by Jake Rivers

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Violent, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A woman escapes from a bad marriage to find love with a former Texas Ranger.


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Recorded by Freddy Fender
Words and music by Ben Peters and Vivian Keith
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"Shut the fuck up! You will do whatever I goddamn tell you to do with no more of your lip."

I had started easing awake - my deep sleep under the hot Mexican sun gradually being interrupted by a loud argument nearby. The sudden angry shout rudely finished the job and I jumped up and looked at the couple: Teri and Lee Trane. I hesitantly started moving towards them when Lee pushed his fully dressed wife into the too cold waters of the pool and stalked off to the pier.

I grabbed my towel and walked over to help Teri out. Her name before marrying Lee was Teresita Mendez. I'd spent some time with her for the last two days while her husband was in the annual "Barracuda Bash", a two-day orgy of Barracuda fishing. There was nothing to our get-togethers, no flirting I mean. She was lonely and something was troubling her deeply; I was bored and had always found it interesting to talk to people. She was about medium in height with dark brown hair and eyes. She was funny with a face that was always animated.

I pulled her out and tried not to notice what the cold water had done to the transparency of her blouse and bra and to the hardness of her nipples. I wrapped the towel around her quickly, before she saw where my attention was focused. All the rooms were laid out in a semicircle around the large circular pool so it was just a couple of steps to her door. She was quite upset; her face was blotchy from the cold water and her crying. Hell, I guess the anger had something to do with it - she was truly pissed off.

I pulled her in my arms for a few minutes, making soothing sounds and patting her on the back. When she quieted down a little I gently pushed her inside and told her to take a hot shower and a nap and I walked over to my boat. Yeah, my boat. It's interesting how that came to be.

I'm Kevin Franz and I'm in my mid-forties. I spent my youth growing up in border towns along the Texas/Mexican border, mostly in Laredo. My dad was a Texas Ranger and was killed in a shootout during a drug raid when I was fifteen. My mom had died of breast cancer the year before so I moved in with my Uncle. He was a great guy; he was a few years older than my dad and had been married to a Mexican woman for over thirty years. They were never able to have any children so Lupe was happy to be a mom for a few years.

I had a lot of problems with school during the time of my mom's being sick and then changing schools after she died. I wound up flunking the ninth grade and had to repeat it. It bothered me at first, but I didn't know many people in my new school in McAllen so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The other thing that helped is that year I grew a couple of inches and added about fifteen pounds and made the football team as a halfback. After the first couple games I became a starter and life was pretty good.

My uncle Max owned a series of trailer courts around the border area, catering mostly to the retirement trade. He had places in Eagle Pass, two in McAllen, Laredo, Brownsville and two in the Corpus Christi area, at Rockport and Port Aransas. Summers I would work at one or another to help out and learn the trade. Max told me my dream of the Texas Rangers was fine but even the Rangers had to retire sometime. He was pretty open with me: all he had was Lupe and I. He'd already provided for Lupe with a couple of annuities so the trailer parks were all coming to me some day. It sure gave me an incentive to work hard.

I grew up speaking Spanish and had many friends on both sides of the border. I liked the food and the culture and those dark haired chiquitas with their flashing brown eyes caught my fancy. Hell, I even liked Tex-Mex music... guys like Little Joe and The Texas Tornados with Freddie Fender. Several years after I moved in with Uncle Max I went over the river to Nuevo Laredo one summer night with some of my compadres and lay with my first woman... and she was a woman. Juana was a fiery little tiger and she taught me more about sex in one night than I would have learned in the next ten years. She was about twenty-eight - she wasn't sure exactly. I saw her just about every week for the rest of the summer.

Then that fall I met Janet. We were both seniors in high school and she was as different from Juana as possible. Janet was tall and slim with honey colored hair worn long. She sat next to me in Spanish class (yes, they made me take it) and she was really struggling with the accent. I graciously offered to help her and as her accent improved our relationship blossomed.

By the time we graduated from high school we were going steady and dated regularly. Sure we did some heavy petting — I was able to get my hand under her blouse fairly often... but never under her skirt. She was a 'straight-arrow' and was 'saving' herself for when we got married. Well, hell! What's a boy to do?

We went off to Austin, me to study Criminal Justice (yep, I still wanted to be a Texas Ranger like my dad) and Janet to study Business. This wasn't any lifelong dream or anything for her, she just wanted to be near me and this sounded like the easiest area of studies for her.

We plugged along and I graduated with honors and Janet... graduated. She did okay; only her heart wasn't really in it. I'd already applied and been accepted to the Texas Department of Public Safety and would start a month after graduation. I would start right off with twenty-six weeks of training in Austin but I didn't know what my assignment would be. I would come back to McAllen whenever I could get time off.

We had the wedding all set up and got married two weeks after I came home. The wedding was a lot of fun — all of our friends and family were there and some of my dad's friends from the Rangers. I got a chance to talk to them and they sort of hinted that they would look after me.

We took our honeymoon at Padre Island off Corpus Christi. It actually worked out really well. It's a beautiful place and we had tons of time for just relaxing... and making love. Janet was all that I dreamed she might be and she sure caught on fast. By the second day we were doing oral sex and her jumping on top. By the end of the honeymoon it seemed like we were spending all day in bed — not that I was complaining. A couple of times we even walked down the beach to a deserted area and did it right on the sand in open view of a couple of fishing boats going by.

This frequent hot sex kept up for about three months. I was assigned to Narcotics because of my knowledge of Spanish and the border area. I was sure this assignment had come from my "angels" watching over my career. I had to serve eight years before I could be considered for promotion to Texas Ranger.

My first assignment was in El Paso, kinda getting hands on experience. That's when the problems started with Janet. She got a job with one of the local banks and liked it a lot. I was working odd hours and frequently would be gone for a day or two. Our sex dropped down to once or twice a week.

After three more months I was moved into undercover work. I grew a beard and had to dress flashy. I hadn't spent too much time in El Paso so few people knew me there. Sometimes I would disappear for three of four days. Our sex was down to a couple of times a month and Janet was bitching a lot. She started going out with the girls after work. About a year after arriving in El Paso, I was told a transfer to McAllen was coming up for me. There was a large increase of drugs coming across the border between Reynosa and Matamoros and they were pulling together a task force to address it.

That pretty much tore it with Janet and I. She told me to get a regular job or I could just kiss her goodbye. That was just an expression... it turned out she really didn't want me to kiss her.

"Janet, I can't do that — this job is who I am. Becoming a Texas Ranger has been a lifelong dream of mine."

We took a trip to Dallas for a few days and for a while things seemed better. Sex between us picked up a bit but then slacked off as I was away from home more and more. Finally about a couple of months later the shit hit the fan. After dinner one night she took me into the living room to 'talk'.

"Kev, this is hard for me..." she stared at me for a longish minute, shook her head and continued, "Well, it's not that hard. I've met a wonderful man at the bank and I'm moving in with him immediately. As soon as our divorce is final we are getting married!"

Well, shit... what could I say? It turned out she had been sleeping with him for several months and giving me as little sex as possible during that time. I started yelling at her but she walked away leaving me to yell at myself. I gave up on her and moved to McAllen. I never saw her again.

I lived in one of the trailers at McAllen free — Max was happy to have a cop living there. The work was sometimes fun and sometimes scary as hell. Time flew by and I wound up as a Texas Ranger; I finally fulfilled my dream. It was everything I expected. I spent a couple years working liaison with Interpol and then settled into what looked like it would be a semi-permanent job: working with cross-border police issues. I would meet regularly with various Mexican police groups, mostly on drug issues and wanted felons that would move back and forth across the border trying to evade capture.

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