Nurse Nancy

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jack is in the hospital for surgery and end up under the care of nurse Nancy in the hospitals' CCU. Nancy gives Jack a bed bath and much, much more.

Jack's eyes felt heavy but he managed to open them anyway. From his vantage point he knew that he was in a bed of some sort but there seemed to be bars right in front of his face. Was he in a jail? As his thoughts dwelled on that eventuality he drifted back off to sleep.

The next time Jack was able to open his eyes he was a bit more oriented as to time and place. He now realized that his body was shaking off the effects of the anesthesia he was given for his operation and he was probably in the recovery room. He had no idea of how long he had been there or how long it had been since his surgery was completed. Jack could see the plastic IV tubing snaking down from somewhere up above his head and down into his forearm where he could feel the warm sensation of the IV fluids as they entered his arm. He was exhausted and having a hard time keeping his eyes open much less getting mentally focused. Jack turned his head to the side and could see a lot of people, both male and female, in their green scrubs walking around the room and for the first time he realized that there were other patients in the room too. Then he heard a voice saying something about him.

"Hey Mary, Jack Higgins is coming around. I can see him trying to focus."

"Thanks Bill, I'll check him out."

Jack saw a woman approaching his bed and he idly wondered if she was a nurse or doctor all though it really didn't make any difference to him.

"Mr. Higgins, can you understand me?"

Jack nodded his head but that hurt so he simply said, "Yes."

"Good, how many fingers am I holding up?"

Jack was pretty sure it was three. "Three?"

"Alright, how old are you?"


"What is your wife's name?"


"That's good Mr. Higgins it looks as if you're almost completely recovered from your anesthesia. Look, we'll keep you here for a little while longer just to monitor your blood pressure then we'll move you down to the CCU, OK?"

Jack nodded his head and it still hurt - then he drifted off again. As his eyes closed he wondered what in the hell a CCU was.

As he started to come around again Jack could feel a slight shaking and wondered if he was having some sort of a seizure. He opened one eye and could see that he was on a gurney and being pushed down a hallway and into a room with glass walls and assumed that he was in the CCU. There was a nurse (?) standing beside his bed adjusting some wires that were now attached to his chest. "Wha... what are you doing?"

The nurse looked down at Jack and smiled. Her nametag said 'Nancy Sweetly, RN'. "Well Mr. Higgins I am adjusting some of the monitoring lines for your pulse, heart rate, temperature as well as one for your blood pressure."

"Oh, OK. Hey? What is a CCU?"

"That's the hospitals' Critical Care Unit, but don't be scared of the name, you're not critical or anything. You had your appendix removed late yesterday and it ruptured just as the surgeon's were removing it. There is a small chance of infection and the doctor's wanted you here so we can give you some IV antibiotics and monitor you a little more closely that we could in a normal hospital room."

"Oh." Jack looked at the nurse and his one thought before he fell back asleep was that she was pretty. The next time he woke up someone was moving him up in the bed. He opened his eyes and saw that two young male attendants that were helping an older woman position him in the bed.

"Good evening Mr. Higgins, we're just getting you up in your bed a little, it's better for your circulation that way."

Jack looked at the IV running into his arm. "How long." He pointed to the plastic tubing.

"Oh probably another day or two. Kind of depends on how you react and how your vital signs are doing. We'll know more in the morning. Look Mr. Higgins I'm going to give you a shot now and it will help you sleep."

Just what he needed, he thought, more sleep. "OK." He felt the prick in his upper arm and then in a few minutes his eyes felt heavy and he fell asleep. The next thing Jack heard a 'whirring' noise and when he opened his eyes he saw the nurse called Nancy drawing a privacy curtain around his bed. "What's going on?"

"Oh. Good morning Mr. Higgins, do you remember me from yesterday?"

"Uh sure, Nancy... something — right?"

"Yup, Nancy it is. I'm your nurse on the day shift and I thought we might start by feeding you some breakfast and then I'll give you a bath, after all it's been two days since your surgery and, well quite frankly, it's getting a little rank in here."

"Bath?" Jack looked around at all the lines coming out of his arms and off his chest. "How am I going to take a..."

"Bath? Well in CCU units we give our patients bed baths. All you have to do is lay back in your bed and let me do all of the work, is that OK with you Mr. Higgins?"

"I guess so, but would you please call me Jack?"

"OK, Jack it is. Here's the deal Jack, I'll roll down the top of your covers and wash your chest then roll you gently onto your side and wash your back. When I'm finished with your chest and back I'll move the sheets up, one side at a time and wash your legs and... well... your privates too, OK?"

"Sure Nancy, that's fine."

"OK then, let's get started, first with your breakfast then the bath." She fed Jack and he ate like he hadn't eaten in days, which, in fact, was exactly the case. When she finished feeding him she cleaned up the tray and put in back on the units' cart and returned with his bath water. Look Jack, the water will be lukewarm and I'll be using a washcloth so that nothing will interfere with your leads for the monitors or with your IV."

He nodded then he lay back and watched as she rolled down his blanket and sheet to his waist. Nancy took the washcloth, dipped it into the basin and then rang it out. She started to gently wash his chest, being careful to avoid the monitor leads. He watched her as she concentrated on her task and he realized that his initial assessment of her was accurate, she was a pretty woman. She was probably in her early-to-mid 30's, with brunette hair, green eyes and what appeared to be very nice breasts. Jack couldn't tell what her weight was but it seemed proportional to her height. As she moved around his bed he noticed the scrubs she wore seemed to indicate that her hips were a little wider than he liked in women and her butt was also a little larger than he liked, but what the hell, she wasn't his wife. He moved his head just slightly to the left to try to get a view down her scrub top and a glance of her breasts but he couldn't get his body into the right position.

She caught him looking at her. "How are you doing Jack?"

"I'm fine, thanks. Actually this feels real nice."

"That's good. I'm going to roll you over on your left side now, OK"

"Yup, I'm ready." He felt her hands as they eased under his hips and chest and then she gently rolled him onto his side. She washed his back, dried him off and then eased him over onto his back again.

"All done with your back, now for the rest of you."

She pulled the sheet and blanket back up onto his chest and tucked it in around his sides so he would stay warm. "Look Jack, I'm going to go get some fresh water, you just hang in there and I'll be right back."

Jack lay there wondering about Nancy washing his cock and balls. He knew that nurses did this all the time but still, he wasn't used to the thought of having a strange woman, albeit a nice looking woman, playing with his cock and balls. How would he respond? Would he get hard? What would she think? What would she do?

"I'm back Jack."

She set the basin down and pulled up the covers on his right side to the groin and washed his leg, calf and foot then dried him off and repeated the procedure on his left side. Then Nancy moved the sheet and blanket around his groin so it formed kind of an open pocket revealing his privates to only to her. "Here goes Jack, now don't be embarrassed."

"I'm not, go ahead." Again she dunked the washcloth into the basin and squeezed out the excess water then reached down and began washing him. With one hand she cupped Jack's penis and lifted it up so she could wash it. Her hands were warm and soft and despite his attempt to think about anything besides her hands on his cock he could feel himself getting harder and harder and she manipulated his cock to wash him. "I'm sorry Nancy, I didn't mean to..."

"Its OK Jack, it's a perfectly normal male reaction, don't worry about it."

She continued to gently wash his cock and balls and the more she rubbed the washcloth around and held him the more excited he became. He could feel pre-cum leaking out of his cock but she didn't say anything about it or react in any negative way. Finally the sensation she was giving him was just too much for him to just lie there still and his hips began to involuntarily move up and down in rhythm to her hands washing his cock.

"Look Nancy, again I'm sorry but it been quite a while for me since... I mean could you continue until I..."

"Well Jack, I must say that you have... ah... nice equipment and I can understand your needs and even your dilemma, but what about your wife, can't she... ?"

"Patty and I are separated; we haven't lived together for over a year now."

"Oh I see, well Jack this really isn't a normal nursing duty but why don't you just lay back and let me see if I can't help you out with your, ah... problem."

I lay there and watched as Nancy checked to make sure the privacy curtain was completely closed and that no one could see her as she reached down and grasp my cock and started gently jacking me off.

"How does that feel Jack, is it OK?"

"OK? Oh Nancy it feels more than OK, it feels great!" His hips were moving now, thrusting up into her hand as she continued to massage his cock. "Ohhhhhhh shit Nancy I'm almost there, close your hand just a little tighter... please. Oh yes, that's it. That's fucking it. Fuck, fuck, fuck Oh God damn yesssssssssssssss." Jack's cock shot ropes of cum landing on her wrist and arm.

Nancy smiled as she watched Jack shoot his cum all over her hands and arm. She let his rapidly deflating cock slip from her hand and onto his thigh then reached over and took the washcloth and cleaned up the mess. "I don't mean to embarrass you Jack but I have to tell you that you have a great looking cock! I mean most women I know would be happy to have a man around with a piece of equipment like that."

Jack blushed at her compliment. "Well thanks. I mean I appreciate that a lot. I've never had a woman comment on my... uh... well you know what I mean."

"Sure I do. Look Jack, I've got two other patients to tend to so I need to get moving. I'll see you again in time for your lunch, OK?"

"OK and thanks again Nancy, I mean you don't know what that... that meant to me."

"You're welcome Jack, and actually it was my pleasure."

Two days went by since Nancy jacked him off and she hadn't been at work since. Her replacement, a behemoth of a woman, who had to top 275 pounds, and she had told him that it was Nancy's two days off and that she would be back to work on Thursday morning. Jack was feeling better and the doctor had removed his IV yesterday and the monitors came off that morning. He was sitting up in his bed eating breakfast when he saw Nancy walk into the nurses' station and start checking charts. Just seeing Nancy brought a smile to his face and thinking about her giving him another hand job was making his cock grow under the sheets. She looked over from the station and waved to him, then walked into his room.

"Well, I read your chart and it looks like you doing a lot better than the last time I saw you."

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