Masturbation Bravo

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ralph was feeling especially horny and he wanted a good jack-off session to get himself some relief.

Ralph was feeling especially horny and he wanted a good jack-off session to get himself some relief. His nuts were almost aching from needing to cum, and he had a very well-developed routine that he loved to go through in jacking off. He'd been out in the malls again, this time just watching the babes and getting sexual inspiration for his masturbation session when he went home that afternoon. He loved the variety of sexy babes he saw as he walked around, pretending to shop but really just checking out the female landscape that surrounded him. He loved how nicely young women and teenage girls bodies developed and he loved how the women today seemed to dress just to show off their figures -- their tits, their asses, their bared bellies and every other part of the anatomy that they could figure a way to put on public display.

Ralph had that routine where he went to lingerie shops and watched women and girls buying bras, thongs, panties, sleepwear and so forth, but he often just enjoyed checking out how the babes around him were dressed. He especially enjoyed admiring the different bra styles and fashions that he saw on women. He figured to himself that the style and size and type of bra a woman chooses to buy and wear could be an entire psychological study on its own. Ralph especially enjoyed the fact that over recent decades American women's fashion and social practices had gone radically from the days of women "bra-burning" to the trends of the 1990s and early 21st century where it has become so obvious that the way women exert their independence and personality is by the bras and panties and clothing styles that they choose to wear. In the earlier days, they supposedly didn't want to show off their bodies, their breasts and now women spend big money to buy sexy bras that do basically one thing and one thing only -- enhance the appearance and desirability of their tits. Ralph loved current times far more than the earlier ones.

Ralph headed home after he'd enjoyed the babes he'd been watching for a couple of hours, and when he got there, he couldn't get to his jackoff session soon enough to suit him. He got in the family room and stripped totally naked and then he began to think back over some of the sexy women and teenage girls he'd seen earlier that day. He also always had a nice library of porn pics, videos and men's magazines that he used to get himself hot and ready for masturbating. He loved a lot of the less risque mags such as Stuff and FHM because they had some very sexy women in them, many of them well-known celebrities, and the babes were willing to strip down to barely lingerie or almost nothing without posing totally nude. That left plenty for his imagination to help him enjoy stroking his hardon and bringing himself off. Ralph often wondered where the decision line lay between a young actress or celebrity posing NEARLY nude for one of those magazines and the option of posing totally nude -- at least from the waist up -- for something like Playboy. Doesn't seem that's hurt a lot of babes' future career prospects. Think of the sexy babes who have posed nude and even been Playboy "Playmates" on gone on to very productive careers -- Erika Eleniak, Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Teri Weigel (well, very successful but in the adult movie business), Kathy Showers, and many many others who posed fully nude and then used that 'exposure" to their fullest advantage.

Ralph concentrated on one young lady who'd waited on him in the convenience store on his way to the mall. He'd bought a large coffee and some goodies to tide him over until dinner time later, and when she'd bent over to get a plastic bag for his items, she'd bent over right in front of him and he could see all the way down the front of her top to her waist. Ralp loved it when he was able to actually see a woman's bra and lingerie and hew knew to some degree why Bill Clinton had fallen for Monica Lewinsky when she'd lifted her jacket and shown him the strap to her thong that day in the Oval Office. Bill had to figure that any sexy young woman hot enough to actually show him she was wearing a thong had a lot more to show and a lot of hotness about her to even do something like that.

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