Roommates Getting It On II

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hal and his girlfriend, Beth had just fucked in the same room with his roomie, Larry and his girlfriend, Susanne and now they all agreed to swap partners and go it again.

The two roommates had just finished fucking their girlfriends there in the dorm room together. Now it was time to do what they'd agreed on -- switch girls and fuck another time or two.

"Do you girls want to go again but switch with us?" Hal asked as he looked into Beth's eyes to see her reaction and then looked over where Larry and Susanne had just finishing have their fuck, too.

"I'm still horny and I want somebody to do me good again," Susanne said without even waiting to see what the other girl would say.

"Yeah, I'm OK with that," Beth said as she let Hal slide his cock out of her pussy and she got up naked from where they'd just fucked and waited for Susanne to get out of the bed and go join Hal for another romp in the hay.

Susanne moved over to the bed where Hal and Beth had just fucked and Beth moved into the bed with his roomie, Larry, and she wasted no time at all in getting it on with Larry. Beth loved to fuck and she knew she had lots of hot sexual energy still burning inside her pussy and needing to be seen to. She snuggled into Larry's arms and felt a slight twinge of guilt that she was so willing to switch off between the guys and then instantly let Larry start playing with her naked body.

Susanne was equally horny and ready to fuck again and she got Hal to sit up on the bed so she could get into a comfortable position to give him a good blowjob to get him hard and ready for Round Two. Hal and Larry didn't really care what their girlfriend did with the other guy. They weren't all that serious in their relationships anyway and both guys just enjoyed fucking Beth and Susanne like any college couples would. So, Hal was loving it as Susanne got his hardening dick in her hands and then in her mouth and she began to suck and lick his cock to get him hard enough to be ready to fuck her. Susanne knew she gave great head and Hal quickly found out how good she was at sucking a horny dick.

Meanwhile, Beth was more than ready to fuck Larry without a lot of preliminaries so she just started kissing him and letting her hands roam all over his naked body as he did the same with hers. Larry had admired Beth from a distance but since she was dating and fucking Hal, he'd never tried to move in on his buddy's girlfriend, but when he was given the chance to have have sex with her too, he readily jumped on the chance. Larry loved the feel of Beth's sexy tits against his chest as they embraced and kissed and he could feel her wet pussy from both her own moistness and Hal's cum that was seeping from her just-fucked cunt. He played with her breasts and got her nipples hard and then he got her on her back and Larry moved down between Beth's legs to eat her pussy. He didn't care of Hal's jizz load was there; he thought it might actually be kind of hot to kiss and lick Beth's cunt and encounter some of his buddy's jizz spend there, too.

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