A New Outlook

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Aunt, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An experience sheltering from a Cyclone with his aunt changed this young man's outlook on life.

The sound of the wind and the rain was deafening, never before had I experienced a cyclone and of this intensity. Emergency Services advice was to find a small brick enclosure in the centre of a building and remain there, until the storm past. We had been warned about the calm of the eye, so to stay put, until we were notified over the battery powered radio we were directed to take and keep on.

My great-aunt Muriel, who I was visiting on my way through, took water, food, torches and the radio into her tiny toilet, which was the smallest room in the house. The wind had been that strong that all the water had been sucked out of the toilet bowl. Aunt Muriel was sitting on the toilet seat and I was sitting on the floor between her legs. This was the only way we could squeeze into this little room plus the emergency items which were stowed either side of the pan.

As I sat there I was being surrounded by her perfume and her womanly scent which seemed to be filling the whole room. As we sat there in the almost pitch darkness I could feel the heat from her thighs on my shoulders, for she sat with her legs between my body and arms, her legs were spread wide. I always fantasised myself with this usually elegantly dressed mature woman, but then I fantasised with all the women I met.

At the age of 24 I thought I was over that after I had been screwing many women of my own age. Now all this fantasising had returned. She had her arms now around my neck leaning forward. "Patrick I'm afraid of this storm, I have been through many cyclones over the years, but this is dreadful I wish you could hold me."

"No way I can do that in this little room, is there."

"If you could, would you comfort me."

"What a stupid question to ask, of course I would."

"I'll remember that." She said releasing the head lock she had on me. I half turned to look up at her and she lifted her leg, more to get comfortable than anything else, but her thigh touched my face.

Her womanly scent was even stronger now and I couldn't help myself, I kissed her inner thigh. She let out a little sigh as I run my tongue up the inside only a few inches for that was all I could move.

"Oh Patrick, you mustn't do that, remember who I am." But the leg wasn't pulled away, so I turned more, so much so I felt uncomfortable but the prize I was after was worth it, now I reached the soft skin of her inner thigh but no more. Instead of pushing me away she was holding my hand against her thigh, urging me on, but it was as if I were in a torture chamber, being offered the cherry but just held out of reach. I couldn't reach anything with my hands in so a restricted place. All I could do was kiss this small area of delicious flesh and smell her womanly smells. It was agony.

"Patrick, I wish you had shown you cared this much before we came in here, maybe we could have arranged things differently."

"Yes we should have chosen the bathroom, there is more room there."

I reached around my hand and I could just touch one of her lovely breasts, but only just. I had to give up and be content to stroke her calves and lower legs. Again she put her hands around me, but slipped her hand down and was rubbing my erect penis through my trousers. I was that bunched up I couldn't even release my cock so she could at least give me a hand job.

Then it went all quiet no sound of wind or rain, after three hours of the continuous sound of the wind and rain the quietness was unnerving. I wasn't going to waste this opportunity.

"Open the door Auntie I want out of here."

She leant forward and I had to bend almost in half so she could get to the handle and open the door, which opened outwards, thank God. I managed to straighten my legs and slid on my bottom before I could stand up, I felt sore and cramped as I stretched my 6 feet 6 inch frame back straight. Once out I grabbed the torch, which I could see in the dim light now the door was open. Went into the single room, pulled the mattress off the bed and lay it down on the bathroom floor between the bath and the wall.

"Quick, Aunt Muriel get in here," I shouted, as I collected all our emergency equipment and placed them in the bath, closed the door and lay down on the mattress alongside my Great-Aunt Muriel.

"This is much much better," I said as we wrapped our arms around each other.

Then I dropped my hand and went straight to her inner thigh, sliding it all the way up. I knew she was liking this for she was kissing my face and actually purring, or it sounded that way. There was no attempt to stop what I was doing and I reached the leg of her panties. I found that they were the loose legged type and just moved aside as my hand went straight to her plump bare labia. The sudden intake of breath as my finger penetrated these lips and into the moist area beyond, she was hot and wet and I loved the feel of her moist warm inner body.

"I don't think we should be doing this," Muriel said but not that convincing.

I took my hand away, "Why are you stopping," she asked.

But I wasn't stopping I was undoing the buttons of her blouse and once opened I bent and kissed my way down her neck to her cleavage. I gently cupped my hand under her full breast and pushed it up until her breast was released. Then I started kissing her whole breast which sagged on being released but felt wonderful and when I kissed the underside she moaned and held my head firmer to her breast. I worked up the curvature, on reaching the nipple sucked it into my mouth, with it a lot of breast as well. Using my tongue on the nipple it became firm and hard, hard enough to roll between my upper teeth and tongue.

The reaction was instant and she was pushing her chest hard on to my face. I wasn't done yet as I sank lower and run my tongue over her stomach until I came to the top of her skirt. Dropping my hand I pulled her skirt up until her panties were fully exposed. They were easily pulled down and she even helped, by lifting her bottom as I slipped them over her hips and down over her feet.

Now I could see it all, her flat smooth stomach and just the start of her slit showing at the top. Back again sucking and kissing her flesh from the mark that her panties had made down to the junction of her torso and leg which was smooth, tender and smelt of perfumed soap and woman. Her legs automatically opened as I slid lower and I was able to place my full face between her lovely legs, between that lovely smooth skin. I plunged my face in, taking in her sweet scent and my tongue like a small hard penis penetrated her labial lips and I tasted the sweet nectar that was hers only.

Down lower and on the space between her little puckered hole and her vagina I run my tongue in circles. The reaction was vocal as I did this and she squirmed, but I held my hand on her flat stomach to hold her still. My other hand was under her soft buttocks and I lifted her up bringing her puckered ring in range of my tongue. I ringed her and I could feel her little hole reacting as if like a little mouth trying to suck my tongue in.

Then I plunged the hard tongue in and she gasped and pushed her whole bottom towards me wanting more. So I did and gave a few in and out movements penetrating the tight ring, now I lowered her bottom and started working up again. When I reached her clitoris it was like a little hard rod and I worked on this with my tongue again making her squirm and the scent increased as she seemed to pour out her secretions.

While I had been doing this I had undone my trousers and I just slipped out of them as I slid up her body, a couple of kicks and they were lying alongside her panties.

Muriel instinctively knew what was coming next and lifted her hips as I guided the purple head of my cock to her waiting labial lips which I spread and then I gently moved forward and started penetrating her.

"Oh heavenly God what are you putting in me, it's huge, I feel like bursting," but the legs were still up and I was still sliding in.

"What she didn't know was the size of my meat, I had an eleven inch thick cock which was thicker than her wrist. Now I was completely buried and she had locked her legs around me.

I was resting on my elbows looking down at her beneath me and at first her face was grimacing, but now she was smiling up at me," Patrick, you are huge, I feel so full and yet so satisfied."

I never gave her any more time to say anything else as I started pumping my weapon slow and easy. Feeling the neck of her cervix rub on the sensitive knob every time I penetrated, I loved the feel of this hard ring and made me feel great.

She was taking my cock like a veteran, grinding her hips and pushing her hips forward in try to get even more of my huge cock inside her. Then I felt my climax rising and I was going to withdraw and spurt it over her body, but why waste it on the outside I would rather soak her womb with my life-giving sperm. Not that it was life-giving to a woman of her vintage but I am sure as equally appreciated.

I wrapped my arms around her and lay on my side with her fully locked around my body just as the storm returned and the sound of the wind and rain seemed to be tearing the roof off.

"I don't fear the wind any more, I have you here and inside me, just hold me Patrick, I love you so much."

Why do most women act this way after you fuck them, they get all romantic and possessive. But then again they have given you all they possess and there is nothing more to give.

Twice more we fucked each other before the storm ended. She on top, from the rear, she just couldn't get enough of my cock now that she had got used to it and I know the next time I pass through I will be made very welcome.

What I realised, was that I much preferred the mature women to the women of my age group. It may be silly saying this with just this elderly woman's scalp under my belt, but I'm now looking for another to see if it's true.

The chance came a lot closer to home than I would have thought, my neighbour Teresa, who I thought was happily married, for she was the shadow of her husband, you never saw one without the other. She is a brunette nearly black-haired, plump, comely woman in her early sixties. Always wears a floral full dress which buttons down to the waist, she must have many of these dresses for that is all I have ever seen her wear.

Her husband who is a keen amateur golfer, was off on an all male golf tournament for the long weekend, leaving Teresa alone. She was chatting to me as she was dumping her garbage in the wheelie bin and as she turned to walk away, somehow she either tripped over her own feet, or something, but she went down with a crash. I jumped over the low dividing wall and helped her to her feet, but she couldn't bear her weight on her ankle. So I slipped my arm around her to help her walk, but I had placed my hand on her right plump bra encased breast and it felt lovely and soft in my hand.

As she hobbled around the back of the house towards her back door she looked up at me. "You like what you feel Patrick?"

When she said this I never gave it a thought to give any other answer but, "You bet I do, and any other bit as well."

"We will have to see about that then, won't we?"

Now this from someone who seemed devoted to her husband just didn't ring true in my mind, but if it was going to be offered on a plate I wasn't going to turn it down that was for sure.

"Just help me into the lounge Patrick." She said once we entered her house which was always sparkling clean.

I got her in and sat her down on the couch, knelt and took the offending ankle in my hands and removed her shoe. She had tiny feet and there were signs of bruising actually beginning to appear, but she was now able to move her foot and rotate her ankle. "It seems that it was only a sprain and is getting better already, thank you for helping me," she said. But I still held her ankle and my other hand was on her calf.

I looked up into her face and still holding her calf I slid my other hand up her leg, under her skirt, guided by her thighs and placed my hand on her plump panty encased love mound. "Yes, this feels good too." I said as a little smile came over her face.

"I think it feels good too, so what are you going to do about it?" Straight to the point our Teresa, I never thought it would have been so easy.

"Get these panties off and I will soon show you," I replied just as straight.

Up went the dress and with a hand at either side she removed her lovely frilly lemon coloured panties. I quickly dropped my trousers still our gazes never wavered as we looked into each others eyes.

I moved closer and she opened her legs as I shuffled forward. I gazed down at her lovely bush of pubic hair which was untrimmed and looked so appealing. I entered her hot and sticky wet vagina in one motion, but no remarks like Aunt Muriel here she just let out a low sigh and hugged me close towards her.

God she felt fantastic as I slid up her vagina spreading it to house my huge prick. "Oh you are much bigger than Tony, oh that is so wonderful, I have forgotten what a cock feels like it has been so long. Can we just be still for a moment I want to savour this?"

While she was savouring me as she put it I undid the front of her dress and pushed her bra up letting those lovely soft breasts out of captivity. I took one in my hand and it felt like soft dough as I moulded my hand around it. I had waited enough and slowly started moving in and out of her body. She felt and smelt so nice as we both got into a rhythm, the breast was released and I rested on my arms as we frantically thrashed our bodies together in an effort to reach a satisfactory climax. This being the first time together there was no lingering action this was pure lust on each of our parts.

The slapping of my thighs on hers was clearly heard as that indistinguishable sound of a carnal act, but our minds weren't on that, only to reach a climax. Teresa obviously had for she slowed her efforts but still clung on tight until I spurted my load into her eager body. Then we stopped and looked at each other with a smile on our faces but puffed out.

The sound of someone clapping brought us quickly to our feet. Standing in the doorway of the lounge was a well-dressed woman of a slightly younger vintage. She was wearing a figure hugging light woollen dress, belted at the waist, stockinged legs, heeled shoes, wearing a hat, and in her hooked right arm a handbag. Also she was heavily made-up.

"You want to make sure the doors are locked before you engage in that sort of antics, I even heard you from the back door. My Teresa, where did you find such a wonderful specimen of a man and a young one too? God look at the size of that cock." She said bringing her hand to her open lipstick covered mouth as she said the last part.

We, Teresa and I were trying frantically to get dressed. I saw that Teresa had closed her dress but her bra was still up over her breasts and protruding out the top of her dress.

"For goodness sake Teresa, adjust your bra and no need to panic, I've seen you naked before, but not alongside such a well-built man."

Now I didn't know if all this talk was just female talk or was another opportunity which had presented itself. Now all I was interested in was getting myself dressed. The funniest thing I was watching her all the time I was doing this, with just an occasional glance at Teresa. When I picked up my trousers I had picked up her panties at the same time, they were that brief I was able to bundle them up in one hand and put them in my pocket.

Teresa managed to tuck her breasts in but she still looked a bit ruffled. "Gwen, what are you doing here?" She managed to splutter out.

"I just called around to see how you were since Tony is away, but I see you are real fine. What about introducing me to you lover boy and how long has this been going on?"

"This is Patrick, he lives next door and this was the first time, so please Gwen say nothing."

"If I wasn't going away on holiday tomorrow I would ask you round to my place, at least there you don't need to worry about a husband walking in."

I'll leave you to continue what you were doing. But Teresa lock the back door like a good girl if you are to entertain," Gwen said and minced out of the house.

"How are we going ever to do this again, Tony will be back and that will be that."

"Come over and see me, make some pretence and come over. You have heard my mother many times tell you I go into the computer room to look at my e-mails when I come home from work for half an hour and hate to be disturbed, come over then."

My father converted our under the house roof garages into a large family, library, general do anything room, where my sister and I used for our computers, done our studies, but now my sister has married and left home. I am the sole user of this space, which is obvious by the way things are just laying around. The roller doors were removed and glass sliding doors were installed in there place, so I had access without going through the front door of the house. The room was accessed by a door into the house also.

"I can't come over for half an hour Tony would suspect something."

"We don't need half an hour. When opportunities arrive at other times we will grab them."

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