In the Alley

by fantrider

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Light Bond, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I'm alone in the bar watching the local football game. Minding my own business, until you walked in.

I was sitting alone in the bar by myself enjoying a pint of good beer and watching the local football match on the telly. Then I saw you walk in with your boyfriend and his mates. You find an empty table by the telly and order a few rounds watching the game.

I sit in my corner observing your table- specifically you. I take in your figure, observing you from across the room. You look so enticing in your green-T, leather skirt and high heel platform shoes. Your boyfriend and buddies are engrossed in the game to appreciate the sexy little number beside them. You, however look bored. You look around the bar expecting someone interesting to show up. In the end its the same boring bar; a place to watch the game and have a few pints. You seem to be asking yourself why you even bothered to come here. After a few rounds you stand up and go to the bar. You talk to the barkeep for a while and order your own drink.

When I notice the barkeep busy with another customer, I walk up behind you. Boxing you against the bar I push my toy gun (looks real to anyone who doesn't know better) against your side.

I whisper into your ear, "No movement, no scene or I will shoot you." I push the gun harder into your side to make sure you get the point.

"Walk with me." I say.

At this point the crowd erupts! The local team just scored. Everyone is shouting and banging their mugs together. Cheering, everyone is too busy to notice me guide you to the back of the bar. We exit by the backdoor into a dirty dark alley. I push you further back, away from the door and streets.

I grab a duffel bag hidden behind some garbage bags. I open it up and pull out an old rag. I tell you to put it in your mouth. You come out of your shell shock, and start sobbing and pleading with me to let you go. You look so pathetic, helpless, terrified, and so erotic!

"If I was willing shoot in you a crowded bar, I will shoot you in an empty alley." I say, waving the gun in your face.

You do as I say. You put only a piece of the rag in your mouth hoping that would satisfy me. I chuckle and I move up to you and shove the rest of it in. I also grab of piece of already ripped tape and seal your mouth shut. Then I push you face first against the wall. I handcuff you to a rain drain; I had previously set up the cuffs behind the drain in anticipation of this event.

With you secure and quiet, I put away my gun and study my new conquest. Your tears streaming down your face are ruining your makeup. Your big brown eyes are pleading with me. I can hear muffled words from behind the gag but that doesn't interest me- it's your tits and ass. You notice me eye up your charms and you do your best to hide them; to un-glamorize them. But those puppies are too noticeable to hide and your ass has this perfect little curve that makes it cute but not big.

I pull up your t-shirt and bra freeing your breasts. I watch them bounce and settle and bounce more from your sobs. I reach for them and you try to pull away but there is no where for you to hide. I squeeze and play with them. More pronounced sobs and begging come from you but I ignore them. I lower my head to your nipples and start sucking them gently. I roll them in my mouth feeling the texture your teets. I take in the aroma of your fear mixed with your perfume.

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