And Sister Makes Three

by D A Porter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humor, Incest, Sister, InLaws, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman comes to live with her older sister and brother in law.

Jenny was more than a bit nervous. She was, in fact, scared silly.

Not that she really had reason to be scared; her husband would not hit her.

However he would have a fit when Jenny told him that her sister Mary had shown up at the front door in dire need of a place to stay for a while.

Mary and Mike did NOT get along at all. Mary tended to be catty, and Mike got sarcastic, which was unlike his normal easygoing self.

But Mary was her sister, and Jenny just couldn't turn her away.

Mike would grumble for a while, but it would all blow over. She hoped...

Mary came prancing into the living room and plopped down on the sofa. "Hey sis! When's the old fart getting home?"

Jenny sighed, Mary was always ragging on her because she had married 35 year old Mike, when she was just 18. "MIKE," She stressed his name, "Will be home soon enough. And I wish you would lay off him, He is a wonderful husband and I love him."

"Never did see what you saw in that old goat." Mary sneered. "You had a bunch of the cutest guys in high school panting over you, then you wasted yourself on Mr. Senility a week after graduation."

Jenny shook her head at her sister. Mary was just barely 19. She had been 14 when Jenny and Mike got married and moved away.

"Mike makes a good living, we have this nice house, we have 3 cars, and I always have spending money. Besides," Jenny grinned at her sister, "Mike has the experience and stamina to be a fantastic lover."

As always, any mention of Jenny and Mike having sex caused Mary to make a face. "Ugh, I don't even want to think about it!" said Mary.

Just then, Jenny heard a car pulling up in the driveway out front. She turned to the front door, feeling a cold hard lump settle in her belly.

Mary sprawled on the couch in her cutoffs and t-shirt, her bare feet up on the cushions. She was watching with considerable interest and amusement.

Mike opened the door and stepped in. He put his briefcase on the hall table and headed for the living room. He was in such a good mood that he didn't notice the look on Jenny's face as he swept her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Jenny couldn't help responding to her husband's passion. He had always been able to turn her on with a look or a kiss.

Mike came up for air and gazed into Jenny's eyes. "Guess what my love, I got another raise and a sizeable bonus! We can go to the Bahamas this summer!"

"Ummm, sweetheart?" Jenny began.

"You don't like the Bahamas? How about Tahiti? Hawaii?"

Jenny glanced to the left with her eyes.

Mike looked up and saw his least favorite sister-in-law stretched out on the couch. "Oh crap." he muttered without moving his lips in a voice only Jenny could hear. Jenny suppressed a snicker. Mike had always been able to make her laugh with his ventriloquist act.

"Hi Mary." Mike said in a normal tone of voice.

Irritated at not getting the reaction she had hoped for, Mary got sassy. "'Bout time you got home. What happened, ya get senile and forgot what street your house was on?"

"I may be senile," Mike retorted, "but I can still turn you over my knee and spank some of that sass out of you."

Mary turned to Jenny indignantly. "Are you going to let him talk to your own sister that way?" she demanded.

"Hell, I'll give you some wallops myself! What do you mean starting shit right off the bat when he gets home?" Answered Jenny. She was well and truly pissed.

Mary sat up on the couch and tucked her feet under her. "You always take his side." She pouted at her sister.

Jenny just rolled her eyes at Mike.

Mike winked at Jenny.

"Hey, get this fat broad offa me!" said a voice that seemed to come from the couch.

Mary leaped to her feet. "Who said that?"

"I did ya great fat cow," replied the voice from the couch. " I am NOT fat!" screeched Mary.

"Looks like ya are from down here when ya plant that yard wide ass on my face." replied the unseen voice.

Jenny could not hold back the laughter anymore and she slid down the doorframe to sit on the floor giggling like a kid watching cartoons.

Mary turned on Jenny furiously. "What the hell are you laughing at you, you, HYENA?"

Jenny only laughed harder. Mary glared at her. "Even the furniture is mouthing off to me!" she declared. "DO SOMETHING!"

"Will ya lissen to this broad?" came a voice seemingly from the floor lamp next to the couch.

"Yeah," said the fireplace, "she's gone around the bend thinking that inanimate objects are insulting her."

By this time, Jenny was on the floor laughing so hard she could barely breathe.

Mary glared at her sister and at Mike. Mike stood there looking innocent.

Mary went over and dropped into a recliner. "Oof! How many tons do ya weigh ya damn hippo?" came the voice from the chair.

About then, the coin dropped.

Mary uncoiled from the recliner like a tiger. "You!" She pointed at Mike, "You are the one doing all this!"

"Yup" answered Mike smugly.

Leaping across the room, Mary took a swing at Mike, trying to slap the grin off his face.

Mike shot up his hand, catching her wrist before she could hit him. A twist of the wrist, and Mary was pressed up against Mike's chest with her arm caught in an iron grip behind her. She swung with the other hand, only to have Mike imprison it behind her back also.

She glared at him from a very close distance. "Let go of me," she hissed at him.

"Not yet." was the reply.

Suddenly, Mike fastened his mouth to Mary's in a fierce kiss. After a shocked second, Mary responded to the kiss with much more heat than she would have believed possible.

Then she realized what she was doing and pulled her head back.

Mike grinned at her and suddenly Mary found herself face down across Mike's lap with one of his legs pinning hers, and her hands held tightly behind her in one of his hands.

"Oh no you don't..." was as far as she got before his hand fell stingingly across her left butt cheek.

"Let go of me you son-of-a-bitch!" she shrieked.


Mike's hand stung her butt through her tight cutoff shorts. Mary yelled her rage and humiliation in a wordless scream.

Then she felt ANOTHER hand slapping her ass where Mike had missed.

Her own sister was spanking her!

Mary sobbed and finally went limp and quit fighting.

Mike gave her a last pat, much softer than the spanks he had been inflicting, and he let her up.

Mary stood there with tears running down her face, rubbing her abused buttocks. Then she ran off upstairs. Jenny and Mike heard the bathroom door slam, then the shower started running.

"Sorry about that Honey," Mike said to Jenny. "We may have gone just a bit too far there. But Damnit, this is OUR house, and I won't be insulted in my own home."

"She deserved every bit of it," said Jenny loyally. "Maybe." said Mike.

Mary stood in the shower letting the water run as hot as she could stand it. She cursed in a low voice steadily and with a command of invective that surprised even her.

She wanted to stay mad, but even she had to admit that the talking furniture bit had been funny. However the spanking had hurt. A lot.

Still, she mused as she worked up a lather with the soft soap, no one had ever taken such total control over her since she had been a kid. She moved her hips in an unconscious, but distinctly sensual motion as she remembered how Mike's hands had felt on her. And she had to admit, she had been just a little turned on there towards the end when her sister had joined in the spanking...

Mary shook herself suddenly. How DARE they treat her like that? She was an adult! Not some spoiled brat. Then she thought about why she had come to her sister's place to stay.

Her boyfriend had kicked her to the curb in the middle of the night. He had no business tossing HER over, she thought angrily. All she had done was go dancing with her friends until the clubs closed at 4 AM.

When she had come home, her clothes and stuff had been on the front porch, and her key didn't fit the lock anymore. She had called him the next morning, but he had told her that he was through with her kid games. He wanted a woman, not a spoiled tramp who wanted to run around on him every night. She pouted again. So what if she went out without him. They weren1t married. So if she wanted to dance and make out with cute guys at the clubs, it wasn't any of his business. Mary had thought that he had another girl ready to move in, but their friends had told her that he had been faithful to her, even though she had been cheating on him. Then her ex HAD found a new girlfriend, and Mary was jealous as hell.

That she was being a hypocrite never entered her mind.

Mary and Jenny's folks had told her that she couldn't stay there anymore either. Both mom and dad had been furious with her ever since they had found the baggie of pot that she had forgotten on the coffee table after a party. They had kicked her out that night. Mary had only tried weed once, and didn't like it. But they wouldn't listen to her.

It was all so unfair.

She decided that she had better be nicer to Mike and apologize. She recognized the unpleasant truth. She had nom place else to go.

Mike and Jenny were oblivious to Mary's musings. They were standing in the living room, hugging and kissing. Mike was 6'0" and 2051bs. Jenny was 5"7" and 120 lbs. Her red hair made a nice contrast to Mikes black hair. And her green sparkled when they looked into his brown ones. They were a good match.

Mary was a slightly shorter copy of her sister. But where Jenny's bust was a respectable 36D, Mary had 34C at best.

Mike slipped his hand up to cup his wife's left tit. "How about we go to our room for a while?" he suggested softly.

Jenny took a deep breath and shivered when Mike' s thumb brushed lightly across the thin fabric covering her nipple. "Oooh, I'd like to... But we've got to get Mary settled in a room, then we need to talk."

Mike ducked his head to lightly kiss and lick Jenny's neck just below her ear, drawing a low moan from her. "OK Sweetheart." Mike said. "But we WILL pick up this train of thought later." Sliding his hand down her belly and rubbing his fingers between her legs over her stretch pants. Jenny moaned again on a higher note and stretched up on her toes. "Damnit! If you don't quit that, I'm going to rape you right here, and we'll never get anything done."

Mike kissed her lightly and let her go upstairs. He had a few things to do while Jenny sorted things out. He trusted her judgment without reservation. Undoubtedly, this was one of the reasons his marriage was so solid and secure.

Jenny trotted up the stairs with a silly grin on her face. Damn that man, she thought. He could always make her feel like a horny schoolgirl with a caress, or a kiss, or a look, or... She hit herself on the forehead with her palm. If she kept thinking like that, she was going to turn right around and go back downstairs and. She hit herself in the head again, and then sighed.

She knocked on the bathroom door and announced herself. "Come on in sis." said Mary.

Jenny opened the door and went into the bathroom. She hopped up to perch on the counter while her sister finished her shower.

Mary turned off the water and slid the door open, reaching for a towel. Jenny tossed her one.

"Thanks sis." mumbled Mary as she rubbed her hair with the towel.

When Mary was done with her hair and drying her body, Jenny opened the ball. "Well, you sure made a memorable impression right off the bat." she remarked casually.

Mary shot her a look, then subsided. "Yeah, I did kinda go overboard there at first didn't I?"

"Yup." said Jenny.

Mary sat on the toilet as she dried her legs and feet. "I'm sorry about that." "Don't tell me, tell Mike." said Jenny.

Mary looked up rebelliously for a moment, then looked down. "I guess I should, huh?" Mary looked up at Jenny. "He's still going to let me stay isn't he?" she asked. For the first time, Jenny saw real fear in her sister's eyes.

Jenny slipped off the counter and moved to hold her sister. "I'm sure he will. IF you apologize and start acting civilized around him."

Mary nodded against Jenny's shoulder, her tears dampening her sister's shirt. "Don't worry," Jenny soothed Mary, "Mike isn't a monster. I think you'll like him if you give him a chance."

"Really?" asked Mary in a small voice as she sniffled.

"Really," said Jenny firmly. "Now get dressed and we'll settle your stuff in one of the spare bedrooms.

Mary started putting on her clothes. From downstairs, they heard Mike call to them. "I'll be back in a few." then they heard the door close behind him.

The sisters lugged Mary's clothes and boxes of junk upstairs to the bedroom next to the one Mike and Jenny shared.

"This one should suit you just fine." Jenny said with satisfaction once Mary started unpacking.

"This is great Jen," said Mary.

"Be sure to tell Mike that." Jenny said. "I'm going down to make supper." "What are we having?" asked Mary.

"I was thinking home made tacos and burritos." Said Jenny.

"I'll be down to help as son as I get this suitcase unpacked," promised Mary. Jenny gave her a quick smile as she went out of the room. This might work after all.

Mike was at the florist a few miles away.

"I'll take a dozen long stem roses, and I need to find something unusual." he told the cute blonde clerk.

"Define unusual," she told him.

"An orchid, or something out of the ordinary." was the reply.

The clerk thought about the request, then brightened. She had just the right flower. "Follow me," she instructed. She led the way to the coolers at the back of the store. There she took a box from the top rack. She opened the box to show a delicate beauty of an orchid.

Mike admired the subtle violet and rose pink hues of the flower. "Perfect." he announced.

"Good choice." said the clerk. She carried the boxed orchid to the counter up front. Wrapping a dozen long stem roses was routine and took only moments. The orchid, Mike decided, would do fine in the original box.

Mike paid for the flowers with cash. Then he handed the clerk a $20. "For your quick thinking and prime service." he said as he left.

The blonde clerk looked after Mike as he drove off. Then she sighed. The good ones were always taken.

Back at the house, Mike found the girls busy in the kitchen. He hid the flowers in the hall closet and went into the kitchen to collect a kiss from Jenny. She gave him a peck on the cheek, and then went back to her cooking. Mike knew better than to bother her while she was "Creating Culinary Perfection" as she called it. He didn't argue, he knew his wife was a fantastic cook.

To Mike's immense surprise, Mary came demurely up to him. "Sorry I was such a bitch earlier," she said. Then she gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Mike wasn't sure what was going on, but whatever it was, he liked it.

"Dinner in a few minutes in the dining room. So scat and wash up." Jenny ordered.

"Yes Mistress, Unh, Unh," Mike said in his best "Igor the hunchback" voice, and he bent over and shuffled out of the kitchen with his arms swinging, and dragging his left foot.

He heard the girls laughing at his foolery as he went to wash his hands and face for supper. Mike made sure the ladies were seated. "Wait a second, I forgot something." Mike said. He stood up and dashed to the hall closet. Coming back into the dining room, Mike presented his wife with the dozen roses. This earned him a kiss and much appreciation. Then he turned to Mary. He went to one knee next to her chair.

Jenny watched Mike with tolerance, she was used to his whims and oddball ideas.

"Welcome home Mary," said Mike with a flourish. He opened the box and held it out to his sister-in-law.

Mary gasped as she saw the delicate flower inside. "Oh, it's beautiful!" She carefully picked it up from the protective box and held it up for her sister to see.

Jenny fetched a suitable low vase to hold the orchid. Once the flower was safely transferred, Mary threw her arms around Mike and kissed him soundly.

"That was sweet of you." Jenny whispered in Mike's ear as they resumed their places at the table. The dinner went well, with lots of happy chatter and great food. Mike helped clear the dishes afterwards.

Mary pulled her sister aside as Mike took another load in to the dishwasher. "Hey Jen, You're right, he is a pretty cool guy."

"Told you." Jenny said. Then she carried the last of the food into the kitchen to salvage what was left for leftovers. Mary gathered the remaining dishes and followed.

Later, Mary was going through the shelves of videotapes that lined a wall next to the big screen TV.

"Help yourself to whatever movies you want to watch," said Jenny. "Tomorrow, Mike will move a TV and a VCR into your bedroom."

Mary looked up. What are you going to be doing?" she asked.

"Me and Stinky over here," Jenny jerked her thumb at Mike, "Are going to take a shower."

Mary rolled her eyes.

Mike picked up Jenny and slung her over his shoulder. "Put me down you big ape!" Jenny shrieked. "Ook ook." said Mike with a maniacal grin. He bowed his legs and monkey walked up the stairs as both Jenny and Mary laughed.

Up in the bathroom, Mike sat Jenny down. As she straightened up, Mike pulled her shirt up and off over her head. Jenny co-operated by raising her arms so the shirt could slip right off. Then Mike knelt and pulled down her stretch pants and her panties.

Jenny balanced herself with a hand on Mikes shoulder as she raised her feet one at a time to step out of her bottoms. She was already barefoot.

Then it was her turn. Jenny loved this part. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it back off his shoulders. Then she unbuckled his belt and unfastened his waistband button and fly. She lifted his feet to pull his socks off, and then she pushed his pants and boxers to the floor.

She picked up his pants and emptied the pockets onto the counter where she has sat not long before. Mike was turning on the shower and adjusting the temperature.

Jenny joined him in the stall moments later. She stretched up to slide her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep unhurried kiss. Mike ran his hands over her back gently, caressing all the secret spots he had invested so much time in finding to arouse her further. Mike broke the kiss and turned Jenny around. She leaned back against him as he reached around under her arms to slowly soap and cares her belly and ribs. When he reached her tits, Jenny reached her arms up over her head and back to put her hands behind Mike's neck again. Mike cupped her full, firm breasts in his palms, letting his fingertips brush over her now hard nipples. Jenny sighed with pleasure as Mike's palms slid up and around her sensitive breasts to rub over her nipples. Mike knelt behind her, reaching up between her legs to soap her lower belly and lightly lather her pubic hair. Then he started at her feet and soaped his way up her legs to her butt, where he lingered for a long while, cleaning and squeezing her cheeks, then moving up her back. Jenny had already climaxed when he had soaped her pubic hair. Now it was her turn. Taking the soap, Jenny started at his shoulders, working way down his chest to his belly. She sank to her knees as she lathered his pubic hair and his now erect cock. She pulled back to let the shower spray rinse his cock off, then she parted her lips and took him deeply into her mouth and throat. Jenny knew that Mike loved Blowjobs, and she loved giving them to him and making him happy. As she suckled on him, Jenny washed and gently kneaded his scrotum and balls. Mike twined his fingers in her hair and groaned as he neared his own release. Sensing her husbands impending climax, Jenny leaned forward, drawing him as deep into her throat as possible, swallowing when she felt the gag reflex, and continuing to swallow as she took him deeper and further into her throat.

Mike twitched, and his seed spurted down her throat straight into her belly. Jenny kept swallowing until his cock had deflated a bit and she had taken every drop of his come. Then Jenny resumed washing his legs. She turned him around and washed his muscular back.

When they were drying each other off, Jenny was very contented. She never knew what had drawn Mike to her when she was a shy and awkward teenager, and she had never asked.

Mike loved her and that was more than enough.

Mike wrapped himself in his thick terry cloth robe and went to their bedroom to dress. Jenny sat down on the toilet and picked up the blow dryer. She waited until her hair was dry before she put on her silk kimono that Mike had bought for her on their trip to Japan a couple of years before.

Mike put on a t-shirt and sweat pants, then put on a comfortable pair of slippers. He went downstairs to get a snack and a beer. He poured a glass of Sangria wine for Jenny, then, after some thought; he poured a glass for Mary. Taking the wine into the living room, Mike found his sister-in-law curled up in one of the recliners watching "Who Framed Roger Rabbit1 on the big screen. "Here you go." Mike said as he handed Mary the wineglass.

Mary took a sip of the wine. Not bad at all. "Thanks." she said.

"You're welcome." the wineglass seemed to say. Mary almost dropped it.

"Oh, you..." she scolded Mike with a grin.

Mike raised his beer in a toast to her.

"So what brings you a knocking at our door?" Mike asked.

Mary looked down at her glass as she turned it round and round nervously.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked sympathetically.

Mary started talking in a low, steady voice, telling about how she had blown her chances with her boyfriend and her folks.

Mike had sat silently through most of the recitation, only making small sounds of encouragement now and then as seemed needed.

Mary looked up to see Jenny perched on the arm of Mikes chair, holding her own glass of wine. "So there it is." Mary said. "I need someplace to stay until I can get a job and a place of my

own. It is either here or the streets, and I don't even have a car to sleep in."

Jenny had her arm around her husband1s neck, and she rubbed his shoulder. Tellingly, she remained

silent while Mike made his decision.

"You can stay with us for now," Mike said.

"Oh thank you!" began Mary.

Mike held up a hand in warning. "There are a few rules. No parties here unless WE approve them AND the guest list. No sleep over guests unless we approve them in advance. No drugs at all. And finally, you will help with the housework. Your sister is NOT your maid." He looked up at Jenny. "Anything else Honey?" he asked.

"Yes," Jenny said. "No long distance phone calls unless we know about them so that the phone bill doesn't cause a coronary. And you can use the old Honda Civic out in the garage. It's old and ugly, but it gets nearly 50 miles per gallon, and it runs great. You will pick up paying the insurance and the gas etc. as soon as you get a job. And you have to get a job, and keep it, within a month. ANY kind of job."

Mary made a wry face. "Deal." she said. Not that she had a lot of options at this point.

"C'mon sport, let's check out your new wheels." Said Mike.

Jenny shook her head. Mike and his cars...

After showing Mary how to check the oil and the gas cap cover release, Mike gave Mary a set of keys for the car. "She's got a full tank of gas, and the oil is full." Mike said. "Take care of the old girl."

Mary sat in the drivers seat and ran her fingers across a small plate set into the dash. "Cindy" she read. "The car is named Cindy?" she asked Mike.

"Sure is." he replied with a grin. "Named her after my first girlfriend. A nice gal as long as she was treated right, and a stone bitch when she was neglected."

Mary rolled her eyes again then patted the dash. "We're going to be good friends Cindy," she said playfully.

The next morning, Mike was up early. Still half asleep, he went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. The refrigerator door was open and he could see a bare butt poking out and shifting from side to side as the owner rummaged through the shelves. Stepping up behind the enticing behind, Mike slid his finger up into the red/gold-furred pussy displayed between the parted thighs of the woman in the refrigerator. With a startled shriek, Mary stood up and spun around.

Suddenly wide-awake, Mike said the first thing that popped into his mind. "Good morning. Ya want some coffee?" Mike heard a snicker from the direction of the kitchen table.

Jenny was sitting quietly at the table and had seen her husband stumbling down into the kitchen on his daily quest for caffeine. She knew that she and Mary looked a lot alike, especially when the viewer was only half awake and had only a bare bottom poking out of shortie pajamas to go by. Mary calmed down rapidly. She was young, but hardly stupid, and she realized what had happened.

"Glad that was your finger and not your dick, or I would have considered sis over there very shortchanged." Mary quipped.

Mike blushed beet red. "Umm, Sorry about that." he stammered.

"No problem, forget about it." Mary said with a grin.

Now wide-awake, Mike sat down at the table and let Jenny bring him a cup of coffee.

"What a way to start the day." Mike said.

After Mike had left for work looking very frazzled around the edges, Mary and Jenny had a good laugh over the incident.

"The moral of the story is to wear underpants when rooting in the fridge." Said Jenny.

"Nope." said Mary. "The moral of the story is 'never offer a guy a morning snack unless you intend to deliver'."

"You're awful." laughed Jenny. "Ain't I though?" quipped Mary.

Jenny helped Mary unpack the rest of her stuff, and then they took the little Civic out shopping.

Mary proved to be a competent driver, and Jenny quit sweating the ride. The sisters wandered yard sales and flea markets like they had done years before. "I missed this," said Jenny. "Me too sis." replied Mary.

When they got back to the house, they were tired and sweaty and dusty. "I'm going to shower up." Jenny said.

"Not if I can get there first," challenged Mary. The girls raced up the stairs to the bathroom elbowing and shoving each other and having a wonderful time. "I won." declared Mary. "Nun uh, I won!" exclaimed Jenny.

Mary poked her tongue out at her sister.

Jenny responded by tearing off her clothes.

"Strip race!" crowed Mary as she started to strip her own clothes off.

Jenny beat her sister into the shower by half a breath.

"Nyah Nyah," Jenny said through the shower door.

"Oh yeah? I'm coining in too!" announced Mary, and she yanked open the shower door and stepped in with her sister.

Jenny handed Mary a bar of soap. "I won the race, so you have to scrub my back first, and then I'll scrub yours."

"OK." replied Mary.

Jenny turned on the water and stood so that Mary could scrub her back.

Mary noticed how soft and smooth her sister's skin was. She lingered a bit longer than was needed on Jenny's back and butt. Then abruptly turned and handed the soap to Jenny.

"Your turn." she said.

Mary could not believe it. Soaping her sisters back was turning her on. Sure, she had fooled around with another girls a couple of times before, but this was her SISTER.

She would have been even more shocked if she had known the thoughts running through Jenny's mind as she scrubbed Mary's back.

Damnit this is making me horny! She thought. Her nipples were so hard they ached, and her pussy juices were flowing freely. She turned her sister around and began soaping Mary's front. Mien she was done, she handed the soap to Mary. "Your turn again." she said.

Mary soaped her sister's body slowly, rubbing her palms across Jenny's nipples. To Mary, they felt like little pebbles against her hands.

Sliding her hands down Jenny's belly, Mary noticed her sister sliding her feet slightly further apart. Plunging her hands down to soap and scrub her sisters pubic hair, Mary saw Jenny close her eyes and tilt her head back. Taking a breath, Mary slipped her soapy fingers among the folds of her big sisters pussy. Flicking the soap rapidly across Jenny's clit sent Jenny into wave after wave of climax. Finally, Mary finished washing her sisters legs. Wordlessly, Jenny took the soap back from Mary and proceeded to soap and rub her kid sisters pussy and clit until the younger girl had also come at least once.

They rinsed off and toweled each other dry.

Neither mentioned the episode in the shower. Both knew it would be repeated, and often.

When they were dressed again, the sisters unpacked the results of their shopping trip. Clothes,

Knick-knacks, and other oddments.

Mike came home a couple of hours later. He was looking forward to relaxing and having a nice quiet evening with his wife.

He opened the door and was hit by a pair of redhead whirlwinds. Mike was kissed and hugged and dragged bodily into the living room.

"Sit right here." said Jenny. "Mary and I have some things to show you."

Mike sat in his favorite chair bemused while Mary shoved a cold bottle of beer into his hand. Then the girls disappeared. Mike heard a lot of whispering and giggling in the hallway, and then Jenny dimmed the lights, except for a directional light that shone on a spot in the middle of the room.

Jenny stepped into the light wearing a sheer green negligee that she had just bought that day. She turned around and showed Mike the whole sexy outfit. Then she stepped aside and Mary came into the light wearing a see through baby doll nightie in powder blue. Mike could clearly see Mary's pubic hair and erect nipples. When Mary left the light, Jenny came back in another skimpy outfit. The show went on for more than an hour. By the time it was over, Mike had a full erection and the girls knew it. Jenny knelt by Mike's feet and opened his pants, hauling out his pecker. She was still wearing a sheer harem style outfit. Mike caressed his wife's head as she bent her face to his groin and sucked him deep into her mouth. Mike leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he savored the sensations Jenny's mouth was giving his cock. "Don't be greedy." Mike heard Mary say. He opened his eyes and saw Mary nudge his wife from between his legs. As soon as Jenny let his cock out of her mouth, Mary swallowed it. Jenny moved over and up beside Mike's head. She stripped her top off and held her tit up to Mike's face so that he could kiss and suckle her nipple. Jenny looked down at her sister's head bobbing above her husband's crotch ands smiled. If she was going to share Mike, it was going to be with her sister.

Mary meanwhile, was trying her best to swallow Mike to the roots. He was built bigger than her boyfriend, a good 8 inches at least, but Mary had deep-throated bigger cocks.

Jenny was now kissing Mike as his hands explored her pussy and ass.

Finally, Mike pulled back his head. "Enough." he said.

Mary let his cock slip out of her mouth with a popping sound. "What next big boy?" she asked sassily.

"Bedroom." was all Mike said.

"Goody!" said the sisters in unison. Then they looked at each other and laughed.

Mike shed his clothes on the way upstairs.

The girls were nude by the time they hit the stairs, having less to remove in the first place.

Once in the bedroom, Mike lay back on the bed and pulled Jenny up to kneel over his face. He cupped her hips in his hands and sent his tongue darting up and into his wife's red/gold furred pussy. Mike felt the bed bounce a bit as Mary joined them and promptly stuffed his cock back down her throat. Mike could easily tell when Jenny came. Her pussy clutched at his tongue like a hungry little mouth, and her juices fairly gushed.

Mike felt his come surging and had just enough control to wait until Mary had him deep in her throat before shooting off.

Mary clamped her lips around his cock tightly as soon as she felt his climax hit. She didn't want to miss a single drop.

When he was done ejaculating, Mike felt Mary's mouth leave his cock. Jenny moved off his face and let Mary move into position over Mike's talented tongue. Jenny straddled Mike's hips and lowered her pussy onto his still erect prick. She sank down until Mike's cock head hit her cervix and stretched her pussy as she settled her weight all the way down. She loved the full feeling of Mike inside her. Jenny knew Mike could last for over an hour with her on top. Mary was in for a wonderful surprise.

Mary reached down and tangled her fingers in Mike's hair as he ate her to ecstasy. Jenny had her head thrown back as she rocked back and forth atop Mike, impaled on his erection. She played with her own breasts as she twisted and flexed her hips, occasionally raising herself up and dropping down again. Her breathing grew ragged as she approached yet another climax. Mary was coming steadily, and finally had to just keel over to the side and lay there panting and twitching as she recovered from the sensory overload.

Jenny leaned forward to plant her hands on either side of Mike's head as she humped harder and faster. This new angle gave her a lot of direct clitoral contact, and her swollen nipples swung within easy reach of her husband's lips and tongue. Jenny built her way up through a series of smaller climaxes, and then she swept over the top of a massive orgasm that nearly made her pass out. She lay collapsed atop Mike, twitching with the aftershocks of her climax.

Mary pushed her off to the side, and Jenny rolled limply off Mike, exposing his erection. "Yum." said Mary as she forked her leg over Mike and settled her pussy down onto his cock. Unlike her sister, Mary didn't ease down; she just moved upright and let her weight drive him up into her. Mary's eyes bulged a bit, "Wow." she breathed. Mike was bigger than she had thought, and she hadn't expected to be this full. For a moment, she thought he was going to split her in two.

She fell forward, catching herself with her palms against Mike's chest. He winked at her and smiled. Mary smiled back, and then cautiously started moving on him. As she grew used to his length and circumference stretching her open, Mary gained confidence and was soon building herself up to the same kind of overwhelming climax that had exhausted her sister.

When Mary finally collapsed onto Mike1s chest, he let her rest there for a bit, then he rolled her off to the side. Mike turned to kneel between the sisters. "Decisions, decisions." he said.

"I think my pussy has died for the night," said Mary. She rolled over onto her stomach.

Mike winked at Jenny. She reached up and took a small bottle of corn oil from the headboard of the bed and handed it to Mike. Mary lay there face down with her eyes closed. Mike oiled his erection and trickled a little of it onto Mary's ass hole. She wriggled and made a small giggling sound. Mike moved to brace himself over Mary. Jenny squirmed around and gripped her husband's prick, guiding it into her sister's ass.

Mary woke up all the way when she felt the spongy head of Mike's cock nudging her rectum. Before she could tense up or protest, Mike had pressed forward. His cock head popped past her sphincter and the shaft of his erection was sliding deep into her bowels. "Hey, that thing won't fit back there!" Mary yelled.

"Obviously, it does." quipped her sister. And indeed, Mike's erection was buried full length into the younger sisters backside. Mary relaxed slowly. She had been relaxed and limp when the penetration began, so there wasn't any real pain, she just felt incredibly full.

Jenny moved to where she could reach up between her sister's legs and tease her clit. As Mary began to respond to her sisters fingering and Mike's cock up her ass, he began stroking slowly and carefully in and out of the younger girl.

Mary soon was lifting her ass up and back to meet Mike's thrusts, and she could feel another warm glow stating in her belly, signaling the approach of yet another climax.

Mary's anal walls closed and pulsed around Mike's erection when she came, and her anal ring clamped tight around the base of his cock. Mike gave another few thrusts into her now incredibly tight ass hole, then he pressed himself as deep as he could go and finally let his come splash out onto the walls of her rectum. Mike held still for a long time, letting his cock go soft and slip easily out of Mary's poor stretched bunghole.

A weary group shower later, Jenny and Mary served a very late supper in the kitchen. None of them had bothered to dress.

"Not that I'm complaining mind you," Said Mike as they ate. "But what brought this little erotic adventure about?"

Mary about choked on her sandwich.

Jenny explained serenely. "I thought I would give you a little gift in advance for the trip this summer."

"Hmm," Mike said thoughtfully. He reached over to Mary and hefted her breast in his hand. "A bit scrawny, can ewe exchange her for a sleeker model?"

Mary gaped, then glared at Mike's crotch and snapped her teeth at him in mock anger.

Jenny dissolved into giggles.

Mary turned to Jenny. "Hey sis, remind me to thank you properly for not warning me when old 'log dick' over here ambushed my poor defenseless butt hole."

Jenny just cracked up again.

Mary turned to Mike, "Do you screw HER in the ass too?"

"Sure do." replied Mike. "As often as possible."

Jenny nodded confirmation, still giggling too much to talk straight.

"Anything ELSE I should know about?" asked Mary.

"Well, there are the handcuffs, the vibrators, and the video cameras..." said Mike. "You got movies of you two?" Mary asked excitedly. "On the bottom shelf in the living room, below the other tapes." Jenny said.

Mary bounced up out of her chair and raced into the other room.

Mike and Jenny followed more slowly. Mary was on her knees and elbows in front of the shelves with her rump wagging up in the air as she went through the tapes on the bottom shelf. "Tempting, mighty tempting." muttered Mike at the sight.

"Go ahead." whispered Jenny in Mike's ear.

His cock already rising to the occasion, Mike walked quietly up behind Mary and knelt down. Taking her hips in his hands, he thrust his hips forward and sank to the hilt in Mary's pussy.

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