Hard and Fast

by Bakerman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Rough, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Caution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman's desire for sex leads to a hard and fast encounter.

My name is Carol and I'm a married 38 year old. I've been married for nearly 20 years to a fabulous guy. Unfortunatley my husband is the physio for one of the country's top sports teams and was recently selected to travel with the national team on a two month tour overseas. I could have gone but between my work and our 17 year old daughter, Kristy, I decided to stay at home.

He got me on to an exercise routine after Kristy was born and while I don't exercise daily I have a trim, taught figure that still turns heads. My 36C breasts are still as firm as the day he first got a handfull in the back of his fathers Ford all those years ago.

Our marridge is pretty open and he has told me of a number of women he has had sex with while away with different teams. I told him I was OK with it as long as I got well and truly fucked when he got back. I'll admit it was a turn on to know someone else wanted my man. Just before he left we did it all night, I'm surprised the neighbours didn't call the police, and when he left in the morning I could hardly stand my pussy and arse still on fire from the work out they had received. Well now its been a month and the warming glow of those sexual memories is starting to fade.

Friday morning and my boss calls in to say he's stuck at the airport and could I attend the Department Heads meeting and take some notes for him to review later when he arrived. I usually hate these meetings, because I'm not the dept head and I'm also a women I get the feeling something is going on that I'm missing.

Today I was especially horny. My husband had rung last night and I had finger fucked myself while talking to him. Then the line had dropped out and he hadn't called back and I hadn't got off. Now I was in the conference room with several attractive business men any one of which I'd fuck if they gave me a sign. Various dept heads talked about sales and budget forcast and I dutifully took notes as I scoped out potential sex partners. The meeting went on forever and was about to take a break for lunch at a nearby restaurant and they were just about to ask me when my boss walks in and crashes my invitation. He grabbed my notes and told the others they could bring him up to speed over a few drinks.

A few drinks and I would have been anyones for an hour or so. Hey I was so worked up I would have done lap dances for them all. Now I'm back at my desk trying to rub my pussy but every time I start I get a phone call or someone enters my office with stuff for my boss but he's not here so can I do it. Finally I got so fed up that I left the office to go home and drill myself with the dildo I kept for emergencies just like this one.

Turning into my street I could see my daughters car in the drive. "Shit" I swore wondering what she was doing home at this time. I drove past the car and found a spot a few houses away. As I walked back to the house I was really starting to boil, here was another road block on my way to a self induced orgasm. I nearly lost my balance as the footpath met the front lawn. I put my hand on the bonnet of the car to prevent my fall. Oddly enough my brain thought "the bonnet is still hot so the car has only been here a short time." Then I noticed that Kristy had failed to lock the drivers door, again. Lastly I could see her bag on the back seat sitting next to the distinctive blue and red bag of a student from the towns major all boy school.

Now I knew my daughter wasn't a virgin. We had had the mother / daughter talk a number of years ago and she was taking the pill. The number of times I'd gone to do a load of washing and smelt the pungent aroma of sex wafting from her underwear made me jealous because of the amount of times she was getting it compared to me.

I let myself in as quietly as possible, leaving my bag and jacket by the front door, and made my way to her room. The door was only partially closed so I could see most of the bed. Sure enough she was in there with a boy. I didn't recognise him but he was sure tall and handsome. He already had his shirt off and his chest was tanned and muscular. Strong arms from broad shoulders. Definitely a swimmer I guessed as my hand made its own way to my breast and began to squeeze till the nipples popped up.

Kristy decided to really turn him on. She reached down and unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her hips and kicked it off as it hit the floor. She stood still, just staring at him, then she started to undo the buttons to her blouse as she walked around him. When she stopped in front of him she slid the blouse off her shoulders exposing her lace encased breasts. Her breasts were filling the cups and straining against the fabric.

Undoing the front clip Kristy had her bra open as she lay on the bed and the guy was working her breast like I was as he stood beside her. She reached for his belt and released his straing cock from his trousers. Whoa, I thought, what a cock it was maybe eight or nine inches long and as straight as a gun barrel. My pussy began to tingle at the idea of that cock in my cunt instead of my daughters.

I was surprised by the look on Kristys face as if she had not seen this cock before now. "Oh wow," he said in appreciation of the work she was doing on his erect member. Her hand took control of his cock and massaged it gently. With her free hand she pulled his pants down to his knees. He then lay back on the bed and allowed her a free rein. She happily jerked his penis with one hand, while she was running her sharpened finger nails over his balls with the other.

I stood and marveled at the lack of hair on his body, most definitely a swimmer. It made him look so smooth and slick. Kristy was obviously turning him on as well as me. Her next move had pure pro written all over it. She stilled his waving cock and bobbed her head, her full lips encircling the cockhead as it disappeared into her mouth. I could even feel her tongue manipulating his cock, even as she bobbed up and down on it. She looked well practiced.

By now I had stripped off completely, standing naked in the hallway, watching my daughter give this hunk the blow job to end all blow jobs. Then from some part of my brain which was beyond the lust that was controling me I remembered my husband saying recently that my BJ was the second best BJ he had ever had. But he always used that old Maxwell Smart line about something being the second best so I just disregared it as a joke till know. Had my husband got treatment like this from our daughter?

The grunts and groans from my daughters partner swung me back around as first one finger then another entered my pussy. Kristy was swallowing about half his length and keeping a firm grip on the rest. He was really working up a sweat and his body glistened under the room light.

"So you getting naked?" he asked

"Mark, I'm sorry but your cock is so big I... I... I don't think I can take it." Kristy stammered

"Hey, I paid good money for a fuck and I'm going to fuck some hole." he said angrily

"What if you just put some of it in?" whispered Kristy

"Fuck girl, if the head goes in and the rest will slam in behind so you had better be ready to scream." said Mark with an evil grin.

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