Just A Walk In The Park

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After a fight with her boyfriend, Jenna goes into the park for some fresh air and finds something better.

It was a stupid argument, and Jenna had stormed out, just wanting some fresh air and a clear head. Her anger was still with her as she walked into Soapstone Park, she walked down the trail as the sun began to set, oblivious to her surroundings. The small lights beside the trail came on as she ventured further into the park; her anger starting to subside and she wondered why she even put up with his shit at all. She was attractive, had a good career and didn't need him, nor any man for that matter, after all, she had two hands and they gave her much less grief.

She began to realize her surroundings as she stepped down the path, then she became aware of the night's noises. She stopped for a moment and listened to the crickets and frogs from the nearby pond, and then she heard the distinctive sounds of sex, not too far off. She followed the grunts and moans and was soon at a small clearing, though she was hidden from view by the underbrush, there she saw them in the pale moonlight. The girl was on her hands and knees, while the boy was behind her, shoving his cock into her and manhandling her ample tits.

Jenna thought of her own tits, though not large, no one had ever complained and now she felt her nipples stiffen, excited by the scene before her. They were young, late teens maybe and their enthusiasm for their act was exciting, their noises affirming it. She couldn't see too clearly, but it was evident that the boy had a large cock, judging by the girl's moans and the sloppy noises it made as it speared her and her own hand snaked into her pants and past the elastic band of her panties as she sought her own love button, matching his thrusts with her own fingers.

Suddenly, the girl cried out, beset by a mind-bending orgasm and she had to bite her hand as she too came. She blushed as she realized her own orgasm had soaked her panties and her fingers were dripping, she brought them to her nose, smelling her own musty orgasm on them, then sucking them clean. She loved the taste of herself; it had started after the guy she had sucked after he had fucked her, though now the taste was minus his salty flavor. The girl was cumming again and Jenna returned her hand to her pussy, she couldn't believe how horny she was, or that voyeurism could cause such a reaction in her.

She suddenly wished she could burst from the bushes, make herself known and suck the boy's cock or perhaps take the girl's place on her hands and knees, while the boy fucked her hard and fast. He grabbed the girl's hips as he jammed his cock into her and threw his head up, Jenna knew he was cumming. He flopped down next to her, when he was spent and the moonlight shone on their sweaty bodies and she could see his cock now, though it had begun to shrink, it was still bigger than any she had ever had. Her own movements sped up as she eyed the boy's cock and her own orgasm approached yet again, she bit on her hand as she came once more, her legs becoming weak.

She got on her knees; to help her unsteadiness and her hand continued to work as her orgasm began to ebb. She watched them lying there on the grass as she treated herself to another taste of herself from her fingers, the boy was hard again and she waited for the next go round between them. The girl seemed distraught as the boy began to touch her once more and she could see him move closer and begin to rub his cock over her ass cheeks.

"NO, BILLY! I've never been fucked in the ass and my first time wouldn't be with that horsecock of yours!" then she gathered up her clothing and scurried off, leaving the boy there to take care of himself. She watched as he began to stroke himself, she could feel her own juices growing once more. She had never had such a cock in her ass either, but just the thought of that piece of meat in her excited her, she walked into the clearing.

"That is such a waste! I'll let you fuck me in the ass," she said as she strolled up to him. He looked her up and down, not the least bit shy, as he stroked his cock. He noticed the wet spot in the crotch of her pants, and then he noticed that she wasn't a bad looking bitch. She had never been this bold before, not with Mark, not with anyone.

"What say you peel them clothes off and let me have a look see?" he said, as he pulled on his cock slowly and Jenna began to pull her top over her head, dropping it on the ground. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall down her forearms and then she put it with her top, she hooked her hands in the waistband of her pants and dropped them to her ankles, then stepped out of them, then she repeated the process with her soaking panties and as she stepped out of them, he motioned her over to the blanket.

She sat down and his free hand went to her tits, squeezing them as he looked into her eyes, then he dropped his hand to her crotch and she spread her legs to give him access, as his fingers sought out her sopping pussy and nudged inside. He soaked his fingers and as he pulled them out, she took his hand and guided it to her mouth and sucked them clean. He had never had a woman like this one before, then she pulled his hand off his cock, replacing it with her own as she felt his length and girth and had butterflies in her stomach. She bent over and licked the head of this monster, tasting his heady cream and the girl's juices as well, she needed more.

He was far too large for her to ever hope she could suck all of his cock, but she tried, barely getting half of it in her mouth, but it was exciting her. She was bent over him, sucking his cock, as he caressed her ass cheeks, and then worked his hand down her crack until he found her wrinkled asshole. He dipped a finger into her wet pussy, and then took it to her ass, working it inside, along with another one with little resistance; she felt his cock jump when he found out she was well experienced in anal sex.

"Your mouth feels damn good, Baby, but I want that ass around my cock and since Beverly said no and you offered to be her substitute, what say I get some of that ass that is grasping my fingers?"

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