F451-15 New Orleans

by f451

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Scott and Christie travel to New Orleans so they can indulge their fantasy. Christie wants to experience a black man and Scott wants to watch.

Christie's stomach was hollow as the plane made its approach to the airport in New Orleans. How she came to be here was a long story. It all started when her husband Scott brought home a couple of XXX rated movies for them to watch together. Christie knew Scott liked them and hinted it would be OK. Not hung up at all about sex, she liked it and she wanted to make it really good for Scott. They watched those first movies together and were naked and screwing before the movie was over. The movies had opened her eyes. She hadn't realized that a guy would want to jack off into a woman's mouth or fuck her in the ass. Watching scenes like this gave her ideas. Seeing a woman perform these acts made her think that she could be much more bold and sexy with Scott and he would like it. She began entertaining Scott in bed with messy blowjobs. She surprised him by kneeling on the kitchen floor and sucking him dry in the morning before he went to work. He fawned over her for at least a week after that one.

Other XXX videos Scott brought home were another lesson for Christie. One featured a scene with a beautiful blond star having sex with 3 black men. That wasn't all, the men all had enormous cocks. The girl in the movie had trouble fitting the cocks in her mouth. Christie hadn't known that cocks that big existed. She couldn't help wondering what it would be like to have sex with a man with a big cock, to be stretched that tight and penetrated that deep. And the climax of the scene, whew! Christie was embarrassed to find that she was enormously aroused when all the three of those giant cocks squirted their cum in the girl's mouth and on her face. She couldn't imagine being awash in so much semen and having to swallow it. She couldn't help herself. Once she and Scott started to have sex after the movie, she desperately wanted to suck Scott's cock and swallow for him.

They began to watch XXX video regularly. Scott seemed to like the ones that included scenes with a white woman and a black man. Christie liked them too. She found the black men attractive in a menacing sort of way. And her curiosity about those giant cocks was only growing stronger.

Some of the strangest tapes were the bootleg amateur tapes that Scott found. These had scenes that couples or small groups had filmed with hand-held video cameras slapped together with a few titles. Often the participants were not very attractive, but Christie found these tapes to be the most arousing of all. These were real people having sex because they want to. When one of these tapes showed a white woman having sex with a black man and it was obviously her white husband who was doing the filming, Christie thought Scott might be hinting around at something.

Pretty soon Scott got up the courage and suggested they make their own film. Christie agreed reluctantly, but gave a great performance sucking Scott's dick for the camera. She knew what Scott wanted and gave it to him. When she watched the video of herself with Scott's cock spurting cum all over her face and in her mouth, she was struck by the desire in her own face. It made her incredibly hot to see herself covered in Scott's seed.

They both enjoyed filming themselves and did it several more times, but they were coming to New Orleans to try something new. Scott had finally suggested that he film Christie with another man. Christie had taken a long time to agree. She wanted to please Scott, she wanted to provide him with the best sex he could get from any woman. She didn't have moral qualms about sex with another man, she was only worried that their relationship might be affected. She wouldn't admit this to Scott, but she had day dreams about sex with a big-cocked black. She wanted to join the women in the amateur videos in tasting the forbidden fruit. She agreed only if they did it somewhere far away from home. They chose New Orleans because of its sexually charged atmosphere.

Christie finally screwed up her courage and asked Scott, "How will we find the man?"

"I did a little research. There are agencies that will introduce people very discretely. They even check blood tests. It will be perfectly safe."

"Honey, I was thinking, maybe it should be a black man." She was frozen now, having said it, scared of what he might think.

He paused for what seemed like an eternity. He finally spoke. "I think that would be incredible, Christie."

This was quite out of character for Christie. She was a 27-year-old corporate lawyer and quite proper under most circumstances. She was also a beautiful, long legged blond. Scott thought she was prettier than any of the women he saw in porno movies. That's part of the reason he wanted to film her with another man. Now, imagining his blonde wife with a black man, he was as hard as re-bar. That night their love making was frantic and messy. When they finally exhausted themselves, they talked and planned their film.

Scott and Christie checked into their hotel, a charming, old world hotel in the heart of the French Quarter. They had a large room that included a small sitting area with a couch and chair. Scott had arranged to meet a man through an extremely private agency that he found through the Internet. The agency guaranteed that the man had had a recent clean blood test, so it would be safe. They also vouched for his other "talents". Scott met the man in the afternoon and made arrangements for later.

Christie was extremely nervous as she got dressed for the evening. She wore a very light, knit, low cut top and a short, loose skirt with sandals. She wore panties, but no bra.

Before they left the room, Christie wanted to be sure what Scott was ready for. She felt she had to blunt with him. "You're sure this is OK, Scott?"

"Yes, I am. We've talked about it."

She decided she had to be blunt, "I am going to have oral and regular sex with a black man. You're sure?"


"Do you want him to come inside of me?"

"No, but you should do what you want. If you want him to finish inside you, that's your decision."

"Are you sure, Honey? Are you sure it's OK whatever I do?"

"It will be OK no matter what. I love you Christie."

The bar was in character with the hotel, old world New Orleans charming. The bar was bustling, but not so crowded you couldn't move. There was jazz in the background, of course. It was a very upscale crowd, not like you see on Bourbon Street. All the women and most of the men were good looking. At the door, Scott pointed out her partner for the evening. Christie gulped. He was much like Christie had fantasized, tall and vary attractive. There was a knot of fear in her stomach. Christie went to the bar alone and sat down as if waiting. They wanted to play out the fantasy of Christie picking up the man in the bar.

The man came over to Christie. "Hi, my name is Mike. Can I buy you a drink?" A little chill went through her, he had a very sexy voice. "Why thank you. I'll have a ginger ale." They chatted a while about nothing. It was surprisingly easy. The arrangement was that Christie could call it off simply by not inviting Mike up to her room. She fought off her fears. She really wanted to go through with this for Scott. She was sure it would give him great pleasure. She told herself she would be detached, an actress. She gathered her courage. "Would you like to come up to my room for a while?"

Scott followed them up the staircase. It was already sexy just watching Mike's hand on the small of Christie's back as they walked upstairs. Once at the third floor, Scott took out the camera and got film of the couple walking down the hall, unlocking the door and then entering together. Scott unlocked the door and entered also. They were waiting inside for him. "Just do what seems natural." He said, I'll tell you if I want something different. They knew Scott would be the director. Otherwise they would just ignore his presence.

With the camera running, Mike and Christie walked over to the couch. They kissed standing in front of the couch. Then they sat and began to neck, lightly at first. Christie was finding it easy to act the part. She let Mike lead, kissing her face softly, nibbling at her ears. The first time his tongue entered her mouth, she was startled, but then remembered that she had to kiss back. When his hand brushed her breast, it was pleasant. She was glad she didn't feel invaded by a stranger. She was worried she might react that way. Her breasts felt almost naked, the material of her dress was so light. His hand explored the shape of her breasts, hefted their weight and toyed with her nipples. This was very pleasant, she thought. When his hand slipped under her top and cupped her bare breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger, she found it harder to remain detached. Little sighs escaped her lips.

'It's time you checked the bulge in his pants, Honey." Scott directed.

Christie had been thinking about that already. Her hand felt a large bulge there. Mike had a partial erection already. "Is that getting cramped inside those pants?"

"Oh yeah, Baby." Christie opened his belt and pants and pulled out his cock. Only partially erect so far, it was still impressive. She stroked it up and down, her hand feeling small on its girth. It was nine inches long at least, a monster compared to what she was used to. Christie knew what the next step should be. She needed to act her part. She leaned over his lap, sweeping her long blond hair out of the way and placed her lips on his cock. Its head was big and fat. She pushed her head down onto him, filling her mouth with his cock. This is an amazing cock, she thought, it is sooooo big. She moved up and down on him, trying to stimulate him as best she could with her mouth. She felt small and vulnerable, and that was somehow very sexy and arousing. As she continued to suck him, it became pleasurable, then sexy, then absorbing. All consuming. She realized she was no longer acting, no longer detached. At this moment every ounce of sexual desire she had was focused on loving this cock, experiencing it completely, making it shoot its cum.

She had pretended it wouldn't matter, but it did matter that Mike was black and very dark. That made it intensely exciting. She wanted this black man, she wanted him to plunder her pale body, to fuck her.

Scott zoomed in where he could get great close-ups of Mike's cock in Christie's mouth. The shots were incredible. He was about to come in his pants. Christie was oblivious to him and the camera.

Mike pushed Christie back and pulled off her top, exposing her full, round breasts, then spent a long time loving them with his lips and tongue. His hand slipped under her skirt and encountered the panties. Without disturbing his access to her breasts, Christie used one hand to push her panties down below her knees and then she was able to kick them off. Her legs parted to give Mike access and his hand when straight to her pussy. First one finger and then two entering her wet channel made her cry out with pleasure. His thumb on her clit was magical.

Mike teased her mercilessly until she couldn't take it anymore. Christie pushed him away, stood up and took off her skirt and sandals. She was a vision of naked womanhood, long limbs, perfect skin, narrow waist and full breasts. She could be a model in the Victoria's Secret catalog. Christie pulled Mike to his feet and undressed him too. He was very big and his cock was even bigger. She knelt in front of him and took his cock back into her mouth. Right now she just wanted to be a beautiful succubus, drawing his cum out, making him collapse with excruciating pleasure. She wanted to flood her mouth with thick cum. She wanted to drown in his maleness.

Both hands and her mouth concentrated on Mike's cock and balls, stroking, caressing, fondling and sucking. It was slow, sensuous, oral lovemaking. Mike tried to push her away as he got close, but she wouldn't allow it. She kept up her slow insistent sucking as he struggled to keep from coming. Finally he exploded, his body contorting and shouting. Christie was ecstatic, she knew she had to get as much cum on her face and around her mouth as possible to get the best pictures for Scott, but she really wanted to eat some so she directed a couple of spurts onto her tongue. She nearly came herself from the excitement and power of his orgasm.

She faced Scott so he could get a good look at the pools of thick cum all around her mouth. She could feel a large rivulet of cum running down her neck. Then she sucked Mike's cummy cock back into her mouth, lovingly sucking it as the last echoes of his orgasm drifted away. God, she felt sexy. She realized she was just like those women in the interracial amateur tapes, she loved big black cock and if she was not careful it would turn into an obsession that could be dangerous. Tonight though, pleasure was the only goal.

After a rest, Christie was eager to be fucked. She wanted to be impaled on that black spear. She was no longer detached, no longer an actress. Mike bent her over the back of an upholstered chair and caressed her taut ass. He placed his cock in the folds of her pussy. He and Scott's camera admired the length of his cock, pondered the imbalance between his long bludgeon of a cock and her tight slender ass. He grabbed her hips and pushed. "Aaaahhhhhhh" screamed Christie. It was painful pleasure as the cock stretched her pussy. Mike wasted no time, thrusting deeper and deeper until was all the way in. Christie was savoring the pleasure spear deep inside of her, penetrating her where no man had gone before. She hadn't believed she could take his big cock all the way inside her, but there it was, probing deep in her womb.

Christie moaned uncontrollably as Mike fucked away at her, holding her hips for leverage. Scott loved the diffident look on her face as she peered back over her shoulder at the man fucking her. They changed positions several times. She sat on his cock as he lay on back on the bed. She loved being able to fuck herself by sliding up and down on his pole. She lay on her stomach on the couch, flat, her legs together and he fucked her from behind, his cock long enough to reach between her legs. He fucked her on the bed in missionary position. Watching his wife peeking over Mike's black shoulder as he humped away at her entranced Scott. Her legs were splayed in the air, jiggling each time Mike thrust into her.

"I'm gonna cum soon if we don't switch to something else", Mike said.

"Go ahead. I want you to come inside me. Fuck me, please." Christie was light headed, swooning with passion. She wanted Mike's forbidden sperm inside of her, trying to make her pregnant. Mike began thrusting hard and fast, then began grunting "Oh... Ohhhh... Yesss... Aaaahhhhhhhh." And he jammed deep into her, his fingers dug into her back, and he bit her neck as his cum streamed from his cock into her belly. Christie was overcome by his strength and the intensity of his orgasm and it triggered her own. She clutched at his back and thrust her pussy up at him to drive him even deeper inside. The overwhelming passion of her orgasm shook Christie. She had never come like this with Scott.

After a rest, they resumed fucking, still in heat. Another 45 minutes went by fucking in every position they could think of. When Christie had another orgasm, she had had enough fucking, but she sucked Mike to one last orgasm before he left. It was pleasant and relaxed and she marveled to realize that she liked it when Mike's cum oozed into her mouth. It was very thick because it was new, manufactured during the last 45 minutes of fucking. Though bitter and salty she savored it before she swallowed. She sucked the shrinking but still sensitive cock for several minutes after he came.

Before Mike left, he said, "I can tell you really enjoy black sex. You should try an oreo before you leave town. My friend and I will show you things you didn't know were possible. Christie was scared to say yes, but she wanted to. Scott said, "You want to try it don't you, Chris?"

"I guess so." Christie looked at the ground as she said it, too embarrassed to say out loud that she wanted two black men to fuck her at the same time. Mike agreed to come back two nights later.

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