Eating Out

by Samuel Kincaid

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mistress takes her slave out for dinner.

Our day starts off as usual. I arose and brought the Mistress her coffee in bed and had done my normal morning activities. I had left for work and not heard much of anything from her through the day. I had been daydreaming of her today but had been good and not touched myself.

It was about midday and my thoughts wondered to the outfit she wore this morning. It was an oriental style dress that had a high collar and went almost to the floor. It had two long slits up the sides almost to her waist.

She also wore stockings and a garter with a silk g-string all in matching red. When she moved you could see the tops of the stockings through the slits and with the right movement you could even see the red garter belt. Well my first erection of the day.

The Mistress had beautiful legs and this dress accentuated them even more. Her shoes were a conservative black patent leather spiked heels with a small strap that buckled at the ankle.

Later in the day my thoughts return to her and since no one is in my office that day, I started to massage my cock and it grew bigger and harder. Slowly looking around the office, making sure no one came in, I slid my hand into my pants and begin to stroke my hardening cock. Soon I am close to coming and needed to stop or I would have an accident right at my desk. I really need to stop this at work. Someone is going to walk in a catch me one day.

I don't have to worry about my co-workers finding out what I am doing since I might as well have called her, the phone rings and it is her. "Are you thinking of me and touching yourself?" she asks. I reply "Yes Mistress, I was just thinking how beautiful you were this morning in that outfit." "Good" she coos "I want you thinking of me all the time."

She then informs me we are going out for dinner. I ask "Where to?" and she replies with "I feel like Asian tonight." I ask if she wants to meet there or should I pick her up. She tells me that she wants to be picked up at 6:00 PM. She has made reservations at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

The day passes quickly and at the end I pack up and head to my car. The drive to her office is quick but I am thinking of her in that dress all the way there. I park and go upstairs.

As I enter the office she looks up and orders me to "Close the door." I do as she says and close the door. Then moving into the office closer to her I notice that the front of the long skirt is draped to the side. Her legs are spread and she is not wearing underwear beneath her skirt. She has been masturbating.

She commands me to "Stand there and watch Slave." I do as she commanded and she throws one of her legs up over the arm of her chair and continues to pleasure herself.

At this point I start to get a hard on again and it strains at the front of my pants. The Mistress says to me "Come over here and kneel down." I kneel in front of her with her wet pussy right in my face. "Eat me Slave" she commands. I lean over and start eating her as she continues to masturbate.

The pain in my pants is almost excruciating but I continue as ordered. In a few minutes she orgasms with a moan and a shiver. I stand back up painfully. She is eye level with my cock and sees even with the tight fit it is bulging out of my pants. "Drop your pants so I can see your cock." I do as ordered and she starts to rub the front of my underwear.

She is pleased with what she feels "Good, you need to keep it hard for me. If you do I will reward you with letting you fuck me later." "Thank you Mistress" I say.

She then drops her skirt down and says "Let's go eat." She has an evil look when she says this, which makes me worry a little.

We get to the restaurant and are seated at a secluded booth. It is very dark and in this booth and it is her favorite place to sit. We are sitting next to each other and no one else can see us unless they approach the edge of the table.

We order appetizers and drinks. While we are waiting on the food we make small talk about our day. While we are talking the Mistress reaches over and unzips my pants. I ask "What are you doing?" She responds with her evil grin "Just making sure you are still hard for me." She slides her hand into my pants and I am semi-erect. She makes a disapproving look and says "You don't want to fuck me?" I quickly respond with "No Mistress, it is just hard..." She stops me and says "No it isn't" while squeezing my cock.

She slowly starts to massage it and soon it begins to grow. Suddenly the waitress appears with our appetizers. The Mistress leaves her hand still on my cock and thanks the waitress. I don't think she can see under the table but I am panicked that she might think something is up.

The Mistress orders me to make her a plate and I start to select some of the appetizers and place them on her plate. She continues to stroke me but can't get a good grip through my underwear. She pulls her hand out and I quickly zip up my pants.

She begins to eat her food and I start to make myself a plate. "Stop" she says "go to the bathroom and take your underwear off. When you come back make sure you are nice and hard." I look at her for a second with a confused face. "Go before your food gets cold" she orders.

I get up from the table trying to adjust my beginnings of an erection. I am lucky the bathroom is in the back by our booth. I slip into one of the stalls and remove my pants and then my underwear. I fold the underwear up and put them into my back pocket of the pants.

I then sit on the toilet and begin stroking myself thinking of her at the office with her legs parted and her wet pussy. It isn't long before I am fully erect and ready to come. I slip my pants back on, but the problem now is without my underwear to support me, my cock is at full attention and pushing out the front of my pants. I work to adjust it and nothing seems to keep it against me. I finally slip my belt line down to the tip of my cock and that seems to hold it back. However I look silly with my pants down around my hips.

As I return to the table the Mistress notices my pants and asks "Have a little problem in the bathroom?" I don't say anything and return to my seat next to her. She immediately reaches over to test my hardness. "Ooooh, nice and hard, just the way I like it." She unzips my pants again and my cock pops out. The cold air of the restaurant doesn't even phase it. She reaches over and grabs it and begins to stroke me again, now without any resistance.

Soon my head is back against the booth and I am ready to come. She takes a little sweet and sour sauce from the container on the table and dribble a little on her plate. She then takes a finger and runs it through the sauce. Dripping from her finger she rubs the sauce on the tip of my cock.

The cold sauce sends shivers through my body. She smiles and says "I didn't get an egg roll" then looking at the sauce on the head says "let's see how your egg roll tastes?" She leans over and starts to lick the sauce off the tip of my cock.

Once she has licked it all off she raises her head and says "Hmmm, I think it needs a little more sauce." She dips her finger into her plate again and scopes some of the sauce out with it. She then applies the sauce to the head and shaft of my cock. Again she leans over and begins to suck on my cock.

I am squirming from the ecstasy. The feeling of her warm wet mouth on my cock and the tingling sensation from the sweet and sour sauce is driving me mad. She stops and raises her head up, looks at me and says "Now that is an appetizer."

Before I can answer the waitress is returning. I throw my napkin in my lap to cover my exposed erection. She takes away our appetizer plates and serves our food. It feels as it she is taking for ever to serve the platters of food and arrange everything. The waitress smiles at me and gives me a little wink. I wonder if she has seen any of the things we have been doing.

Finally she leaves and we are alone in our booth. The Mistress whips away the napkin to expose my cock again. "Keep it out and keep it hard I need to be fucked soon and I want to feel it."

We begin eating and I occasionally reach down and rub my cock to keep it hard. Towards the end of dinner she puts her chop sticks down and looks over at me and smiles. She then starts to get up I start to move out of the booth to let her out. She puts her hand on my chest and pushes me back into my seat. She then throws her leg over my lap and straddles me. Pulling up her dress she lowers herself onto me.

Reaching down with her hand she holds my cock out and then begins to slide her pussy up and down on it. She slips the head up between the lips of her pussy and her clit is rubbing the head of my cock and driving me wild. She is very wet and her juices are flowing down my shaft.

After a couple of minutes of driving me crazy she continues to throw her other leg over and she is out of the booth. She turns and looks down at me saying "Follow me now."

I quickly shove my cock back into my pants not worrying about hiding it. She had already started towards the bathrooms and I knew what she was thinking of. I continue to follow her and she enters the Women's bathroom. She holds the door open but not looking back at me, she waits.

I look around and see if anyone can see me going into the Ladies room. Coast is clear so I continue to follow her. She strolls to the last stall and enters. Once inside she turns to me finally and says "Close the door and strip. I want you to fuck me now." I am so horny and want her badly but I am nervous someone will enter and hear us.

Before I can protest she has already taken her dress off and handed to me. "Hang it up there" as she points to the hook on the back of the stall door. There is a small shelf in the wall running the length of the stall. She hops up on the shelf with her legs dangling just a few inches off the floor.

She watches as I take my clothes off and hang them up as well. I don't have to worry about my underwear as they are already off and in the pocket of my pants. Once I am done she pulls me in close to her between her legs.

I lean over and start to kiss her neck and then begin to lower my kisses until I am at the top of her breasts. She begins to moan and moves her hands under her breast pushing them up and out of her bra.

She pushes my head back and then takes her breasts out of her bra cups and pushes the bra down underneath. She grabs the sides of my head and pushes me back into her breasts. I start to suck and lick her nipples. She is moaning louder now and I am worried again about being found out.

She pulls my head up and throws her legs around my waist and digs her shoes into my ass pulling me closer into her. She reaches down and grabs my cock by the shaft using the head to rub her clit. She soon orgasms and her screams echo off the tile walls. I am sure that they could hear us in the restaurant.

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