Hayden Mansion (AKA Dungeon)

by Amasterfound

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Susannah "borrows" money from her boss's petty cash fund and replaces it with false receipts. After she is discovered, he gives her 2 choices: Go to jail OR be punished by him. This is her story and what happens when she she chooses the ONLY real option she has.

Why had I ever thought that I could borrow money from the petty cash fund and not get caught? I sat at my desk and wondered what he would do for the umpteenth time! I needed this job and couldn't afford to lose it. Damn, I was in big trouble! Would he call the police?

"Miss Stone, come in here NOW!" His voice, booming over the speaker, made me jump ten feet in the air.

I didn't bother to respond, but ran into his office instead. There was no need to delay it and anger him more. I knew, by his tone of voice, that I better hurry!

I slid to a stop in front of his desk and waited. He just continued to type on his computer, not even bothering to acknowledge me! Fuck, why did he do that! I tried to mask my growing anger, as I had only myself to blame!

"You called me, Sir?" I prompted him.

"Go shut the door. Make sure you lock it. Come back over here and kneel at my feet. NOW! Do not move or speak until I ask you to," he ordered me.

I wanted to protest, but chose to do as ordered. I walked to the door, closed, and locked it, wondering why he would want it locked.

I walked back over to him and knelt at his feet. I had been studying submissive positions, and chose to do the waiting position. I sat with my legs under me, kneeling with spread legs, my hands rested on my thighs, palms up. My eyes were downcast, waiting for his next command.

I could hear the ticking of the Grandfather clock and his typing. It struck 2 o'clock and I knew that I had been kneeling at his feet for 30 minutes. How much longer would he keep me waiting!

Finally, he stopped working, turned his chair to face me, and sat there watching me. I kept my eyes lowered, waiting for him to say something. The anticipation was killing me!

"I like the view I'm getting, though it would be better if you were naked, AND you weren't here because you STOLE money from me! You don't make enough money to repay me. That leaves us 2 choices: you can go to jail, or you can accept MY punishment!" he stated.

I thought about his choices and wondered what was the catch. The choice was no contest!

"What would the punishment be, Sir?" I asked.

"That you will find out ONLY after you accept it!" Mr. Hayden announced.

I really had no other choice. I couldn't go to jail. He was right, I didn't have the money to repay him. I was afraid of what he would do to me. What was the worst he could do to me?

"Sir, I really have no other choice. I will accept the punishment," I replied lowering my eyes again.

"Wise decision! A much better than the one you made when you decided to 'borrow' $30,000, and replace it with false receipts. That was a betrayal of my trust. I'm VERY disappointed in you. I thought that you were a good worker, and then you robbed me blind! You SHOULD be rotting in jail, but I have hope that there is some good still in you. So I'm going to handle this matter myself," Mr. Hayden declared.

"Yes, Sir. I was VERY naughty, stealing from you like I did. It was stupid of me and I deserve to be punished," I answered, slipping into my "submissive mode".

"Indeed, you ARE a naughty slut, and you will be punished severely like one! Let's remedy the situation about the view I'm getting here. Strip! Then, since you seem to know a lot about slave positions, get into the Punishment/Inspection Position," Mr. Hayden announced.

"Yes, Sir, but what about the other people in the office building?" I asked, concerned that someone would come in and see me.

"I am the owner of this company, silly girl. Why else do you think that this office is SOUNDPROOF? Besides, the door is locked. NO ONE intrudes on my privacy here, anyway. So, you see, you are at MY mercy. Now, NO more delays! Get into the position that I mentioned earlier," he reacted forcefully.

I quickly did as I was instructed, realizing that I had no more excuses to procrastinate. The position that he ordered me into was a VERY vulnerable one. I was bent over at the waist, legs shoulder-width apart, and my hands wrapped around my calves. This exposed my anus and cunt for his inspection/punishment, hence the name of the position.

"Now, spread your legs FURTHER apart, slut. They are still too close together. You will stay in that position for ten minutes, and then we will move on to something else. Keep your head lower, eyes facing the ground. I do NOT want you watching anything that I do here," he demanded.

With mounting apprehension, I did as he asked. I could hear him moving around the office, opening and closing drawers. He also opened what seemed like doors. I only hoped that it wasn't the office door that led outside. I wondered how much he knew of BDSM, and if my punishment would involve it, but I strongly suspected that it would. He knew that I had used a "slave position", as he had called it. He even commented on my knowledge of it.

A major part of me was excited by the prospect of submitting to someone in such a manner, since I had never done so in the past. I simply hadn't met someone who was involved in such a lifestyle, or even interested in trying it.

"I see that you are wet. That confirms that you are INDEED a naughty little slut! Even with the prospect of getting SEVERELY punished, you are still WET! It seems that I have found myself a new slave! I often wondered if you were the submissive type of girl. This has answered THAT question LOUD and CLEAR! It will take you QUITE a few years to WORK OFF $30,000, plus interest! I AM a businessman, after all," he declared with a wicked laugh.

How I could have become EVEN WETTER, I am not sure, but I JUST did! He just informed me that I would be his slave and, from the sound of it, it would be decades before I would be released from his "service". I strongly suspected that, when I COULD be released, I would have NO desire to be! I had often sneaked peaks at the large bulge in his pants. I would SOON encounter it first-hand!

"Now, return to the waiting position, slave. We will set down the new rules of your position and punishment here," he announced.

"Yes, Sir," I quickly responded, moving into the position that he had required.

"Very good.

Rule #1 is that you will NOT address me as 'Sir' or 'Mr. Hayden'. I will be 'Master' to you, or in rare circumstances, you will call me 'Frank'. Trust me, those will be RARE! This includes the times that you are at work.

#2 is that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO underwear allowed, unless prior permission is granted.

#3 is that you will be at my beck and call 24/7.

#4 is that, since I know that you only RENT an apartment, you will GIVE UP said apartment and rent a room from me, so that you are able to follow #3.

#5 is that I can add any more rules to this, unannounced, as I see fit!

#6 is that you are NEVER to deny me ANY pleasures that I may require of you, for ANY reason!

#7 is that you are NOT allowed to have an orgasm without permission and/or earning it.

"The first thing that I want from you is for you to deep-throat me! I DO mean DEEP-throat me! I better see all 10 inches disappear into your throat!" he declared, standing in front of me.

I gulped at the idea of the size that he just mentioned, but quickly took his cock out of his pants. That THING was HUGE! I was afraid that I would not be able to take the WHOLE thing into my mouth. I began sucking on it, trying to take all of it into my throat. He remedied my fear by forcibly shoving it down my throat and holding it there. I quickly got control of my gag reflex and started to take the entire thing without assistance.

"That feels MUCH better! I want it NICE and hard for the next part of your punishment. Now, bend over my desk!" he commanded me.

I quickly did as he asked, my eyes widening at the vast array of equipment that he had laid out on his desk. Most I had NEVER used before, but SOME I wanted to try anyway. There were a few that I had NO desire to try, but I KNEW that they would be used on me anyway.

My fears were confirmed when he picked up one of the last group of "undesirable" toys: a clit clamp, and clamped it ROUGHLY on my clit. I BARELY managed to keep from yelping, but the tears stung my eyes! Within a few minutes, I was able to handle it, and found that it was NOT as bad as I had feared.

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