A Little Meat Please

by T M Trog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Do all women have to be slender and sexy? I don't think so. I hope you will read this and consider the other side of the coin.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that advertising has caused most men to think skinny women are the only ones to be desired. Thin is in and anything else is ugly. That's what those highly paid morons keep tell us. Ladies, if you aren't skinny no man will want you. Hey you, lady, you're fifteen pounds overweight according to our charts. If you don't loose those excess pounds your sex life is in the toilet. Yeah, I love those guys.

You're fucking crazy, dude I can already hear from most of you so called men. But then I can't really blame them. You see, in my younger years and long before the thin craze hit, I thought slender was best. I remember the Twiggy days when having to stand side-ways twice to cast a shadow was desired, not to mention having a flat chest. That always reminded me of the movies of the twenties showing women wearing something on their chests that intentionally flattened their breasts. But then the look was legs with thick calves. Then came all the commercials featuring full-figured women but even then slender was preferred. So what about all those women that weren't thin, slender or skinny? I'm talking about those that were ten, fifteen or twenty pounds heavier than what they were told was right?

I went back a lot of years and did some studying. Come to find out most of those so called fat women were doing without sex or at the least getting very little. During the time those studies were being conducted I was just like any other male looking for well shaped slender women. I have to be honest with you here; I didn't get all that much sex with those same women. You see I've never been a hunk, a sports hero or even some guy women are attracted too. Once in a while I got lucky but most of the time I was sexually without. Then, quite by accident, I discovered the ladies most men didn't want. I found having a little meat on their bones made women more willing and loving.

Actually it was a very simple accident that brought this to my attention. I was in my backyard when my single female next door neighbor was in hers. Sally was a very pleasant woman and always with a kind word or two for me. I put her in her middle forties which was about ten years older than me. Over the three years we had lived next door I'd learned she had never married. From some of our talks it was obvious she wasn't still virgin but we never really got into any detail.

I had liked Sally from the very beginning. She was pleasant and it seems she was never without a smile. When she smiled it was like a huge light sudden lit up dimming even the sun. At first glance I had much the same thoughts as most men when seeing her figure. She was easily half a foot shorter than my six feet and quite likely ten pounds heavier than my 170. Her face was angelic with lush lips, blue eyes and short dark hair. I couldn't say for certain but I don't think Sally owned a pair of pants or slacks because I never saw her wearing anything but dresses that fell just below her knees. What little I could see of her legs wasn't at all repulsive. Surprisingly her legs looked very nice.

She didn't have much for a waist but by no means did her belly hang down like some beer gut I've seen on a lot of heavy drinking men. Her hips were wider than most women but it seemed to fit her very well. The one part of her that did stick out the most, no pun intended was her bust. Like most heavy women she was extremely well endowed and she wasn't really all that shy about showing it off. Her dresses were sort of like a peasant style with a squared off bodice that exposed the tops of her breasts and cleavage. To be quite honest it really made her look sexy. Looking back I wished I had learned then what it took me another three years to learn. I was still into the slender female looking form.

Coming back to that special day of my awakening Sally saw me and asked for some help. She had a few things she wanted to get from a cupboard but was afraid to stand alone on a ladder. I went through the gate in the fence between our yards and followed her into her kitchen.

"Sally, if you'd like I can climb the ladder and get what you are looking for," I said in my manly fashion.

"I don't want to sound unkind Ted, but what I want are some very old dishes. I have no doubt you would be extremely careful but if anything were to break..."

"No problem, Sally. I understand. Here, you climb up and I'll hold the ladder."

She was nearly to the top and because I had to stand fairly close I couldn't help but see partly up her dress. My first thought was to turn my head but not because I was being a gentleman. No, because I really had no desire to look at fat heavy thighs. You know the kind with the ripples of cellulite making legs look ugly. Imagine my surprise when I did glance up and saw two very sexy legs. OK, her thighs were thicker than I would have liked but the skin was smooth and looked so soft. As Sally reached the last step she had to stand on one foot moving the other out in order to keep her balance. Who would have thought a woman of her age and size would wear skimpy panties? I found myself looking at her buttocks and thought just because it didn't look firm and tight it still looked good. I mean sure there was some excess skin but nothing like folds of fat hanging obscenely outside the thin material.

"Ah, here they are," she announced. "Now you hold the ladder steady while move down a few steps. Then I will hand these to you and ask you place them carefully on the counter."

She slowly moved her feet coming down a couple of steps and then carefully turned towards me. When I was certain the ladder was stable I reached up as she bend lower. My hands grasped the dishes she so carefully handed me and my eyes looked at how the top of her dress fell open. I was suddenly frozen looking at the sight of even more cleavage and breast flesh than Sally had ever exposed to me. My hands nearly shook as I took the dishes from her and gently set them on the counter. Looking back at her I was her smiling and sucking in a large breath of air relieved that her treasures were safe. Turning again she slowly started to lower one foot to the next rung. I saw her foot wasn't quite right and started to say something when that foot slipped. Like slow motion I saw Sally start to fall and quickly moved to move my arms up and help her.

I'm not hunk but I do manage to keep myself in shape and at that moment I was glad. Sally was falling and it was right into my arms she fell. Her back was to my chest when I stopped her from landing on the floor. One of my arms was around her waist but my right hand slipped and I found it cupping her right breast. Because Sally was a large woman compared to her height I instinctively used a very firm grip. My arm was tight around her waist but it was my hand on her breast that seemed to have the firmest hold. Once I was sure we had our balance I noticed how firm her breast felt and as quickly as I could released it feeling my face burning with shame.

"Thank you Ted," Sally panted catching her breath. "I'm sure I would have been hurt if I hadn't asked you to help me. Are you alright? I didn't hurt you did I?" she was asking.

"I'm fine Sally. I'm more concerned if you're alright."

"Well it was you taking most of the punishment. I'm not exactly a light weight you know."

"You could have fooled me. I never even noticed," I replied. Funny I though later, she really wasn't at all heavy.

"It's two in the afternoon and unless you have rule against it I'd like to offer you a beer," Sally was saying.

"That would be just right but only if you join me," I quickly replied.

I sat at the table and oddly enough found myself watching Sally closely. For the first time I noticed just how light she was on her feet as she open the refrigerator and pulled out a couple cans of beer. She moved back to the table, popped the can for me and leaned over setting in front of me. I noticed how her dress fell open in the front again exposing her cleavage and the tops of her breasts. That's when I noticed she could have just as easily moved around the table. She hadn't done that. I began to wonder.

"It was very sweet of you to help me," she was saying. Did I see a hint of heavier breathing on her part?

"Sally we've known each other for three years. It was nothing to help a neighbor."

"Just the same it was VERY nice of you holding me so I didn't fall."

I looked her in the eye and saw what could only be described as a twinkle. She smiled and then I saw she was leaning over just a bit. My eyes took in her exposed cleavage. Her words caught be by surprise but the look she was giving me said more than words. I wondered at her use and the heaviness on the word 'very'.

"You're more than welcome and it was definitely my PLEASURE." I thought maybe saying it just that way would tell me what she was meaning.

It's funny; in all the years I'd known Sally I never noticed her dresses had buttons in the front. What brought that to my attention was her fingers toying with the top button. Trying to not directly watch I saw the button slip from the hole and her fingers move to the next one down. It, too, was undone and she touched the third before stopping. I looked and saw she was looking at me.

"Ted I haven't been with a man in over ten years. When I felt your hand on my breast I thought I was going to feint. I'm taking a really big chance with our friendship here but I wouldn't mind more touches like that."

"Sally if you think you owe me something..." I started saying before she held up her hand stopping me.

"I don't have any feelings or thoughts in that direction. My measurements are 40DD, 33, 38 and I weigh 180 pounds. I find you very handsome and attractive. While I'm sure you would prefer a much more slender woman I can offer you sexual pleasures only a larger woman could provide." Sally paused and her face turned bright red. "I've never been so bold nor have I ever thrown myself at any man. If you don't have the desire all I can ask is you don't think too badly of me."

To say I was astounded would be the understatement of the century just past. I slowly stood as she watched me. Moving behind her chair my fingers gently caressed her warm cheeks. Sally rested her head on my stomach and dropped her hands to her lap. Lightly I stoked her face, the soft skin of her neck and lightly brushed the very tops of her well exposed bosom. Using delicate movements my fingers replaced hers at the buttons of her dress and sensually opened them. One at a time they slipped from the holes until I had reached her waist. I gently tugged at the thick straps on her shoulders until they slipped with ease down her arms. The material of her dress lay in a puddle covering her hands clasped tightly in her lap.

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