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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A story about my fave clients.

Chapter 1

I looked across the table between me and a middle aged business man on the Queen Street to Lanark Central train. He was trying to look down my skimpy top without me noticing. I smiled seductively. I was wearing what my new client has suggested; a white shirt a size too small, a black silky skirt with a slit up the back and black stockings that just reached the skirt hem. He reminded me of the first older man I had been with. My snatch got wet as I remembered. He was a friend of my fathers; a lecturer at my university. He was middle aged but still handsome and in good shape. He had asked me to stay behind one day after class. He said he had a message from my father about my allowance. I waited for everybody to leave and he began to speak:

"Ms Lee, your father wanted me to report back on your spending and I ashamed too tell him it looks quite frivolous. How can you afford such things on a student's budget?"

"Sir, I have a job"

"Doing what?"

"It's kind of embarrassing sir"

"Ms Lee. Tell me now or I will fail you in this class."

I looked up. He surely couldn't fail me. Could he?

"Sir, I've been selling myself"

"You mean; you are a prostitute?"

"Yes sir"

I was blushing bright red and I was feeling sick with worry that he might tell my father.

"How much do you charge?"

"It depends Sir. Around £40 for straight sex"

I felt faint.

"Would you take a check?"

Was he joking? I hoped he was.

"Ms Lee. Answer me"

"Yes sir. Would you like to have me now?"

"Yes. Strip down and bend over my desk. Ass up"

I did as he said and slipped off my jeans and black sweater. I undid my bra and let loose my smallish but firm breasts. I was standing there in just my knickers. Looking down at my feet too embarrassed to go on.

"Knickers off before I tear them off"

I slipped them down past my thighs and on to the floor. I stepped out of them and walked over to the desk. I positioned myself in the way he asked.

He walked over and massaged my ass and slipped one finger in my ass hole. I squirmed

"How often have you sold yourself?"

"I have about six clients. They've used me many times"

"I see. You still look very tight."

I was about to say something but he stuck his cock up my snatch before I could open my mouth.

"You are a slut. Ms Lee. Say it"

"I am a slut"

He continued thrusting his cock up my cunt. He massaged my ass and thighs making me moan with pleasure.

After a short while he shot his juices up my fuck hole and withdrew.


He stuck a check into my hand and spanked me on the rear.

"Get changed"

The train stopped. The business man got up and I followed him. I asked directions to the office complex where my client had asked to meet me.

"Oh. Go straight ahead and turn left. You can't miss it"

I found it and got the lift up to the fourth floor. An old secretary looked me up and down. I went up to her desk and asked if Mr. Thomson would see me now.

"Is this a personal visit?"

"Yes. I am a friend of his"

I giggled.

"Very well, then. Let me see"

She knocked on the door and stuck her head in. I heard her asking him if I was allowed to enter. She nodded and told me that he would see me now.

The office was large and airy. A young, well dressed man sat at the desk. He stood up when I entered.

"Ms. Lee?"


"Would you please strip for me?"

I nodded and sexily undid my shirt. Pulling it back over my shoulders and dropping it on the floor. I bent over and unclipped my bra. I threw it at him and he caught it and smiled. Shimmying out of my skirt and slipping of my black thong, I wondered if he was for real. I was about to take off my stockings but he stopped me.

"Leave them on"

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