My Wedding

by EazinAlong

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Father, InLaws, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young professional woman exposes her lustful, submissive side in a special ceremony after her wedding. She gives control of her sexuality to her new husband, and he makes her behave in a way that shows everyone in attendance what an extremely sexual person she can be. Family and friends watch her prove her obedience and demonstrate her wanton nature.

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I wonder if they can see my knees shaking. I know they can see my bottom. The attendants and our families are behind me, and my exposed orbs must be the center of their attention. My breasts are exposed to the minister, the nipples hard and pointing at him. If he looks down, he can see the lips. Are they wet? But for some reason, it's my knees that concern me.

My parents haven't seen my bottom since I was a girl. No one else here besides my groom has seen it at all. Yet now it's fully exposed, framed by the garter belt and the stockings -- white, of course. I'm also wearing my white shoes, my veil, and my white cotton gloves. Everything else is gone. I am exposed to the gaze of about 20 people. They will soon witness my subjugation.

I am scared because I don't know what is about to happen. I wanted this situation. Yes, I asked for it. But I don't know what events are before me. I shiver with anticipation.

You might know me as a stock broker. That's what I do in the real world. I'm young and just getting started. It's high-pressure, long hours and lots of decisions. I love it, but it drains me. As Michael and I got to know each other while we dated, I confessed to him that I needed for home to be an escape from the responsibility. I would give myself to him in the privacy of our home if he would take the responsibility. He could have me as a sex slave if it meant I didn't have to make decisions.

He accepted and promised that he would see that I was fucked hard and often. That's what I want. I love the feel of a cock thrusting in and out of my body. I love to suck. I don't care whether it's cock, pussy, tongue or tit. I'll suck anything. I need to cum. I need it so badly. I've been fingering myself since I was 13. By 15, I had a girlfriend who did it with me. At 18, I gave my virginity to a boyfriend. Now, at 22, I am Michael's. He can do anything he wants with me.

And when we started making plans for our wedding, he told me it would be the day that I show the world what a sex-hungry, pleasure-oriented, submissive young woman I am. So I've been craving this moment, but that doesn't diminish my apprehension because I don't know what's to follow.

This morning we had a regular ceremony. My parents' church, the wedding march, candles, flowers. Lots of guests. And yes, in my vows I promised to obey Michael. A few of us knew specifically what that meant. To others, it was just the traditional vows. We went down the aisle. We ate cake and drank champagne at the reception. Michael and I departed in a limousine as guests threw rice. The guests went home.

All of them went home except a few who had been invited to a special ceremony this afternoon. They slowly and knowingly filed into the church's smaller chapel. An hour after we left, the limousine returned me and Michael to the church. I went into a room where attendants waited. They were still dressed from the ceremony. I'd changed into "travel clothes" to maintain the pretense when we departed the reception, but they helped me put back on the veil, gloves, garter belt, stockings and shoes that I'd worn at the main ceremony. They added a gold chain at my waist.

That was all. My bush was shaved off early this morning. My lips are smooth and bare. My nipples are turgid. My slit is wet. And as they open the door, my father is outside to lead me down the aisle again... to offer me to Michael in a different sense.

My heart is pounding. My eyes are focused on the minister as Daddy and I start down the aisle. Michael is waiting for me at the altar. So are the attendants — just as they were at the big ceremony. My maid of honor and two other bridesmaids. Michael's best man and two ushers. They're all dressed like they were the first time. All eyes are upon me. I am exposed. They can see my tits and my slit. I look straight ahead. I can't look them in the eye. I walk down the aisle on Daddy's arm.

Daddy and I stop before the minister, who watches as Daddy steps away and Michael moves beside me.

"We are gathered now in this special ceremony that Michael and Renee have requested to consecrate a very sacred part of their relationship," the minister begins. "Renee has chosen to relinquish control over the sexual aspects of her marriage, and Michael has chosen to accept full responsibility for Renee's sexual fulfillment. They want to solemnize this commitment to each other and to show each other how complete their commitment is."

"Renee, do you give Michael total control over you sexually, for him to use your body in any manner that he chooses, to share you with others and to compel you to perform any sexual act that he shall desire?"

A lump forms in my throat; moisture fills my slit. "I do."

"Michael, do you accept complete responsibility for Renee's sexual satisfaction? Do you promise to protect her from harm and to see that she knows the full measure of love that you can provide?"

His voice was confident. "I do."

"Michael, Renee is now yours. Her body is under your control. You may compel her to perform any act that you desire. May both of you know joy and happiness. Renee you should kneel."

I slowly fall to my knees. Michael moves behind me. I hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

"Lean forward," Michael says. "Open your legs."

I obey. I support myself with my elbows and my knees. My slit is visible to the guests. They can see my opening. Can see they see how wet I am?

I feel Michael moving behind me. I am vulnerable, but I am his. He can do anything. I cannot object. His hands are upon my cheeks. My buns. My ass. He pulls the orbs apart. My sphincter is exposed to those assembled. My slit pouts between my legs.

His cock brushes my thigh. A streak of wetness. He guides it against my wet opening. The cock is near. We are about to consummate our marriage as friends and relatives watch. He will take me upon the altar. My bottom presented to him and to them. I won't see my husband the first time he takes me. They will see me taken. It is wicked; it excites me.

His cock slides into my soft channel. I moan. One long, slow stroke and he is imbedded. I feel him take me. It is wonderful. My husband in my pussy. He is in control. The strokes begin. Long, steady strokes as he withdraws and then plunges in again. I am dripping with wetness. I am so hot. I will do anything for him as long as he continues to fuck me. "Take me, Michael." It escapes my lips without thinking. I am sure they all hear me. I don't care; I want his cock. It feels so good to be fucked.

I moan as my husband does it to me for the first time. Sure, we did it while we were dating. But now it's special. We are married, and they are watching. And I am giving myself to him totally. The thrusting continues. He is so hard; he must be excited by the circumstances. He is pounding into me relentlessly. It feels so good to have my pussy fucked so vigorously.

"Who do you belong to?" the minister's voice asks.

"Michael," I reply loudly.

His cock continues pounding into me. I know I am drenching his prick with my effusions. I want him in my channel. I want him to cum in me. He is grunting. Like an animal he pumps me. His long, hot poker stokes my fires. Grunting louder now. I match his noise with my moans. I am whimpering, begging him to complete his conquest of me. "Take me, Michael. Fuck my pussy," I cry.

And his moment arrives. The grunting becomes a loud moan. He plunges into me deeply and probes my depths. I feel his body twitching against me. His cock pulsates, and then I feel the liquid flowing into me. His sperm floods my channel. They are watching as he finishes in me. No inhibitions. I am taken before them.

Michael withdraws his cock. My sex is bared now to those in the pews. They can see my bottom and my lower lips. Michael's sperm is puddled at my opening. Is it dripping? Can they see his liquid escaping my grotto?

The minister steps forward. With my eyes at the ground, I see his feet move forward. "Suck him," Michael commands. It is the minister's reward for performing this unusual ceremony. I am to take him in my mouth. I lift my head and raise my body. I kneel on the altar as the minister moves before me. He stands still. I open his pants and withdraw his rigid staff. My bottom still before the congregation. They surely see his rod. But then I cover it with my mouth. I suck the minister.

My hand grasps the base of his shaft. My head bobs upon it. My hand pumps his cock as my mouth provides the heat and the lubrication. "Yes, my child. Honor me with your mouth," he urges. "Show your obedience to your husband and take me in your mouth."

The soothing tone spurs me on. I want to please him. I want to show him my appreciation. I want to show the audience my passion. My head bobs before the preacher. I squeeze his masculinity with my hand. I hear him grunt and then the liquid flows over my tongue. My mouth is anointed. The fluid flows down my throat. I replace his prick in his trousers and zip them closed. He stands back.

Now Michael summons his father -- my new father-in-law. He has witnessed everything. He is moving toward me. With a finger, Michael smears the juices from my pussy to my virgin bottom. Michael has never taken me there. No one has. My husband stretches my virgin entrance with his finger. I am to know a man there, and it will be my father-in-law. My husband's father will deflower my ass. I am swooning. It is such a powerful fact. My husband gives my virgin ass to his father.

He kneels behind me, unzipping the trousers of his suit. I am sure he is withdrawing his cock. I know the anticipation of waiting for a penis behind me to make contact. But I have never known one where this one is about to invade me. I am tense, but I am melting as I succumb to Michael's power. I am truly his, and he is giving my bottom to his father.

The knob nudges against my ring. He dips his fingers into my slit for more lubrication and coats the tip of his cock with it. He touches my opening with his fingers. The knob presses more firmly. It imbeds slightly. The tip is in me, stretching me. The congregation watches as my virginity falls. His father must be experienced, for he presses gently and firmly. He is steady and insistent, but I feel no pain. He must have done this before, but I haven't. He is the first to stretch me there. An inch and then two. He enters me, spreading the sphincter and penetrating my ass while they watch.

Where is Michael? I open my eyes and see him smiling a dozen paces away. He is fully dressed, his cock concealed again. I am the only one naked. I have no secrets, fully exposed.

The cock is halfway into me now. It is long. It seems much longer than it probably is. Each inch is a challenge. I relax, and it eases forward. Impaling me. Deflowering me. It must be three-fourths of the way in now. How much more is there? How much more can I take? My ass is filled. I feel his legs pressing against my thighs. He is fully within me. The cock is entirely within my bottom. He presses against me and pushes to his full depth.

And that is but one stroke. There will be more. Slowly he pulls out and then slides in again. They watch him pump me. I am vanquished before my family, my husband's family and our friends. They watch my taking. My bottom stretched by a cock. The piston pumping in and out of my ass. The pleasure begins. I moan. More wetness in my pussy. The prick pumps in and out of me. I grip it, attempting to suck the juices out. His pace quickens; he knows the way with a virgin ass. He is skillful, introducing the penis to my bottom and then bringing out my pleasure. I crave it. I look forward to each stroke.

He is pumping me harder now. I like it hard. Deep, fast strokes in my ass. I moan loudly; my groaning is audible throughout the room. I want them to hear me. I want them to hear my lust. "Fuck my ass. Harder," I beg. The pumping continues. I am transported. Floating. Floating on clouds. Floating on clouds with a cock in my bottom.

I sense motion around me. I open my eyes as the cock continues to thrust in my bottom. I see my father moving to the altar. Michael has summoned Daddy to join us. Daddy walks beside me as my most private orifice is taken. He can see that I am impaled. He kneels at my head, facing the man who is sodomizing me. My father faces my father-in-law. My maid of honor unzips Daddy's pants and withdraws his rod. The penis that created me is before me now. It is swollen and red. A drop of fluid is on the tip.

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