It Does Happen

by MadMadMikey

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: a college student's roommate steals his long time girlfriend's virginty.

I don't know where to start something like this. Where do you begin when your world has just turned to shit? I Guess I can start where it wasn't so bad. I am a junior here at NYU. I live in a two bedroom shit hole that I shared with a best friend David from back home in Ohio. But he failed out this last semester and went back home so I was forced to get a new roommate on short notice.

Well into my life walk Marcus Brown. He didn't go to college but work as bouncer at one of the local college bars. He seemed like a bit of an arrogant chip on his shoulder black guy. But I need a roommate ASAP so I had to over look it.

It didn't take long before thing got tense in the apartment. I am a virgin white boy from Ohio. I soon found out he was a drug addicted Bully. The first time it came up was when I need to get money for the rent. He told me I could cover him this month or I could get my ass kicked.

The only thing I had going for me was my long time girlfriend Katie. She went to school in Ohio where we grew up. I had meet Katie when we were both six years old and she moved in to the house next to mine.

As we got older our friendship became love and when I was fourteen I asked her out for the first. From that day on we were like one. We spent ever moment together. So you can imagine how hard it was have to leave her to go to school.

Katie came to visit me as often as she could. David didn't seem to mind her hanging out and staying at our place. So when she said she was coming I figured it was ok.

It's not like we would keep anyone up with the sound of us having sex. The most we have ever done was her giving me a hand job thru my pants.

I didn't even think to ask Marcus to see if he would have a problem with it.

When she got there we spent the first day just talking. Then Marcus got home from work and the problems started rite away.

When he came in I could tell he was high. He noticed us sitting on the couch and said "who's the lady" I had already told Katie about him so she would be ready. I said "this is Katie my girlfriend she is here visiting me for the week.

He looks her up and down which made my stomach turn. Don't get me wrong he should look she is beautiful with her long bright red and her small little body. But I just didn't like the way he looked at her.

He then says "where is she going to sleep." I then told him "in my room with me" to which he said "I don't think so if a woman is staying in this apartment it's going to be my room" I thought he was kidding at first. So I laughed to which pissed him off and he punched me hard in the face. I saw star for a moment.

He then kicked me hard in the stomach. Katie then ran to my defense and grabs his arm and said "I'll sleep in your room just stop hurting him." He stopped rite away and said "at least one of you crackers got half a brain." He then spit on me and said "I am tired from hitting this fag lets go to bed bitch."

He grabs the love of my life by the arm and leads her to his room. I follow their movement with my eyes. Katie gives me a final "I love you and I am sorry look." they then disappear down the hall. I then hear his bedroom door close. The door closing makes it seem so real and my heart aches a little.

The next thing I know I am making my way to my room and out my window to the fire escape we share. Once outside on the escape I make my way to his window. Once there I was thankful he was a guy that used a nightlight.

He was lying back on the bed naked with a hard which was huge and very dark. My little Katie was sitting on the edge of the sobbing still with all her cloths on. The window is cracked a little so I can also hear everything they said. He said to my sweet virgin Katie "turn around I want you to watch me jerk-off. "No way I have never even seen one before" she tells Marcus between sobs.

"That wasn't me asking you now turn around now bitch and take you shirt off to I want to see you little tits." She did nothing at first. He then gave her a little kick in the back. She then just quickly pulled her shirt over her head. It was the first time I ever saw her topples I had felt them but never seen them naked. She then turns to face the drug addicted asshole.

Then he says to her "I know what you need girl. Get up here." He then pates the bed next to him. He also reaches for a pipe on the night stand. She shacks her head no as she moves to sit next to him. "Here at least try it like this" he then take a huge hit puts his mouth on hers she try's to pull back but he holds her. This is a girl who will not even drink coffee because caffeine is a drug and he is forcing her to smoke of I don't know what.

He then lets her go. She then pulls back coughing clouds of smoke out. Then for the next few minutes he spends it just jerking off looking at her tits. Her eyes start to go glossy. She then starts to rub her hands together. He finally notices her drugged state and says to her "yeah girl you like that heron, huh." I start to freak out on my god she could die at any moment, but all she does is shake her head yes and lay back on the bed. She then says something that shook me. "Can I have some more" to which he tells her "when we are done here ok" then she says "just no sex I am saving myself for my and Gregs weeding night."

He then pulls the blanket over them and starts making out. He then makes some movement under the blanket. She tells him no a couple of time then gives in. I then see what I think is a blank falling off the bed. He then whispers something to her and she says "no way!" I am glad for a moment but only a moment because then he say "if you want more when we are done" to which she said "fine but that's it o.k. I can't believe I am going to do this I have never done this before" her head then disappears under the blanket. At first I tell myself no way. But then I see what looks like her head under the blanket start moving up and down rite where his cock should be.

Then the sounds start to come thru the window the sounds of every porn I have ever seen. The slurping his slight moan. "That's it girl. You're not bad at all." There is a loud slap and Katie is sobbing again. "That's what you get when you use your teeth. Now come up here next to me and stop your fucking crying." She does as she is told.

They then start make out again. I then notice part of the blanket pull back and I can see Katie petty little foot. I watch her little toes curl up and she lets out a moan. I figure he is touching her under the blanket. He then says to her "see baby your getting wet" at that point he move so that he is between her legs. She let out a little scream and starts kicking her legs.

He then grabs her by the chin kisses her and says "lets have some fun" he then looks like he is doing something between them with his hand. At this point she starts to protest and kicking again. The blanket is knocked off of them. Oh sweet Christ no she is completely naked under the blanket. That wasn't a blanket that fell it was her pants and underwear. I try to open the window to get in but it wouldn't move. I try once more but much harder. It doesn't move but the escape does.

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