Doing Mandy - Revisited

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tom meets his former supervisor and sexual partner, Mandy, by accident and takes her somewhere semi-private and gets some of Mandy like in the old days.

I had one of the most amazing experiences over New Year's Day weekend. those of you who've read my stories on "Doing Mandy" will know fully what I'm talking about. I accidentally ran into Mandy again -- wow!!!! If you haven't read, "Doing Mandy", then this surprise encounter won't mean nearly as much to you. Suffice it to say, Mandy was my work supervisor "once upon a time" and she was a bitch from hell as far as being someone's supervisor. But, in the end, I got her but good. It was interesting because when I ran into Mandy last night, she had her husband there beside her and we both had to act like nothing had ever transpired between the two of us. And, Mandy couldn't acknowledge that I'd fucked her and caused her to orgasm in every single way possible.

I stood there checking Mandy out as she ran her mouth and made an attempt to act like I was only the guy who had worked for her a few years earlier. What she absolutely did not want to let on about in any way was the fact that she and I had spent so much time having sex together that we'd probably actually fucked more than she and her husband had. I don't think Mandy and her hubby were that sexually active, but you sure couldn't have said that about the time Mandy was near me.

"Mandy, shut the fuck up, and come with me," I said as I reached out and took Mandy's hand and we immediately left the store and went out to my car. I helped her into the passenger side of the backseat and I climbed in on the other side to join her.

"OK, what the fuck have you been up to, and how long is it going to take for you to do what you know I want you to?" I asked as I sat there with a big raging hardon, wondering if Mandy had forgotten the things that had gone on between us just a few years earlier.

"What do you mean, Tom?" Mandy said as she pulled that same old shit and tried to act like she didn't know what I had in mind.

"What do I mean, Mandy? What the fuck do YOU think I mean, girl?" I said as I reached down, unzipped my pants and pulled my already hard cock out of the slit in my pants.

"Mandy, I think you know exactly what to do with this bad boy, don't you?" I said as I sat back, stroking my cock and then Mandy did exactly what I'd thought she would. She moved out of the side of the car where she'd been sitting and she bent over my crotch, quickly taking my big horny cock in her hand and she started stroking my dick up and down and then she soon had the swollen full head inside her lips as she began to give me head. What a hot sexy cocksucker Mandy was -- once I'd first coerced her into having sex with me, giving me head, fucking me and even letting me eat her horny hot pussy until she'd cum on my face. It had been awhile since I'd been with Mandy but she was every bit as sexy, as hot looking and as good at giving head as she'd ever been. She settled into sucking and licking my hard dick and I wasn't about to make her stop or slow down. I knew if Mandy sucked me to orgasm, I could get hard again quickly and slide my cock inside her and fuck her pussy before I was fully finished with her.

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