And Sister Makes Three

by D A Porter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humor, Incest, Sister, InLaws, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman comes to live with her older sister and brother in law.

Jenny was more than a bit nervous. She was, in fact, scared silly.

Not that she really had reason to be scared; her husband would not hit her.

However he would have a fit when Jenny told him that her sister Mary had shown up at the front door in dire need of a place to stay for a while.

Mary and Mike did NOT get along at all. Mary tended to be catty, and Mike got sarcastic, which was unlike his normal easygoing self.

But Mary was her sister, and Jenny just couldn't turn her away.

Mike would grumble for a while, but it would all blow over. She hoped...

Mary came prancing into the living room and plopped down on the sofa. "Hey sis! When's the old fart getting home?"

Jenny sighed, Mary was always ragging on her because she had married 35 year old Mike, when she was just 18. "MIKE," She stressed his name, "Will be home soon enough. And I wish you would lay off him, He is a wonderful husband and I love him."

"Never did see what you saw in that old goat." Mary sneered. "You had a bunch of the cutest guys in high school panting over you, then you wasted yourself on Mr. Senility a week after graduation."

Jenny shook her head at her sister. Mary was just barely 19. She had been 14 when Jenny and Mike got married and moved away.

"Mike makes a good living, we have this nice house, we have 3 cars, and I always have spending money. Besides," Jenny grinned at her sister, "Mike has the experience and stamina to be a fantastic lover."

As always, any mention of Jenny and Mike having sex caused Mary to make a face. "Ugh, I don't even want to think about it!" said Mary.

Just then, Jenny heard a car pulling up in the driveway out front. She turned to the front door, feeling a cold hard lump settle in her belly.

Mary sprawled on the couch in her cutoffs and t-shirt, her bare feet up on the cushions. She was watching with considerable interest and amusement.

Mike opened the door and stepped in. He put his briefcase on the hall table and headed for the living room. He was in such a good mood that he didn't notice the look on Jenny's face as he swept her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Jenny couldn't help responding to her husband's passion. He had always been able to turn her on with a look or a kiss.

Mike came up for air and gazed into Jenny's eyes. "Guess what my love, I got another raise and a sizeable bonus! We can go to the Bahamas this summer!"

"Ummm, sweetheart?" Jenny began.

"You don't like the Bahamas? How about Tahiti? Hawaii?"

Jenny glanced to the left with her eyes.

Mike looked up and saw his least favorite sister-in-law stretched out on the couch. "Oh crap." he muttered without moving his lips in a voice only Jenny could hear. Jenny suppressed a snicker. Mike had always been able to make her laugh with his ventriloquist act.

"Hi Mary." Mike said in a normal tone of voice.

Irritated at not getting the reaction she had hoped for, Mary got sassy. "'Bout time you got home. What happened, ya get senile and forgot what street your house was on?"

"I may be senile," Mike retorted, "but I can still turn you over my knee and spank some of that sass out of you."

Mary turned to Jenny indignantly. "Are you going to let him talk to your own sister that way?" she demanded.

"Hell, I'll give you some wallops myself! What do you mean starting shit right off the bat when he gets home?" Answered Jenny. She was well and truly pissed.

Mary sat up on the couch and tucked her feet under her. "You always take his side." She pouted at her sister.

Jenny just rolled her eyes at Mike.

Mike winked at Jenny.

"Hey, get this fat broad offa me!" said a voice that seemed to come from the couch.

Mary leaped to her feet. "Who said that?"

"I did ya great fat cow," replied the voice from the couch. " I am NOT fat!" screeched Mary.

"Looks like ya are from down here when ya plant that yard wide ass on my face." replied the unseen voice.

Jenny could not hold back the laughter anymore and she slid down the doorframe to sit on the floor giggling like a kid watching cartoons.

Mary turned on Jenny furiously. "What the hell are you laughing at you, you, HYENA?"

Jenny only laughed harder. Mary glared at her. "Even the furniture is mouthing off to me!" she declared. "DO SOMETHING!"

"Will ya lissen to this broad?" came a voice seemingly from the floor lamp next to the couch.

"Yeah," said the fireplace, "she's gone around the bend thinking that inanimate objects are insulting her."

By this time, Jenny was on the floor laughing so hard she could barely breathe.

Mary glared at her sister and at Mike. Mike stood there looking innocent.

Mary went over and dropped into a recliner. "Oof! How many tons do ya weigh ya damn hippo?" came the voice from the chair.

About then, the coin dropped.

Mary uncoiled from the recliner like a tiger. "You!" She pointed at Mike, "You are the one doing all this!"

"Yup" answered Mike smugly.

Leaping across the room, Mary took a swing at Mike, trying to slap the grin off his face.

Mike shot up his hand, catching her wrist before she could hit him. A twist of the wrist, and Mary was pressed up against Mike's chest with her arm caught in an iron grip behind her. She swung with the other hand, only to have Mike imprison it behind her back also.

She glared at him from a very close distance. "Let go of me," she hissed at him.

"Not yet." was the reply.

Suddenly, Mike fastened his mouth to Mary's in a fierce kiss. After a shocked second, Mary responded to the kiss with much more heat than she would have believed possible.

Then she realized what she was doing and pulled her head back.

Mike grinned at her and suddenly Mary found herself face down across Mike's lap with one of his legs pinning hers, and her hands held tightly behind her in one of his hands.

"Oh no you don't..." was as far as she got before his hand fell stingingly across her left butt cheek.

"Let go of me you son-of-a-bitch!" she shrieked.


Mike's hand stung her butt through her tight cutoff shorts. Mary yelled her rage and humiliation in a wordless scream.

Then she felt ANOTHER hand slapping her ass where Mike had missed.

Her own sister was spanking her!

Mary sobbed and finally went limp and quit fighting.

Mike gave her a last pat, much softer than the spanks he had been inflicting, and he let her up.

Mary stood there with tears running down her face, rubbing her abused buttocks. Then she ran off upstairs. Jenny and Mike heard the bathroom door slam, then the shower started running.

"Sorry about that Honey," Mike said to Jenny. "We may have gone just a bit too far there. But Damnit, this is OUR house, and I won't be insulted in my own home."

"She deserved every bit of it," said Jenny loyally. "Maybe." said Mike.

Mary stood in the shower letting the water run as hot as she could stand it. She cursed in a low voice steadily and with a command of invective that surprised even her.

She wanted to stay mad, but even she had to admit that the talking furniture bit had been funny. However the spanking had hurt. A lot.

Still, she mused as she worked up a lather with the soft soap, no one had ever taken such total control over her since she had been a kid. She moved her hips in an unconscious, but distinctly sensual motion as she remembered how Mike's hands had felt on her. And she had to admit, she had been just a little turned on there towards the end when her sister had joined in the spanking...

Mary shook herself suddenly. How DARE they treat her like that? She was an adult! Not some spoiled brat. Then she thought about why she had come to her sister's place to stay.

Her boyfriend had kicked her to the curb in the middle of the night. He had no business tossing HER over, she thought angrily. All she had done was go dancing with her friends until the clubs closed at 4 AM.

When she had come home, her clothes and stuff had been on the front porch, and her key didn't fit the lock anymore. She had called him the next morning, but he had told her that he was through with her kid games. He wanted a woman, not a spoiled tramp who wanted to run around on him every night. She pouted again. So what if she went out without him. They weren1t married. So if she wanted to dance and make out with cute guys at the clubs, it wasn't any of his business. Mary had thought that he had another girl ready to move in, but their friends had told her that he had been faithful to her, even though she had been cheating on him. Then her ex HAD found a new girlfriend, and Mary was jealous as hell.

That she was being a hypocrite never entered her mind.

Mary and Jenny's folks had told her that she couldn't stay there anymore either. Both mom and dad had been furious with her ever since they had found the baggie of pot that she had forgotten on the coffee table after a party. They had kicked her out that night. Mary had only tried weed once, and didn't like it. But they wouldn't listen to her.

It was all so unfair.

She decided that she had better be nicer to Mike and apologize. She recognized the unpleasant truth. She had nom place else to go.

Mike and Jenny were oblivious to Mary's musings. They were standing in the living room, hugging and kissing. Mike was 6'0" and 2051bs. Jenny was 5"7" and 120 lbs. Her red hair made a nice contrast to Mikes black hair. And her green sparkled when they looked into his brown ones. They were a good match.

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