Teasing My Lover

by Marrethiel

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Written in the form of a cyber chat. Imagine this being typed fast in an instant message program.

I have a nice fresh clean towel

One of my smaller ones

The bedroom is very warm

Carefully I dry your hair first

Standing behind you

With a little nibble on your ear lobe to make you shiver

Then down your back, arms and legs

Hugging your now dry back

And caressing your stomach


Then I would have all your non erogenous areas dry

I would hug you close from behind

Slowly cupping your breasts

Drying them.

It might take a while though.

Moving the towel downs

Spreading your legs a little with my right foot

Then I would change targets and run the towel behind you

To your butt

The sexy round one

Drying in between your cheeks

Then finally to your pussy

Cupping it

Drawing you close

Standing behind you

Nuzzling your neck

Your eyes are closed, so relaxed

My hand is between your legs with my towel

I haven't touched you directly with my hand.

Then I move around

And kiss your eyes

So they stay closed

And gently lower you to the bed

Telling you to keep your eyes shut and to relax


I stand for a moment and admire the view

You are warm

But not hot

I quietly strip off

Then reminding you to keep your eyes closed and to not move

I put a light piece of cloth across your eyes

I stand again


I know you are expecting something

This makes me excited

Slowly I climb back on the bed

Kissing your thighs

Up to your stomach

Your arm

I look up, making sure you have the cloth over your eyes still.

Then move to your shoulder

So far, like when I dried you.

I have avoided your erogenous zones

But this time I take longer

You moan quietly


And I remind you to not move

Or I will stop

And I mean it too

From your shoulder

I breathe on your neck, you shiver

Then a light kiss on your lips

They part, wanting more

I lick them, and you pant a little

I gently suck your lower lip to my mouth, pulling

Then kiss your open mouth

You tremble and think about grabbing me as I leave you hot lips

I grab your arm, just for a second


Then my lips travel down your chest

Along the centre, ignoring the your breasts

I can't wait to kiss them.

One gentle kiss on your stomach

Then on your pubes

Blowing hot air across your clit but not touching it

I look up

Making sure you've not moved.

Testing you

Then you feel my weight move

And I am gently kissing your closest breast

I lick it

Circling my tongue in a spiral

Towards your nipple

Then, before I get there, I move to the other.

I pause

Sit back and look

Your legs have parted a little

But I just smile

For the first time my hands touch you

Cupping your breasts and I suckle your nipples

You groan and a frustrated sound escapes

I kiss all around your breasts, now I am using my hands

For several minutes

Then suddenly I stop and kiss your forehead.

Saying "don't move my sweet"...

I get off the bed

And move to the foot

Staring and I ache so much

I dare not touch myself

I gently pick up your ankles and spread your legs more

I can see your breathing hastenyou think you know what is going to happen and quiver

However, when I kneel between your legs

So soft and warm

I kiss your thighs

You start to lose control again, but with a mumbled "uh u" you stop

Because you almost moved, I decided to drag it on a little more

Though I am desperate for release myself

I kiss your knees


Lovingly kiss your toes

Working down one leg and up the other

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