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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Patricia makes a mistake, but will Remington forgive her? She decides to get her own revenge.

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Patricia stood looking out the window of her apartment on the tenth floor of the Smith Tower. She was unaware of the sumptuousness of the apartment since she was used to wealth and luxury. She took it for granted, just as she had so many other more important things. That was why she found herself alone. Alone because she had done something so incredibly stupid and thoughtless that she couldn't even now, comprehend it. She still sometimes believed it was only a nightmare and not reality, but the loneliness around her convinced her differently.

Remington had made the apartment available to her for an indefinite time. He told her that there was no need for her to look for something else since he would take care of all of the utilities and the rent: she could stay as long as she liked. He also thought it would be convenient since he was in the Penthouse, 6 floors above her. This way, they could meet in the conference room on the mezzanine with the lawyers to sign any necessary papers.

That was over two months ago but she had yet to see him, or his lawyers, for anything. She had called several times but he refused to take her calls. Her lawyer told her that he had heard nothing from Rem's lawyers. She couldn't go up since he had changed the code for the express elevator that went to the penthouse level. He had made it clear that he wanted no further contact with her.

She walked away from the window and her regrets and dressed for breakfast. She was meeting Maryanne and Jennifer, two of her closest friends. They had been friends since high school and all settled in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Both were single: divorced from very well to do husbands. It seemed that Patricia was soon to join them.

While they were fun to be with, they were not her first choice. She had become used to dining with Rem in the Penthouse, in the room with the two glass walls overlooking the lakefront and the western part of the city. At night, it seemed so clean and pristine, unlike the reality of daylight. Somewhat like her life at present.

They were going to be eating at the Waterfront Club where Maryanne was a member. They used to meet here once a week in better times when things were still much like a fairytale. She and Remington were still married and they were still so much in love that it was frightening. Then, she didn't know what she would do without him, and now she was suddenly learning just that.

Maryanne was waiting for her in the lobby, talking to a well dressed young man who she recognized as the personal assistant to the manager of the building. Tom, she remembered his name to be. Maryanne was flirting with him as usual and he appeared to be tolerating it. He had a silly smile on his face as she held his arm, talking to him quietly. Pat decided to rescue him.

"Hi, Maryanne: I see you have found a new friend. Oh, excuse me, its Tom isn't it?" I smiled at him as he quickly extricated himself and moved away.

"Yes, Mrs. Smith, it's nice to see you again. I hope everything is satisfactory in your new apartment?" He said this with no attempt at sarcasm. He was obviously grateful for the escape.

"Things are just fine, Tom. I couldn't ask for more. Please thank Mr. Wallace for me." He was Tom's boss and I knew him well.

Tom made his exit and I turned to Maryanne with a smile. "I see you are still after the boy toys. I don't know what you think you can do with them. At your age, I would think you would be bored to death with their inexperience."

"They may be inexperienced darling, but they more than make up for it in exuberance and stamina. I prefer quantity to quality these days." She gave it right back. She was always the quick-witted one and kept us in stitches most of the time. She was what I needed these days.

"Where's Jennifer? Is she coming with us?"

"She's meeting us at the club. I left word at the door that she was my guest and to seat her as soon as she arrived. She will be hitting the sauce by now, so we had best get there as soon as we can. I have a car waiting outside." With that she pulled me out the door.

Breakfast was fun and the three of us enjoyed each other as always. I talked with them about my situation and I tried to explain again what I had done. They had heard my story before but they never tired of hearing it. I had cheated on my husband with Gregory Packard, a rich playboy that had a reputation. It wasn't so much that I had cheated, but since it was with Gregory, it was fascinating for both of them. He was financially comfortable, very good looking, smooth as silk and looked like a professional athlete. Strong, buff and well muscled. They would both like to be on his hit parade but he was very choosy.

The problem was that I was very much in love with my husband, Remington, and had never thought of cheating on him with anybody, especially a playboy like Greg. I had no interest in other men and I had everything I ever wanted with Rem. I was not looking for a fling, I had no intentions of betraying my marriage and I had never given anyone the impression that I was. It happened, however, and I still regret it: every sordid detail.

Over drinks, I again told them the story and they hung on every word. It was burned into my memory and it seemed to help talking about it. I was never allowed to tell Remington what happened since he refused to hear me or let me explain. I guess I couldn't blame him but it hurt just the same. Once I told him what happened, he refused to talk to me and told me to leave.

That's when he set me up in the apartment. He told me he was going to file for divorce and that our prenuptial agreement would be in effect. No argument, no discussion, no chance for forgiveness. Just get out. I did and that was two months ago. I was waiting for the papers to sign but so far, nothing. I assumed that Remington had his lawyers working to be sure that the agreement was break proof and I didn't get anything other than what was in the prenup.

Anyway, on with the story.

Remington and I had been married a little over 5 years. We had known each other about 7 years and I met him working as his investment counselor. He was 33 at the time and I was 30. His fortune was so large I spent most of my time on his investments so I was assigned to work exclusively for him.

That's when we began to get closer. Our relationship grew and we eventually married. I insisted on the pre nuptial agreement since I knew better than he what he was worth and I knew that his fortune would continue to grow. I never expected to need an agreement but I insisted all the same. We agreed on one and got married.

Our marriage was great and we loved each other intensely. We never agreed on anything but we loved to make up after fighting. We did this constantly and loved every minute of it. We decided to wait to have children so that we could continue to travel together when he went on trips for clients. Since he was very selective, we went to some really great locations. I went every chance I got.

Our life was wonderful and we were as much in love after 5 years as we were when we first got married. I couldn't imagine a better, more perfect mate than Rem and he loved me so much it sometimes scared me. We both said that we wouldn't want to go on if we were separated. That was then.

The problem came on one of Rem's trips to Singapore. I loved Singapore, but I was really sick when he was scheduled to leave for a week to 10 days. The doctor insisted that I stay home and stay in bed for another two days, so he said he would work as fast as possible and get back as soon as he could. I asked if he could postpone but he said that time was of the essence in this job and that he really needed to be there. I understood and he left.

I stayed in bed for the two days the doctor recommended even though I was feeling much better. I got up and got dressed and went out to lunch with Maryanne. Everything was going fine until Greg Packard came in where we were lunching. He saw Maryanne and came over to the table. I had never met him so Maryanne introduced us. He was handsome and quite sophisticated and he said all the right things. We invited him to join us and he did.

During the lunch, I got to know a little about him and he was curious about Remington and me. He knew Rem by reputation only. I told him very little but I enjoyed his company. As we talked, he invited me to a party that a friend of his was hosting two nights later. Maryanne had already agreed to go and she said that Jennifer was also coming.

I refused at first but finally gave in with both of them urging me on. I was alone anyway with Rem in Singapore. He offered to escort me but I refused saying that I would find my own way there. He agreed although reluctantly.

When I told Rem about the party when he called that evening, he was pleased that I was going out with friends. For some reason, I didn't mention Greg but did tell him Maryanne and Jennifer would be there. He knew both of them and, while he didn't necessarily trust them, he knew I liked them. He wished me fun and said he would call the morning after the party. He was traveling and couldn't always call. We exchanged promises and hung up.

The evening of the party found me excited to be going out alone for the first time in a long time. I missed Rem terribly but I was pleased that I would be doing something on my own. I dressed in a silver gown that flowed with my figure. It had a low front and an even lower back. It was short, just above the knee and very tight. I looked marvelous in it and I knew it. Rem had bought it for me on one of his trips to Paris. I had only worn it once for him.

I had our car take me to the party with instructions to pick me up when I called. I left the time open, not knowing what the night would bring. I intended to enjoy myself and I knew that Maryanne and Jennifer were fun to be with. I entered and found the room to be overflowing with people, few of whom I knew. I moved around the periphery of the dance floor looking for Maryanne or Jennifer and spotted them near the bar. I moved to join them but was intercepted by Greg Packard. He grabbed my elbow and ushered me to a table just off the dance floor. He was there with another gentleman he introduced as William Atherton. I had heard the name but didn't remember having met him.

Maryanne and Jennifer joined us at the table, obviously having been seated there already. I relaxed and enjoyed the music, the talk and my girlfriends. Greg kept the drinks flowing, mostly wine for me, and mixed drinks for the other girls. Greg seemed to be drinking as much as I was and I relaxed even more.

As the evening moved on, I danced with Greg, William and several other gentlemen whose names I don't recall. I was having a wonderful time and the wine made me loose and free. I enjoyed dancing with Greg. He was a wonderful dancer and moved smoothly to the music. He held me quite tightly but remained a gentleman. I did notice that he was aroused some times but thought nothing of it. I had a lot of experience with men dancing and becoming aroused. It seemed to be a man thing.

It was much later that I noticed that Maryanne and Jennifer had both disappeared along with William and the other man that had joined us at the table. Greg and I were alone and I was feeling quite high. I wanted to dance some more and Greg was happy to oblige me. We danced several fast numbers and then came a slow one. Greg held me tightly and we moved almost as one over the dance floor. He pulled me against him and I could feel his erection pressing against my belly. I enjoyed the feeling and let him hold me against him.

We danced that way for two more slow numbers before I pleaded fatigue and moved to the table to sit. Greg joined me and poured more wine. As we sat there, cooling down, I felt Greg's hand on my knee but didn't really object. It seemed harmless. I was, however, beginning to feel a little woozy.

"I think I have had enough dancing and wine for the evening. Would you mind taking me home?" I really was not thinking clearly and thought it would be best if Greg took care of the arrangements rather than me calling for my car. There were people at home to make sure I got to bed safely.

"Of course. Let me get your coat and we'll leave. I'll have my driver take us home."

He left to get our coats and I had another glass of wine. Since I didn't have to think, I could have another glass. Greg collected me and we left to find his car at the curb. He opened the back door and I almost fell inside. Greg slid in next to me and we left. The ride was short and I leaned against Greg during the trip. Greg had his arm around my shoulder and he held my hand in his. His hand was warm and I enjoyed the feeling of security his arm gave me.

When the car stopped, Greg got out and held his hand down for me to take. I took it and he pulled me up and out. I was not very steady and I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time. I did notice that we were not at my building, but were in front of a brick townhouse I had never seen before. I allowed Greg to help me up the stairs to the door and waited while he unlocked it. He opened it and helped me inside. I still wasn't sure where I was but I was with Greg and he was taking care of me.

Greg showed me to a couch in a sitting room just off the hallway and had me set down. I collapsed gratefully and leaned back against the soft cushions. Greg disappeared for a while and came back with hot coffee. I thought that would be a great thing to help me begin to think again.

He poured me a cup and I took it, holding it with both hands. Greg encouraged me to drink it and I thought I tasted something else in it but I wasn't sure. We sat on the couch while I had a second cup. Oddly enough, the coffee was making me even groggier! I began to giggle. It was funny, so I had a third cup. I was feeling very tipsy and told Greg.

Greg expressed concern and suggested that I try to lie down. I thought that was a grand idea and he helped me to a small bedroom off the hallway. He led me to the bed and had me sit down on the edge. I did and he began to remove my shoes. Since my feet hurt from all the dancing, I let him. Once he had the shoes off, he slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and pushed them down my arms. Without thinking, I allowed him to finish removing my dress, leaving me in just a lacy bra and panties.

I just wanted to lay back and go to sleep, but Greg had other ideas. He knelt down in front of me, between my legs and put his mouth over my mound. He exhaled his warm breath on me and it felt so good that I put one hand on his head and urged him to do it again. Instead, he reached up to push the crotch of my panty aside and stuck his tongue into my pussy.

The feeling was exquisite and I flung my head back and moaned. He moved his tongue up to my clit and put two fingers inside me, pumping them in and out as he flicked his tongue over my button. I moaned and writhed and pulled his head tightly against me as he continued to finger me, now with three fingers and I came in a crashing climax. I screamed so loud, I thought I would wake the dead. I fell back against the bed, sated. I barely moved as I felt my bra and panties removed. I was feeling so warm and tired that I just wanted to lie there while Greg continued to do whatever he was doing.

As I lay there, Greg moved my legs to the bed and positioned me so that my head was on the pillow. It felt wonderful. I felt my legs being spread open and my knees raised and held in the air by hands under my calves. I became aware of Greg moving up my body. He had somehow lost his shirt and pants and was as naked as I was. I thought to rise up to see what he was doing when I felt his cock slide against my now wet pussy, the lips still swollen with desire. The feeling was so intense that I fell back just enjoying the sensation.

Before I could think, he pushed his cock inside me and thrust deeply to his full length. I wanted to say something: that this was wrong, that I was a married woman, that I wanted to go home, but instead I felt him pull almost all the way out and then slam back into me as deep as he could go. I exploded with desire and wanted it to continue. I grabbed handfuls of the bed sheets and held on tight as he penetrated me. He pulled out and thrust back in hard, over and over and over. Someone, other than my husband was royally fucking me.

I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help it: it felt wonderful. I urged him on, harder and harder and faster and faster. He released my legs so I wrapped them around his waist and pulled him in on every stroke. I came a second time, the feeling so intense that I almost passed out. He increased his pace, his balls slapping against my ass on every thrust. He pushed into me one last time and then he tensed, his pelvis pressed against mine while he spewed his sperm into me.

He held me that way for ages until he finally relaxed. He fell on me, his entire weight laying on me, breathing hard. We were both sweaty and out of breath. I finally moved my legs back away from his waist and put my hands on his chest and pushed him away. He rolled off me onto his back and expelled a huge breath.

"God, that was incredible. You are incredible. I have never cum like that before." He was grinning and quite proud of himself.

I was just beginning to sober up. In a sudden burst of clarity, I realized what I had just done and my stomach started to roll. I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom, saying nothing. I closed and locked the bathroom door and ran to the john where I threw up all of the liquid poison I had ingested. I slid to the floor with my back against the wall. I just sat there, stunned by what I had done.

I had fucked another man! I had gone home with him and let him fuck me in his bed! I had enjoyed it and allowed it to happen. I had cheated on Remington. I couldn't understand how it had happened. Was I that drunk? Was I drugged? I didn't think so but I knew I had too much to drink. I guess my inhibitions were blinded and I let Greg's smooth charms get me. I had no excuse that I could live with.

I remained there until Greg finally knocked on the door and asked me if I was OK. I told him I was and asked him to get my clothes and hand them to me through the door. He wanted me to stay the night but I insisted. He finally agreed and I took my clothes from him without letting him in the bathroom. I sent him to the bath down the hall while I dressed. I found my purse and got my cell phone out to call the driver but I didn't know where I was. I finally had to face Greg so I left the safety of the bathroom.

"I need to know the address so I can give it to my driver. Where are we?" Greg looked at me as I came into the kitchen where he was brewing some more coffee. I now believed he had served my coffee laced with vodka earlier. That explained how I got drunk on coffee.

"I'll take you home. You don't need to call your driver. I want to take you."

"No! I want the address. I'll get myself home and I don't want to see you again.

This was a mistake and I regret that it happened. I need to be alone to decide how I'm going to tell Remington." I just stared at him, waiting for the address.

"Now, wait a minute. I don't think you want to tell your husband what just happened. We had fun. It was just a little sex and we are both consenting adults. No harm if he doesn't know about it. Let me take you home."

I turned and walked into the hallway. I went to the door and opened it. I read the address from the front of the house and looked out to see if I recognized where I was. I did see a church that I recognized and suddenly realized that I was on Beech Street, a trendy part of town. I slammed the door and called my driver. I gave him the address and he said he would be there in 10 minutes. Greg was watching me as I called.

"I don't know what you are thinking, but remember you came with me willingly. I didn't force you into anything and you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I don't want your husband making this my fault or you yelling rape." He was looking more scared than angry.

"I came with you willingly. I had too much to drink and I foolishly let you take me home. I also know that you put something in my coffee making sure I stayed drunk enough for you to seduce me. But, it was as much my fault as yours. What I decide to tell Rem is my business. You had your fun, but now I have to pay the price."

"I don't know why. You can just tell him you were tipsy and I let you sober up before you went home. He doesn't have to know any more. Why would you risk your marriage over this? It was just a quick fuck between friends." The sick bastard was grinning like it was just a little game. Not to me.

I just turned away and went to the door. I opened it and waited for my car. I wanted nothing more to do with this piece of trash. As wrong as I was in what I did, he felt nothing more than some anxiety that someone might get mad at him. He moved up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He started to whisper something in my ear as I turned to him and slapped him across the mouth with all my strength.

He fell back against the wall with a shocked look on his face. Just as he started to move toward me, my car arrived. I fled down the steps and into the car: Jimmy standing there holding the door. I told him to take me home. I didn't notice, but Jimmy turned to get a good look at Greg standing in the doorway before he shut the door and drove me home.

The party had been on a Friday night and true to his word, Rem called the next morning; late at night in Singapore. I was a wreck but couldn't let him know that. I wanted to think about what had happened and how best to tell him. Over the phone was not an option.

We spoke for about 20 minutes and I let him do most of the talking. I did love to hear about the places he had been and the people he met. He seemed to be enjoying his trip but said that he missed me and that he was going to try to get out Monday morning their time. That would put him home with me on Tuesday morning of next week. I told him to hurry and call me as often as he could. He promised and we hung up.

For the next three days, I was crazy. I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to tell Remington the truth about what I had done but I didn't know how to do that without destroying our marriage. He would hate me, divorce me and I would lose him. I called Maryanne and asked her to come to the apartment to talk. I told her what had happened and she was beside herself.

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