but I wanted to do it repeatedly with Diane. I don't know if that squeezing had been on purpose or some type of inner spasms in connection with her orgasm but I wanted to experience it and the whole anal sex again. There was just something different about anal sex with her. It could have been her cute butt, smaller then my wife's and Allen's or that somehow it felt tighter while at the same time softer.

But there were other things to do. So I recovered and told her to stand it was time for me to take her back to her Regular Master. She started to reach for her clothes but I said stop. She was going as is, which included the dried sperm on her face. Some of it had ended up being wiped off while her head was on the bed cover but half of it was still on her. It was dried and crusty now but still obvious. The only thing she wore was the gift I had given her. Three fourths of the way through the night I had given her the package I had gotten from the bathroom. I told her overall she had done well and so I was giving her a special gift. It was a dog collar going along with the fantasy. It was black with fake jewels along it. It did look very shiny and bright.

She looked at it smiled and said, "Thank you Master. I will keep this always to remember this night."

She put it on. The way she had said it I wondered if she had slipped into the role of Submissive as I had slipped into being a Master. I did give her a robe to cover herself just in case we were stopped by the police for some reason. It was late after all. Before we left though I went over to different corners of the room to two Camcorders I had set up earlier. Her husband had wanted to watch but there was no way we could set it up without her knowing it. I had set up the cameras so they were mostly hidden. I don't know if &&& had noticed them or not but she had a look of surprise when I came back with two video tapes. We drove to her house and as I had already arranged the garage door was open. I parked in it and honked the horn. Her husband came out which I expected but what I didn't expect was that my wife and Allen with her husband also came out. I wasn't sure what they had been doing while I was fulfilling Diane's fantasy but I had assumed they would be having sex. My wife still hadn't had sex with Bill after all. They were fully dressed so I wasn't sure what they had done.

I told Diane to get out of the car and she did. First, she stood there with her head down then I told her to go to her husband. She did. I opened her robe so that it just hung there exposing her body. The other two women and Allen stood back while I talked to Diane's husband. I told him she did good most of the time and that I had only to punish her a few times. I gave him the tapes and told him he could see for himself. I then motioned for him to go behind her, which he did. I then lifted the robe above her butt. I told her to spread her legs and to lean forward. She did. I spread her butt cheeks and told her husband to look. There was some white around her anus and while we were watching, some more dripped out. I was surprised by that not expecting it, but it was just the right timing. It was just very small trickle. I told she did very good allowing me to fuck her ass at the end. It was very good and her cute ass made it even better. I described how much sperm was dripping out and he agreed that it was blobs of it.

My wife did something that surprised me.

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